Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


Alpha and Beta are stages of development
Demos are playable uhh, objects, for lack of a better word.
You can have a demo that was created during any stage of development, as long as you can make it playable.
Beta is almost always playable, so they probably just sealed off any glitchy areas.

It’s like a steak maybe (or maybe I’m just hungry, tbh.) You can have rare steak which you shouldn’t eat maybe (alpha) but anything after that is theoretically some level of doneness that can be served. As long as you’ve likely killed all the bacterial by bringing it up to a certain degree (that would be the 'closing off unplayable or glitchy areas bit) then it’s fine to serve.


the “pistol elimination” takedown method actually has the gun sounds from the gun you used, now


@Watson Opportunities are the same, however they have been renamed ‘Mission Stories’
(correct me if im wrong)


That’s interesting. I’ve changed it in the OP now.


NITPICKING! You mightn’t want to add this, its mainy weapon names…
Fusil has A) been removed, or B) is now not on every level. No machine gun/AR I have seen on Miami. Colombia has a gun based of the AK-47, the Shashka 33. HWK 21 has been renamed to Hackl 95. Mac-10 Based gun, called DAK X2. Many items from HITMAN, like lockpick and Jaeger 7, have been updated with ‘Mk II’ upgrade. Unsure whether this is just a reskin, or and actual performance upgrade.

OTHER Instinct dosent slow down time any more (?)


I mean the lockpick was already fast in H:S1. Making it faster doesnt make sense


Make the normal lockpick a bit slower, and the new one only JUST faster than S1


Argh this fast everything mentality is driving me nuts. Fast Subdue, Fast Dump animation, now fast lockpick? There was a lot of tension in the old games, having to slow drag a body, or taking multiple seconds to subdue someone. Or panicking in Contracts cause the lockpicking isn’t going fast enough.


Sometimes, fast is better than slow. Even in deep danger, 47 lockpicks a door slowly, only to be shot dead by a pursuing soldier.


Here’s and end of level screen for Colombia Pre-Beta where you can see the total challenges and total mission stories :blush:
The total for both of these might be higher in the final shipped game
(ignore the red line, youtube playback bar)

Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)

I believe they’re also more “fleshed out” whatever that means. Heard someone say it in one of the Colombia videos. I suppose they have more story to them, thus the name.


I remember when Blood Money came out and 47 could pull the bodies large distances with a few long tugs, I was so grateful after having him pulling them so slowly in the previous games. It was so tense.



Only 6 people :rofl:


How else is little Johnny Casual feel gratifed for doing nothing? Casuals want everything and they want it now.

I understand the need to draw in more people but keep these fast animations for the casual difficulty. Taking down enemies should be tense, not instant.

Sorry if I got all elitist. I’m not the best of players but I like having a challenge. Streamlining games too much is insulting.


Ah nothing beats a good old „blame the causals“ rant. It’s been a while since I’ve read the last one…


Hey, I thought things were faster because 47 is a superhuman with unnatural strength and advanced training. If enjoying details like that is for casuals then I weep for the future of gaming.


they delete fleure de lisse pictogramm!


If they just did a version of AC4 Black Flags multiplayer…I’m sold for the PvP concept. Pretend your an npc…hide and seek style but also while being able to subdue for disguises…even take real players outfits.


Looks like the question marks on the Miami map were for the build that was shown at conferences and the like. Didn’t see them on a Miami playthrough that came out a few days.


Do we know if this time at least some targets will fight back / defend themselves?