Contracts interface improvements

Finding new contracts and using the whole mode is a bit painful… Here are some ideas:

  • When you complete/exit a contract you should go back to the previous screen. If the previous screen was trending contracts or a contract search, it should return you to the very same page you were. This would also work for sniper maps and ghost mode.
  • Ability to filter out completed contracts in any screen (trending, search, featured, latest) (similar to filter out completed challenges)
  • Ability to edit and delete contracts.
  • Filter out literally ALL contracts that involve killing the first one OR two guards of “The final test”, no matter the conditions. They really clutter trending contracts and latest contracts.
  • Show the completed checkmark in completed contracts of maps you dont have installed. Example: complete a contract in mumbai, uninstall mumbai. Currently the checkmark wont show in that contract.
  • Maybe a way to filter out all contracts that werent completed in SA 5 stars. Currently it doesnt matter if you made a 0 star mess or a 5 stars SA, the checkmark is always the same.
  • Join contracts and leaderboards from all platforms
  • Ability to order the targets in the contract you create, instead of defaulting it in killing order.
  • A new complication: not hide any bodies. Cannot hide any bodies in dumpsters/closets/rivers, etc. you can drag them all you want tho.

All points make so miuch sense one has to wonder why they weren’t implemented already. I think most of these have been suggested since Absolutions’ contracts mode even :smiley: Let’s hope for some magical free IOI ressource to take care of it finally.