Contracts Mode Problems


Anyone else not able to play any contracts? Every time I try to load one up it gives an error message that reads “The contract you are trying to start is not available anymore.” Could someone verify if this is just a me problem?

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Sorry this is my first thread here. I’m on Xbox in the US. Just wanted to play some featured contracts but I can’t :frowning:

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Damn… It may be Xbox or it may be just me. Kinda bummed that I can’t play them. I appreciate your help tho

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I’m having the same issue on XBox One. Any luck getting it to work?

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Nope still haven’t found a solution… Nice to know I’m not alone tho

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Can’t view online content on Hitman 2016

This only happens to me on ps4 when i disconnect while playing a contract. After returning to menu, no contract will work.

Just restart your console and problem is solved.

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I’ve been having this issue for a few days now with dozens of restarts.

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Same. Restarting didn’t seem to help. I even did a hard power off, unplugging, plugging back in and starting back up. Still had the same issue.

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Same here. Contracts mode aint working since February 8th. Cant download or start one. You can create one and save it, but you cant start it. Playing on Xbox One from Europe. Please fix this, thanks you.

Tried reinstalling 3 times, resetting cache, even deleting my profile and save plus cloudsaved. Nothing is working.



I thought i was the only one im in the United states playing on XBox One X. This is a stupid problem now i can’t complete all my challenges. Why would they make it where some challenges has to be completed during a contract. Since we are on Xbox we can’t access contracts. Thats why i am beginning to hate online games they are always messed up.

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Been trying for days to get contracts to work on xbox one, redownloaded game multiple times, hard shutdowns, nothing seems to work, hope it gets fixed soon, only bought this game the other week an now a big part if it is unplayable…disapointing to say the least



@Travis_IOI Any update on this issue?



So I think the old game isnt important anymore and we cant expect to get Contracts there? Thats disappointing.



I hope its just a temp problem, some clarification that they are aware of the problem and looking into fixing it would be great tho, i mean the game is only 2-3 years old even absolution had its contracts mode up for 6 years?, if its not fixed then make a patch…im currently left with 3 unobtainable achievements all tied to contracts mode! if contracts mode isnt going to be supported why tie achievements to it in the first place.



Same. Two of us on XBOX in Canada. Can create new contracts and view contracts in ‘Trending’ etc but as soon as you hit ‘Play’ on one the “The contract you are trying to start is not available anymore” and Hitman also goes OFFLINE for me. I can then manually go back Online hitting X. All other game functions appear to work excepting PLAYING contracts.

I really want to dump that poor girl into the well in Sapienza…

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To be honest mate if this dosnt get fixed i wont be buying hitman 2, contracts have been down for over a week now an IOI havent even acknowledged the fact, to be fair it might not be a problem there side, according to “snap finger click” microsoft has made a new developer website an started transferring there games over, this has broken the server certificate and effected a few games, but still it would be nice to hear from IOI an see what they know about the situation



I noticed a different message when accessing ‘Trending’ and most played last 7 days Contracts. It will immediately display “Disconnected. Your connection to the HITMAN server has been lost. Failed to authoize your account with the HITMAN server.”

Took a chance that they also require a linked IOI account so created one and shows linked to my microsoft/XBOX account under Options. but still no Contracts. …and now IOI has access all my microsoft account data. This deal is getting better all the time.

Might be on to something with expired/invalid certificates.

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This is flagged, tracked and noted. I’ll update when we’ve got something to share.

EDIT: Changes made on Feb 19 have fixed this issue, as far as we can see.



Seems to be fixed :+1: im gonna go buy the hitman requiem pack as a small thankyou