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Well, you’re welcome! And me being the greedy guy I am, did you enjoy Hitman: The Black Hand?


I loved it, it was preety damn good tbh. Your seasons are amazing! Keep up the good work.


Aw, thank you! I’ll make another season sometime down the line, and thank you, again!


Not annaunced by I0I, but by me. :wink:
A small sight into the upcoming $9.99 DLC which tells the story of how everything started for our bald 47 years old friend.

Mission 1 (Prolog/“Training”)

Mission Title: The Key Is In The Cage
Targets/Objectives: Escape and steal informations about the I.C.A.
Location: Romania
Central Area: Sanatorium
In Game Time: Night
Challenges: 35 (-/+)

The very first mission of Hitman: Codename 47, a re-desigend location with a few additions to have more “fun”.
Basicly this mission offers not as much as I wish, so I just added a new objective. Most of the challenges will be completed through “contracs” mode.


Escalation 1: The Rules Of The Detainee
Phase 1: Kill: The receptionist dressed as a detainee
Phase 2: Kill: The receptionist dressed as a detainee with a scalpel
Phase 3: Kill: The receptionist dressed as a detainee with a scalpel, hide the body
Phase 4: Kill: The receptionist dressed as a detainee with a scalpel, body have to be found
Phase 5: Kill: The receptionist dressed as a detainee with a scalpel, in front of a witness

Escalation 2: A Personal Highscore in Perversion
Phase 1: Kill: XYZ1-detainee, dressed as an officer
Phase 2: Kill: XYZ1-detainee, XYZ2-detainee, dressed as an officer with a pistol
Phase 3: Kill: XYZ1-detainee, XYZ2-detainee, XYZ3-detainee dressed as an officer with a pistol
Phase 4: Kill: XYZ1-detainee, XYZ2-detainee, XYZ3-detainee dressed as an officer with a pistol, bodys have to be found
Pahse 5: Kill: XYZ1-detainee, XYZ2-detainee, XYZ3-detainee dressed as an officer with a pistol, hide all bodys

Escalation 3: Enough is Enough!
Phase 1: Kill: Dr. 1 dressed as the receptionist
Phase 2: Kill: Dr. 1, Dr. 2 dressed as the receptionist
Phase 3: Kill: Dr. 1, Dr. 2, Dr. 3 dressed as the receptionist
Phase 4: Kill: Dr. 1, Dr. 2, Dr. 3 dressed as the receptionist with a shotgun
Pahse 5: Kill: Dr, 1, Dr. 2, Dr. 3 dressed as the receptionist with a knife, every body need to be found by an officer

Eskalation 4, 5 & 6 (maybe created by HMF members)

Mission 2

Mission Title: The Death’s Wearing A Beautiful Human Body
Targets/Objectives: Kill Diana Burnwood, steal Diana’s laptop, escape from the location
Location: Spain
Central Area: Malle/Ballermann 6 (Party Mile)
In Game Time: Day
Challenges: 65

This is a brend new mission in a totally new location to fill a little story-gap between what happend after 47 escaped from the sanatorium and how 47 get in contact for the first time with the I.C.A./Diana Burnwood.
Actually I have no details about how the location could look like, beside of a picture in my head of the famous party mile. But there is something different in this mission.
So you need to kill Diana to complete the mission, really?

Here are some details, how I imagine this mission could work

Killing Diana will not to a fail of the mission, the player is still free to escape from the location. But at the end, after leaving the location,
you will see a cutscene of a crimescene and you’ll see dead body…it’s 47…
What happend? Sure we all know that killing Diana would erase 47 futer assassinations and all that what would happen if 47 would still be alive, never happend.
So here is the trick, playing this mission for the first time, the player needs to find out how to get in contact with diana,
without killing her (even if it’s his main objective) and erasing the future of all the great upcoming games (even Absolution).
Once figured out you will see a cutscene with a handshaking 47 and Diana. Congratualation, you saved season 2 and maybe 3.

Escalations: —Not at the moment-----

Mission 3

Mission Title: A Dead Dragon From The East (The Lee Hong Assassination)
Targets/Objectives: Lee Hong, rescure Agent Smith, steal the Jade-Statue ("+money")/or give it to the owner of hearb shop (get poison), secret bonus objectiv to discover: rescue the prostitute
Location: Hong Kong
Central Area:
In Game Time: Day
Challenges: 130

Basicly this mission is every Hong Kong-Mission in one. Most objectives became opportunitys.
I turned the missions “The Massacre Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant”, “Kowloon Triads in Gang War” and “Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant” into opportunitys.
At the start of the mission, the first thing that happend is the meeting at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant, after that meeting,
two members of each clan will meet Chiu Dai Park.
after the meeting in the park, Blue Lotus members will arrive at the Wang Fou Restaurant.
If the player would doing nothing for ten minutes,
every three opportunitys would go along and after the third opportunity and a pause of 5 minutes
everything will start at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant again untill one opportunity was chosen.
The player is able to only choose one of the three opportunitys per run.

