Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


I know no one is expecting multiplayer in Hitman 2 but for some reason there is an add in IOI Interactive jobs page that says they are looking for a “senior multiplayer programmer” that sounds they need someone for the program of, im assuming, multiplayer features.

What do you guys make of it?..


they’ve already said they’re looking into multiplayer. not to mention Sniper Assassin. it’s not exactly a surprise


Sniper Assasin co-op is one thing but actual multiplayer missions seems like a long stretch.


Given that we know about “Assassination Race” which is a 16 player mode in HITMAN 2, you’re completely wrong there.


Do we though? For all we know, it may not be a literal race, in that 16 players all occupy one map and race in it, it could be a race in that you are all still in a single player map, but it links you to 15 others at the same time, and you’re more racing against an online timer than actually being next to other players. Sortof like how in racing games, if you try and beat a lap time, it shows a ghost of a car that achieved the best time.

I would be surprised if the Season 2 maps could accomodate 16 players running around causing problems.


Hopefully this isn’t IO’s take on the Battle Royale craze.


i mean, given that they have full on concepts for a PVP mode, i don’t think it’s out of the question


It’s described as a “16-player synchronous Assassination Race”.

Keyword here is “synchronous”.


I want human shield trolling in multiplayer mod
human shield -> push -> shoot in the leg -> human shield again


Do you think they will implement a hotkey function to link weapons to keyboard’s number keys? I think it would be super useful


“Co-op [Sniper Assassin Mode in Hitman 2] is one of the first baby steps into multiplayer territory, and people have been asking for this for a long time. We really want to make it count and make it good. It’s not really fun throwing 12 [Agent] 47s into a level and having everyone kill each other.”
Sven Liebold of IO Interactive in a article out today


I don’t see how PvP will work in Hitman. I can see co-op working though like two players playing the contract together.


Is possible of course but I cant begin to imagine how multiplayer would work on a Hitman style gameplay. Maybe a sniper assasin while the other is on the ground? idk.


It depends on how you imagine PvP. If IOI brings a PVP mode into the game, it will probably be something that we have never seen in any other game before, something that will use HITMAN mechanics, not FPS / MMORPGs / MUDs / MOBA games PvP mechanics. IOI could learn from Watch Dogs released in 2014 with the Online hacking-PvP mode which is unique to this franchise.





We know that there’s going to be something called a “16-player synchronous assassination race.” I have a hard time understanding exactly how it’ll work though.

Maybe you’ll see ghost 47s doing their own thing but not affecting your own world, like the ghost players in a racing game or in Super Meat Boy.


i dont want a Multiplayermode in Hitman. Its simply not needed.


What is the source? I knew about a third season, but not a fourth. It"s fantastic


Season 4? W0t