Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


You’re fresh out of luck there, I don’t post videos unfortunately :cry:


Neither do I :joy::joy::joy:
I meant “screenshots”


Oh yeah, I guess I could do that though I am not one for photo sharing. I will be dodging the forum, to avoid spoilers after the release of HITMAN 2


Oh yeah, same here! But that don’t mean I can’t take the photos in the meantime and then share them later when I return


One thing that bothers me from the World of Assassination trailer is that 47 carries his rifle in a case with his suit, and later uses a bodyguard outfit. Not to mention Caruso can’t be seen from the tower. But the rest is superb

And the music at (quote) “Combat” sounds really cool. I hope they release the OST this time as I already love the new soundtracks. Maybe @Travis_IOI can confirm this ?


I stitched together another map. This time Colombia floor 0 (probably not the whole thing judging from the road on one end and the bridge on the other appear to go somewhere

(ignore the line through the middle of the map haha)
Another thing this map does not have are any points of interest named on it and since that seems to be a thing we’ve seen with the Miami maps and Legacy Pack DLC maps then this must be a bit older version of the map itself.

Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)

Why they’re still using pre-beta build? Isn’t that game finished? Is anybody shared a gameplay with finished game?


it’s easier to cut things out that they don’t wanna show in a prebeta build


Actually I think pre-beta build contains all of the HITMAN 2 maps, is that possible?


Absolutely not, though I believe the pre-beta contains all the Season 3 ETs and contracts that players have made over the next year


It’s a predictive pre-beta?


Nah, they’ll be playing a build that only has Miami and Colombia playable - though the rest of it might be in the build, just unplayable/inaccessible.

Otherwise some idiot journalist probably would have shared something already that they’re not supposed to.


This kind of thing is known before but glad to see it clearly.


Another question: Why IOI gave a pre-beta build to press instead give them a demo? Isn’t closed alpha-beta versions only for developers?

Anyways I’m waiting 9 November.


What do you mean with “a demo”? An extra version for the press? How would this differ to an updated pre-beta version?


Like SA demos, only two playable missions (Colombia,Miami)


But that was what the press played, just these two levels.


I’m just asking why IOI gave them developer build.

(Closed Alpha-Beta builds are only for developers if I don’t know wrong)


To separate the previews from the final game and avoid any ambiguity.


It doesn’t work that way. Something being an alpha or a beta doesn’t make it a developer-only thing