Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2




Four Seasons Hotel as final location confirmed.


I doubt they have any plans for Season 4.
That’s probably just their wish,it depends on how well HITMAN 2 does.
Personally,I would like to see some different IP from IO between season 2 and 3 (I doubt that would happen though).
Maybe some shooter like Kane and Lynch,something very different


A coop game in style of SC:Conviction with Stone and Knight as protagonists?


Is this Superman Racing game still on the table?


It’s from the same article that I posted above. The interview with Sven Liebold of IO Interactive :slight_smile:

“We wanted to break up the sequel chain a little, and it’s also important for us to serve our players instead of following this trendy bubble of games-as-a-service,” he said. “The community means a lot to us, and I think it’s a very big step for the studio as well, because this essentially means that maybe there’s a Hitman 3, and a Hitman 4 as well. And this will all appear on the same timeline. Meaning that in a couple of years you may be able to play a game that goes to over 20 locations. And that’s super exciting for us.”



It’s exciting, only thing I’m worried about is how long is it gonna take for it to be a complete experience? Sure 20+ locations is nice but if I have to wait for 10 years or longer to play them all at once, well, that’s not what I’m planning to do. It also doesn’t come cheap you know…



A multiplayer deathmatch would be definitely fun @Sven_IOI!!

8 to 16 guys, on the same map, not essentially all Agents 47 but NPCs or guards, and we have to hunt each other on the crowd without any hint…

Don’t tell me this isn’t fun!!


I think assassins creed 2 brotherhood did something like this


Not to mention The Ship as well. Brotherhood’s take on it was having you pretend to be NPCs, so that you could sneak up on others, while The Ship’s take made it clear who was human, but you had to abide by social rules so that NPC guards couldn’t jail you.


Yeah and that would definitely make sense with all the new crowd blending and social stealth features!!

If you’re interested in more MP ideas, check this out:


I have a MP idea

1vs1, The player who kills the target first wins. No killing other player, no mass murderering. No NPC killing allowed,only pacification and taking his clothes allowed, no instinict. Target will created randomly.


Actually sounds a viable idea. I like that, really tests who is the better Hitman.


Should the Hitman legacy pack dlc be added to the op? I guess that’s @Watson call


I’m thinking to the possibility to have also Hitman 3 and 4. We know thai in Hitman 2 we will hunt Shadow Client and 47 will know more about his past. Almost surely then he will hunt Providence. So, what about a third season placed in the past, with flashback missions (not remakes, but new missions set before enter ICA) and then a fourth season (the final one) where we fight Providence as a sort of Revenge?


I wouldn’t really mind that but that way Season 3 will be kinda filler. Maybe finishing the story first and then either making a full game dedicated to 47 past or starting a new season on this topic would be a better idea. A game about past times is likely to be boring as they wouldn’t be able to add all these cool gadgets and explore such things as operational table or a face canning gun as potential methods of killing.


I’m kinda happy they wanna do more than 3 seasons. I always thought 18 missions (6 missions each season) were not enough to finish the current story


It’s their “fault” that story is going so slow.
Two minute cutscenes between missions are not enough.I hope we’ll see more of them in Season 2 and I hope story will go somewhere


I disagree: 18 mission is enough to wrap up the whole story. Even 12 missions could actually work.


But with 24 missions they could develop better the story. And another important thing is that the more missions we have the more we have fun