The Massacre Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant-opportunity:
Eleminate the Red Dragon Negotiator and Hong Kong Chief of Police will cause the Red Dragon to attack the Blue Lotus Clan headquater.
As a result the restaurant is less crowded, many Red Dragon henchmen are out of the building and Lee Hong can now be found in his private area with less security and guards

Kowloon Triads in Gang War-opportunity:
Killing the Blue Lotus Negotiator will cause an attack of the Blue Lotos and the Blue Lotus will run into the Wang Fou Restaurant and there will be a gang war in the restaurant between both clans.
As a result: Nearly no security or guards in the restaurant and the rest of the building. High security in Lee Hong’s private area.

Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant-opportunity:
Killing the Blue Lotus Emissary and Blue Lotus Triad Members, after visiting Lee Hong/leaving the restaurant, with an explosive near the restaurant will cause a red alert situation.
Every guard or clan member is now on high alert and searching together for the person who droped the bomb.


Escalation 1: The Massacre Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant
Phase 1: Kill: Red Dragon Negotiator, Hong Kong Chief of Police
Phase 2: Kill: Red Dragon Negotiator, Hong Kong Chief of Police, dressed as the chef
Phase 3: Kill: Red Dragon Negotiator, Hong Kong Chief of Police, dressed as the chef by poisoning the food
Phase 4: Kill: Red Dragon Negotiator, Hong Kong Chief of Police, dressed as the barkeeper
Phase 5: Kill: Red Dragon Negotiator, Hong Kong Chief of Police, dressed as the barkeeper and kill the targets with the sawed-off

Escalation 2: Kowloon Triads in Gang War
Phase 1: Kill: Red Dragon Triad negotiator
Phase 2: Kill: Red Dragon Triad negotiator with the Siege-Sniper
Phase 3: Kill: Red Dragon Triad negotiator, Blue Lotus Triad emissary
Phase 4: Kill: Red Dragon Triad negotiator, Blue Lotus Triad emissary with the Siege-Sniper
Phase 5: Kill: Red Dragon Triad negotiator, Blue Lotus Triad emissary with one shoot from the Siege-Sniper

Escalation 3: Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant
Phase 1: Kill: Blue Lotus Emissary, Blue Lotus Triad Members
Phase 2: Kill: Blue Lotus Emissary, Blue Lotus Triad Members dressed as the cardriver
Phase 3: Kill: Blue Lotus Emissary, Blue Lotus Triad Members dressed as the cardriver, kill the targets with explosives
Phase 4: Kill: Blue Lotus Emissary, Blue Lotus Triad Members dressed as Blue Lotus, kill the targets with explosives
Phase 5: Kill: Blue Lotus Emissary, Blue Lotus Triad Members dressed as Red Dragon Triad, kill the target with explosives


Very cool missions, looking forward to seeing & hearing more!


Glorius, can’t wait! :wink:


Sorry about deleting the previous season, guys. Too much edits ruined the missions and story. I’ll write up another season, Hitman: Worldwide, at my own pace. Target for the first mission: Supermodel Charity Nagle.


No Problem, I am still very excited!


I love it & it is great this kind of complete plans theme! - that being said @anon71469955 helped me and gave me rips to create missions. He created the prologue and I created the ‘‘Brand new Dawn’’. Do you like thhe missions?

Season 4
Mission Title: A Blood Red Sky
Targets: Harald Althaus (The Prophet), and Samantha Creed (The Clairvoyant)
Location: Fraser County, California, United States
Central Area: ‘“The Prophets of Lucifer’s Giving” campground

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is the over-run California county of Fraser, currently giving…”home” to The Prophets of Lucifer’s Giving, a cult in which is seemingly bent on apocalypticism. Your primary target is the leader, calling himself “The Prophet”, Harald Althaus. Searching for global annihilation, Althaus has been reportedly gathering followers for the past year, and has currently housed himself and the cult at Fraser County. That brings us to your secondary target, one of Althaus’s first followers, and an alleged doomsayer, Samantha Creed. Creed has been given a deadly reputation, assuming to be a psychic, and correct in her almost every assumption of Althaus’s cult plans. Be careful, 47. I shall leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Domino Effect
After a bomb explosion, destroying the cult’s church, a redhead is launched into the bushes down a hill. He opens a notebook, reading notes in Samantha Creed’s handwriting, claiming that she expected her death to come soon, and that what would follow is the return of The Prophets of Lucifer’s Giving.
Harald’s brother, Jerome Althaus, tucked the book under his arm, and set off.
One year later, Althaus is looking into the clone container of the Shadow Client, and two dead scientists at his feet.

Season 4
Mission 1
Mission Title: Brand New Dawn
Targets: Emmanuel Hernandez (Daddy’s Boy)(Age 19), & ‘‘La Los Caimanes’’ (The Saint)(Age 36)
Additional Objectives: Find Emmanuel Hernandez’s location, Steal ‘‘La Los Caimanes’s’’ Bible
Location: Suburbs of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Central Area: An Apartment complex 8 room n.m. 46 & The private cathedral of ‘‘La Los Caimanes’’.
In Game Time & Weather: 9.47, sunny - just like in Sapienza

Briefing: Good Morning 47.
Your location is the city of Santa Fe in New Mexico - known as ‘‘The city where the Sun never Sets’’ - or so we thought, until a dark shadow known as El Baron Hernandes plagued it under his fingertips.
Long story short - after a few weeks of wars he got the cities underground cartels & bosses under his iron fist either by bribery or force - and named the new acquired gangs under his one name - Hernandez Family.
After a bit of time his only baby boy popped up Emmanuel - and El Baron gave sonny everything! Even prostitutes.
After his death Emmanuel Hernandez got the money & the control of the city.
So basically the Hernandez family was bad, and your next target is the current helm of Santa Fe, Papi’s rich boy Emmanuel.
Meanwhile he controls everything in the town we have not managed to get his location - so you must track him down using anyone under the Hernandez’s family name or valuable intel - though in an unclassified apartment some people heard screaming from pain. How does a child keep control of this without cops - simple!
That is where this woman known by her nickname ‘‘La Los Caimanes’’ comes in.
While The Spoiiled brat keeps the control of the underground - she owns the bribery of the coppers - and the influence under her control.
She owns many’a religious propaganda including her own cathedral ‘‘Corazon de Jezus’’ - of which she is an owner, priestess & a head nun to top it off.
But that is not all she has, she has a private bible inside the cathedral in which not words of Jesus are written - but more prominent steps of Emmanuels plans.
47 as non frightening a rich playboy and his personal saint may sound you may be on the wrong end of a blade.
I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Long live the Rebirth
Somewhere on Santa Fe’s outskirts a man in his 70’s is reading a bible and reciting a verse - until he get’s a phone call.
The name displayed on the phone is ‘‘Mi Reigna de La Belleiza’’ (My Beauty queen).
But he immediately hangs up the phone, and starts praying a prayer of protection - like he knows what that ‘‘Beauty Queen’’ is going to do to him.

Target Backgrounds:

  1. Emmanuel Hernandez

Born in a luxurios family life in the richer northern region of Santa Fe, from a lucky sperm roulette spin of his Daddy, he was rich and crowned the 3rd biggest net worth by the age of less than 5 - in the USA alone.

Hernandez family introduced him to - Money laundering at the age of 5 - Choca picking at the age of 7 - Alcohol at age 10 - Choca snorting itself at age 11 - Hacking at age 14 - Attempted murder at 16 - ACTUAL murder at 17 - War & battle tactics at 18 & controlling a piece of land at 18.5…So basically the usual fare for young crime lords.

Right before his birthday his Daddy passed away - giving all of his postmortem to the little snapchat spoiled sonny! Emmanuel decided to test the skills he learned to use - couple of days later & BOOOHM Santa Fe all to him.

He might be yooung 47 - but check for a few tricks under his sleeve.

  1. ‘‘La Los Caimanes’’

Born a poor Bolivian, ‘‘La Los Caimanes’’ has already hid every piece of her identity ohh-too well!
By that I mean - not even her parents remember her name (They are dead - but some theorize they did not even name her) BUT she definitely changed her identity as soon as she was 16.

‘‘La Los Caimanes’’ is her ‘‘new’’ name - would be stupid if all parents named their children in weird objects right?

Parents misteriously dissapeared at age of 15 - dog aswell, foster care it was, her new owners also died in an ‘‘accidental knife slip’’ she said in the court at 16…Spoiler alert - they did not believe her. A female sherrifs body found in her cell evening after arriving at prison - she fled away. Her hope was lost until years before Emmanuel was even born - she became El Baron’s personal prostitute - Money flowing - time to buy a new apartment!, More money flowing - time to become baptized by the Pope!, Even MORE money flowing ‘’‘Let’s build a cathedral and let me be the first female catholic priest!’’ She said - and it worked! Changing names up from possibly nothing - to a random ass bunch of spanish words and adjectives meaning ‘‘She Aligator’’

Although Emmanuel is the star of the show - she is the brains and the religious influence behind it!

  1. Find Emmanuel’s Location

Being so lucrative as he is - you will need to hear all the data & dig intel to get to him - just remember some people in an unidentified apartment hear strange noises at night!

  1. Steal ‘‘La Los Caimanes’s’’ bible

Her personal bible is drowning in Hernandez family valuable information - so stealing it to cripple their control is one of your primary options!

Map Layout:

The map looks like a typical New Mexico type of town - looking & being like Santa Fe ofc.
Your starting location is in the only hotel on the map ‘‘La Puerta’’, overlooking the city center’s park on the bedroom window.
You are booked in as the usual 'guize of Tobias Rieper.
The rooms are all identical, with a bed overlooking a region of the map (yours being the city center & the park) a bathroom on the opposite side of the bed, a small phoning table near the left of the windows, stuck between the lleft corner, nice rustic walls & a modern TV just like in Hokkaiddo but this time switching between channels first being the ‘‘La Puerta’’ Official showcasing the hotel - just like the one in Hokkaido, and the 2nd one being a televonela. Different rooms also have intel about the people that are in them (we will get more into the intel later) and different channels.
Right as soon as you get of the hotel you will be greeted by a hallway having different pictures, lights resemling the one in Hokkaido - except being larger and having more rooms along with having more stairways.
Go up and you will come into the presidential suite of ‘‘La Los Caimanes’s’’ brother, it has a personal hallway, spa, fitness & jacuzzi along with looking the same as everybody’s else on the bedrooom & toilet side of things - the room number is 30.
The floor 47 is on has rooms 20 - 29 (his being 23 the third one right when you come up from the stairway)
Go down the stairs & find more rooms (nm.10 - 19), go again down to find last bunch of rooms (1 - 9)
Go last part of stairways down to find the reception on the left and a restaurant behind the reception - the colour scheme is grandiose same as the hallways.
The restaurant has a nice buffet and grandiose tables along with a concert hall, while the reception has the reception itself along with a small kiosk store on the right side near the entrance/exit.
On the left side of receptions perspective there is a door employis only where thenn you follow into a basement in 3 parts - cleaning staff where you will sea bunch of mops and cheap cleaners, kitchen storage where you will see a bunch of food, and then the lounge where all the employees hang around.
Get away from there by the entrance/exit and you will find a busy street lot on NPC’s walking around there (but less than Marrakesh ofc.) some taking pictures. On the other side of the street is a park with trees and playgrounds (the one 47’s room looks at) and behind that park is a now paved hill (stairs to get up to it) where we have a big bakery - with seeats on the outside. the door automatically opens and there is a huge display of cupcakes on one side, cakes on the left of that, cookies and smaller pastries on the lest of the caakkes and at the end of the line being almost on a seperate display a big bunch of ice cream, scones and bowls.
Every part of the display has a picture of what you can get - with exotic names, and bad puns like ‘‘I scream that you try this Ice cream’’ or something like that.
Behind the counter there are 3 employees, a cook, waitress, chef & kitchen hand - behind them there is also a stack of bread & donuts & croissants. there is a big line of 7 people at the ice cream part and a small line of 4 people at cakes pats along with 1 person near the cake part and 2 people buying bread.
including the lines around 18 people 2 others at the table, one checking the menu and 2 near the vending machine right of the display filled with coke, pepsi, fanta, sprite & red bull knock-offs.
On the outside tables there is way more people sitting drinking & eating.
Behiind the conter where the three employes are there is also 2 windows and a small balcony on the left for the employees to look out at and to relax their minds, meanwhile right straight behind there there is a metal door, leding to stairs, which when you go down 3 sets of them you get into a basement - and stocks of flour, sugar and ice cream making kits - along with stacks of the drinks for the vending machine.
There is an employee checking things out down there.
Behind the bakery there re 4 apartments, 3 closed off - but one being heavily guarded (for an oppurtunity we will talk about later), in which you are not allowed. Every apartment room is empty except the most up one nm. 8 having 3 guards on the main door. The apartments are like sapienza - only wider hallways, more vibrid colours, photos ect. Get inside there and you will be greeted with a standard room, a living room with a 90’s tv on the lef corner & the right you are having a kitchen, go thorugh a glass door on the left upper corner and you will get into a tiny bedroom.
There is nothing else for this part of the map so a park, hotel, bakery, and a guarder oppurtunity apartment.
There is 2 ways to get down - one through a main road on the left of the hotel and the park ( the mor epopular and guarded option), or one small narrow street between the apartment and the bakery that goes into the main road - and also greets you with an apartment in the corner - all rooms look the same except the third one up (n.r. 3) has some intel about which I will tell you along with a bakery chef disguise.
Down the main roadon the left you will find the cathedral, on the right you will find a cafe parlor, and behind the cofe parlor you have more apartments.
Near the cathedral there is a bunch of tourists and in it there are a bunch of worshipping seats - the cathedral looks gothic both on the inside and the outside that makes it the most outt the way place on the map because everything is sunny & colourful while it is gothic and big.
You can see the priest making a prayer and a bunch of monks behind him, and a confession boooth on the right.
Behind the altr there is a church work area, a dressing room for the monks - and the church bell is automated thorugh a butoon so no stairs up to the bell - just to the gospel choir. There is wine, water, holy bread and grail and in the basement you will find some intel - along with ‘‘La Los Caimanes’s’’ bible - it is very heavily guarded. La Los Caimanes is in the conffesion booth.
There is a huge graveyard behind the church - looking modern very modern with a few monks, civilians and guards looking around the area.
The coffe parlol is a tiny market near the old city center formed on a caravan shop giving out iced coffe for the summer specialties, there is a few tables otuside and a buch of people reading newspapers & drinking coffe - some even pastries and drinks from the Bakery in the new city ceter uptop.
The old city center has a bunch of people performing, a big market, a nice pier, guards, guard center stall, products, shops, kiosks, radio station and even dances so basically it is the heart of the city.
In the guard center it is a glass building with 6 guards in it 3 outside smoking, and drinking coffe and/or drinks, one taking a phone call & patrolling along with 2 inside 1 doing the camera work, controlling both the computer and the camera scanner, along with a guard standing near him talking to him and ocasionally walking from the other side of the stall to another. This area is a small glass square building which is going to be center of intel & oppurtunities.
Another small square bulding is the Santa Fe radio station, having 2 reporters, and interviews with singers and prominent people - there is also a bunch of people looking inside of it.
It is a bit bigger than the security station because it has another area through a door being a tiny area with microphones & shit.
Behind the old center we have apartments - these ones bigger & modern being a clour schemed change of the hotel rooms.
In the 2nd to last apartment left to right you can hear noises in the basement - this is where Emmanuel is.
That is it.

Target walk cycles:

Emmanuel Hernandez
He starts in the basement interrogating the a person taling to them & stuff - after 30 seconds he makes a 2 minute phone call, and at the end of it he drinks water - afterwards he starts going to his room in the apartment where he talks to his personell - then he starts talking to his second inc ommand mobster - then he leaves his water to make it poisonable, and goes outside the apartment near the railing - then he will go inside to the basement to make last amends to the prisoner, and drink the water again - then he meets up with someone (you can dress up as him if you dont miss the 10 minute hit of oppurtunity) - then he goes up to his apartment again to wash his face & talk to him himself in the toilet - goes to the basement - takes a sip - repeeats.

‘‘La Los Caimanes’’
She starts in the conffesion booth making amens to the 2nd in comand priest - then she oes up with her guards to the choir and sings with them - then she makes her way down to the basement, makes hr amens before the grail and bread - then she reads from the bible you are supposed to take - then she goes up to talk to civilians to see if they are enjoying their day - then she privately talks to the secondary priest in the basement - then she drinks from the hily grail - then she goes to the graveyard before El Baron’s grave and cries - repeats.


Hidden Man: Facinating, 47. It appears Hernandez plans to meet with one Abraxas Rodríguez, a black market identity theif, and, according to schedule, is planning to sell off a false name for Hernandez to harbor…

  • Locate Abraxas Rodríguez.
  • Retrieve Abraxas Rodríguez’ disguise.
  • Go to the meeting point.

(Excellent 47, I imagine this wasn’t your first time on a private pier?)

Crocodile Tears: Intriguing, 47. It appears that La Los Caimanes’ Bible’s resting place to be in the basement, and, according to architect notes, the floor was incorrectly designed. Sounds like an accident waiting to happen…

  • Locate a screwdriver and a wrench.
  • Sabotage the timed bell.

(Great work 47, The Aligator won’t know what hit her)

La Gran Fiesta…: This looks promising, 47. Apparently the cathedral is hosting a prominent party for it’s 1 year anniversary. The food is coming from the local bakery ‘‘Krasa Primissima’’ - and the one meeting the chef to exchange pastries will be no other than La Los Caimanes herself - feeling hungry 47?

  • Retrieve the chef disguise
  • Phone La Los Caimanes’s accountant
  • Prepare pastries
  • Get to the meeting point

(Excellent 47, I hope she has a sweet tooth)

The Snake: This seems very useful, 47! One of Emmanuel’s underbosses has just booked a reservation in the presidential suuite of the La Puerta hotel - She goes by the name ‘‘La Serpiente’’ - The Snake. Seems like an oppurtunity ready to hit!

  • Retrieve the ‘‘La Puerta’’ hotel staff disguise
  • Arrive at the Presidential Suite
  • Locate ‘‘The Snake’’
  • Eliminate ‘‘The Snake’’
  • Disguise as ‘‘The Snake’s’’ personal bodyguard
  • Locate ‘‘The Snake’s’’ Santa Fe map
  • Get to Hernandez’s apartment

(Excellent 47, I hope the reaction we get from Hernandez when we say one of his head bosses is dead will be unvenomous)

Sightseeing: This seems important, 47. Apparently the boss of Santa Fe tourist centre Marquez Lorenzo, lives in one of the apartments behind the old town centre - and he apparently knows where everything is in the city - people even speculate he knows Hernandez very personally? Ready to see some sights 47?

  • Locate Marquez Lorenzo’s apartment
  • Locate the key for the apartment
  • Locate the harddrive
  • Get to the hackable computer
  • Extract Emmanuel Hernandez’s lovation
    (Good job 47, now Emmanuel shall pop right in your instinct)

Man of the Lord: Quite interesting., 47. Apparently La Los Caimanes operates the cathedral alongside her 2nd in command ‘‘underpriest’’ as she calls him - and he is allowed in every part of the church - even…Time to atone for your sins 47!)

  • Locate the ‘‘Underpriest’’
  • Retrieve the ‘‘Underpriests’’ disguise
  • Retrieve the church keys from the guard in the guard booth

(Excellent 47, the cathedral is just under your fingertips)

Starting Location:

  • 47’s Hotel suite.
  • Cathedral
  • Blending in the bakery disguised as a kitchen assistant.
  • Blending in the cleaning quarters of the Hotel disguised as a Cleaner.
  • Old Town center.
  • New Town Center Park.
  • Inside the presidential suite disguised as Hotel Staff.
  • Inside Radio Station Santa Fe HQ disguised as a interviewer
  • Inside Lorenzo’s apartment disguised as a hacker.
  • Inside Hernandez’s basement disguised as a Hernandez family member.

Smuggling points:

  • Bakery Basement (big)
  • Hotel Restaurant Kitchen. (small)
  • Coffe Shop Traier (big)
  • Rodriguez’s hotel Room (big)
  • Cathedral gospel upstairs. (small)
  • Apartment rooom nr. 21 (big)
  • Central Park fountain (small)
  • Radio Santa Fe HQ back room (big)
  • Presidential suite back left room (big)
  • Security center (small)


Um… I’m pretty sure Diana Burnwood never called anyone “chick”, only Karen Bowman did. I know they have the same voice actor, but still…


Yea that is the thing - I have tried to go more ‘‘Karen Bowman’’ style Jane Perry for this one not ‘‘Diana’’ style lol.

That being said, do you like the misssion?


Note: This is an AU write-up. The Shadow Client was killed off before Hitman(2016)'s events, so the Season 1 targets were successful in their schemes.

Hitman: Alternate

Opening Cutscene: One Last Time, Mr Soders
Copenhagen, Denmark, 3:30PM
On a rainy afternoon in Copenhagen, Diana gives a eulogy at Erich Soders’s funeral, praising his skill, discipline and, ironically, loyalty.

Mission 1
Mission Title: Past Mistakes
Targets: Actor Brent Bishop (The Stage Actor) and his mother Belle (The Stage Mom)
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Your destination is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Your main target is Brent Bishop, a former child actor. During the filming of the film Albert Lockwood, a 10 year old Bishop got into a relationship with his co-star, 12 year old Victoria Noble. A year later, Bishop shot Victoria dead in an argument and was arrested, but received a light sentence due to his young age. He has since been released but found it harder to find work due to his murder charge.

Your second target is Belle Bishop, Brent Bishop’s mother and manager. Belle made Victoria’s family pay dearly for what they did to her son. Victoria’s parents, Lance and Linda, have disappeared and her sister Kayla had been framed for the murder of her boyfriend. Theodore Noble, Victoria’s uncle, put a hit on the Bishops to avenge his nieces and their parents.

Brent Bishop has recently gotten a job as a stage actor, so he will be spending time at the Pioneer Theatre. His mother is staying at the Bishop mansion, so you would have to find a way inside or lure her out. You’ll find a way.

I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Near Completion
Sapienza, Italy, 5:50PM
Silvio Caruso is seen mulling in his wine cellar when he is approached by Francesca De Santis. De Santis informs him the virus is slated to be completed in a week’s time and offers him a toast. Caruso declines and quickly walks off, mentioning that he’ll be travelling to Stanford University to give a lecture.

The scene fades to rescue workers fishing Caruso’s seaplane out of the ocean, the man still inside the cockpit but drowned.

Mission 2
Mission Title: Cross The Floor
Targets: Far-right activist Jasper Tull (The Right-Winger) and left-wing activist Adeline Scott (The Left-Winger)
Location: London, England

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is the city of London.

Your main target is Jasper Tull, a far-right activist, the founder, spokesman and leader of Protecting England Effectively, a far-right, Islamophobic organisation. Tull has been blamed for inspiring an attack on a Islington mosque. Tull denied responsibility and accused the mosque’s imam, Diwan Serghini, of staging the attack. A pleasant man.

Your secondary target is Adeline Scott, a left-wing activist who formed the Unity Reform League. A proud socialist, she held multiple protests against the government, some of which ended violently.

Our client is Maria Engel, an eccentric British billionaire who believes that Tull and Scott are both tearing England apart and their deaths would usher in an era of peace. Faulty logic, but she placed a generous £3,000,000 contract on them, so we shall carry it out.

The two are currently protesting outside Parliament Building over an immigration bill. The area would be crowded, so take caution and avoid collateral damage.

Good luck, 47.

End Cutscene: Cross My Heart
New York City, New York, USA, 11:45PM
Jordan Cross is seen watching TV (reporting on Silvio Caruso dying in a plane crash) in his New York penthouse when the doorbell rings. It’s Heidi Santoro, somewhat drunk. Jordan lets her in and the two have a heartfelt conversation on the couch, where they reminisce about their childhoods and agree to avoid getting into arguments from then on. Heidi then passes out on the couch. Jordan affectionately strokes her head before standing up and walking to the kitchen.

Mission 3
Mission Title: Opera House
Targets: Triad leader Cao Xuefeng (The Golden Boy) and opera singer Mo Yijun (The Opera Singer)
Location: Beijing, China

Briefing: Good afternoon, 47.
Your destination is Beijing, the capital of China. Your target is Cao Xuefeng, a respected business magnate. Cao is secretly the leader of the Golden Boys triad. He is responsible for the execution of Long Guiying, the son of rival triad leader Long Guanting of the Nameless Hunters. Long Guanting hired us to avenge his son by killing Cao.

Long also wants us to eliminate Mo Yijun, a former member of the Nameless Hunters. She made a deal with the police and betrayed her gang, resulting in the deaths of many of her ex-colleagues. Long suspects Mo has made a deal with Cao and wants to stop her.

While Cao would be staying inside his office building, Mo will be performing on stage in the Beijing opera house. Security is low, but there are likely to be some triad members roaming around the city, so beware. See if you could intercept their meeting.

I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: City of Love
New York City, 9:00PM
Viktor Novikov has a romantic date with Dalia Margolis at a fancy restaurant in New York City. The two have a sweet conversation about their relationship, although Dalia hastily shoots down Viktor’s idea of an engagement.

Possible Story Ideas

I like these really unique stories! I never would’ve thought about this alternative season one missions, it’s interesting! Can’t wait to read more!


May I ask, what about Bonus Mission targets?


The Icon: Dino Bosco was immolated by the robot.

A House Built on Sand: Mendola and Kong were poisoned during the meeting, tablet stolen.

Landslide: Marco Abiatti was impaled on the church spire.


I love the missions!

The storyline & how it focuses on itself to the main Season 1 is a great plot!


Mission 4
Mission Title: White Hawk Down
Targets: ISIS insurgent Husni bin Ibrahim (The Terrorist) and arms dealer Donald Feng (The Arms Dealer)
VIP: ICA mole Raaid bin Sulaimaan
Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Briefing: Good morning, 47.
Your destination is the Pakistani city of Karachi. Your targets are Husni bin Ibrahim, an ISIS terrorist, and Donald Feng, a Chinese-American arms dealer. bin Ibrahim serves as the terrorist group’s representative, attending meetings and doing deals for them. This meeting is no different.

Our client, former US General Lucas Gates, learned that Feng is selling weapons to bin Ibrahim in Karachi today. Unwilling to expose his criminal connections but determined to stop them, Gates hired us to eliminate them.

The two are meeting somewhere in the city center. Security would be tight, but there would be a variety of opportunities to take out Feng and bin Ibrahim. You will be assisted by Raaid bin Sulaimaan, our mole in ISIS. He had defected to the ICA after a change of heart and agreed to help you in your mission.

Good luck, 47.

End Cutscene: Agent 101
London, England, 10PM
Penelope Graves is seen receiving a briefing from her superior, Jade Birch. Birch compliments her on her capture of Sean Rose and tells her that her new assignment is on Silvio Caruso’s mysterious death.

Mission 5
Mission Title: Flat Broke
Targets: High-class male escort Freddy Money (The Call Boy) and his bodyguard, Marcus Barrymore (The Bodyguard)
Location: San Diego, California

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Your destination is San Diego, California.

Your main target is Freddy Money, a high-class escort from New York. Money had gotten into a relationship with senior Texas Senator Nicholas Coblegh. When Coblegh tried to break it off, Money threatened to expose their relationship and is now extorting him.

Your secondary target is Money’s personal bodyguard Marcus Barrymore. As Money’s trusted confidant and right-hand man, Barrymore is the only one who knows about Money and Coblegh’s relationship aside from themselves and could potentially carry on the blackmail in place of Money.

Money is celebrating his birthday at his San Diego mansion, this provides us the perfect opportunity to eliminate him.

Good luck, 47.

End Cutscene: General Problem
Morocco, Marrakesh, 3PM
Reza Zaydan, the new President of Morocco, is seen giving his presidential address to a crowd. He promises to stop the riots and restore order to the country. After finishing his speech, Zaydan talks to Ahmad, one of his soldiers, who tells him that Strandberg’s body has been found dead in the ocean. The two give a toast to their banker friend and leave the room.

Mission 6
Mission Title: The Queen’s Pawn
Targets: Film director Carmen Périer (The Filmmaker) and serial killer Armand Besson (The Serial Killer)
Location: Nice, France

Briefing: Good evening, 47.
Your destination is the French city of Nice. Your main target is acclaimed director Carmen Périer. Périer had been subject to many scandals over the past few years, from sexual harassment allegations from both men and women to rumours of connections to organised crime. All the poor souls who dared to take a stand against her, however, ended up dead, missing or worse. So actress Amélie Anouilh had resorted to a rather extreme measure of retribution after being cheated out of her payment; hiring us to eliminate Périer.

Your secondary target is Armand Besson, an elusive serial killer responsible for 20 murders around Europe so far. Likely bribed or blackmailed, Périer had recruited Besson into her security team. We were unable to find a photograph of Besson, so you will have to search through the security team to find out.

Carmen Périer is filming a scene in Nice for her movie “The Lovers”. There is a lower than usual security presence around her, so we have chosen now to strike.

I will leave you to prepare.

End Cutscene: Coldplay
Sapienza, Italy, 9:00PM
Francesca De Santis is seen lying dead next to the destroyed virus in the containment room. As they come in to bag her body, Ether guards Cristiano Guidetti and Natale Carozza talk to each other about her death. While working on the virus without a hazmat suit, De Santis accidentally overheated the virus. In a panic, Elena Papandrea, another scientist stationed at the outdoor control station, accidentally deactivated the ventilation procedure, gassing De Santis. Guidetti and Carozza then lament the loss of their jobs as they drag De Santis’s body out.

Hitman FANFICTION thoughts

Fantastic ideas . I especially like the Pakistan mission


Some Challenge Ideas for your missions

Past Mistakes
The Weight On His Shoulders : Assassinate Brent Bishop by dropping a sandbag on him
Everyone’s A Critic : Assassinate Brent Bishop with the pen while disguised as the Theater Critic
The Beldingford Legacy : Assassinate Belle Bishop during a horse riding lesson
Oops ! Someone Else Did It Again : Make Brent Bishop kill his mother

Cross The Line

The Power of London: Assassinate both Targets by sniping them from Big Ben
The Meat of Their Sacrifices : Assassinate Jasper Tull during his visit to the butcher shop