Contract morality

I haven’t seen a thread like this on here so I wanted to open one related to the morality of the contracts the ICA accepts.

While the contracts we’ve taken on throughout the history of the Hitman franchise are morally defensible, I sometimes feel like this shouldn’t always be the case.

47 is portrayed as a cold, calculating and immoral killer for the most part and the ICA as a whole is portrayed in the same light yet, for some reason, they don’t seem to accept any contracts that aren’t morally justifiable. Now, undoubtedly, this is to cater to the majority of the fanbase that would likely be opposed to killing people that they believe don’t deserve to die but I feel like it’s a road that could, at the very least, be touched upon to see how people react to what it would actually be like to be as immoral as 47 is reputed to be.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to have 47 start killing old grannies while they’re doing their shopping but I feel like it would be interesting to take on contracts that we, as players, may not actually want to carry out.

I want to hear everybody’s thoughts, for better or for worse because I feel like it would create an interesting dialogue and make us all ask questions.


I play Hitman for the fantasy it presents, I’m not in it for questions of morality. If I want that I have other games which would do it better.

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Assassination is morally reprehensible as it makes a business out of killing. I, like @doom-generation am in it for the story and fun of it all.

Still, I would probably not do a mission to kill granny in her panniez.

. . . Unless I could launch her out of a jet or feed her to a hippo or something.

I quite like the morality presented in the games because it means when there is a relatable and human target it hits the player hard. My main example of this would be the confrontation kill with Jordan Cross, I felt fucking awful for him when I first played that. The same can be said about Alma when she talks about her children or Robert Knox when he is super shook after blowing up Sierra. These moments are honestly great and show that the ICA isn’t that whiter than white

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I’d say that in the beginning they were accepting all kinds of contracts (even if extremely expensive ones) and with the story going on and the ICA becoming stronger and more powerful, they decided to go with the best contracts all around the world now, prioritizing high value targets to some random citizens.

So i guess morality doesn’t matter anymore since we’re always targetting high-profile targets with always dirty work behind them.

I think we only see bad folk in the hands of 47 because he’s the best the ICA has, and he only gets the very high value targets. The ICA probably gets plenty of morally unjustified contracts but they go to other, more cheap, agents. I personally would love to see some more moral ambiguity in the series. Some people were stating the different contracts that they felt guilty about, and for me it would have to be Penelope Graves from the Colorado mission. She pretty much just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and she was very out of place being surrounded by criminals. She also, according to Diana, could’ve been a huge asset to the ICA due to her intelligence. It’s a shame man.


I might be in the minority but like the idea of a target that doesn’t really deserve to die. Having 47 assassinate a judge presiding over a high profile trial or a whistleblower exposing an illegal organization/corruption would make the game feel slightly darker. The character feels like an empty good guy instead of a gain motivated anti-hero. While I understand the need for this change is low priority, I would welcome it. I liked the wildcard elusive target because the contract was justified by Gary Busey being a liability that cost the client millions. I also enjoyed the patient zero mission in hokkaido. Depending on how quickly or slowly you contained the threat, you’d be faced with mercy killing civilians. Then diana would comment that killing the civilians was a terrible thing but a neccessary one. This made the game seem a little more alive to me. I believe moral ambiguity would be a great addition to the fantasy.