Crash due to Razer Chroma

Hey guys,

Soo ive downloaded the game for about 5 times now and the problem ive encountered every time, is that i can only open the first screen where you can access the settings and start the game. As soon as i start the game my screen turns black and it crashes without any notification. As soon as I open the settings the game crashes as well. Ive used dioagnostics and it turns out the reason for this crash is that my razer chroma has some sort of issue with the games chroma config. but i deactivated the app connection to Hitman 2 in my synapse settings and when i try to change the settings in the settings tab of the game, it crashes too fast for me to do anything. Has anyone encountered similar problems and could help me with this.

Thank you

I’m not really a PC expert but try reninstalling Razer Chroma

I have no idea what razer Chroma is

I think it’s a way to send signals from the game (eg: cooldown timer progress, hit confirmation, etc.) to physical colored lights of Razer peripherals.

I think this is more used for esports or something but I guess if you have it already you want to use it all the time even if just for ambient purposes like you want your Razer mouse and Keyboard to glow pink when 47 gets shot. :smile:

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I have the Blade 15, unfortunately I play Hitman 2 only on PS4 since I got there all my progression including the Elusives.
But I did read a lot that chroma affects games, not only Hitman. Only suggestion I have is to post this on the Razer Reddit page under support. Folks there can sure help.

Im having the same problem and im also using Razer Chroma. Would be great if someone has some more input.

Hitman, Razer Chroma and graphics drivers are all up to date.

The best way to resolve this issue is whether reinstall or completely uninstall this software.
I believe the mouse/keyboard can work perfectly without this software, and you’ll be able to play HITMAN and other games. This software causes crashes in bunch of other games as well.
Either the developers of this software are unexperienced noobs or they don’t work in a unity with game developers. So the best way to solve this is to get rid of this program

The keyboards work fine but the lightning dont. I find it very atmospheric when the keyboard slowly pulses in dark red when you are performing an assassination and so on. It also works great in numerous other games highlighting relevent keys etc. etc. The support for Razer Chroma has been great in Hitman sofar and this bug will probably get resolved quickly but its a bit annoying since its unplayable right now.