Could we see all four of the special assigments added to the contracts mode

Hello i have a request. Ik that at IO Interactive you are focusing on producing hitman 3 but id love to see all the special assignments added to the contract mode. This includes A Silver Tougue, Embrace of the serpent, illusions of Grandeur and a bitter pill. If you can could we see these four missions added to contracts on hitman 2 if you have some spare time if not could we please see this in hitman 3 if we can i hope we could see this come in the future as it would add some more replayability to these levels. I hope to here back from and thanks for hearing what i have to say.

I don’t see the point in bringing contracts mode to Special Assignments because it’s actually the same levels as existing, with only two or three insignificant changes


I agree. The second set of special assignments felt “richer” than the first one, but they are still not anywhere close to the amount of additions and changes in the bonus missions for the first season (The Icon, Landslide and A House Built on Sand).


I can’t remember what thread it was, but this forum had this discussion when they first came out; the reasons not to do it were vast, the reasons to do it boiled down to “But I think Mumbai looks prettier in it” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sapienza and other Legacy maps looks prettier in HITMAN 2016.
Should we now demand to merge all three games in HITMAN 2016, not in HITMAN 3?

They looked prettier in vanilla 2016, GOTY edition was kinda fugly

The patient zero maps still need adding. I wouldn’t mind Illusions of Grandeur and A Bitter Pill being in Contracts, but at best you’d get two or three contracts out of those levels max.

Holiday Hoarders I always thought should have contracts mode. All the tools they give you and the fact you can kill Santa is great for contracts

Patient Zero maps > special assignments