Costuming and Cosplay

I didn’t see any other cosplay topics- in fact, this section has very little in it at all, and that makes me sad.

Since I created this thread, I’ll upload my own costumes. Feel free to share yours!

4-day throw-together 47 and my friend Alexis’ Poison Ivy. And yes, I’m trying to look annoyed. xD There’s a few better photos of it, but they haven’t been uploaded to the SNAFU site yet. And yes- I’m short. Maybe I should say mini-47? :stuck_out_tongue:

Custom Mandalorian character, Zyras Marek (hence the name). This is my Official costume for the MMCC.

O.C. Steampunk Airship Captain, Tempest VonMerrik (my pen name). My hair is super long in this photo, though. xD

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Not bad! How tall are you?

Damn, that flash reflecting off your eyes is just perfect in that 47 one. Pirate one’s cool too.

Sorry it took so long- I got reply limited. xD

I’m 5’5". My significant other is 6’2", so when the official pics from SNAFU come in, I can show you how tint i am compared to someone 47’s canon height.

Thanks for the compliments. :slight_smile:

@Cerb ikr? My eyes are blue as it is- so the flash lit up my pupils and my blue tinted it. xD

47’s 6’2 (188 cm) just so you know.

I know. xD I read the entire Wiki. Twice. << And I constantly reference it or game images for propwork, and research about the different costumes (As I have seen three iterations, not including the apparently gloveless version in the 2016 game preview).

O’really? I’ve done the same thing and i’ve read 47’s page countless times already. I still remember when the wiki had only about 450 pages and i thought to myself, hmm, i wonder when it’s going to reach 1000.

The wiki has had dubious reputation for years, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt. Which I guess applies to pretty much everything, but anyway.

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Yes, i’m fully aware of that, but it has seriously improved over the years.

Wikis always have a few issues. That’s just the nature of wikis. xD But it’s better than having only the games and books as a reference point (especially since the books appear to be very hard to find).

Damn right! I still haven’t read the books and that’s just because they are very difficult to find in here.
Super Bunnyhop did a short review on the Hitman: Enemy Within in his game novels episode.

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Shame not alot of people posted here. I happen to like cosplay. I’ll upload my favorite picture anyways.


Hotline miami? Where’s the mask and baseball bat? :slight_smile:

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Is that cosplay? It looks like you just rocked up in your normal clothes to me :yum:.

The mask is on in my profile pic.

My said they wouldn’t allow weapons but i found out you can.


Not sure if this thread is just for showcasing your own cosplay if so I apologise. Here are some I found that I liked :grinning:.


That Joker is almost too close to the real thing.


I love that joker one!

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The question is do you know how he got those scars?? :wink:

Something to do with his father? Lol