Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2




As much as i would like to see that type of multiplayer in hitman im not sure how well hitman mechanics would work on other players.


Hey Watson, I’ve noticed in Colombia, the NPCs speak English in a Spanish tone instead of speaking Spanish. So, you might want to make a change that NPC’s tone corresponds to locations.


Good point. They’d have to change some mechanics for multiplayer to make it it’s own thing I think.
Imagine trolling someone by dragging them everytime you KO them.


well, that’s not 100% true. they still mix in some Spanish with the accented English


Not even that they would have to remove several items that are in the single player mode. Imagine people just throwing C4/rubber ducky’s randomly in crowds. That wouldn’t be the stealthiest thing in the world lol.


I honestly forgot they existed (rarely if ever use them). I guess there would have to be a penalty for npc casualties, maybe 2 or 3 wrong and you lose the game?
Could simply ban such items too? No explosive ducks allowed, only flash and concussive versions for MP mode?


To be honest i’m just stumped on a way to keep the Hitman feel with a pvp like gamemode. So far I have 3 ideas: 1.A person trying to assassinate a target while a sniper tries to find find and eliminate the assassin, 2. poison duel where two people try to blend in with npc’s while trying to identify and poison each other, and 3 a AC wolfhunt style gamemode where your each assigned a target and whoever assassinates their target in the most unique way wins.


Isn’t that this spy game thing? Spy Party?
That would actually be awesome…potentially.

Imagine this scaled up to a HITMAN map with the disguise system???
I think that’d be a good fit for stealth multiplayer…almost like a live cluedo.


HITMAN really world be a fantastic set piece for pvp, or coop for that matter (I’m still holding out hope the shadow client survives HITMAN 2 and becomes a coop partner in HITMAN 3).


Watson doesn’t work for IO. He’s a admin on a private owned fan forum :wink: so not sure he’ll be able to do much about it.

Edit: Oh, silly me. I thought he meant our Watson from the forum. Thank you @cakeblock941 for pointing that out.


he meant for Watson to add it in the OP


I don’t think dragging a body slower is really a challenge. The challenge is in finding ways to isolate people and not get seen.


@Travis_IOI @Lasse_IOI will Hitman 2 feature awesome Loadingscreens again, like the first 3 Games did?


This is already in the OP.


I really love that they have chosen to go back to localised accents when it comes to the voice acting, it just adds something extra. Hearing a british/American accent in Japan or Italy kinda takes you out of the immersion of the world. I’m really looking forward to playing H2, even if I think the name is stupid.


They already have awesome loading screens :sunglasses: YEAAAAAAAAAAAH


I remember that IOI said he would add a language and accent to each location,but it’s not the first time he promises anything


Well he has fulfilled his end of the bargain, the foreign language characters speak with an accent and occasionally speak in their native language.


Now the question is will it just be the same english vioces for season 1 in the hitman 2 disc?