Contract Mode Statistics Screen

Unless I’m completely blind and missing it with my search, there doesn’t seem to be a smart way to view a lot of details in the Contracts tab. Most notably, being able to see easily how many featured contracts I have completed. Sure, I can filter the list to show which ones I’ve completed in the history, but it still shows a long list of both featured and non-featured, plus I am then counting them manually. I’d like to see a stats screen which says how many contracts I’ve attempted, how many I’ve completed, how many featured contracts I have attempted/completed, how many I’ve created, and anything else that may be good in a quick list of numbers

In addition, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere on any screen that shows at what milestones you unlock items for completing featured contracts. The only reason I know there are unlocks is because I saw on the forum. If IO really want to incentivise players to play these contracts, the least they could do is at least stick a 0-point challenge, or show some sort of mastery screen with the list of unlocks, otherwise they’re pretty much unknown to the average player who never interacts with the community (which I imagine is a lot)

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There is one buried somewhere in there, if you click on a featured contract and look at challenges it should be there (with a counter of ?/40 you’ve done)

Ah, I’ll have to look for that tab. It’s horribly tucked away if I have to look at the challenges while in the contract search. Which really doesn’t help the people who never play Contracts as they’re never going to look there.
If there was a tab in the player profile or Mastery somewhere, it’d at least make sense to someone casually browsing to see what they still need to complete

Isn’t that basically what I said?

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