🦇 Coping with COVID-19

With the current pandemic effecting so many people worldwide, I thought it might be a good idea to perhaps talk about how our lives our being affected. Be it your livlihood, or if you have had to go into self isolation, or perhaps your family is being effected, just because we are all meant to be physically apart, doesn’t mean we can’t try and be together online.

I should note that while this thread is about COVID-19, it is meant to be focused on people coping with it in their day to day lives. Ideally any news, be it casuality rates or government announcements should stay confined to the General News Thread.


I work as a pizza delivery driver in the UK. It feels very uncertain right now, at least to me. Boris Johnson’s virus statements come across as wishywashy, and so far, it feels like quarantine like Italy is inevitable, it’s just a matter of when. It feels like the calm before the storm.

Came back from my week’s paid holiday today, so was interesting to see how work is. Nothing has changed as of yet, really. Kindof amused we have one co-worker who still keeps skiving off work, getting closer to being fired at this point, seems like a bizarre time to pull this kind of nonsense.

The big thing is that we now doing “contactless” deliveries, designed for people who are in self-isolation. Basically, we call them when we arrive, we use an empty pizza box to put on the porch, we put the order on the empty box, stand 2 meters back, and then witness them take the order. Problem is, they screwed up the sticker system, and now it tells us a ton of deliveries are self isolation, rather than a few, meaning I had to make awkward phone calls going “yeah, sorry but are you in self isolation? No? OK, I’m just parked outside.”

I get paid every 28 days, so I do feel a little worrisome. I’m currently day 9 into my 28 pay period, wondering and hoping how far I get into it before something may happen. Even though I do basically live paycheck to paycheck, I do own my own home, so I don’t have too much to worry about, at least right. It’s just the stress I suppose, I doubt I’ll lose my job, but things will get difficult if I do have to be off for more than 3 weeks I reckon.

I am getting a Nintendo Switch very soon with my paycheck on Wednesday, as well as perhaps one more game and a controller. I am actually considering buying Doom: Eternal and Resident Evil 3 Remake, but after that, little else aside from bills and essentials for the time being.

I don’t know. I have no current illnesses, but I struggle to maintain happiness. I don’t want to get out of bed frankly, and I keep feeling exhausted. I just wonder how bad this could get.


Here in America at least for Pennsylvania mainly my county I felt the anxiety and tension that everyone has when I was at the Grocery store. The unease that a lot of people had was surreal and as someone who struggles with anxiety under specific circumstances it’s a little unnerving.

My buddy and his whole family is under quarantine for the next three days since his sister got a test done to see if she has the virus. I feel bad mainly due to the fact that they couldn’t of foreseen this type of thing to happen within their household and didn’t properly prepare Incase she comes back positive.

I’m keeping a close eye on my state and local government Incase anything progresses. Currently in my county we are in a state of emergency and with that a lot of questions cross my mind. Mainly regarding my job and the current status of going down south to help. Seeing and hearing what the president have to say isn’t reassuring especially given what has already been said. I mainly worry for my older relatives who are around 65-83. I live with one of them to make sure they are well. And this virus is constantly on the back of my head when they go out since they are retired and can’t sustain they entertainment by television. I feel like I’m gonna need to take their keys if and when things progressively get worse, but at this moment in time I won’t nor can’t do anything to justify it.

As for myself personally I’ve been deep in my own thoughts and considered using the venting thread. As things start to progress I think about a lot of the stuff I’ve done and stuff I regret. I feel as if I should reconcile and get rid of any bad blood and or animosity I have with people I pushed out of my life, but I don’t know. Though some of these people treated me like garbage I do hope for their safety and pray they are in good health and continue doing so.

I’ve been mainly playing games and or watching something on whatever streaming service I feel like using at the moment, but that won’t be sustainable and hope things will end sooner instead of the worse case scenario “August” time frame that the president has said.

Maybe I’m just tired, but hey I’m glad I still as some platform to share what is going on in my mind since I don’t always like writing about it in a google doc or paper.


