Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


Watch the Colombia gameplay and you can see for yourself that localized accents are part of the game.


50/50 English. Spanish


No they are all Spanish barring any foreign people


leaderboard will be deleted??


And instead you’re now having people with a british/American accent trying to sound spanish. That’s sure is a lot more immersive. :grin:


They all sound really Spanish to me, that’s kind of racist.


I’m hoping they’ll add localised voices to Season 1 as part of these fabled ‘enhancements’


That’s how the industry works. Worked like that for a very long time.

Want more people to play your game you need to broaden the audience. You do that by making a game appeal to more people, including those who normally wouldn’t play it. You then make it more mainstream.

Why exactly are all animations faster than previous games? Were people complaining that takedowns are too slow? Isn’t tension part of the stealth genre?

I guess I’m also making up the fact that a lot of series got ran into the ground because they were aiming for a “wider audience” as devs themselves explained. Even Hitman went that way with Absolution and instinct.

The diehard fans don’t dictate the market, everyone else does. It’s why, unfortunately, Hitman will never rake in as much as things like Fortnite, which explains the market pretty well.


I thought 47 has been like that from “birth”. So what changed?


Well it is probably experience on 47’s part or IO wanted to sell the 47 is the best and he is a gene freak and Hitman’s strategic stealth playstyle this game is unique to.

I couldn’t give a flying fuck how long it takes for 47 to choke out a person. I get satisfied by performing a well executed accident or going in disguised and letting the targets guard down. I mean I already spent minutes waiting for targets to walk under a light fixture as it is. The challenge is not choking the man out it is doing that, getting what ever gear/disguise and hiding the body


Also I can’t live on being a niche game in the AAA industry. They have to catch the attention of others then just a narrow fan base.

Hopefully they will strike a better balance then Blood Money and Absolution did. I’m confident in them, they managed to do it with H16


With all this Shadow Client business I guess 47 decided to finally stop slumming it /s


Don’t think you can explain the new speeds with story. 47 has been a super human for the last 5 games. Nothing changed storywise, apart from IOI tweaking some stats.

Longer takedown create tension and introduce more forethought. Do you risk chokin this guy out before his buddy comes back and get his disguise and hide the body, or do you just shoot him which is faster but leaves more evidence. In the latter case, bloostains should be detectable. Everything’s too fast now.

There is nothing wrong with making games beginner friendly. Problem is making the game around that. MGSV did it well. It’s the hardest MG game to date but introduces instinct. It freezes down time and allows players a few extra seconds to shoot the guy that saw them. But turn that off and the game works just as well, if not better.


Really I think that MGSV did it poorly, it had a vast open world where I had to do the same rote tasks over and over again. Not to mention it’s truncated story. Also I think the subdues in MGSV are just as quick as Hitman

If you really want to have different speeds for things then start a petition, talk to an IO member just do something. 'Cause bottom line is that very few people here have the power to change this and there are quite a few people like me who don’t give a shit.

So long as the planning element is still there and it is.

Look at the hippie in the Colombia mission, do I shock him, subdue him or poison him? Can I get him away from the public area, I mean in the footage even an IO dev couldn’t do it. What about the mechanic with the glue? What poison should I hit Jorge with lethal or emetic?


imo, while playing the older games, it’s not a matter of “tension”, but rather “when is this animation gonna be over?”
i don’t know you guys play the game, but im rarely subduing/sedating/etc someone when someone is right about to turn a corner. same with the dragging bodies/hiding body thing. i don’t get why the animation should be longer, as there’s never any instances where someone is about to walk into me hiding a body.


It’s the easiest one in the series, actually. You can always call something like air support or more ammo and silencers. Buddies also make it easier. And simply grinding for recourses and new guns/equipment will get you past any missions.


Yeah, that’s a double edged sword. You either keep catering to a niche market or expand and risk going too far.

Again, I have nothing against making games easier but as an option.

There are 3 difficulties now, right? Casual, Professional and Hardcore? Have faster animations for Casual. Have them like they are now on Professional but have them be longer on Hardcore? (Can’t remember what the last difficulty is called, sorry).

EDIT:Or just have the option of choosing faster or slower regardless of difficulty.


You can also speedrun MGS2 by only looking at the radar, not the actual screen or sneak by enemies in MGS3 only inches from them, as long as the camo number’s high. Talking about the core gameplay here, with stealth, no alerts infiltrationsBasic infiltration without using buddies, wallhacks (marking) and instinct. Enemies have huge line of sight, camo isn’t an instant win, no radar and the supressor at the start is extremely limited, so it’s only good for a few shots.

Then if it’s too much,you can turn on marking etc. Or just use the “I win” button, which is Quiet.

Compared to Absolution where instinct is so integral to the game, that turning it off completely breaks one of the core elements of Hitman, the disguise system.

That’s what I meant by making the game built around “crutches” if you will.

What a wall of text…


Decent points about changing things. And sorry,not gonna watch anything else. Saw too much already, it’s about time I stop.


Well it is nice to reach a compromise, also you right about avoiding trailers, I am avoiding anything related to the hippo, statue and submarine as possible


This post is very true. Unfortunately it’s just how the industry works. The widest audience leads the market and there’s very little the oldschool fans can do about it.