Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


Since I’ve found out the shaft in Miami doesn’t actually contain an elevator (the ideal place to put one in) — I’m pretty certain. Though it makes no sense to create levels with non-working elevators unless you’re actually going to have them.

I bet we’re going to get a whole load of stairs across huge levels like Miami, and most of our time will be spent walking across the map.


So the legacy download for season 1, will everything run off hitman 2 disc, or still have to use season 1 disc and the legacy update will make the changes.

Also i wonder if all exclusive contracts will be made available if anyone missed.


Elevators maybe complicated to code with the glacier 2 engine.

Also, waiting in elevators could be unsuitable with the new gameplay philosophy. The designers want players to be able to evade at all times. They painstakingly created open levels with a swiss cheese approach with no dead ends.


The idea that elevators are not technologically feasible is a cop-out, which I find hard to believe.
As for their role in gameplay, they both add variety and emphasise freedom of approach, while opening up new opportunities.

Fibre-wiring a target in the elevator is a great gameplay feature which should definitely make a return.


Do not be pessimistic, you could have surprises.


I’d like to know as well. It’s been ennoying to see contracts IDs posted as X.Y.Z and not been able to access them.


I’m being realistic, which means we’ll likely have lots of stairs in this game (if Miami is anything to go by) that’ll waste a lot of our time. Bangkok is the worst offender here.
We can’t even push anyone on them either.

The way we move around a level is important. Elevators would be such a clever feature, as I’ve already aforementioned. They could even be ‘blending in’ zones if there’s a few people travelling with you inside — or hiding spots.


if the elevators are simply like BM, i don’t want them. if they do add features like blending in, breaking the elevator to kill the people in it, electrocuting ppl who touch the buttons, fiber wire strangling, etc. That would make elevators worth adding in.

but if elevators are there just for me to get to another floor and maybe fiber wire somebody from above, meh


I think you’re overestimating the importance of elevators in this game. If others hadn’t pointed out the lack of elevators in Bangkok, I wouldn’t even have noticed it. I

I also never felt that I was wasting time by ruining up the stairs in Bangkok. There are two staircase in Bangkok connecting all floors except the basement. You can move from the lobby to Jordan’s penthouse in a few seconds.

An elevator would probably be even slower and thus be a bigger was of time: First you have to push the button, then you have to wait until the elevator arrives, then you have to enter and wait until the door is closed, then the elevator slowly movies upstairs, then it’s stops one floor below your destination because an NPC wants to leave the elevator…

Elevators would add more realism and immersion to certain map, but it’s not something I really want or need in this game.


No one said elevators have to be completely realistic.You can make elevators much faster than in real life and solve the waiting problem very easily.
Not to mention they could offer many opportunities that stairs can’t:

-strangling NPCs while being on the elevator
-placing a bomb on it so it breaks and falls down with target in it
-placing different suspicious items inside of it to use for distraction of NPCs that call elevator on certain floors


Nothing wrong with having elevators where they make sense, ensuring they remain productive while also adding to realism. Even the elevators in BM serve a purpose, allowing you to store weapons above, move to restricted floors, and kill targets. That’s good enough for me, and it’s disappointing not to see them in HITMAN where they’d fit perfectly in some maps.

Probably because the level wasn’t designed to have elevators in it. But if you had empty shafts around the place, you’d definitely consider it anomalous. For me at least, as someone who pays attention to details, I found it weird that there are all these trollies with luggage and other items around the place, yet there’s no sign of how they got there.

Not to mention you’d expect a hotel like the Himmapan to have elevators.

You’re ignoring all the great gameplay opportunities elevators can offer. You’re literally arguing against a feature that’ll add more assassination and hiding options that’s already been implemented in previous games. It’s not like I’m arguing for a radical “new” feature – and I can assure you, I’d be more than happy to push a button for it.


Dishonored 2 has elevators and you can break them or hide above them. Yes having basic elevators like BM would be great. Maybe for Hitman 3: Contracts


I’ll ask. I don’t know the exact specifics and policies on this.


Hey Travis how was your holiday? :slight_smile:


I still believe elevators are overrated. Great I now can kill NPCs while being inside an elevator. Because I can’t kill them anywhere else I guess?

I’m not complaining about them adding elevators, it’s just that there are far more important things I want to them to focus their effort on. Like human shields or NPCs reacting to blood pools. Stuff that actually adds news things to game. :slight_smile:


How is human shield more important if it’s not even silent?


Because not everything about this game has to be about stealth gameplay.


So, what new stuff does it add to the game?


Visible fiberwire.