Controversy: Into the COPPA-Verse

Youtube has always had some issues but none rival this. Chadtronic, one of my personal favorite creators on the site, has uploaded an in-depth analysis about the developing situation of the FTC’s most recent revision of the COPPA laws. What this revision, which goes into effect Jan. 1, will do is it will force creators to label anything that mildly appeals to children as “for kids” which severely harms the video’s profit and view count. If a video is seen by the FTC that they BELIEVE is marketed to children, but is not labeled “for kids” fines estimated to be up to 40 thousand dollars may occur. This situation is still developing.
And yes, it can be prevented.
I recommend watching this video as it goes into a lot more depth about this issue and going to the links in the description to help out a stop to this problem.
Thank you.