Control/Alan Wake Thread (Remedy-verse)

God I’m so excited for this thing.

We still have no idea how this is structured between Alan and Saga, but I hope that it’s semi episodic, in that you get specific ‘sections’ to clear between Alan and Saga, and you get to choose which one to play first/second, but both need to be completed to advance tothe next ‘section’ and further their seemingly parallel story…
Because I fear that I might get too sucked into Alan’s story and complete it in one go and that’d be a disservice to Remedy’s other new narrative in this game that I’m sure will also be captivating and mysterious as heck.


To answer your question.

Alan Wake 2 will allow you to flip between the two characters whenever you want. In the sense the game has two campaigns. Alan’s and Sages. You could complete Alan’s first or Sages or flip between the two in moderation.

I don’t think Alan Wake 2 will follow an episodic format, but rather be like Control where you have a Chapter Select.


Huh, I looked it up to see where this would have been confirmed, and you’re sort of right? It doesn’t sound entirely clear that it’s freely available but you can basically play the entire game through one character’s POV, save for the very beginning and very end of the game, naturally.

Alan Wake 2 is an attempt at something different: a dual story in which the player can not only jump between the characters on a whim, but also see one character’s tale through almost until the end — without switching back to the other at all.

“Once you unlock both characters, you don’t have to go back to the other until very late in the game, if you don’t want to,” Lake says. “In any game, you put the pacing largely in the hands of the player. [With Alan Wake 2], we wanted to go way further. You are free to choose, once we open it up, which side of the story you pursue, and how far. They are connected. There’s a lot of foreshadowing, a lot of mirroring between each other. They are kind of floating side by side.”

Lake says that players can even abandon investigations and missions halfway through if they’re stuck, and come back to find things right where they left them, hours later.

Break Rooms give you breathing space–and more

Break Rooms are like Resident Evil’s safe rooms, giving players some breathing room and a place where they can safely enter The Mind Place as Saga. There’s also an inventory chest in the form a shoe box (which Wake lore enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy). Here players can leave behind items to be recovered in other Break Rooms across the game.

Notably, some Break Rooms also allow players to switch between Alan and Saga’s points of view. The optional element to this suggests that, on a second playthrough, players are likely to discover new story elements by going down POV paths they previously didn’t experience.

With Alan Wake 2's pair of protagonists, there's no "right or wrong way to play" says Remedy | VG247.

While actually playing the game, you can’t actually switch between characters at will, but you can do so pretty easily in Break Rooms, separate areas where you can save and switch between Alan and Saga. These Break Rooms will also let you use a new feature, the Case Board, which is exactly what it sounds like - a board where you can sort out clues, make deductions, everything a detective might do.

(Sidenote on this last article, really cool to see Molly Maloney working at Remedy as a Narrative Designer. I know her from some older Telltale games, especially their overlooked GOTG game that I love to bits)


IGN is doing exclusive previews of Alan Wake 2 this month. I’m not going to check them all out (there’s a recent 10 minute gameplay showcase out, but I’m not looking at that)

This is a more broad commentary on a section they were allowed to check out…

This overall preview of Saga Anderson’s gameplay is cool to see, and I’m glad it’s addressing some major issues I had with the first game.
The combat being the biggest – he specifically notes you won’t be moving between a series of combat encounters with endless waves of enemies to get to your objectives. There’ll be way more tension, slower paced exploration, and puzzle solving/mystery sleuthing. Enemies will appear in fewer groups, but with way more memorable impact.


I plan on going in as blind as possible. I waited years for AW2 since it was a Proof of Concept way back when and simply everything and anything will be a spoiler from this point forward to me.


I second that. Same. Ditto. Me three.


Jane Perry plays the role of an FBC Interrogator in an audio tape of the AWE expansion.

(Should start at 12:08)

Oh, she’s also in other audio recordings. (One a PSA spokesperson about using “the law of three” regarding faucets in the Oldest House]
She’s also the train announcer’s voice in the Eagle Limited AWE sequence!


Even back when Control was still going on, they were putting in hints to things that would be in Alan Wake 2.

When you finish all of Ahti’s tasks in the AWE expansion of Control, you get a postcard from him on vacation.
The postcard is from Watery, Washington. A place that is being prominently featured in marketing as a new location in the sequel, and where Ahti apparently also appears in.