Could someone help me get this mod

Recently a the npc disguise mod on Nexus (HITMAN 2 - Disguise & Play as NPC (Mod)) was hidden because a mod thought it was a virus. However, I’m fairly certain this is just because it’s behavior is similar to that of a virus. Regardless, I’m now trying to obtain this mod. I fairly certain there is at least one person who is active on this forum who has the H2DisguiseNPC.exe and H2DisguiseNPC.ini in their Hitman 2 folder, so I came here to ask if someone could send me those files. Reading the post, those are the only files I need. So if someone does have it, could you please pm me so I could work out with you how to send them to me. For example, I could just give you my discord and you could pm them to me over there. Or if you’re able to post files in pms here that works too. Regardless of the method, I just really need someone to help me out. And if you don’t have the files, could you please up vote this post so it doesn’t get buried. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this post my friend. Have a nice day.

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Who has this? All the links are dead all across the internet.