Constantly disconnecting from servers

Title says it. Haven’t been able to play (without being offline) since launch as I am disconnected from the game servers every 30 or so seconds. Other games work fine and I can play online games with no interruptions. Tried restarting router, console, and even reinstalling the game; still not working. Other accounts and consoles have the same error. After a whole week of this, seriously considering a refund. Anyone else experienced this or can suggest fixes?
See error message here:

I had the network issue since release, and got fixed by yesterday’s patch. But in my case the error message was ‘failed fetching resource, contact hitman support’, didn’t say anything about ‘network error’.

With mine i can at least more or less play the game, I am just interrupted with very frequent errors and retries. I can play offline but then majority of my progress is pointless.

In my case it’s a total offline situation since realease, and IO confirmed it’s something wrong with the servers. So I guess the disconnecting problem you have is different. Try contacting IO, they should be able to help.

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