Could HITMAN roulette be implemented by IO

Been having a blast with Roulette Rivals, and was wondering if this could become IO’s multiplayer focus instead of ghost mode. What does everyone think? Could it work?


I’m obviously biased, but yes, that would be awesome and could definitely work. Roulette Rivals is super fun to both watch and play.

For those who want to know what Roulette Rivals is:


I think an “automated” or “randomized” contracts mode would be awesome, even more so if you were to be put head-to-head against another player in real-time. Kotti has created a wonderful tool that extends the life of this game by creating endless contracts. I could see how a roulette-style multiplayer experience would be easier to manage than ghost mode, seeing as how you wouldn’t have to alter the map, item locations, and could still use “silent assassin” rating as a core part of the scoring system.



That would be really cool, especially if targets can also be somewhat randomized (as long as they can reasonably be killed SA. EDIT: Or not, any% races can be fun once in a while).
If I had to choose, I’d take this over Ghost Mode and Sniper Assassin anytime for Hitman 3.

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Idk what it is but it sounds better than Ghost mode and Escalations combined.

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Please do. I had a blast participating.


I think this would be fun. Even if a randomly picked NPC can not be reasonably taken down SA. It’ll be the same for both players, so it’s even. I’d love to see it tried in S3

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