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Right, so, I saw a mission idea in another thread, so that inspired me to create this one: Create your own fan made season.

Mission Title:
(Optional) Additional Objectives:
End Cutscene:

(These next ones are optional)
Mastery Unlocks:

Totally User - unfriendly + no freedom of speech (PLEASE READ)

Thank you so much for seeing my mission it is copy and pasted in my another reply


In game time: 22.47

Targets and objectives:

Eliminate Richard Lionell McKenzie
Eliminate Jaqueline De La Venti
Retrieve the ‘‘Red Ruby’’
Hack Richard’s Computer
Mission Briefing:

Good evening 47.
Your location is (insert random tower here) in Providence/New york where there is going to be an art show and a convention for specialized artists only.
Your target is Richard Lionell Mckenzie, a former lawyer turned criminal mastermind to the global underworld.
Mckenzie at the height of his lawying carrier AND with the most money of his clienteeles decided to drop his job off to become an art forger - that dream never became true however so he decided to drop it all off and started living in the top floor of the tower as one of the noveau riche and well security protected residents.
Scamming people for money however is definitely not the only way he get’s to live off a ‘‘good’’ life.
His second way of getting money from residents of northeastern america is also to scam them off by selling fake art at art conventions.
And with that helps him your secondary target Jaqueline De La Venti, a self proclaimed best artist in the country and an infamous art forger in McKenzies regime.
She has been forging fake art for decades and selling it to starving artists at tramendously high prices - which as you probably guessed makes her and McKenzie a lot of money.
De La Venti and McKenzie have both se exes at the Red Ruby, an expensive piece of art of which the fake version is going to be sold at the auction.
You must eliminate both targets and hack Richard’s computer to give money back to his clieenteles, and of course find and steal the real Red Ruby.
Good luck 47.

Targets Locations:

Richard L. McKenzie - The top floor of the tower. (Heavily Guarded, inspired by HQ of Francesca De Santis in Sapienza)
Jaqueline De La Venti - Bottom floors, on interwievs and on all the cameras. (star of the show, organizator of the convention.)

Target movements

Richard L. McKenzie - Sits at stool with his computer - moves to the Balcony (Talks about how he stolen so much money from these rats of America) - Goes to his apartment’s kitchen (Talks about stuff, and drinks some wine which is poisonable) - Meets his friend (Talks about bad guy stuff and how he will become the richest mad in america with the money he stole.) - Goes to drink his waterbottle - Eats an appetizer in the kitchen - Goes to work out - Meets some bodyguards and talks about how he will kill people after he becomes the throne of the region - repeats cycle.

Jaqueline De La Venti - Begins an interview (Talks about ‘‘real’’ art and how the ‘‘real’’ red rubys are great and how the money will go ‘‘to the charity’’ - Ends the interwiev - Drinks bottle of water (poisonable of course) - Moves to the convention areas with an escort of bodyguards - meets her associate - goes to a private area to talk to him (Talks about being a bad guys and how the rubys are fake, her friend is in shock he almost slips unconsius and she has a typical bad guy grin) - Talks to random artists if they are enjoying the convention - goes back to the interview area - drinks more water (poisonable ofc.) - repeats cycle.

Level design and layout

It is like Paris map only higher and it is only inside, 47 starts in a large square room in blending in right near the VIP fence where jaqueline has an interwiev.
Room forward has an artist convention, a bunch of paintings and things like that left and right. going up is accesible via. the stairs or an elevator (with a camera)
Upstairs is a bigger room with a buffet, and in the back staff area the one and only - red rubys.
Upstairs a few storiies are just restricted bodyguard places with an oppurtunity/intel or two here and there,there are also walkable apartments in which guards are sleeping or just…talking and guarding. There are also some cool diguises.
Last floor is the Queen apartment of McKenzie and his hackable computer.

Custom kill achievements:

Is it a bird, is it a plane Eliminate Jaqueline De La Venti by pushing her off the window.
Slam Dunk Eliminate Richard L. McKenzie by pushing him off the balcony.
Scorched…or just hacked Eliminate Richard L. McKenzie by electryfing him with his computer.
One with the Fishies Eliminate Jaqueline De La Venti by drowning her in an aquarium.
Just couldn’t take another bite Eliminate Richard McKenzie by poisoning his appetizer.
What is that Metal taste I won… Eliminate Richard McKenzie by poisoning his Water in the Waterbottle.
Get what you bargained for Eliminate Jaqueline De La Venti by stabbing her with the Red Rubys.
(And this is my idea please comment if you like it or not bye!) :grin::grinning::sweat_smile:


@anon71469955 Also if you want to see more fan made hitman missions like these by me just message me @ObiBobi18. Thanks for seeing it btw.


Well, this took me all day to type.
Note: this takes place after season 3, at least

Mission 1
Mission Name: Roll a Die
Targets: Grove Avenue Casino manager, Jerome November, and, accountant, Ashley Orwell
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Central Area: Grove Avenue Casino

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Your destination is Las Vegas, also known as the “City of Lights”. Your target is casino manager, Jerome November, a schizophrenic millionaire, and known for operating his high-stakes casino. However, reports link the target to an underground drug trafficking operation, in which little to no evidence points to. November has gotten court lawsuits off him due to the lack of evidence surrounding rumored cartel. That leads us to your second target, November’s accountant, Ashley Orwell, who we believe is in charge of November’s financial aspects. Due to her attachment with November, it is certain she is in his inner circle of trust. Our client, Brent Industries, has tasked us with eliminating the targets with belief of their illegal actions behind the scenes. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: A man sits at his desk in a computer with a bodyguard behind him. Rain pours down his window. He is in a chatroom with someone going by “Dr. White”. He tells him about November and Orwell’s death, to which “Dr. White” replies by saying “Thank you. You have been most helpful, but now must bid you farewell, Mr. Brent.” With that, the man sighs as his bodyguard produces a suppressed pistol and shoots the back of his head.

Mission 2
Mission Name: A Widow’s Edge
Targets: Billionaire madman, Brandon Pryce, and, weapons designer, Kotori Go
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Central Area: ZODO Dome

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Your destination is the presentation, ZODO Dome in Tokyo, Japan. Your targets are billionaire madman, Brandon Pryce, who has taken overpopulation into his full account, and Kotori Go, Japanese weapons designer. To the public, they are seen as members of the rich and powerful, but behind the scenes they harvest a new, more disturbing goal. Pryce and Go intend to terrorize Tokyo with several bombing events, located somewhere under the presentation stage. According to emails that ICA white hats have leaked, we believe that Pryce’s true goal is absolute guerilla warfare between the north and south of Japan. The presentation will be swarming with security, and Pryce will be the focus of everyone’s attention, however, Go is the true target, as she holds the detonator to start a war. Our client, Locksley, has requested their immediate termination before anything gets out of hand. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: A man is tapping his fingers along a railing on the top deck of the ZODO Dome. He texts another person “Did you get it?” To which they reply “Enough of it.” The man pockets his phone, turns to the left, and walks away.

Mission 3
Mission Name: Double Mirror
Targets: Identical gangsters, Gustav and Edward Clarke
Location: Greater Manchester, England
Central Area: Clarke Mansion

Briefing: Good morning, 47.
Your destination is the town of Greater Manchester in London, England. Your targets are a pair of identical twins, Gustav and Edward Clarke. On the surface, the Clarke’s seem to be wealthy businessmen with several companies in their following. In truth, however, the Clarke twins are truly gangsters with ties to the Liverpool mafia for generations. Our client, Zachary Martins, believes that the targets are preparing the biggest robbery of the century and have targeted The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, to which Martins has asked us to stop their plans before they can set it in motion. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: A man is looking through a sniper rifle at the Clarke Mansion from a clock face. He lifts up the rifle, his face in camera view for the first time, showing a bad scar on the right side of his face. He texts someone called “Dr. White” “Phase one complete.”

Mission 4
Mission Name: Desert of Catastrophe
Targets: Corrupt officials, Richard Kevel and Jaclyn Smolin
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Central Area: Cairo University

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is the Cairo University in Egypt, where your primary target will be delivering a speech to. Your targets are Richard Kevel, a respected American government official, and his secretary, Jaclyn Smolin. The targets are infamous for their corrupt agreements with other countries and have always gotten off crimes scot-free, as on sight intel claims that they pay off the jury and judge. Our client, Judge Lucas Madsson, have asked us to eliminate the two on account of authorities slow turning wheels. However, I request that you go long range with this one, 47. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: The man with the scar smiles as he lowers his phone. He is in the crowd of where the speech was being told, but he wasn’t looking at the stage, but instead at a tower. He looks down at his phone and presses another button, sending a message to “Dr. White”.

Mission 5
Mission Name: Blackmailed
Targets: The man with a scar, Clifford Malone, and terrorist, Miranda Scone
Location: Toronto, Canada
Central Area: CN Tower

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
We have an emergency on our hands. During your last assignment, a photo was taken and published, showing you, 47, eliminating Richard Kevel. ICA white hats have traced the cellphone of the photos back to one Clifford Malone. He, as well as his partner Miranda Scone, are your targets. They are currently in the the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada for currently unknown reason, but we believe that, according to a traced text, they may be planning an attack. I ask of you, 47, to eliminate the targets and retrieve files on Malone’s laptop in the photos taken. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Down on the streets below, 47 walks out of the CN Tower, unaware of a taxi cab watching him. “Dr. White” opens his glove compartment and puts his suppressed pistol inside. He says to himself “Thank you for tying up loose ends.” Before driving away.

Mission 6
Mission Name: Jekyll and Hyde
Targets: Dr. White, Frederick Devlin, and, ex-spy, Slavko Welonov
Location: Volgograd, Russia
Central Area: Welonov Manor

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
ICA white hats have traced Malone’s cellphone to one “Dr. White”, located in Volgograd, Russia. Evidence points to “Dr. White” in charge of Malone and the puppet master of your prior assignments. Satellites picked up White under facial recognition, under the name of Frederick Devlin, housed in Welonov Manor, confirming our belief of ex-spy, Slavko Welonov having a part in Devlin’s schemes. I ask you to be careful, 47, Devlin is aware of your appearance and will flee if he spots you. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: A body bag is dropped onto the steel floor of an armored truck. A hand reaches down and unzips it, showing the body of Frederick Devlin, otherwise known as Dr. White. The hand is slowly shown to be the REAL Devlin, and that the deceased one was a body double. He picks up his phone and dials a number, speaking three words before hanging up: “Initiate phase three.”


Hey, man, great missions. Really creative. But could you add some descriptions at the Targets: part? It’s weird just seeing their names. Example:

Targets: Grove Avenue Casino manager Jerome November and accountant Ashley Orwell


Targets: The Casino Manager and the Accountant.


Yeah, I’ll do that, it’s a good idea


These Ideas are amazing


Mission 1
Mission Title: A Second Dose
Targets: Godfather, Owen De Vitis, and consigliere, Nicole Barone
Location: Venice, Italy
Central Area: Piazza San Marco

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is Venice, Italy, also known by “Queen of the Adriatic”. Your target is French-Italian mafia godfather, Owen De Vitis. De Vitis run corporations all over the globe as a simple cover to gain a more substantial amount of money. Satellites sort De Vitis at Piazza San Marco to presumably corrupt Italian lawyer, Lorenzo Marino. Also at Piazza San Marco is De Vitis’ consigliere, Nicole Barone. Both targets are extremely dangerous and have the entire city under De Vitis’ thumb. Our client, the now widow of a husband De Vitis and Barone executed, has requested that we eliminate the targets as national justice fails to be capturing the two. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Frederick Devlin is sitting at a desk with his feet up, writing something down in a notebook. He glances up at his computer screen to see that his bank account just received a substantial amount of money. He smirks and leans forward, and opens a drawer and pulls out a DNA sample. He examines it closely and pulls out his phone and dials to someone called “Dr. Nelson”.

Mission 2
Mission Title: 47, Then 48
Targets: Doctor Matthew Zelbon and Doctor Rethabile Okafor
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Central Area: Ether HQ

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is the Ether headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. Your targets are Dr. Matthew Zelbon, the head of Ether, and his right hand, Dr. Rethabile Okafor. They are the ones who green lit Silvio Caruso’s DNA specific virus, as well as their attempt to reverse engineer the Nabazov virus. Now, Zelbon and Okafor are working on a much more disturbing project. According to our client, a fellow Ether employee, has claimed they are working on cloning. We cannot allow this to happen, 47, so you must act quickly. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Devlin and Dr. Nelson are in a dark, futuristic room, talking to each other. At the end of their conversation, Devlin nods towards a container, large enough to hold a person. Dr. Nelson scans over his clipboard and says to him: “we call him Mark Pentatonix IV.”

Mission 3
Mission Title: To Be or Not To Be
Targets: Executive guest Adrian Schwartz, director Kasper Koch, and actress Lena Miller
Location: Berlin, Germany
Central Area: Theater des Westens

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Your destination is Theater des Westens, where they are currently performing “Foresight Midnight”. Your primary target is an executive guest to the play, Adrian Schwartz. Schwartz, to the public, is a simple moneymaker and is currently leading in polls for the next German Prime Minister, but unknown to them, he is an arms dealer of the third world. He was asked by the director of the play, your second target, Kasper Koch, to watch his work. According to records, Koch has a history with human trafficking along with his right hand and play actress, Lena Miller. We believe that Koch has orchestrated a meeting between Schwartz and his disciples some time after the play to sell off his weapons to the highest bidder. Good luck, 47. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: A nice house door opens and the new ICA replacement for Erich Soders, a Frenchman, Dominic Cariveau, turns on his light and walks into his living room and turns around to see Pentatonix pointing a suppressed pistol at him, a briefcase at his feet. They have a small conversation, Pentatonix kicks over the briefcase and Cariveau opens it to see over a million dollars in it. He closes the case and turns to Pentatonix, “deal.”

Mission 4
Mission Title: A Closed Gold Goal
Targets: Brother and sister, Raphael Daramitz and Clara Daramitz
Additional Objective: Daramitz USB stick
Location: France
Central Area: Bureau Blade Train

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Your destination is the famous high-speed Bureau Blade Train. Your targets are brother and sister twins, Raphael and Clara Daramitz. The targets are subjects of a Nationwide manhunt for the homicide of twenty-four people during a yacht party. Since, the targets have gone completely under the radar and have gone as far as changing their identities from Darknet identity thief, Brenden Connor. The targets are currently en-route to Paris for currently unknown reasons, but the Board of Directors, Dominic Cariveau, has requested we take a USB stick to learn of the Daramitz’s plans. Good luck, 47. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Devlin smiles as he lowers his hat below his eyes as 47 steps off the Bureau Blade Train. He quietly steps on his 47 takes his seat, waiting until Diana sits next to him. They make sure no one can hear them before they start talking about the USB drive. Through a scope, Pentatonix asks Devlin through comms if he should shoot 47, to which Devlin declines. Pentatonix lifts his sniper rifle and walks away.

Mission 5
Mission Title: The Future is Today
Targets: Clone creator Dr. Dylan Nelson, researcher Dr. Bertrand Glade, examiner Dr. Valentino Morova, and scientist Dr. Dawn North
Additional Objective: Steal Dr. Nelson’s phone
Location: Unknown, Sweden
Central Area: The Blacklist Bunker

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is military The Blacklist Bunker in Sweden. After your previous assignments, ICA white hats looked into the USB drive you retrieved from the train, leading back to one Dylan Nelson, working on the subject of cloning. We tracked him down to a black-site in Sweden. Unfortunately, I am unable to get much intel on the location due to it being underground. Your primary target is Dr. Dylan Nelson, a man working to clone living individuals. However, his elimination leads to others, including clone researcher, Dr. Bertrand Glade, DNA examiner, Dr. Valentino Morova, and expert scientist, Dr. Dawn North. In addition, I request you retrieve Nelson’s cellphone, as I disagree with the board that Nelson is the mastermind behind this plot. Good luck, 47. I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Dominic Cariveau is on an airplane, riding first class until Devlin sits across from him. He tells him that his plan has one final stage, and that he needs to be there. He slides a manilla folder across a desk in front of them. Cariveau’s eyes widen in surprise, and is about to question Devlin, but when he looks up, he is already gone.

Mission 6
Mission Title: Reverse Death
Targets: Albino Mark Pentatonix IV, and board director Dominic Cariveau
Location: Washington D.C., United States
Central Area: White House

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
The board as sanctioned Dominic Cariveau for termination. Your primary target, Mark Pentatonix IV, the clone of Mark Parchezzi, is also sanctioned for termination. According to Nelson’s cellphone, Pentatonix and Cariveau are attempting an assassination on the current U.S. president. This is a dangerous one, 47, the fate of a nation is in our hands, good luck. I will leave you to prepare.

Update: When the player begins the mission, Diana will tell the player that they don’t have Pentatonix’s location, do the player will have to eliminate Cariveau first.

Mid-game Cutscene: Whenever the player enters the oval office, they will find Pentatonix waiting. He attempts to call Cariveau about the president while keeping a gun pointed on 47. When he doesn’t get a response from the other end, he turns and fires a shot at 47, ending the cutscene and initiating a shootout in the oval office.

End Cutscene: Devlin is on his knees, confused as to why his plan to disband the ICA didn’t work. He looks up at his client that asked him to dissolve the ICA, he asks him the same question before popping Devlin between the eyes, killing him.


That was awesome :heart_eyes: You planning on writing any more?


Heh, thanks! Yeah, I’ll write up some more when I think of some, but not as of right now, unfortunately


These are the most amazing ideas for a season ever, I hope i could have as much creativity as you do lol


Ok guys this is coming from a girl that has little to no literally no “good” ideas for a Hitman season I tried to do my best sooo here are my misison ideas.

(EDIT: Mission 4 fully optimised and a new - ‘‘Plot Twist’’ mission 5 added thank you all who liked my comment and enjoy my mission ideas :heart:)

Season 2

Mission 1
Mission Title: Turning old Tables.
Targets: Olivia Hall (the hacker), Anže Četin (the apprentice) and Taša Begovič (the bodyguard).
Location: Maribor, Slovenia.
Central Area: The newly built underground metro.
In Game Time: Evening.

Briefing: Good evening 47.
Your Location is the city of Maribor in Slovenia, the country’s 2nd largest city with almost 100.000 people where your specific location is the newly built underground Metro area.
Your target is a prominent hacker for who we believe spurred our previous missions including Colorado one Olivia Hall.
Hall controls pupeteers in programing and everything computer skilled all across the globe including ICA files, which is just a tiny fraction of her reach across the Criminal underworld.
She was supposed to fly to Ankara turkeys 6th largest city and it’s capital where she would send a test drone to Istanbul/Constantinopole titled X18 but Satelite footage showed that there was a major breakdown in the city’s airport so fortunately for us she decided to hide in the part of Maribor’s new metro area - unallowed to civilians of course, so you will need to get creative to come to the metro itself.
You must also eliminate her apprentices Anže Četin a Slovenian nationalist and but her puppet and a highly skilled hacker who could carry on on her place, along with Taša Begovič a slovenian trainee and her personal bodyguard. Taša has not spared any compromises with weapons so expect her to be fully armed and fledged and following Olivia at all times.
While Hall and her boyguard are going to be the centre of all attention and security for sure Anže will atleast sometimes in a more secluded area, providing with some “silent oppurtunities” lets hope.
I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: A random newly introduced young blonde haired woman in her 20s wearing a black female outfit sitting on a desk tih her computer on. After a brief moment she receives a call from a number titled simply “Alexander” and right after she picks up and right before the person on the the line starts talking she says in a calm voice “Code 17”. The person on the other line immediately hangs up, she throws her phone out the window suprisingly calmly like it is nothing and she immediately opens the drawer revealing a big black silencer gun. The next close up is on her lips where she briefly smiles. This scene happens during Midnight.

Mission 2
Mission Title: Vengeance of Man.
Targets: Rafael Miroslav (The Archbishop), and Sister Katarina Lopez (The Nun).
Additional Objective: Learn about the attacks that Miroslav and Lopez comitted.
Location: Lisbon, Portugal.
Central Area: The Lisbon Cathedral
In Game Time: Early Morning (Morning mass at 8.00 a.m.)

Briefing: Good morning 47.
Your location is Lisbon Prtugal it’s capital nd by far the largest city, where your targets are hosting an early morning mass at the Lisbon cathedral. These targets are Rafel Miroslav, a prominent archbishop of Lisbon and almost considered a cardinal, and his head nun sister Katarina Lopez.
Both targets were involved or were atleast near the crucial attacks that happened in 3 cities across the globe - The first attack on Cologne germany was the in Kölner dorm specifically where during the mass Miroslav beheaded the priest and some Altars, monks and nuns, the second attack was in Jerusalem in both the Jewish temple and the Mosque,where Miroslav not only planted the bomb in these places but also convinced the Jewish and Muslim protesters that the Catholic priest did it - which if course made mass panic across the abrahamic city, the last attack out of the three was in Bethlehem where Miroslav shot 3 priests and 2 nuns to death and one tourist died while 7 more were injured. He only escaped death only by only holding the title of the Archbishop and bribing both, the media and the special lawyer that you eliminated in Sapienza Richard J. Magee “The Guru”.
The role that the head nun Sister Katarina Lopez played in this is preety unclear except that she was spotted in all of these places at the exact date and time the attacks happened alongside the archbishop, even when both of them where bribing the Guru she was spotted at that time in the town hall, so elimination of Miroslav along with her aswell is definitely a must.
I will leave you to prepare.

End cutscene: The same woman in the last cutscene is waiting at a bus stop, where a man that appears the same as a mean in the ending cutscene of Situs Inversus sits next to her and says “Firstly Hall, now Miroslav, you must end this auickly I have bribed his partner, she doesnt seem to give in although, code 17 must be engaged now!”
The woman says “You are right…” and pulls out a gun from her left pocket and (just like in Sapienza last cutscene) shoots the man and a random girl behind him. “There must be no witnesses” she says while taking a bloodied photo of 47 as a child from the man’s body…she grins and continoues walking towards a bridge. This cutscene takes place at sunset.

And that is 2 episodes for my shitty ideas now I will go and eat a pizza and lose a period (jk dont take that seriously) and wait for some of you gentlemen to respond to my ideas and if you want to see 4 more. Bye
(Also this was inspired by Zevoros’s last comment WHICH IS AMAZING)

EDIT: I have decided to add 4 more mission ideas so enjoy.

Mission 3
Mission Title: Above the law.
Targets: Habib Al Shamashi (The Sender), and Fatima Bin Pardin (The Coder).
Optional objective: ( not needed for SA only to get a better score) Eliminate John Richmond (The Trafficker).
Location: Alexandria, Egypt.
Central Area/s: The party at the seaside town square, and Bin Pardin’s villa.
In Game Time: Sunset

Briefing: Good afternoon 47.
Your location is the city of Alexandria in Egypt, the country’s 2nd largest city and a prominent seaside hub, where our ICA board of directors has tracked down a lavish party hosted by one of your targets.
His name is Habib Al Shamashi a prominent 2nd in command to the Alexandiras major and a Nuke sender to the middle east terror organisations.
Al Shamashi, as prominent and above the law he is - he has a big secret of sending Nukes by his employment trucks to the most desognated areas of the Middle east prefferably terrorist controlled ones. You must eliminate him before more Nukes get deployed for terrorists to create a cold war with us.
You must also eliminate his 2nd in command and a nuke coder Fatima Bin Pardin.
She is his most trusted persona, sice she is the one that deploys the trucks at his location and hacks the government services - including nuke codes.
We have also tracked down a man known as John Richmond - a Canadian human trafficker and a former drug lord.
While he surely is at lexandria at the moment there is literally no need to eliminate him sice our other agent is going to kill him tomorrow at Addis Ababa, so elimination if John is totally optional and not needed - but id you wish to you can of course grab for it.
While Al Shamashi is going to be the center of the party, Bin Pardin is going ti oversee the party from her mansion on the close west - heavily guarded of course, while your optional target John Richmond is going to be a mere guest at the party.
I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: The same woman from the other two cutscenes comes into the room with an another woman with black hair instead of Blonde. The black haired woman says “Firstly France - then Italy…It continued till Slovenia and Portugal and then he killed in Egypt aswell. He knows providence exists he knows we are here, you must bring a stop to this terroist.” and then she hands the blonde haired woman a poisonus syringe. “You poison the partner…Diana is her name, while I will poiso…No No what who are they WTF IS THIS!! WHY ARE THEY HERE!” This cutscene takes place at sunshine the next morning.

Mission 4
Mission Title: We are watching.
Targets: Yun Hao (The Operator), Sao Mei (The Machinist), The Twins Peter Rocksford (The Chemist) and Maria Rocksford (The Publisher).
Additional Objective: Destroy the shipments of XE30 .
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Central Area: XE Factory.
In Game Time: Around 14.30 in the afternoon.


Good day 47.
Your location is the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, one of the largest citys on the Oceanian/Asian plateu. The central area of the mission is a large factory on the outskirts of the city that publishes illegal goods most notable the XE stopwatch of trade-combined with being created with illegal resources.
Your target is the overseer of the factory going by a fake allias of ‘‘Yun Hao’’ hiding from the robust laws of the conglomerate andthe Malaysia state metropolitan police no doubt.
He is the current head of the factory that uses anything from Cyanide to the deadly Neurotoxin to create the materials, their most popular one being a digital stopwatch XE under which the factory is named by aswell.
The XE has managed to openly find the way onto the market-privatly sold by it’s creator and co-boss Sao Mei who also developed the machine for the watch. The manufacterers and the publishers of the deadly resources are the Rocksford twins Peter and Maria whom you are tasked by eliminating aswell.
We also got information from the Denmark and Peru that there are two small shops that sell the samples, usually in deadly poisonus syringes.
And as far as our information goes the head of the shipping is apparently the IAGO spy ring, of whom a spy has quite recently eliminated Djiboutian president and took five boxes titled N - possibly for the deadly Neurotoxin, but then send them to an illegall shipping circle throughout central Europe from whom in Villach Austria we have traced several people from Providence one by the name of ‘‘Miri’’ who provided the toxins by a ship from Koper, Slovenia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia straight to the Rocksfords.
Unfortunately we did not trace them down and our regulations admit that stopping XE is far more prominent than killing off a Providence member but we shall definitely worry about codenamed-’‘Miri’’
47 I suggest you watchout since we have no idea what Providence truly can do.
Good luck.

End Cutscene: The same two women from the last cutscene (The Blond haired one and the Black haired one) are in a helicopter the blonde woman piloting a flying helicopet and both having very clear guns and poison syringes attached to them.
They appear to be flying in a total snowstorm in glaciers.
‘‘Walk me through it.’’ says the black haired woman ‘‘2 words Mirabela - Capture HER’’, says the blonde woman to the black haired woman whose name appears to be Mirabela.
After that they appear to land the helicopter on a helipad near a familiar building…the ICA HQ.
‘‘Got it.’’ says Mirabel but first she looks at news on her phone, one mentioning XE shutdown.
Afterwards both of them draw a big pump shotgun (One each) out of their black dresses with grim faces.
The cutscene takes place during midday snowstorm in Greenland.

Mission 5
Mission title: 01010111 01100101 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00101110
Target: Agent 17 - Lucia Marlene (01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01000010 01101001 01110100 01100011 01101000)
Additional Objective: Kill them all in SA
Location: ICA facility
Central area: ICA training grounds
In Game Time: Midday


47 Please Diana here i need your help PLEASE HEL-…/&##$“CONNECTION TERMINATED/&##%”
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End Cutscene: The two women stand there in a dark room…female screams that sound exactly like Diana’s muffle the walls.
“Quite the enjoyable sound is that not?” says Mirabela to the blonde.
They both grin
This cutscene takes place at night.

EDIT: Mission 6 which is the final mision in which we will uncover the plot of the two women, and if Diana is still alive, is coming out tomorrow 12.2.1018 and it is going to be a bit more detailed than other missions, so expect something awesome. Also thanks for @anon71469955 for this amazing thread1 Peace! :woman:t2:

EDIT: MISSION 6 is FINALLY out sorry for waiting @anon71469955 and everyone else lol.

Mission 6
Mission Title: A tithe by any other name.
Targets: Khyonya Carthiga (The Boss), Mirabela Guseva (The Kiddnaper), ??? (The Shadow Client)
Additional Objective: Save Diana & Save Dr. Liam
Location: Acapulco, Mexico
Central Area: Acapulco Airport
In Game Time: Middnight


(This one is interesting since it is not a briefing but is actually a live Skype call.)
47 answers the call on his laptop from an unknown caller.
‘‘Good day old friend!’’ says a familiar face, the ICA knows by now…- The Shadow Client!
‘‘We thought you are dead’’ said 47.
‘‘And I thought you will be happy to hear from me! Anyways, do you not want to save your partner?’’
‘‘Diana…where is she?’’ says 47-abruptly.
‘‘Acapulco, Mexico. She is the prison basement, where two women Khionya Carthiga a russian fashion model turned into a coldless killer, (The Blonde one) and Mirabela Guseva a maia lord by birth are both entertaining her presently!’’ says the Shadow Client.
‘‘How do you know this? Why are you helping me? I literally killed your henchwoman Olivia you know?’’
‘‘The tables have turned and I have decided to take this oppurtunity to be with you and enjoy helping you again. Just like The old times! As fir Acapulco my Hacking skill have fitten right in!’’ he says.
‘‘You…Have changed.’’ said 47.
‘‘People change, we all change…I changed…’’
Just moments before they said their goodbyes 47 hears this from the basement:
Diana’s screams echoing throught walls, and a doctor screaming with her aswell.
‘‘Shut the fuc* up Liam and you Diana you dumb oafs or I will give you a damn good hiding!’’ Says Khionya
‘‘Who is that?’’ Says 47
The Shadow Client immediatelly hangs up the call with a frozen face.

Gameplay of the mission: (this one plays a bit differently than others)

You start the mission near the train station, and then you need to find the targets themself since yyou have no information whatsoever. (Kinda like an elusive target)
After you find the targets by doing a few oppurtunities you find out they are in the basement area of the Airport.

When you get in there, there is a brief cinematic where you see DIana cryng in the floor mourning for you to save her, and Dr. Liam layng there on the ground lodged in with a knife.
After that there is a bosss battle with the free targets. Its going to be free fighting and not qte’s so you are going to have a tutorial, afterwards when you kill them all you and Diana see documents on their computer. They wanted to kill of ICA agents by bribing 47 snd then killing him with lying to him to come to Acapulco so they can kill him sneakily.

End Cutscene:

Ether research lab in Johannesburg Africa.
‘‘Miss we have the genetic memories installed’’ Says a random doctor.
‘‘Good but make sure break them when he sees the poison!’’ Says a random woman.
‘‘Providence shall live on’’ she says while she closely examines the genetics of…The Shadow Client

That’s it.

(I know that the last mission iis a bit shi* and dissapointing, but that is all the ideas I had. I will maybe upload a different season one time. Maybe but it was very fun and again thank you so much @anon71469955)


I like it. (20 Characters)


Oh realy thank you so much, I will try to upload a few more episodes today
Ok, I will edit my comment right niw and add more episodes probably 4 :grinning: Thank you Zevoros so much for inspiring me and thank all of you guys that actually read my mission ideas


Umm, so this was something I started a while ago, except it’s supposed to be Mission 3. And it’s pretty detailed :sweat_smile:

Mission 3: Sleeping with the Fishes

Setting: Dunreath, Scotland (Foggy Scottish shanty town next to a large loch)

Targets: The Shark & The Femme Fatale


The Shanty Town -

Pub (47 can get a room paid for in advance upstairs. The Shark will come in for a drink. Large ICA Pickup in room. Small ICA Pickup in meat freezer. Two other accessible rooms - one has a good sniper view of the castle and contains one man, two coins, a kitchen knife and sleeping pills - the other room has no one in it, is locked, has ammo, a shotgun, a Big Game Hunter disguise and a Remote Explosive)

Cafe (At one end of the town, far away from the loch. Has a few people in there, including someone making a phone call to The Femme Fatale. There’s a Small ICA Pickup in the men’s bathroom. There are some people working in the kitchen. Emetic Rat Poison, Kitchen Knife and a Cleaver are in the kitchen.)

Kirk (Church) (At the opposite end of town from the cafe. As a priest you can listen to confessions and you can Talk to Priest to confess. 47 can start here. There is a small graveyard behind it with a few mourning people and a mourning bodyguard who can be kicked into the open grave and open coffin to pacify him and hide the body. There is a large tomb with a locked door. Inside are stairs down into a room with the coffin (which can be used to hide one body), a broadsword leaning against the wall and a breakable wall (breaching charges).

Wharf (At the front part of the town. There are some people wandering around. There is a dinghy you can leave in. You can start here. There is a small pickup in a fish box. There is an old abandoned warehouse which is a hostile area to most regular disguises. Inside is a prisoner of the Shark and three mobsters guarding him.)

Tavern (In the wharf area, has a few people inside drinking. There is a battle axe mounted on a wall.)

Clinic (A small medical clinic at the centre of town. Has a waiting room, reception, storage room, three check up rooms and an x-ray room. There is a small pickup in the storage closet and a sedative syringe in one of the check up rooms. All check up rooms have staff and a patient inside who stays there all the time. Most staff have coffee or water bottles that they drink from. There is also a Medical Staff disguise in the storage closet.)

Crashed Car (On the way from the village to the castle there is a car crashed into a tree. The Squire is outside the car on the phone to his insurer.)

The Castle -

Festival (Just outside the castle gates and just inside is a festival with market stalls. A few sell food which can be poisoned. Lots of people are dressed up in medieval costume.)

Jousting Arena (Next to the festival is a jousting arena. There are two tents for the knights. The red knight cannot have his disguise taken but the black knight can. The black knight is complaining about the mysterious disappearance of his squire.

Forge (An old forge inside the castle walls. A blacksmith is inside forging a sword and tourists are watching. There is a back room with coal, a broadsword, a hammer and a letter.)

Keep (In the back area of the castle there is a large slightly run-down old keep. It’s trespassing for most disguises and there are bodyguards outside it. Inside, there’s a couple tables with bodyguards gambling at them. There is a hole in the floor with a staircase down into the dungeon.)

The Ramparts (Along the top of the wall there are some bodyguards wandering around.)

Dungeon (Below the Keep is a mossy old dungeon, with many prisoners. There is also an old torture room with someone tied up, but they are never tortured. There is a hole in the wall which leads to the cavern.)

Cavern (The cavern has a large opening out onto the loch. There is a stage and many slaves tied to poles. There are some twisted individuals who are competing in the auction to buy different slaves. Bodyguards are everywhere and the Femme Fatale walks around this area, making speeches. There are a few old passageways from the main cavern. One goes to a breakable wall into the church tomb, one goes to a dead end and the last goes out onto a little pier with a jetski.)

Castle Tower (On the right side of the castle wall. It is accessible via a door on the ground (but the near vicinity is guarded.) and via a door on the ramparts. There are no guards inside the tower, but there is an old man who is the laird of the castle (he partially runs the slave market) who is at the top. Out the window, you can leap down into a cart with hay in it (a la Assassin’s Creed).)

Ruined Tower (Across from the tower is another ruined one. It is not guarded (apart from one guard who will walk up to the top for a smoke, then leave) but is Trespassing and has a suit of White Knight armour you can Hide in.)

The Farmland -

Field (Not very big, just a little area with two scarecrows and some fields)

Farmhouse (Little farmhouse with only a husband and wife in it (fairly old), there are coins on the counter, a baseball and baseball bat upstairs, a toy tank, cannonball and saber in the basement (locked) and a glass of water in the lounge which the husband drinks.)

Old Windmill (An old, run down windmill with only a katana in the very top bit)

Barn (The barn, now empty, has a downstairs area with some bricks, coins and a soda can, while the upstairs area has a bag of gunpowder and a farmer disguise in it)



The Mayor’s Way In - Find the secret entrance to the slave market (1000p)

At Your Service - Disguise yourself as the Squire (1000p)

Landlaird - Disguise yourself as the Laird (1000p)

Contestant - Disguise yourself as the Black Knight (1000p)

Hostile Area - Disguise yourself as the Prisoner (1000p)

Leap of Faith - Do the leap of faith [REDACTED] (2500p)

Joyride - Leave in the helicopter (1000p)

Come on Inn - Get your room key from the bartender (1000p)

Expression of Interest - Find the letter from the Femme Fatale to the Blacksmith (1000p)

Something Magical - Leave via the magic portal [REDACTED] (2500p)

Note to Self - Find the note on the napkin (1000p)

Silent Assassin - Complete the level SA (5000p)

Suit Only - Complete the level SO (1000p)

Silent Assassin, Suit Only - Complete the level SA/SO (5000p)

The Wicker Man Part II - Shoot the five crows while disguised as a Scarecrow to gain the fire ability [REDACTED] (5000p)

Assassination Challenges:

The Loch Ness Mobster - Throw the Shark into the loch (5000p)

Dark Magic - Kill both targets with falling object accidents while dressed as the Wizard (5000p)

Barfight! - Kill the Shark with your bare hands while dressed as the Bartender (1000p)

Big Game - Kill the Shark with a shotgun while disguised as the Big Game Hunter [REDACTED] (2500p)

Forged by Fire - Kill the Femme Fatale in the forge fire (5000p)

Last Words - Snipe the Femme Fatale and have her body fall into the Loch (5000p)

Mob Hit - Blow up the Shark’s car while he’s escaping in it (2500p)


The Shark - Eliminate Tony Vazquez III (1000p)

The Femme Fatale - Eliminate Rosalynn Gretorie (1000p)

White Knight Challenges:

Damsel in Distress - Kill the Femme Fatale with the Broadsword while disguised as the White Knight (2500p)

My Fair Lady - Push the Femme Fatale out of the tower window while disguised as the White Knight (2500p)

Knight in Shining Armour - Disguise yourself as the White Knight (1000p)

Unchivalrous and Undignified - Drown the Shark while dressed as the White Knight (2500p)

Capital Punishment - Complete the level Silent Assassin, White Knight only (5000p)

The Hero - Complete all Knight Challenges (8000p) (New Unlock: Sieger 300 “Templar” (Loud, wallbang like original Jaeger 7 Lancer, increased damage, white and gold elements, dark wood)

Disguises: Kitchen Assistant (Kitchen), Mobster (Wharf), Bodyguard (Castle), Medical Staff (Clinic), Officer (Town), Gardener (Graveyard), Church Staff (Church)

Unique Disguises: Laird (The warehouse (you have to get frisked to get inside), other people’s rooms in the pub, the barn and farmhouse are trespassing), Squire (You’re allowed in the Black Knight’s tent, the jousting grounds, otherwise like the suit), Black Knight (Same as Squire), White Knight (Same as suit, can Hide at stand), Bartender (Same as suit, but can go behind bar and into the pub kitchen, can also poison drinks without suspicion and can go into any room), Big Game Hunter (Same as suit, but is allowed to carry guns), Blacksmith (Can blend in at the forge, can go into the back room of the forge, and can carry a sword. Otherwise like the suit.), Prisoner (All Mobsters will shoot you on sight. All bodyguards are suspicious.), (Name)’s Personal Bodyguard (Like a normal bodyguard, except you can go into the bottom floor of the farmhouse and the barn), Farmer (Can go anywhere on the farm, his wife is an enforcer), Scarecrow (Farmers are suspicious of you, can’t go into the church, otherwise like suit), Priest (Like suit, but can take confessions and can go into the tomb, but one of the church staff and a gardener are enforcers)

The Femme Fatale:
Chink in the Armour -

Step 1. Listen to Euan’s conversation on the phone to the Femme Fatale (in cafe)
Step 2. Take phone (knock him out, can be done if disguised as Waiter using Emetic Rat Poison)
Step 3. Call the Femme Fatale (You will tell her you have Euan and that to get him back she needs to go to the harbour, alone.)
Step 4. She will arrive alone, and you can kill her by sniper by going to the old windmill and placing phone (on speaker). You call her again and talk to her, she pleads, then you snipe her and her body falls into water, silent assassin.

An Ancient Competition -

Step 1. Listen to the Squire on the phone to his insurer
Step 2. Knock him out and acquire his disguise
Step 3. Go to the Black Knight’s tent
Step 4. Shine his sword
Step 5. Knock him out and take his clothes
Step 6. Compete in the jousting match
Step 7. Wait for the Femme Fatale to go to your tent to talk with you, she will also ask to see your sword
Step 8. Kill her with the broadsword and hide the body

Snuffing the Flame -

Step 1. Find the letter in the forge
Step 2. Disguise yourself as Blacksmith (he goes to the toilet occasionally)
Step 3. Talk to the Femme Fatale
Step 4. Wait for her in the Forge
Step 5. Wait for her bodyguards to dismiss all the civilians, and her to dismiss her guards
Step 6. While she’s watching the fire, push her in to kill her

Family Matters -

Step 1. Overhear the Femme Fatale’s conversation with her personal bodyguard
Step 2. Get the personal bodyguard disguise
Step 3. Talk to the farmer who owns the house
Step 4. Call the Femme Fatale on the guards phone (you tell her to meet in the barn)
Step 5. Wait for her to arrive at the barn
Step 6. When she gets agitated because the farmer isn’t there, (you hadn’t arranged to meet there), she dismisses her guards (making the barn trespassing)
Step 7. Drop a hanging hay bale onto her from above

The Shark:
A Private Meeting -

Step 1. Find the note on the napkin the Shark left himself in the pub
Step 2. Disguise yourself as the Laird
Step 3. Call the Shark to arrange the meeting place (the ruined tower)
Step 4. Wait for him to dismiss his guards
Step 5. When he walks to the edge, push him off for an accident kill


Step 4. Hide in the White Knight armour
Step 5. Wait till he dismisses his guards to wait for the Laird
Step 6. Kill him with the Broadsword (it’s a special execution) and hide the body in a crate

Dockside Death -

Step 1. Overhear the conversation two fishermen at the wharf have
Step 2. Investigate the warehouse
Step 3. Disguise yourself as the Prisoner and hide the body
Step 4. Wait for the Shark to gloat over you, then take you to a back part of the wharf
Step 5. When he dismisses his guards and gets ready to push you off, then grab him and throw him into the water

Are You Being Served? -

Step 1. Find the Shark’s order which was lost in the toilet
Step 2. Disguise yourself as a Kitchen Assistant
Step 3. Prepare the pie
Step 4. Find the Sleeping Pills
Step 5. Poison the pie
Step 6. Put the pie on the Shark’s table
Step 7. While drowsy, he will walk to a spare room with nothing in it except for an open window and pipe outside for a way in (two Mobsters guard the room)
Step 8. Smother him with a pillow for accident kill

Entering the Cavern:
The Mayor’s Secret -

Step 1. Listen to two guys conversation in the kirk about the old tomb of the first mayor
Step 2. Investigate the tomb (the Priest has the Tomb Key)
Step 3. Blow up the wall

Missing in Action -

Step 1. Overhear two bodyguard’s conversation about one of their friends who seemed upset
Step 2. Find him
Step 3. Knock him out (he’s alone) and disguise yourself as a bodyguard


Level 1 (Default) - Start in the Pub (drinking lager downstairs), Large ICA Pickup in 47’s Room

Level 2 - Start in the Pub Kitchen disguised as a Kitchen Assistant

Level 3 - Small ICA Pickup in Pub Meat Freezer

Level 4 - Small ICA Pickup in Cafe Bathroom

Level 5 - New Unlock: Broadsword, Start in Jousting Tent disguised as Black Knight (Removes the real Black Knight)

Level 6 - Large ICA Pickup in Castle Tower

Level 7 - Start on Wharf, Small ICA Pickup on Wharf (In fish box)

Level 8 - Start in Cafe (drinking coffee)

Level 9 - Start in Kirk

Level 10 - Start in Slave Market disguised as Bodyguard

Level 11 - Large ICA Pickup in Graveyard Tomb

Level 12 - New Unlock: Sedative Poison

Level 13 - Large ICA Pickup in Barn

Level 14 - Start in Field (Farm) disguised as Scarecrow

Level 15 - Bronson M1918 (M1927, AKA Tommy Gun)

Level 16 - Start in Cavern Tunnels (On little pier), Small ICA Pickup in Clinic Storage Closet

Level 17 - New Unlock: Concealable Baton

Level 18 - Start in Warehouse disguised as Mobster

Level 19 - Start in Old Windmill disguised as Wizard

Level 20 - Professional Difficulty


Model T Ford near the edge of town
Dinghy on wharf
Jetski in slave market
Wooden Rowboat in Moat
Helicopter on the roof of the Castle Tower (Femme Fatale’s bodyguard has the keys)
Mob car near the edge of town (Keys are in the upstairs bit of the Warehouse) (Based on Lincoln Continental Mark III)
Wizard portal at the bottom of the Old Windmill (only if disguised as the Wizard)


Do your targets have any names?


Me? Yep:

The Shark - Eliminate Tony Vazquez III

The Femme Fatale - Eliminate Rosalynn Gretorie


This is super late, but why don’t you post the rest of your series here?


Also, while your map descriptions and kill opportunities are awesome, they’re quite redundant. Takes up a lot of space here for a single mission, no offence. You could post it to the Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons thread.

Also, you should edit the phrasing. Their names are Tony Vazquez III and Rosalynn Gretorie, right? Put Vazquez and Gretorie in place of the Shark and the Femme Fatale.