Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


But with 24 missions they could make the story too long, so it becomes boring cause of filler cutscenes and missions which were just forced. And another important thing is that the more DIFFERENT missions we have the more we have fun. Different means with a different theme, not the current Bondesque one.


This story has way more potential than to wrap it up in 12 missions. We’ll get more details on 47’s past with more missions -> more cutscenes. Or you’d want less but way longer cutscenes. If they want to develop the story any further in detail, they need more time to tell the story.


Story so far:

  • The ICA killed for someone they now decided to not to anymore.

Prediction for Season 2:

  • The ICA killed for someone else they then decided to not to anymore as well.


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Hitman 2016 is great but there where things that previous games had that were missing.

  1. Chain assasination (absolution)
  2. Action cut scenes (victoria vs swat in absolution)
  3. You faced other assasins as targets. (to stop the assasination of the president and some other random dude that wanted to duel 47) I wish there were missions like that again where you had to protect a target from an assasin. (blood money)


1 and 2 = no. 3 maybe.


I think we learned a lot considering it’s only six levels long. We know how Diana and 47 met, we get more of an idea how the agency works, what the big bad Providence is, who their enemies are and why they have enemies and that they infiltrate organisations as a form of self preservation, we know they know something about the creation of 47 and that Diana has an interest in finding out about 47’s origins for her own reasons.

We have a lot more tidbits about character motivation than just “grr I don’t like 47 because I’m in a wheelchair” or whatever Blood Money’s story was. It’s impressive to add all this context in a chronological way as opposed to the now famous “remember that thing that happened? It was 47.”


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI considering you guys are shipping with Nvidia features, Is there any chance the game will also support Nvidia Ansel?


Also, since we’re pinging the dudes, do you have plans for the Tobii Eye Tracker this go around?


Welcome back @Travis_IOI :smiley:


Don’t know if you all would consider it a feature but officially there are… Disguise specific exits! That’s kind of cool. :hushed:

Adding in some possibly trickier to use exits but could actually make some runs more fluid with less back tracking. If you plan ahead that is!
What do you all think?


the santa chimney exit was the first sign of this o.o

but really, i think its cool. its wont even be hard to get a medic outfit as theres a medic right near the ambulance, anyway


I’m fine with it as long as there are more exits than there were in Season 1. What I mean is that there should always be a Suit exit nearby. Actually, the first one in the series was in Contracts’s Hunter and Hunted as a fireman. Or maybe even earlier.


yes, i know. i just meant in 2016 :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like it, but still one thing I want… It’s not working with combat system. When 47 hit the target in close combat, weapon are still disappeared from his hands. What about weapon takedown animation?


they seem to be so focused on all these idle/action animations, yet there has been 0 change to the killing/KO animations, which is disappointing. they could be using the time and effort for a better fiber wire animation, or not have every blunt weapon use the same few animations, but they don’t seem to care (or hopefully are just hiding it til release)


I think they did improve the fibre wire animation, I think I could see the wire itself from one of the gameplay videos.


While I agree I also say that the new idle animations are a huge improvement as well.


I have seen the wire.


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