I havn’t been diagnosed with anxiety or depression. But I also know that deep down, I’ve never been a very happy person, especially since I’ve been living alone and don’t talk to many people outside of work. I feel like so much social distancing is going to harm to many people who are quite frail socially.

I can’t help but feel slightly guilty in a way, as compared to so many, my financial situation isn’t too bleak, since I very much doubt I will lose my job, and I have no landlord to worry about. But I worry that my own mental health will suffer because of this. I think it is part of the reason I have mentioned my Switch so much, because it is something that I am deeply looking forward too.

Just try and stay strong Swang. I took care of my Grandad before he died, and it can be tough. I’m sure you’ll take care of them the right way, and that deep down they appreciate it, even if they can be extremely stubborn about it.


Here in Canada we’re doing okay so far. Where I live all theatres, libraries, pools, and most restaurants are closed. The government is taking a lot of measures to get this under control. The school break has been extended for two extra weeks, most sports have been cancelled, and most people I know are taking precautions and staying sanitary. But there’s still idiots who are buying all the toilet paper.


There isn’t a big deal for the virus here in New Zealand. I haven’t seen what’s it’s like in Auckland so I can’t say for them. However, I have friends over there so I hope they’re doing alright.


Mexico is a mess an many people aren’t taking it seriously.

I’m pissed off. Still, I’m sure I’ll do fine now that college has being suspended for a month and there are enough supplies.

About things to cheer up these grim times, Doom Eternal release on March 20 is a huge excitement and also waiting for April to come soon to watch the first episode of Digimon Adventure’s reboot.

Not everything is bad and shouldn’t be as hard as it is but stupid people make it worst.


Around here, people have cleaned the shelves of butt-wipes, because, you know… They’re full of…

Actually the people that are full of shit are the ones that bought said items to resell themselves.

But joking asside… The shelves have been pretty well cleaned of things like beans, bread, rice, flour, cereal, soups, pastas, and bottled fruit juices. That’s all I’ve noticed being low in the local WalMart. I can’t say I feel too worried, not yet anyway. But better to be prepared than not.

As we know the people most at risk of this being fatal are infants and elderly. But I’ve heard that smokers are also at risk. Maybe even people that are heavy drinkers…? (I’m just going by something I watched on YouTube). So it might be a good idea to cut down on those things, or cut them out completely in the meantime.

There’s really no reason to hoard bottled water since there’s no threat of this affecting the water supply.

Myself? I’ve bought a few things to tide me over for a short while. Probably not enough if there’s a mandatory quarantine or stores are closed for so many weeks. :confused: Several boxes of cornbread, a bag of potatoes, rice, wheat flour, canned soups, milk (which I’ll probably put into smaller containers and freeze), sugar, and Iodized salt.

I think I’ll be going back to the store to get a few other items, like yeast (if I can find any), lentils, basmati or jasmine rice (the best kinds!), more canned food items, and anything else I can think of while I’m in there.


So I got back from uni, which if you don’t know, is suspending all physical lectures and tutorials. It was weird. Our teacher had us spread out instead of bunching up in front. Which makes sense since the uni probably told them to, our first few minutes we talked about coronavirus which is odd because we are a video game studies course. I felt bad for the American student and Iranian student in the class

At the end of the lesson the teacher told us how to get orientated for the rest of the semester since the ban ends July. As I was walking to my dad’s car it felt like every conversation was about the virus. Only the University of Adelaide is staying open at this time. UniSA (mine), Flinders and James Cook University have all closed.

Also Woolworth’s needs to have security guards tase morons who are stockpiling or panic buying and put in a one item per person rule or some shit. They had to create a dedicated hour for elderly and disabled people to go shopping.


Went home to Russia for a planned holiday on 7-th of January.

Who knew that my holiday would be extended and my bragging rights about studying in China would be a cause of Corona jokes at best and slight panic at worst?

Now it’s March 17 and if not for the virus, I’d have already been back in Harbin two weeks ago.

Thankfully, virus has its benefits - I was able to pass a job certification with the help of a proper internet connection and now I’m a certified Salesforce Administrator with a sight set on getting Platform Developer by the end of March.

