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Having trouble with the hitman legacy: Colorado download when I go to download it immediately stops downloading I got an error code of 80070570 I tried hard resetting, tried deleting dlc and redownloaded. I also uninstalled everything and reinstalled but still same stuff.

It was working before but when I noticed issues and when I recently loaded into a saved file from 2016 and saved in 2020. Also it’s only happening for this specific level. Everything else works normal

Check this message up.
Maybe the process has already begun.

Plus there are news that some storage servers suffering issues.
Maybe that issues affect your store servers from which you’re trying to download.
I suggest you to contact with your store support and provide all the info that will help them address the issue.
I think it’s on their part

That error code is an Xbox related issue.
Try the solutions listed here.

That’s useful info but Go figure the time I want to play something specific in a game, stuff goes wrong.

Like I said it’s weird because I’ve had the game for awhile and decided to revisit the freedom fighters mission was playing and having fun so I decided to save on top of an old load file, next day I go to play and it said I needed to download The content but it was there the other day and now I can’t even access the mission throw mission selection.

I guess if it is on them the kind of clears up some stuff but is still lame, who should I contact ( what a time for such petty issues when they’re bigger things going on… ) Who can I contact?

Hmm kind of looks like the next step would be to reformat external hard drive, if this isn’t on Microsoft or ioi, which I’m not gonna reformat my external for one dlc for one game, it’d take me the next few days to re-download everything back… Last time I had to do something like that it took a whole week to get back to normal.

Update: tried doing pretty much all trouble shooting, I even transferred all files from hitman 2 from external to internal and it’s still the same thing.

The dlc hits 0.0% and then I get “ Installation Stopped “ it auto try’s to install and same thing when I go to file info all’s I get is error code: 80070570,”

Was on the phone with Xbox support they said they call back to see how storage transfers went but the lady said she didn’t recognize the error code…

Call them back tmrw and hope for a better staff. They even have a link regarding the code so they should know about it.

Yeah I’m waiting on call back… I don’t even play the much nowadays but I also don’t like when things I’ve paid for don’t work.

Update** okay so I had to set my internal storage as default for downloads for it to work.

Guess my external hard drive is starting to go, time for a new one lol

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