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So, I got Hitman Absolution with 2 codes/DLCs. 1 of them is the contracts pass code. When I opened up the game (on xbox 360) I selected the Contracts game mode and I typed in the code and it said it was an invalid code. Well I save an option “Download” or something and I downloaded it. After that download when I tried to open Contracts it said: “Sorry, the Hitman: Absolution Contracts server isn’t available right now. Please try again later. For more information, go to”. I was searhing for an explanation but didn’t found one. I want to know if the servers will come back and if yes then when.

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It’s closed “temporarily” see

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Thanks I alredy visited that site but when will it come back? By the way thanks for helping. : )

Don’t know when, but I’m also waiting, didn’t have the chance to play them before the servers went down

Something tells me it’s time to forget Absolution contracts…
I never played it myself. Would like to, but…

But what? You mean that it will never come back?

I would like to be mistaken

It will comeback. The devs are currently communicating with square enix about the absolution’s servers. I think they want the servers back before the remastered absolution is released on consoles.

Well I hope you’re right. I want to try it out just beacuse I got the DLC and it would be a money waste.

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Salut eu am Hitman absolution si nici acum nu imi merge contract si il am cu crack jocu =)

Wtf de unde a aparut “Salut eu sunt”

Are the servers coming back or not? have been waiting to get 100% of this game.

Yea i’ve been waiting for a while for these contracts to come back, but I don’t think they are going to :frowning:. Something tells me that they abandoned this game a while ago.

quiero que maten a HI

A reopening for the Absolution Anniversary would be a great initiative. Thoughts @Travis_IOI?

When anniversary?

Nov 20, 2022

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