These certificates mean that my internship will become a full-time job and I’ll be able to work from a distance out of any place on God’s green Earth.

But the thing is, no one can really move anywhere while this thing is raging on. For the sake of everyone, I hope it will pass over soon.


Boris is a moron he does not care about us and me,my girlfriend and her daughter are to fly out to Majorca soon so see what happens with that.

Should you be even heading to Spain at all? I think they are going into lockdown with the rest of the EU, the country has almost 10,000 infected people and the nation has restrictions set on the movement of the population

Nothing has been said about cancelling flights.

Well it is your trip. So enjoy, I guess?

You must have missed that you won’t be able to get into Spain.

The FCO advise against all but essential travel to the whole country.

Still current at: 17 March 2020

Updated: 17 March 2020

Latest update:
Addition of information on measures imposed by Spain due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. From Tuesday 17 March until the end of the State of Emergency, Spain is closing its land borders to those who wish to enter Spain, with some exceptions. The land borders remain open for those leaving Spain. At present, air and maritime borders remain open.

From Tuesday 17 March until the end of the State of Emergency, these measures now include the closure of land borders for those entering Spain, with the following exceptions: Spanish nationals, Spain residents, frontier workers and those able to prove that they need to enter for essential reasons. The land borders remain open for those leaving Spain. At present, air and maritime borders remain open.

Public gatherings are banned, most shops other than those selling food or other essential items such as pharmacies will be closed, many businesses and all schools and universities are closed, and all citizens have been instructed to remain at home except when going about a limited set of activities in particular to buy food or other essential items,

From https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/spain

So even if your airline didn’t cancel it yet, getting into the country won’t be possible unless it’s important.

So if I were you then I’d get my refund, which you can get because your country has advised against traveling to Spain.

And besides, now isn’t the time to travel. You won’t even be able to go outdoors, the country is in lockdown.
People are getting large fines because they go outside.

Tourist spots are also closed. So unless you want to sit in a hotel all day, only being able to go outside if you’re going shopping or to a pharmacy.
I’d say just stay home.


How does the fining system work? If you go outside and a cop stops you, you can always just say you went out for grocery shopping, which is still allowed? I don’t really get that.

You have to provide proof that you did i reckon. Bonnetje van het afrekenen


Yes, but you can always say you’re still on the way to the shop, explaining that’s why you don’t have the groceries or receipt on you yet. In case you’re lying, they can’t really know for sure.
Anyway, not that I’d venture out for any other reason than grocieries right now, aside from maybe taking up jogging (don’t see that happennig though). I was actually worried about being faslely accused more than anything :-p

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It’s great weather today, i’ll go for a nice little run

Fair enough.

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Just a month ago I was diagnosed with mid-severe depression, probably as a result of my mishandled autistic burnout. Good thing about it is, that my doc stocked me with antidepressants, that will last me a while and I feel pretty fine and stabilized now, given what’s happening. Without the pills I would be probably absolutely in a deep ditch.

I’m not worried about me, since I’m far from the risk group and I’m fully used to working from home (althrough it’s a question how much work there will be for me, given that no-one else will have any money to waste soon). But I’m worried about my mom, that works as a grocery store clerk. They got no protection, masks, gloves, nothing is available and she has to interact with hundreds of people daily. Her colleague is already showing symptoms.
I’m absolutely flabbergasted by the amount of people who still don’t take it seriously, openly coughing half a meter away from her or even mocking her improvised mask. They still go shopping with the whole family too, kids included, even tho they are super spreaders and it’s recommended to go only in one person. Irresponsible selfish fuckwads, just incredible.

I made her improvised face shield from piece of transparent plastic yesterday and today I will be sewing some face masks for her. Good ol’ Fallout scrapper. Gonna send few of them to my brother too. The government finally understood that it may be a good idea to be an example and started wearing masks in public, also it’s now mandatory to have them when using public transport, so hopefully everyone will be wearing them soon, even the selfish assholes my mom meets at work. Even the DIY are better than nothing and it at least gives me the feeling that I’m doing something useful. So I’m sewing.