Contract Series Thread (2016)


Completed all contracts SA/SO. That was fun! In the marrakesh contact i got myself into a firefight but still managed to kill everyone in my way by shooting and stabbing, then escaped in the consulate car, wish i recorded it. I tried again and got SA/SO.
Bangkok was a bit easy to accomplish. Waited for Jackie to exit the room and snuck in. Turned on the radio to wake up her “lover” :wink:, then shot him in the back of the dome. then snuck behind jackie and cut her throat.
Colorado was quite difficult to figure out as i never managed to figure out how to sneak into the house undetected while in a suit before playing this contract. So thanks for that, Now i know. Any ways, I lured the first two into the kitchen area And killed them there. Next i moved upstairs lured one of the targets so i could snap his neck then garroted the other. Had to hide their bodies behind a wall so the guard wouldn’t see it. Then i made my escape through the bridge.
I had fun with this series. I’m gonna revisit again soon and try some new methods. Look forward to seeing more from you! Good Hunting! :clap: :+1: :ok_hand:


Ah, thank you! I’m currently working my way through your Typical Culprits contracts and they’re quite good (extra points for the briefings…) When I started it, I thought it was going to be easy, then you threw that waiter at me and all of a sudden it got really difficult. I barely passed the first two contracts so I think I’ll go back and try 'em again before I move on.
This is going to be a real thinker… :yum:


Fun contracts dude, nice to see so much activity with PS4, thanks for making these! I’ve done the first two, working on the second two. Edited: here are all four:






Glad to see all the PS4 players creating and playing series. (Serieses? Series? I don’t know.)


Hey guys!
Just finished making quite a few new contracts for PS4. Presenting my new series Bolivian Payback! You should be able to finish all of these with SA/SO with alot of patience. I hope my fellow PS4 players give these a try as i did put in alot of time and effort making these.I’m quite proud of the briefings as well. These may be my best work and i hope you all will enjoy it! :grin:

Bolivian Payback
Contract ID:2-02-4142600-79
Paris is a hard map for me to make contracts on. I didn’t feel right making this a two person contract but i feel that i could’ve chosen a better third target. I might remake this one using a different target but until then i’m quite happy with the final outcome.

Bolivian Payback 2: Operating Room
Contract ID: 2-10-5016550-79
Out of the 4, I think this one is my favorite, really looking forward to hear what people have to say about this!

Bolivian Payback 3:Fallen Angels
Contract ID: 2-03-8324957-79
This felt more like a filler mission in all honesty. I tried to do something good with the church but it’s such an easy location. I hopefully made up for it with the briefing…

Bolivian Payback 4: Deathwish
Contract ID: 2-06-2437499-79
Easily my hardest contract yet. Mostly Because it takes place in the school. If you have the patience i believe it is possible to get SA/SO. But as the title suggests that’s your own Deathwish. Ahhh who am I kidding you guys are gonna find a way to beat it in under a minute i bet. lol

I had alot of fun making these and i hope you’ll have fun playing them. Feel free to port these to other systems.
As always, Good Hunting Agents!


Damnit, I wish o could play cross platform contract, these look awesome. Sadly I don’t enjoy recreating contracts much, and almost all my hitman time is spent creating contracts of my own. Hope some PS4 players enjoy this though!

(I can’t help but feel a similarity between the Operators and the Poachers from my series :smirk:)


My Operators are a gazillion times more badass. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m kidding of course. Any idea if your contracts are available on ps4?


Not yet. And come on, my guys are Poachers. They’re led by Amos Dexter. You don’t get more badass than that. At least they didn’t steal the name from Fallout 4
:stuck_out_tongue: (Jokes)


You know too much. I’m placing a hit on you. :angry:
But in all seriousness when i have the time i’d be glad to recreate your contracts on ps4 if you’d like! They look fun!


Thanks! There are two series, PM me for details. I personally prefer Poachers of Men, but that series takes a lot longer to build, and a Crown of Glass was more thought through in terms of individuals. There are some targets in the Poachers of Men that I really regret putting in there.


Hey guys, i just started a new contract series, Blood Money 2. (PS4 only)

Chapter 1 - Sold Files
ID: 2-01-1252534-57

Chapter 2 - Syndicate
ID :2-02-4938775-57

Chapter 3 - Evil Brothers
ID: 2-03-9658654-57

Chapter 4 - The Wild Girl
ID: 2-05-6604832-57

I’l be updating this post soon as another contract comes out


I’ll give them them a look see!


Chapters 2 and 3 of blood money 2 already out on ps4!!!
Scroll up for the id’s :wink:


Chapter 4 of blood money 2 already out on ps4!!!
Scroll up for the id :wink:


Damn i can’t play the last one. I don’t have the summer epidodes yet.



@STEVEORSOMTHING I’m sorry to hear that, but i think the bonus episodes will be available to everyone since the 31st of january :wink:


Hey guys, i made a new series consisting of three contracts, all for PS4… I tried to challenge myself a bit by making the first two in areas i usually don’t like and i’m quite happy with the final result. I do believe that they can be SA/SO. I hope anyone who plays this will enjoy…

Armour and Shields
Contract ID: 2-09-8240516-79
I had a hard time finding interesting npc’s for this one, so as a result it comes off as a bit easy. one of my main reasons for disliking Colorado. i do feel however this is a nice introduction to the series so i hope you enjoy.

Armour And Shields 2: Cerberus
Contract ID: 2-03-1821743-79
The science lab and the church are my least favorite parts to make contracts in Sapienza. The main reason being there isn’t too much going on in those two parts. However after much snooping around i found that these targets were active enough to make for an interesting contract.

Armour and Shields 3: Ringleaders
Contract ID: 2-06-2397611-79
I’m happy with how this one turned out and i think it makes for a nice finale to this series.

I’ve been feeling pretty down lately and i can’t seem to really figure out why, one of the few things that make me feel not as empty is making contracts for you guys. I’m always working very hard to make something all of us can enjoy. Thank you for any support and opinions you may have given in past contracts, as they help out alot. I have plenty more planned for you guys, looking forward to the bonus episodes coming soon. As always, Good Hunting Agents.


Wow man, you create these things insanely quick. They all look awesome as well!


i have a fairly good eye one who would make for good targets. Plus I think i’ve been playing hitman at least once a day. lol. :sweat_smile: I’ve halted so many playthroughs of other games just to play HITMAN.