🦇 Coping with COVID-19

I have depression and anxiety and have a appointment with my doctor but cause of corona will have to be on the phone and am worried how I am gonna get my anti depressants.

That’s a good idea provided there are enough. In Belgium there appears to be a serious shortage of mouth masks and people who have them are asked to bring them to medical facilities where they can be put to better use.


Same here, there are no masks, not even hospitals have them. Government is absolutely incompetent in getting them some. So plenty of people have to just DIY them, hospitals are asking people with free time to sew them some, even the primator (is that the correct English term?) of Prague wore a homemade one yesterday, from some fabric with kids doodles on it. It’s a shit show.

Just a normal talkshow.
Showed me this few weeks ago, i would think it’s a Monty Python sketch.


Here in The Netherlands they’re basically closing almost everything. Schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, and soon maybe even shops (apart from grocery stores). Everyone is told to stay inside until april 9th I believe, so that’s 3 weeks. Hospitals are reaching it’s limit on IC beds, so that’s the reason we’re in “isolation”. If too many ppl get infected at the same time, they can’t control it. Althought more ppl are getting affected around here I’m still not extremely worried. It’s scary but if you’re living a healthy life you should be good, I believe.


I’m a sound engineer. I work at concerts and events. I’ve had 70% of my workload cancelled, including a tour of Europe - And after yesterday’s news (pubs, clubs and venues are to be avoided) it is likely I will lose 100% of my workload. I’m also self-employed so get no sick leave or paid holiday etc.

Basically i’m pretty damn screwed right now.


Receptionniste in a hotel, from France, here.

The place where I work is relatively small (up to 250 guest + restaurant)
Last week my boss asked me to go in early and leave late, just in case, if things go bad.
Yesterday out of the 102 guest 92 of them left, even those who have paid for a week of stay.
Restaurants are closed by government 'till april 15th. (this includes gyms, swimming pools, cinemas, pubs etc.)
Room reservations are getting cancelled and I got a two weeks off, paid. On the other hand however, my boss told me, if things going to stay like this, she has to let me go and she’ll replace me with herself. (I’m in a one month trial period, so she can do it without any excuse.)

Not fun.

I don’t know where are you from, but the general idea, is that appointments (doctors, vets etc.), necessary shoppings: grocery, pharmacies, drugstores are allowed to go to.
If you think you have symptomes of the virus, it is advised to consult with your doctor via phone, and if you have problems with breathing ( not asthma, or a panic attack… in other words: something minor, that can be solved at home) then you should call an ambulance.


Following up over last night.

Seeing the 180 change in tone by the president was very worrisome. Not that I listen to a lot of the things he said, but to people who follow him for some guidance and or comfort basically saying it’s gonna get worse sucks. Playing it off for a couple weeks and then just doing what he did last night didn’t help though a lot of us knew better.

As for the personal side of things. Part of me hopes my work cancels our plans down in North Carolina and part of me doesn’t since work keeps me in the right mindset. I don’t like using Video games as my coping habit especially as things eventually start getting more complex everywhere. One thing I know is I’ll be using Animal Crossing to waste away my days until I get any word of what’s going on in terms of working.


I had to go to my local Carrefour yesterday, and dear God… I’ve never seen that place so populated. It was full of people literally running from one place to the other trying to get as much food as they could. Luckily the toilet paper craze hasn’t arrived here yet, but there’s barely any water, cookies or baguettes. If I didn’t have to walk on crutches I would jave waited half an hour to pay since the line was insanely long. I can’t drive and I live far away from any supermarket so my father had to drive me there and back home and the streets were empty, I’d even say desolate.
I always try to take everything lightly… Of course, I always take these things seriously, but I’m always trying to smile and have a positive attitude, but now I’m not sure if I can. One of my friends is in self isolation, my aunt and my cousins are in Spain and I keep thinking I could be infected and I’m starting to panic. I barely leave my house nowadays, but when I do, I’m always scared. I know it sounds ridiculous, but my friends, my family and the media are shitting their pants because of this godforsaken virus, and now I’m starting to do so as well.


Just got back from shopping. They were low on a few things, but thankfully weren’t out of stock on anything. (Though I was stuck with regular, full-length spaghetti instead of my customary pot-ready thin spaghetti. I don’t know how I’ll find the strength to break it in half myself.) The mood was a bit subdued, but hardly panicky, and every fifteen minutes or so they played a pre-recorded COVID announcement over the speakers on the bus that didn’t really say anything useful, just reminded you it is out there.

