Controller Remapping & Control Scheme Presets


I would love to see controller input remapping as an integrated feature (For all three games.) in Hitman 3. As well as optional control scheme presets that offer alternative input selections and behaviors. More detail will follow below.

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Long Version
Despite all the things I love about this series (Not to mention all the time I have put into each release.), there are aspects of the control scheme that still feel counterintuitive (Just personal preference and opinion here.).

For this post, I’m talking about three main functions:

  • Sprinting
  • Weapons/Inventories (Items)
  • Shoulder Swapping

Rather than prattle on in long-winded paragraphs about this or that being preferable or problematic, I believe it would be more productive to offer suggestions for improvements instead.

Warning: I will be referencing Xbox Series X controller inputs in this post.

First, suggestions for default inputs I believe could feel more natural (I would also consider these as QoL improvements.).

  • Change the default sprint input (LB) to the left stick (L3).
  • It feels more natural to use the same input to control and alternate all forms of movement (Direction, speed, etc.), with the exception of orientation. Crouching and standing up work great as a separate input (On Xbox, the right stick “R3” button.).

An additional adjustment:

  • Allowing users to choose between the press and hold versus toggle behaviors for the sprint function. In these examples, I would find it more convenient to press the left stick (L3) once to activate and/or deactivate sprinting. Thus, serving as a toggle as opposed to having to press and hold the left stick down while also attempting to move around.
  • Change the default items menu input (Left | Right D-Pad) to the left bumper (LB).

Some behavior changes for this feature:

  • A press and hold option instead of just a toggle to open and close the items menu. Thus making the feature feel more like a weapon/item wheel. (As an added benefit, we would be able to access items while on the move as opposed to the current state which forces us to stop moving in order to navigate our items and then move again once the menu is closed. For example, press and hold the (LB) button and use the right stick to navigate all available items. Releasing the (LB) button while on a highlighted item could then serve to select said item instead of needing a separate input (On Xbox, the “A” button.) to do so.
  • A sub feature that allows users to select items without taking them out. Being able to make that distinction right from the “weapon wheel”. For example, if navigating the items and then releasing the (LB) button serves to activate a highlighted item, then a separate input (On Xbox, the “X” or “A” button.), shown in the items menu interface, could serve to select the highlighted item as active, but not drawn. From there it’s just a single tap of the draw/sheathe input (On Xbox, Up D-Pad.) at the user’s discretion. I understand this wouldn’t be real-life “realistic”, but, given that all items are stored in 47’s six-pack I’m realism could be embellished a bit here.
  • Another sub feature (Related to the above.), for the “weapon wheel”, would be the option to choose between pausing or slowing down time when activating the items menu.
  • Change the default shoulder swap (L3) to (Left | Right D-Pad).

Some behavior changes for this feature:

  • At first I thought of having both the left and right d-pad buttons serve to swap to each respective shoulder. But, what about using just one input (Left D-Pad) to toggle between the two? This could then free up the (Right D-Pad) to become a dedicated camera item input (Credit to @LandirtHome for mentioning this in replies to the OP.).

An additional thought brought to mind from @ BRYN’s replies:

  • If remapping were possible, all of the on-screen prompts we see in the game world and the interface would need to change according to the adjustments made. So we don’t end up with prompt versus input inconsistencies, like seeing “hold (Y)” when that function has been remapped to the (B) button, etc.

In closing, I would never expect or demand action from others (That’s not how life works.). I figured I would throw this out there. Just in case other folks find it agreeable, or even something we didn’t know we wanted.

Some final thoughts:

To IOI, regardless of whether or not this feedback makes it through the vine… words are insufficient in expressing the genuine gratitude I feel. Not just for creating these games, but for supporting them over time and being willing to take feedback. For what it’s worth, THANK YOU.

To the moderators of these forums. This is the first time I am posting here. Please forgive the inevitable mistakes. I will of course make adjustments as needed if and when someone suggests them.

To fellow fans, Thanks a million to those who take the time to read, suggest, edit and share this post.


As a baseline accessibility feature, I feel every game should allow remapping every button onto anything.

Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 don’t seem to be getting updates ever again, but Hitman III and the new Trilogy pack should have this option, in my opinion.

Between the ICA Facility tutorials and the general ones shown floating in-world as you play, the prompts displayed throughout the game are what is probably holding something like this back. You’d have to reflect control changes all through the UI and Menus.

It would be an undertaking, but something many players could benefit from.

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Not a moderator, just a regular, but as far as I can see you didn’t do any mistakes with the format. To the contrary, I think it’s a great post, quite clear and polite. (also, if I may : welcome to the forum!)

And about a good discussion to have.

Just, in case you want to try to cobble some some things together : since you are on Xbox, there is a way to change not the control schemes of the game, but a way to change the way your consol reads your inputs.

It won’t be enough to change the game behaviour (holsted items), but you might be able to make some of you control more appropriate to your taste.

It’s not going to be elegant, but it might do the trick.

So go in

  • settings
  • devices and connections
  • accessories
  • configure
  • create a new profile

In you case, as an exemple, swap LB with left joystick. and swap one of left/right directional button to LB. It won’t be a hold to open inventory (and automatic select without unholstering), but it could be enough in the meantime. Then swap the Left bumper to the left/right directionnal button you swaped.

(I just tried it, and I can confirm that it works : sprint on left joystick, inventory on LB, shouler swap on left D-pad, with a custom controller profile)

You certainly will have to change other schemes/controls to be what you wish, but I think it is possible.

Well, it is not easy to set an Xbox to allow capture of menu.

But, @gabriel4602152, try to recreate the following:
It’s not as bespoke as you might wish, not as elegant as a in-game integration by IO, but in the meantime…

Also, for the record since this is a wishlist topic : custom control would indeed be great. And I genuinely like your ideas about the inventory behaviour.

To add to it : I wish the camera could be made a favourite/a separate prompt. Really breaks the gamepay flow when you need to open the inventory and scroll to it everytime hackings needs to be made.

I agree 100% on the accessibility benefits of remapping being a standard.

Agreed, since the trilogy contains the full experience for all 3 I would imagine that would be the one to realistically make the changes for.

Good catch, I didn’t want to create a 3 page post but hitting every single detail of how and why, but for sure the on screen prompts in the interface would naturally need to sync with whatever changes a user makes to the input mapping.

Appreciate the additional thoughts my friend. Cheers.

Thanks for the welcome and reassurance. It’s much appreciated.

You’re right. Using the accessories app xbox users can create profiles for controllers which sort of serves as a remapping solution. I would just love to see something officially supported so it works perfectly without the inevitable issues the aforementioned option would lead to.

Appreciate you taking the time to share the step by step though. :+1:

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This is fantastic man. Thanks for taking the time on this.

A dedicated input for the camera would be cool for sure. You should create a post about it for sure. :+1:

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