Contract Series Thread (2016)


Used Mixtape 47 to lure him behind the tank. This one was actually surprisingly easy SA/SO/FWO, Cerebrus was certainly the hardest of the three.
I might recreate Bolivian Payback this weekend, if I have time.


If you want you can skip the third mission in bolivian payback. I always felt that mission was waay too easy and forgettable. One of the downsides of trying to concentrate on the church as a location.
Ironically my contracts are slightly more popular on xbox than on the console i created them on. Time to jump ship i suppose. :joy:


I donā€™t have a series where the contracts are linked by a storyline. But Iā€™ve made some collections of contracts that I consider to be series because theyā€™re mechanically linked.

Firstly, Iā€™ve been building an SA Sniper Series. I try to find the five targets in each level who make the most interesting sniper targets and who can be killed without ruining with a Silent Assassin ranking. (It would be an SASO sniper series if I replaced the Mario outfit in the Sapienza contract. I might do that. When Iā€™m done I might remake these all and give them a narrative.) So far:

SA Sniper Series

  • Outside Looking In: 1-02-4941823-68
  • Sniper Mario: 1-03-9618288-68
  • Rocky Mountain Rifleman: 1-09-4587465-68
  • Zoom Lens: 1-05-2159218-68

Iā€™ve also made a number of homebrew escalation missions. Each is a series of five contracts.

The Quine Folio

  • Level 1: 1-09-4284095-68
  • Level 2: 1-09-3495075-68
  • Level 3: 1-09-6863710-68
  • Level 4: 1-09-9694080-68
  • Level 5: 1-09-7697387-68

The Quine Delicacy

  • Level 1: 1-09-8751376-68
  • Level 2: 1-09-0566835-68
  • Level 3: 1-09-0611100-68
  • Level 4: 1-09-9916075-68
  • Level 5: 1-09-6202390-68

The Quine Subordination

  • Level 1: 1-08-0681928-68
  • Level 2: 1-08-1536039-68
  • Level 3: 1-08-1360086-68
  • Level 4: 1-08-8055253-68
  • Level 5: 1-08-0577696-68

The Quine Farrago

  • Level 1: 1-06-7703343-68
  • Level 2: 1-06-0931884-68
  • Level 3: 1-06-5166458-68
  • Level 4: 1-06-1543241-68
  • Level 5: 1-06-7588057-68


Thought Iā€™d put these here. A few series Iā€™ve played through recently:

Forsaneā€™s Wyman - Series Two (XB1)

Kaiseki (1/6)

Chaokuai (2/6)

Digestivo (3/6)

Blodpalt (4/6)

Engastration (5/6)

Juste Les Desserts (6/6)


Remedyā€™s ā€˜The Final Journeyā€™ (XB1)

Rose (1/6):

Bad Break-Up (2/6):

Evacuation (3/6):

Dollhouse (4/6):

Goodbyes (5/6):

Ying Yang (6/6):


Remedyā€™s ā€˜Angelsā€™ (XB1)

Saving the Sheikh (1/7)

Garage Rat (2/7)

The Shinden Family (3/7)

Howling Wolves (4/7)

Seraphs Can Sing (5/7)

Artigli Affilati (6/7)

Wolf Hunting (7/7)



Hereā€™s a little trailer, and by trailer, I mean your targets and places. I made it, I feel like it needs work but itā€™s good in my opinion. Click the title.

In order:

Hunting For Prey

Avariziaā€™s Origins

Growing My Wings

The Apprentice

The Dream Life





So is this one a sequel to Angels orā€¦


Yup, It is a sequel to Angels. You can read the briefings to get more information.


Sounds good. I did ā€˜Saving the Sheikhā€™ along with the challenge today, might get around to doing ā€˜Garage Ratā€™ and whatever is after that in between Pro Mode and contract creation myself.


@David47 are we ever going to see any more 47 inquisition contracts from you?


Yeah ā€“ when I have some time. I was actually thinking of those today. I might start posting them here, in order, when I win, to make people play them. lol


When you win?


I can only post each episode of ā€œThe 47 Inquisitionā€ here when I win a contract.

Edit: Oh, sorry. I just followed the link in my message-alerts list. I assumed we were in the PS4 thread because weā€™ve just been having a conversation there. lol


Ah, I see.

Dammit. Iā€™m backing you now.



I was going to post the first episode in the PS4 Elusives thread today, but I had that neat ā€œrescueā€ idea.