We’ve only had five confirmed cases in my county in Michigan, but the libraries shut down over the weekend and our governor closed bars and dine-in restaurants yesterday.

I’m more worried out my relatives in their seventies. I have an aunt in Colorado with MS, another aunt in Chicago with a heart condition they’ve been trying to diagnose for the past six months, a step-mother who is still recovering from a serious car accident a year and a half ago and a father who went through cancer at about the same time.

I suppose the saving grace is that we’re a family of introverts, so they can deal with staying home. And they all have strong support systems, in case they need people to go shopping for them or whatever, and my parents, at least, live out in the middle of nowhere.

I hope all of you are taking care of yourselves and the people around you.


Total lockdown ordered here in France for at least 15 days.

Not allowed to leave house unless to buy food or goto work (if unable to work from home).

Police is starting patrolling and control people who don’t respect the lockdown.

Meanwhile the craziness of humanity rushing into the markets to buy more food than needed, or piles of toilet paper :tired_face:

Now the streets are starting to get empty, everybody in his house and avoiding contact with people.

It’s a weird state, a mix of anxiety and panic for the people here.
But let’s hope the situation will get better in the next days :+1:


toilet rolls off shelves hand sanitizer etc cinemas closed Boris will not close the schools and all the care homes are not being put on lockdown.

:it: Italy has suspended mortgages, rents & household bills
:es: Spain has requisitioned private hospitals (& pharmaceutical facilities) for public use
:denmark:Denmark has agreed no lay-offs with state paying 75% (employers 25%) of wages
:fr:France has suspended rent and gas, electricity and water bills for small businesses and has pledged ‘no single company will go bankrupt’ (underwritten with €300bn fund)
:norway:Norway has pledged to pay full pay for workers 20 days, and 80% of average income to self-employed workers
:ireland: Ireland has introduced a payment of €203 per week for all those workers (inc self-employed) affected by the shutdown

:uk: And the UK has told everyone to stay at home and hope for the best.


Wash your hands and sing Happy Birthday and Schools not to be closed

Is blaming the EU still an option?


I’m still due to go out on placement (Training to be a nurse) in a months time. Will be working in a community hospital and visiting people’s homes, so it will be an interesting experience. Hopefully some protections will be put in place for staff and students.

Exam next week is going to be online only, mass cheating expected I’m sure.

No contact from my landlord regarding rent payment, but I’m hoping he’s a little bit sympathetic. Genuinely a good guy, so I know if I have any concerns he will let it slip a week or so.

My partner is considering moving back in with family at the moment (we live in a shared house). She has severe asthma and would be at risk if she got Coronavirus and it’s possible I could get it from university placement or through work as a carer. Her family live out in the sticks a bit. I wouldn’t be able to join her which would be a shame, but it would mean that she would be safe.


i have had a slightly tingly throat for 4 days. it hasn’t gotten better, but it hasn’t gotten worse either. no coughing, fever or difficulty breathing.

if i have the virus, then i’m glad it’s barely doing anything to me, but then that means i could be spreading it to family and co-workers without realising it… and testing is limited in canada, too.


Hope you feel better

Well, my school shifted from having all in-person classes being suspended and the campus left open to the campus now closed to everyone. The only physical facilities left open to students and teachers are the Student Residence and Safety & Security Offices.

The theatre where my program holds all its classes is officially going to close tomorrow, March 18th. They’ve said that they aren’t sure exactly when they’ll reopen, but the projected date is the week of April 6th. So, in case we need any of our supplies for classes (dance shoes, yoga mat, etc.) a lot of us went there this morning to empty our lockers before they deactivate our keycards to get in the building.

The college itself is still stating that March 23rd is when things should be up and running (or when more alternative/online teaching methods get put into place), which is surprising to me since every other business/school/public service is closing for 2 weeks – the recommended amount of time to recover from infection.


So… apparently every American is getting $1,000 I hear? :face_with_monocle:


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Well, “folkhälsomyndigheten” (Swedish for the people’s health authority) has recommended that people in the Stockholm area work from home if they can. My company has the same recommendation for their employees, so I’m staying at home, probably for the remainder of the month.

I don’t think my job is in any danger at the moment, but it is inconvenient, and while I like alone time I also need regular human contact in order to feel tip-top, so we’ll see how this develops.

Oh… and idiots keep raiding the stores for toilet paper, black beans and tuna.