Contract Leaderboards

It would be nice if you could get a notification when move down on the leaderboards. of course it would be better if you could select the ones to be n
otified of.


I definitely agree. I don’t ever come back to a contract featured or otherwise because I don’t know if I’ve been pushed from a position I’d like to keep. If there was an option you could select for notifications on a contract you like, I’d be more likely to replay some of my favorite contracts.


The thing is you can move down in the leaderboards each second, literally.
Especially if you completed hundreds of contracts.
I think you’ll be driven crazy of these notifications in a while


True. perhaps they could put criteria into the notification process… like only if you are in the top 100… or only if select specific contracts

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If this were a feature I’d say be more selective in which leaderboards you’re most interested in. Waiting a while for the scores to settle a bit would also be a good idea so you’re not concerned with constantly having to improve them.