Copenhagen Flames partnership (esports)


We’re happy to officially announce that we have entered into a partnership with Danish esports club, Copenhagen Flames.

Established in 2016, Copenhagen Flames is one of the fastest growing Danish esports clubs and is the home to teams competing globally in many competitive scenes, including CS:GO, League of Legends, Fortnite and more.

This partnership will primarily allow both companies to work closely together and Copenhagen Flames have offered the expertise insight and feedback of their teams into our games, especially the competitive and co-op elements of HITMAN 2. We are looking forward to working with Copenhagen Flames in the same way for our future titles.

We believe that a partnership between a game developer and an esports club is unique and we see fantastic opportunities for creating unique content that is relevant to the IOI and Copenhagen Flames communities.

Copenhagen Flames are based at our Copenhagen Studio, where their management team, pro bootcamping facilities and Academy project “Light the Fire” for aspiring esport players will be located. Being in the same building will allow us to work together, eat together and play together as well as easily share resources and knowledge.

Esports has been through a fantastic development in the last few years and we believe they will play an increasingly bigger role in the games industry and also for traditional sports in the years ahead. Steffen and Copenhagen Flames are extremely passionate about what they do, and we share many of the same values and visions for the future, which makes this partnership feel like a perfect fit.” said Hakan Abrak, IO Interactive CEO

We also asked Steffen Thomsen, CEO, Founder and Co-owner of Copenhagen Flames to share his thoughts on today’s announcement:

I am so proud and excited about this partnership. IO Interactive mirror our passion, values and vision of greatness and they are gamers at heart, just as we are. I couldn’t think of a partner better suited for us and I can’t wait to start this journey; where we hope to bring our fanbases together, create engaging content, and to express our passion for gaming in general. This partnership is truly about our love of games and providing the best possible experience for our fans.

To learn more about Copenhagen Flames, check out their handy guide to their teams and players. You can also follow them onTwitter, YouTube, Instagram &Facebook.

IO Has Partnered With An eSports Club And Will Be Looking At H2's Multiplayer. Improved MP On The Way?

So Ghost Mode was IOI’s elaborate plan to boost brand recognition by making it an E-Sport? Genius!


i think it’s pretty interesting to see IO expand even further in the gaming scene, especially with multiplayer. here’s to hoping this partnership means better quality for Hitman multiplayer in the future and now


I read this at first Danish ESCORTS club :joy:
Back to being serious. Looks like they are growing bigger and bigger since they’re independent. But something tells me we stil have to wait another year to hear something about Hitman 3


Yeah, I feel like they wouldn’t release anything on future HITMAN stuff so early. With the roadmap they’re probably set for a while.


I feel that the multiplayer arena/market is already pretty saturated to be honest.

One of the main draws for me in the Hitman franchise is its spectacular single player experience. While other games have to rely on their multiplayer functionality to gain more replayability, IO always went the other, more difficult way of packing the single player campaigns full of discoveries and possible approaches in such a way you never tire from it.

Ghost Mode is a nice experiment, but I hope this partnership doesn’t mean there will be a focus on multiplayer 1. at the expense of Hitman single player experience, 2. for a franchise that was never really about co-op or duels.

Maybe they’re worknig on a different game?

Don’t want to sound too negative, I’m glad they’re growing and confidently exploring, but I don’t want to lose my Hitman signle player baby. It’s unique.


I hope to see some of you guys if they hold an event in CPH.

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Sure, I’ll be right there!

Seriously though, I wonder how hitman could transition into esports :thinking: