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Wow… with all these "Create A… " threads IOI must now be swimming with ideas!

I’ll have to sit this one out though for now. But at least I completed the entries I set out to do for “Create a Bonus Mission”. :slight_smile:


You’re planning on writing a series?



\20 Characters//


No, I was talking to @Soupienza.


A’ight, just making sure


I just put all that binary into a translator. Seems interesting…


Haha, I know it is quite boring and dull, but I decided to make kind of a boring af plot twist lol. Thank you for reading it.
EDIT: Also congratulations on your HMF cakeday @DruidJ! :confetti_ball::grinning::pray:


no no… I really can’t… I’m trying to develop an actual one… for some Animation Producers… hehehe.

If I had to make a HITMAN season though… I’d pattern it a bit after the “The Hildebrand Rarity”. :wink:

Did you enjoy “Avalanche”? :slight_smile:


Hitman: The Black Hand
Arc 1:

Mission 1
Mission Title: Above the Law
Targets: Vladislaus Slavinov (The Defendant), and Chloe Johnson (The Lawyer)
Additional Objective: Do not harm Cody Denvers
Location: New York, United States
Central Area: Carver Courthouse

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is the Carver Courthouse in New York City, known for its Broadway theaters and cinemas. Your target is Vladislaus Slavinov, a Russian immigrant during the 1980s, and is currently on trial for double homicide just over a month ago. The target appears to be winning the trial, to which our client, the father the victims, have requested the termination of Slavinov. This brings us to your second target, professional lawyer, Chloe Johnson. She had succeeded to allow every defendant she has been involved with little to no charges, including murder. The client also requests that he may not be harmed during the events of the assassination. Good luck, 47.
I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Feuding Friends
The scene opens up with a man sitting at a table, his spectacles reflecting the cigarette light. He appeared to be in his mid-50s, with his hair partially grey, and a beard. He wore a black turtleneck and a black suit jacket, along with black suit pants.
He was sitting in a cafe as rain hit against the windows. He was looking at his open laptop in front of him.
The lady out the counter called his name, Maverick Payne, but he ignored her.
He stubs out his cigarette and presses a button on his laptop, saying “Retrieve Files”.

Mission 2
Mission Title: A Cyber Conundrum
Targets: Guy Thorne (The Genius) and Kelly Toy (The Apprentice)
Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom
Central Area: Thorne Industries

Briefing: We have an emergency, 47.
ICA files have been leaked and hacked into. Assassinations of our agents have been occurring all over the globe. The ICA cyber division, Max Chambers, has traced the hacking back to Thorne Industries in Sheffield, your destination. The IT company is run by millionaire businessman, Guy Thorne. To the viewing eye, Thorne appears to be a thoughtful and gifted man, donating a considerable amount of money across the planet. However, unknown to them of Thorne’s true colors, a master manipulator and has been under close supervision of the English government after his involvement in the stock market crash in 2008. Your second target is Thorne’s right hand, Kelly Toy and has the possibility of continuing on in Thorne’s place as, unknown to the public, Thorne had adopted Toy in 1989. And it has been proved to be with horrific consequences. Beware, 47, Toy has been trained in martial art styles across the globe, so eliminate her with extreme care. Good luck.
I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: No Loose Ends
Payne unlocks the door to his apartment and closes the door behind him, locking it. He drops his keys on the counter and sits on the couch, pulling out his phone. He can’t help but smile at what he saw.
Thorne and Toy were dead.
Wouldn’t the media get a kick out of hearing that?

Mission 3
Mission Title: The Trial of Three
Targets: Devyn McAllister (The Exploiter), Lillian Vaskaar (The Secretary), and William Osborne (The Bodyguard)
Location: Bordeaux, France
Central Area: Bordeaux International Airport

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Following the termination of your latest targets, ICA white hats have successfully traced Thorne’s computer to one Devyn McAllister, a government exploiter and terrorist operative, seeming to be working for a group known as “Phantom”. Following a lead in French computers, we have reasons that McAllister and several of his associates have targeted Bordeaux International Airport for an attack. This group includes terrorists such as Swedish secretary, Lillian Vaskaar, and McAllister’s personal bodyguard, William Osborne. Be careful, 47.
I shall leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: A Sharp Turn
Payne is sitting in his car in a parking garage. He is waiting for his client to arrive. Finally, he did, and Payne extracted himself from his car, a laptop in his hand.
The other man gets out of his car with two armed guards to his left and right as the two men approached each other. They have a brief discussion about the files that Payne stole onto the laptop computer, and the other man takes it from him, powering it up so that his face is visible from the screen to show an unknown man.
The man turns from Payne and, as he walks to his car, his men open fire on Payne, killing him.
“Your services are no longer required.”

I’ll edit this later on when I add more to it. Anyway, @ObiBobi18, I thought you said the final part would come out today? Meh, it’s fine, I can wait!


I didn’t think it was THAT bad, I mean, sure, not everything was great about it, but I thought it was pretty good


thank you, I might try a different season next


Not really good, honestly. There were few actual kill opportunities, they were mostly about getting near Mario, like the Lawyer opportunity in Landslide without the pen. The story was confusing and sort of dumb. Making Marco Abiatti the target’s son is unnecessary and awkward, at least in The Final Nail, most of the targets were simply background characters. Mission targets should be cameos, not centre-stage. I prefer your older mission concepts like Black Swan, The Koala and Shine A Light.


Well, you can’t win them all. :slight_smile:


IO Interactive should outdo themselves in creating the weirdest/darkest/most interesting mission. I think of The Meat King’s party. Everything was offsetting from the guest fetish, to the location; it was great. Personally I wish IOI make a dark mission for the future mission of Hitman just to add some variety to the spy themed Hitman game that is currently available. Maybe for a creepy location can be an old abandoned warhouse that is occupied by a cult, biker gang, or drug lord.


I am not going to write an entire story, but I would like to see Africa as a location with poison that goes in effect when you push a button.


Hitman: The Black Hand
Arc 2:

Mission 4
Mission Title: New World Order
Target: Xavier Sånderström (The Brainiac)
Additional Objective: Locate Sånderström
Location: Falkenberg, Sweden
Central Location: Yårdener Intelligence

Briefing: We have an emergency, 47.
ICA agents have been found across the globe, and deceased. After tracing Devyn McAllister’s associates, we believe that the ICA hack has been responsible by one Maverick Payne. Satellite images tracked Payne into a garage park, and was soon followed by another. Payne did not leave the garage, but the other did. Your target is Swedish mathematical genius, Xavier Sånderström currently located in the Yårdener Intelligence military compound in Falkenberg. After strong research into the target’s background, we discovered that Sånderström was in charge of several cyber attacks across the globe, working as a professional black hat hacker for terrorist organizations across the globe, including the now deceased Sean Rose for a time. We must stop those files from being revealed, 47. Good luck.
I shall leave you to prepare.

Additional Info: Because of the military compound and other reasons, Sånderström doesn’t appear on instinct, so the player will have to find him themselves. Also, due to the area, it has a similar restricted setting to Colorado.

End Cutscene: The Phantom’s Hand
A helicopter arrived on the rooftop of Yårdener Intelligence on the landing pad, and a man steps off. He wore a dark red trench coat and black suit pants. He runs a hand through his black hair as he approaches a computer at the other end of the pad.
A man holds out a hard drive that Sånderström had given to him, and they plug it into the machine, which reveals the artificial intelligence machine.
“Hello, Mad.” The man speaks.

Mission 5:
Mission Title: Hellfire Showdown
Targets: Max Chambers (The Mole), Madison Mel (The Assassin), and Evelyn Toliver (The Agent)
Additional Objective: Save Diana Burnwood
Location: Ukraine
Central Location: ICA Facility

(The briefing in this mission is different from the others, as it has Diana in a phone call with 47, and a type of 'face time’ thing, at that)

Briefing: 47, we have an emergency!
Phantom has located the ICA facility, they’re in. Chambers was an inside man. He was working with them. There were two women-oh no. Get away from me! No! No-

Additional Info: Chambers appears in an undisclosed location on the map, so the players must save Diana and then eliminate the two female targets before attempting Chambers’ assassination.

End Cutscene: Max Chambers runs out onto the helicopter pad with a bag slung under his arm. A helicopter ahead lands and opens fire on 47, who is just now running out the door, prompting him to duck behind a wall.
Chambers climbs on to the helicopter, and they take off, leaving 47 to only watch the retreating helicopter.

Mission 6
Mission Title: Pick up the Pace
Targets: Zane Solarin (The Toxicologist), and Jamila Ezekwesili (The Gunman)
Additional Objective: Steal the Phantom ledger.
Location: Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Central Area: LARS Laboratory

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is the LARS Laboratory in Abidjan of the Ivory Coast. Your target is one of the manufacturers of lethal toxins in which terminated ICA agents, Zane Solarin, as well as his gunman to carry out the attacks, Jamila Ezekwesili. Solarin, a businessman creating a rich profit in Africa, has been studying lethal toxins for the past seven years. A foundation for LARS Laboratory. Your secondary target, Jamila Ezekwesili, a former military woman, we assume has been hired by the shadow organization only known as Phantom. Following a run in with known killers behind enemy lines, Ezekwesili has become a contract killer, and the current right hand to Solarin. We believe that Solarin is keeping a ledger on Phantom, which provides us an opportunity to locate the organization. Good luck, 47.
I shall leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Going Mad
Chambers and the unknown man watch a large television of satellite footage of an unknown ICA agent in his parked car as rain poured down.
“You know what to do, Mad.” The unknown man speaks.
On the control panel in front of them, Mad replies with a polite response, and on the screen, a nearby transformer box explodes, plunging the city into a blackout, and obliterating the agent.
Chambers and the unknown man exchange evil smiles as the camera zooms in on Mad’s red circle on the panel.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the second arc of Hitman: The Black Hand!


I have an idea on how IO interactive may handle the shadow client as an epic boss/target in game. The action guns blazing is out the window due to the health system, but it can still be awesome. The bathhouse mission in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is the prime example of this confrontation. When Sam Fisher and Shetland are looking at the end of each others barrels they exchange some words before Sam eliminates Shetland. The same scenario I see for the shadow client and 47. The will point guns at each other and begin conversing(probably giving the relation the shadow client has to 47). This I see as a proper and awesome moment to have the confrontation go down.


Hitman: The Black Hand
Arc 3

Mission 7
Mission Title: Shattered Window in a Broken Field
Targets: Catherine Kjær (The Tracer) and Hedvig Mathiasen (The Lower Half)
Additional Objective: Locate the Phantom leader
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Central Area: Morevello Mansion (Phantom Bunker)

Briefing: Good morning, 47.
Your destination is the Copenhagen capital of Denmark. Your target primary target is Catherine Kjær, a traced agent working for the Phantom organization and has proved herself to have the ability to cover her associates tracks. After “borrowing” a satellite, we discovered her constant presence in Morevello Mansion, the mansion of Englishman Clark Morevello before his recent passing. No footage of the inside mansion exists, do you will have to determine it yourself. Your secondary target is Hedvig Mathiasen, who seems to be the head of the organization’s lower half, and can potentially carry on in his place. Be careful, 47.
I shall leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Static Flow
An electric panel glows red on an unknown building, showing the red circle that is Mad. Two Phantom operatives run into the building as the garage door open, and take the truck, and begin to drive off.
As they drive off, it shows the logo of the truck:

Mission 8
Mission Title: Repeating Edge
Targets: Randomized Individuals
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Central Area: Flight 249

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Since your departure from Denmark, ICA sources four Phantom individuals on your flight. We believe they may try and act against you, so be cautious. Please note, 47, we don’t have any files on these individuals, or aware of their appearance, so you must be cautious.
Good luck, 47.

End Cutscene: Doomsday
Magnus Đvořák, the previous unknown man, watches as the NASA truck rolls in. He turns towards the rocket in front of him and smiles. Đvořák looks down at his electric watch, and speaks to Mad.
“Good luck, Mad.”
Mad replies with a polite response, and, with the help of the people in the truck, begins to turn the rocket into a bomb.

Mission 9
Mission Title: Tribunal of Penance
Targets: Magnus Đvořák (The Corruptor), Max Chambers (The Mole), Lauren Van Gogh (The Pilot), and Cletus Davian (The Programmer)
Additional Objective: Terminate Mad
Location: Virginia, United States
Central Area: Delmarva Peninsula

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Your destination is the NASA launch site at the Delmarva Peninsula. Your primary target is the head of the Phantom organization, Magnus Đvořák. A terrorist that has been afflicted with organizations across the globe, Đvořák is the most dangerous man in the world. With allies and power in high places, Đvořák is undoubtedly a master manipulator, with the ability of seducing ICA against our own, Max Chambers joined his side, and is your secondary target. ICA believe that with Đvořák eliminated, his plan may still go through, hence the double contract elimination with the shuttle pilot and Phantom operative, Lauren Van Gogh, as well as the programmer of the artificial intelligence machine that Phantom has been using, Cletus Davian. With this four contract elimination, we request that you terminate Mad with them to avoid any possibility of a repeat in Đvořák’s plan. Good luck, 47.
I shall leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Case Closed
47 steps onto a train compartment by himself, on a Skype call with Diana. “Đvořák’s plan was extraordinarily brilliant. Turning the shuttle into its own rocket.”
“But what was his goal?”
“Nothing good, and hopefully, something we won’t ever find out. I’ve put in the elimination into the debrief, but I have taken the opportunity to remove anything about Đvořák or his plan.”
“Sounds perfect.”
“Yes. Well, as always, I will contact when I need you, 47.”
With that, the screen shuts off, and the camera closes off to Hitman: The Black Hand.


Amazing missions, especially the one with the flight on an airplane it seems really interesting!


@ObiBobi18 I just noticed you became a regular, that was quick! Nicely done