Contracts and Blood Money soundtracks removed from Spotify?


So I was going to listen to Streets of Hong Kong when then I see that the Contracts and Blood Money soundtracks are not available in Spotify even though I literally listened to it like two days ago so like wtf. Am I the only one experiencing the issue?


Totally irrelevant to the topic (so I apologize) but I just had to say, I love your avatar!

That show was the BEST!! One of my favorite TV series!

But to engage with the topic at hand… I experienced that as well? I don’t see it on Spotify… weird.


Streets of Hong Kong gives me CHILLS!!

Thanks, now I got to go listen to it asap :laughing:


HOLD the phone, they were on Spotify?!


You can always download the MP3s from a website. Its always better to have a copy for yourself in case theres an apocalypse and you cant reach the internet :joy:


Yeah they were. The soundtrack to Silent Assassin is actually still available on Spotify for listening which is strange if they removed Kyd’s succeeding work in the series.


It could be that Kyd is releasing these on a new album like “best of kyd” and they want to make it less available to get for free. Just a theory.


Glad to find a fellow 24 fan on Hitmanforum as there’s like almost no one in my school who has heard of 24.

In response to @TheOldMaster, I’m too lazy to download the songs so I’m probably just going listen to them on YouTube lol.


Many of his Assassins Creed stuff is still available so idk. Maybe IO just don’t like Kyd’s work… who knows.


Kyds work is the best music IO has had in any game to date so if thats the case its just too petty. The truth is, Why should Jesper Kyd accept a low pay (IO cant afford him) when many other game companies pay him what he wants? IO probably expected him to accept their offer and work on HITMAN 2016. But its been a long time since Blood Money and Kyd gets paid more now due to his status as a music legend.


Yea I agree. I was thinking about this and realised that Traditions of the trade and Club 27 are kind of the same level to some degree and yet many say TofTT is way better. I think this is mainly down to the awesome music and atmosphere of the older levels


UPDATE:Soundtracks are back on Spotify yay :smiley:


Omg, thanks for the heads up! I missed them so much! :grin: