Crash in chongqing

Im trying to complete the last featured contract in Chongqing but the game eventually crashes. I start as facility analyst, kill the first dude with the screwdriver, then it usually crashes when I get in the street. Not sure if it crashes with other modes cause I dont use play this map. I updated the Nvidia drivers with a clean install, verified integrity of files in steam and set all graphic settings to minimum in Hitman, but it keeps crashing.

I tried with an older driver from 01/2023 and a clean driver install, but it still crashed. Then I tried the mission starting somewhere else, as a guard in the block, and it didnt crash even when being in the same zone as starting as office analyst.
I tried starting with the analyst disguise but in the normal mission (kill rush and royce) and doing more or less the same and it ended up crashing again. It usually crashes near the scooter exit, in the rain.
My guess is that there might be something wrong with that disguise.