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I remember when my contract was featured and they didn’t have to shorten down the briefing that I believe nearly hit the limit

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How to spot a soundproof room

Probably useful for contract creators: If there are two closed doors between a loud sound and the next nearest NPC, then no one will hear it (Aka if there are two closed doors between your target and the next NPC, the target is in a soundproof room ). It’s not 100% accurate, but it is at least 90% accurate. I’ve been making explosives contracts the past couple days based around this. CamTheChest helped me discover this when we were dicking around in New York (*And TheContractor found one of the 10 soundproof rooms we tested the theory on x ).

Sadly it sounds like Io won’t give us a way to specify unsilenced weapons in H2, but the best we can do is soundproof rooms and encourage people to go loud in briefing. Or make it so people have to fill up their slots with other weapons that they have to use the unsilenced weapons found on the map itself


No love to me? Oh Kevin :cry:

This post is about the two-door theory; if you came up with the two-door theory or tested it, I’d credit you! But you did not so that would be a bit weird to credit you for a theory CamTheChest came up with and I tested and narrowed down across several maps.

You did however find a soundproof room for a contract, when I post that contract you’ll get the love and CamTheChest won’t since he didn’t discover it!

Quite many wrote about this in the past already. Nakar did extent testings while even separating usual explosives, c4 and gunshots, GuLe showed how it can be used in the Striker escalation, people wrote in the “Room Some Number“ thread about it and so on.

It really is no need to argue who found it at this point. It is just good it got reposted here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, why wasn’t the two-door method posted anywhere for H2’s category? Could have been making loud contracts all year! :sob:

The room 909 thread does not mention the two door requirement, it even refers to them as “unusual or unexplainable Map properties.” and their theory was some rooms have been given specific audio properties by the devs for unknown reasons

That thread involves people guessing wildly with no actual method

EDIT: Just did a forum-wide search and it seems Quine more or less explained it in a comment last year, though he said he was just guessing. If only it was somewhere a bit more public we could have all confirmed for him long ago. Oh well, hopefully more people know now than read halfway through that particular thread of last year. The weird thing is he replied to Soupienza telling him, but months later Soupienza made the 909 thread and said he didn’t know what made the rooms soundproof

Oh right, I incorrectly remembered as the place where I did talk about it only attracted Room 909 interested people. Now I can’t find where I posted it. It was more technical, that environment cells determine sound spread.

Are there any other cool systems/mechanics the forum figured out for the previous game that could form the basis of a contract (and weren’t mentioned in this thread)?

That is quite a big question. Out of my head I don’t know what to say, there surely are things to make use of. But they are usually too specific.

If one ever comes to you, pop it down here :slight_smile:
Even if it’s something uncommon, if it makes just one or two really cool contracts I think it’s worth knowing about

Sadly making use of existing systems is all we can do now Io’s confirmed they’re not making any changes to Contracts mode in H2

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Will do. …If I fail to make use of it myself first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the guide, really helpful!


Room 909 actually includes this supposed “two-door rule” theory. Room 909 is based on the idea that Hitman maps use “cube volumes”… similar to how map sections are formed logically in game engines like UE4. It follows that many times, if you have actual rooms, each room would be a logical cube volume. Therefore, two such volumes where the door (ie: A portal through which states and other data can be passed between volumes) is closed can block off sound or other data from passing between rooms (ie: between volumes) - resulting in undetectable loud sounds.

The two are compatible ways of looking at HITMAN 2 “loud contract vulnerability”. The main difference really is that those looking at Room 909’s presume even the open air areas are ruled by the same concept (that it’s just a cubic volume “room” whose walls you cannot see). This has also been proven true.

Yes, 909 and soundproof room are names for the same thing. Now we all have the explanation/method so any old person can look at a map and know the if a room’s soundproof or not. Makes things much easier than guessing!

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The thing is some of the 909 sniper spots do not visually look like rooms (no visual walls and no visual doors).

So yes 2 door rule is helpful but it doesn’t answer every instance of the vulnerability.

Yeah, I’ve had to note that it doesn’t work about 10% of the time; factors like if there’s an open window (Not sure), or if the door is thin (Like glass doors in Bangkok), then there’s also distance (Which applies to outside areas mainly, distance makes up for a lack of a door), and also verticality.

A very strange room is where Julian is sleeping in Bangkok; the guards outside the room do not hear the explosion/sniper, but a cleaner at the other end of the wing by the staircase does, very strange.

This is one nice guide. I have a hard time coming up with decent contracts that nobody else has done. I do love making briefings to make it a bit more immersive. I did go overboard with complications since I thought it’d be a true challenge. Now I know why people barely tried it.

Still, Thanks for taking your time on this.

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Which only makes sense if you imagine the rules are governed by an invisible cube bounded logic volume and not by the 3d objects, walls, and floors you are seeing.

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I don’t want to sully your perfect contract creation guide with my comment, but I needed to say Thank You. This, All Of It… is really where I’m at when playing featured contracts. When everything lines up miraculously & I see what the creator was going for, I’m usually like “Dm, I would’ve never guessed that was the method to the madness if I hadn’t been screwing around for the last hour on this contract” so Thanks for compiling a list of completely reasonable conscientious guidelines. I wish IO would have this pop up like a briefing on the intro to ‘Contracts’ or ‘The Tutorial’ for the contracts. Cheers :jack_o_lantern:


Might I suggest

  • CON: Bodies found is included in the rating at the end of the contract. So many players will aim for SA and thus themselves avoid bodies being found. So, unless there a specific reason a body may be found, this complication is often redundant.