Crashes constantly after loading

I try to load the game in the queens area and the game constantly crashes, I have already completed the other 2 assassinations but when I am in the slums or in the queens area the game crashes completely, no error code. I have a boss machine with GTX 1080 card, all other games play fine. I load a game and it crashes within seconds. When I am inside her car as tailor, crash right away, load earlier game, I enter her area past guards and crash 100% of time. Restart level or other city and seems fine.
Seriously frustrating after plunking down $130 for the gold version of this game


Same issue here while doing the legacy Italy mission for Hitman 2. Was working fine through most of it but now crashes within seconds or fails to load any saved game I try.


Same problems. Game ran perfectly for me before the hotfix today and now I can’t play more than 4 minutes at a time.

Ryzen 7 1700
GTX 1080Ti
Win 10


I’m having the same issue on Sapienza? Seems to run fine for like 5 minutes then freezes and crashes to desktop? wtf… I had already completed the game and not had this issue until now

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I think I am facing the exact same issue. Game started crashing on loading saved game today.

I have a problem with replaying Mumbai mission. I have Xbox One S and have already finished this mission for 42%, but today have an issue that Mumbai mission is unavailable because I didn’t install the package… WTF? Even my save game comes in red and directs me to MS store to download it. What might be the problem.
Other missions are available… for now

Hi, I have the same problems when I load a game save, it crash after few minutes.

good evening
I have a PC that just meets all requirements.
I can handle all games, and I mean really all and heaviest games.
When I read on the internet and read the stories in my Steam during discussions, everyone is bothered by it and we are sent through a link to your Hitman forum.
Whatever level I am, after 1 minute of play the image is standing still and after 5 seconds he goes to your desktop.
So it’s just a bug in the game that has to be solved by you and seems to have nothing to do with my PC.
What I had in the beginning when I first downloaded and installed the game and opened it for the first time and wanted to play I was in the first level and my image was weird (something that also circulated on the internet and there is also an update been at the time).
I went out and looked on the internet and at my Steam and it said that I had to update my Nvidia driver, so I did that.
He then worked perfectly, so the problem can be solved.
I hope just like many with me that it will be solved soon or get help because I am now a bit despondent and can now be done something because everyone has a lot of money.