Contract Help!

I am in the middle of making a contract and I sniped the artist that is in the Luxury Hotel from across the map without marking him first. I tried to go to the hotel to find the body but it was already disposed. Is there any way for me to find the body and mark it? Thank you.

Did you know where the body is disposed? Perhaps you can try tag the body bag? Otherwise there’s no hope, I guess.

I have no clue where the guards disposed the body at. Is there certain locations where they dispose bodies? E.x.: Dumpster, box, lake, etc.

Usually guards dispose bodies where they put abandoned weapons, try looking for the black weapon crate?

“black weapon crate”, do you mean the contraband boxes?

Sure, you can drop a weapon in the building. My guess is you may follow the guard who picks up the weapon to the security room on the second floor.

Okay, thank you for the help.

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You CANNOT mark bodies in body bags.


R.I.P. I’m still going to figure out where they dispose of the bodies in the tower. I’m very curious.

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You could always mark him before you kill him. Only a problem if you want to add a time limit. Sniper contracts are kind of stupid to create cos you can’t mark from afar.


Is there somewhere where I can request a new feature for the game? Like where you can mark targets through a scoped weapon or object.

All you can do is tweet at IOI, but I did that recently about contracts mode and they said they’d “look at it over time. It’s a matter of priorities”

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Sadly, we’ve been asking for scoped target tagging since we started making contracts in Hitman 2016. It would allow for some of the most incredible contracts to be created, so we suspect that it’s just too hard for it to be coded.

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Well I’ve made plenty of sniper contracts, so I didn’t let that stop me; the only difference is I had to give up a couple complications in order to do the tags (Mainly “No disguise changes”), but it wasn’t a big deal, I doubt not having those complications affected the contracts much.

It’s to do with the ridiculous lengths you need to go to during creation. You’re a rare exception with incredible patience, but I suspect that it has been stifling the creativity of a lot of talented contract creators. We’ve had some great sniping contracts, but we would have had a lot more interesting contracts to play if this had been a possibility.