Contract With a Story: A Harsh Chord

A Harsh Chord
Isle of Sgail
The client represents an entertainment group who was underbid at the last moment to perform for the Ark Society gathering. They have requested that you eliminate the rival musicians as well as the individual who hired them. To protect the identity of the client, you must disguise yourself as one of the entertainers and make the deaths an accident. The client requires you to procure the target’s private helicopter upon making your exit. The helicopter will be on standby for a limited time.

Hi everyone, this is my first time submitting a contract. I would like to submit it as a possible featured contract, although I’m not sure what the current theme is now that Jan 3 has come and gone. I think it would make a good feature as it has a backstory, interesting targets, and challenges the player’s knowledge of the map. I hope it’s enjoyable!


Thanks! Hope you enjoy it.

Maybe post in

so more people see it? :blush:

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Didn’t see that thread, thank you!

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Seems a little harsh to kill them, they must have been getting payed a lot for the client to hire 47 over the dispute. I see it’s on ps4 so I will give it a go tomorrow.