Contracts Mode in Hitman III

So now we have Hitman 3 coming out and I think an important question is what (if any) changes will there be to contracts mode?

Contracts haven’t changed since Hitman 2016. I’m can’t say I am happy with that but safe to say I’ve come to peace with it. IO trying new things with Sniper Assassin and Ghost Mode are both appreciated, trying new ideas is always what we should want from them. However, it’s generally agreed that while both add their own twist to the game (I have come to love Ghost Mode due to @Fortheseven’s tournaments) the real community lifeblood of the current Hitman is contracts mode.

The majority of 2020 is just featured contracts and it’s how we get to express our own creativity in the sandbox that is Hitman. So I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some new features to it in Hitman III.

I’m sure Travis has already seen changes people want to contracts mode a million times (and hopefully has relayed the good ones back to IO) but I just thought with III in sight and after a long stretch of only new content being featured contracts people could say what their hopes might be.

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