Good Evening Agents.
Iā€™m sure youā€™re all wondering where Iā€™ve been for the past month or so. Long story shortā€¦ I needed to use the bathroom.
Jokes aside, I have been working on something big that i feel youā€™re all going to loveā€¦ well me and my good buddy have been working on it.
I would like to announce a brand new ten contract long series made be me and @Silverballer. Half the levels are by me the other half by him. It will be made available this monday on both PS4 and XBONE for all to enjoy.They are all mostly freeform contracts but all can be completed SA/SO. Weā€™ve also decided to add a list of challenges that we plan on updating every now and then.
This has been a very fun collaboration and even though i say it alot, i think this has the potential to be mine and @Silverballer 's best series yet!
If you have any questions for us feel free to ask us at the Ask HMF Anything thread. Looking forward to seeing the reception on this series. :smiley:
As always, Good Hunting Agents!


Making a new series called the Seven Deadly Sins. I have just made number one.

The Seven Deadly Sins #1: Moroccan Spice

Contract ID: 3-06-9861978-58


10 years ago Dolan Narutzā€™ family were slain by a militia group operating in Bosnia. He has asked us to track the seven of them (known as the seven deadly sins) down and terminate them. The first one weā€™ve found is Sayid Laham, who is in trouble with his new military group in Morocco. You know what to do. I will leave you to prepare.


Good evening agents, itā€™s now time to take on @Silverballer s and my new contract seriesā€¦

What makes a human, 47? Emotions? Anatomy? Spirits and souls? How could we ever know? We arenā€™t real humans. We are machines. Broken, malfuntioning machines. I know youā€™ll kill me because in the end a machine always does what itā€™s programmed to. I have nothing but a cold bitter darkness to look forward toā€¦

PS4 ID: 2-04-6961528-79
Xbox ID: 3-04-8589050-41

Classified Intelā€¦ Spoilers Ahead!
Parisian Secrets
PS4 ID: 2-02-8880341-79
Xbox ID: 3-02-2048626-41

PS4 ID: 2-07-4083761-79
Xbox ID 3-07-7925855-41

PS4 ID: 2-08-3730142-79
Xbox ID: 3-08-6236304-41

**PS4 ID:**2-05-9534343-79
Xbox ID: 3-05-7513036-41

Going Rogue
PS4 ID: 2-06-7457420-79
**Xbox ID:**3-06-3557273-41

PS4 ID: 2-03-5897249-79
**Xbox ID:**3-03-5136238-41

PS4 ID: 2-09-3329344-79
**Xbox ID:**2-09-3329344-79

Eve of Destruction
**PS4 ID:**2-10-8943968-79
Xbox ID: 3-10-1486501-41

PS4 ID: 2-01-4159071-79
Xbox ID: 3-01-6123114-41

Level Specific Challenges

**Resurfaced- Buffalo Soldier:**Eliminate all four targets with accidents while disguised as the bohemian

Parisian Secrets- Two Birds, One Stone: Eliminate Sophus Fatale and Hailey Brennan in one explosion

Uncovered- A Great Misfortune: Eliminate Marcel Decker and Carrie Brodfueher while disguised as the fortune teller and leave Brodfueherā€™s body in the fortune tellerā€™s shop

Contracted- Fedora Massacre: Eliminate Alexander Hoffman and Ronald Sump while disguised as the Stalker

Gunpoint- Sending a Message: Eliminate all three targets with a shotgun

Going Rogue- Marrakesh Marauder: Eliminate all targets with a battle axe

Resignation- Super Agent 47: Eliminate all targets with explosions while disguised as the plumber

Crackdown- Colorado Axe Massacre: Eliminate all targets with the old axe while disguised as the scarecrow

Eve of Destruction- Hunting Lions: Eliminate Yoshikazu Sasaki and Silvia Para Rojo with one bullet

Showdown- Hard and Loud: Eliminate all targets with an assault rifle



SA/SO/Fiber Wire Only

Eye Of The Amalfi Coast: Complete all three Sapienza contracts Sniper Assassin Style

Eye Of The Bazaar: Complete both Marrakesh contracts Sniper Assassin Style

Plutonium Runs Loose: Blow up every target in every mission

On Site Procurement: Complete all contracts with Silent Assassin ranking without bringing any gear or weapons, or using any smuggling points/ starting locations. All items used must be found within the level

@Silverballer and I spent alot time and i think we can both say this is easily one of our new favorite seriesā€¦

Good Hunting Agentsā€¦


Thanks for posting this!

(Copied from the other thread)

I think this is the best series me or @STEVEORSOMTHING has done yet, and I think you will all enjoy it. Itā€™s made to be played SA/SO, unless youā€™re speedrunning of course, but youā€™ll get a lot more enjoyment out of SA/SO runs.

A reminder:
#Absolved is on Xbox and PS4
Just so nobody is confused.

Have fun @Ed_ll3 @Euler13 @mungadungalis!!!