Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


Yeah, I just saw it. They really need to change that.


honestly, just adding 47 stretching out the wire to the current animations would make them 10 times better


Would be fun if it stays like now but the first 5 seconds or something you drag him he still struggles until actually dying. This way we have the benefits of it plus some additional violence and realism.


no one mentioned that he again is only shown without gloves…do i really have to wait four weeks or so till the first elusive Target starts, so i can have Gloves again? :sob:


The announcement CGI trailer shows the race track and surroundings but I’m pretty sure they are just for the trailer

I watched the trailer again and I have to say it’s spectacular to say the least, so many details half of which I didn’t notice the first few times(by watching at 0.25x speed that) is :smile:. I think IO sped everything up by 2 or 3 times which dosen’t make it very memorable. One reason I think they did it is to make it fast paced. The rat poison part is very pleasing to the eyes:


He now holds 3 ends of the fiber wire - the new end added in along with the visible wire in one hand, and then the 2 ends in the other hand as in HITMAN. It’s ridiculous!


I really hope it’s just a work in progress. It looks like the wire is clipping into his hand, lol. Still, it’s way better than before. 2 handles in one hand is silly though.


The below screencaps were taken a month ago. I am not sure if anything’s changed recently. Maybe someone could check the recent trailers and confirm?


Anyone remember Assassin’s Creed multiplayer?

One target (an actual player) appears on the map and everyone goes for it. The player with the most points wins.

You get points for stealth, stylish kills. If you stay close to the target, a meter fills and you earn more points. Something like that maybe, except with an AI target.

Problem with that is that players were jst running around killing stuff, instead of being stealthy. Nothing like stalking a target for 5 minutes for max points and someone just running in and getting a kill for mimimum points.

If we get a pvp mp like that, don’t expect a proper Hitman experience from it.


Even in trailer was speedy elevator! But in game he not worked((


Working elevators are a Mastery 20 unlock. :wink:


I get chills from the poison part and FW part


Oh man! Yes that is so cool! It is exactly the level map put right there in to the trailer. What’s cool is that you can tell what’s level map and what’s generated for the trailer but the white roofs on buildings that are actually in the game. Looks like there may be a few small areas the level devs were blocking out but scrapped during development!
I only say that because I wouldn’t be surprised if this trailer was made by a cgi house outside of IOI months and months before the reveal they showed it at a few days before E3.

Great catch! :world_map: :telescope: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


God I feel so bad for thinking the gloves debate for s1 was silly. I don’t want to go through another game without them again.



There’s your “Accident Kill” :stuck_out_tongue:


And please, no driving gloves…


Bravo, that is a masterpiece, I do look forward to seeing your new F-W kills in this game though


Haha yeah, I liked it myself :rofl:

But yes, I cannot wait either! Now that I actually have a visible wire, I look forward to going back to take out the previous targets as well as the upcoming ones!

“Melody” is hungry!! :smiling_imp:

Signature Suit + Fiber Wire = Silent Assassin :sunglasses:

I’m looking forward to seeing your unfortunate “accidents”


Also the elusive targets?

Only if the client allows it though.


Especially the Elusive Targets!

NO MORE TARGETS LIKE “The Chameleon” IO, PLEASE!!! :triumph: