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I’m a fan of the TV series Cold Case, so I wrote an opportunity where a 47 impersonates a Philadelphia Police Detective and interrogates Belle.

Cold Case

After Kayla Noble was exonerated of the murder of her boyfriend, Zak Burton, Detective Jack Edamitsu was sent to interrogate Belle Bishop on his murder. However, he has gotten cold feet, knowing that Belle could ruin his life, and decided to hide out in a bar.

47 can choose to spike Edamitsu’s beer with rat poison, knock him out in the bathroom, hide his body inside a broom closet and steal his clothes. 47!Edamitsu will then have to recover Edamitsu’s badge, which he left in the alleyway behind the bar.

After flashing his badge to the guards at the entrance, 47!Edamitsu will be let inside. The butler would escort him into a room, where he would meet Belle. Belle reveals that she knows that Edamitsu’s daughter, Jenny, is a meth addict and threatens to expose her drug habit and get her expelled from Penn State. Belle then orders 47!Edamitsu to frame someone else for Zak’s murder, perhaps rearresting Kayla. 47 concedes and is granted permission to leave.

As Belle Bishop spends most of the conversation facing an open window, you can easily dispatch her by giving her a hard shove. However, Belle had explicitly told her guards to shoot you if you try to leave without her permission, so you will have to get creative with your escape.

Alternatively, 47 could poison a glass of champagne on the table counter, which Belle would drink once you’re out of the room, eliminating Belle while saving you the trouble of sneaking out.


Hitman : The Watchers

Mission 1: Avarice

Ray Lewis II (The Hoarder)
Landon Hendrix (The Collector)

(Optional) Additional Objectives:
Obtain the computer virus hard drive

Edinburgh, Scotland


Good Evening 47,

Your destination is the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh, where our client has requested the immediate termination of his longtime business rival, Ray Lewis II. Lewis is the multi-millionaire CEO of the city’s fastest-growing casino franchise, “Coin-Grabber Inc.” However, his insatiable greed has caused him to turn to more…skeptical ways of accumulating wealth. Lewis plans on using a highly unstable computer virus to enter other corporate CEO’s bank accounts and steadily drain their savings into his. As one of said CEO’s targeted by the scheme, the client has resorted to contacting the ICA to avoid inevitable bankruptcy. He also requested you eliminate the virus’ creator; professional hacker and 3-time ex-convict, Landon Hendrix. The two will both be laying low at one of their casinos in the northern Edinburgh area. Lewis will be found in the upper floors, most likely guarded by heavy security, while Hendrix will be found around the first and second levels, hiding in plain sight. However, he might be identifiable by his voice, reported to be gravelly due to smoking. Anyways, it’s time to pull the plug on this operation. Good Luck, 47.
End Cutscene: Close Ties 1 week earlier. Lewis is in his office, talking on the phone to an unknown person on the other end. He’s mentioning certain things, such as the state of his company, his finances, but most importantly, the companies he plans to target with Hendrix’s virus. As the conversation going on, his gets gradually more frustrated with the unknown caller. He ends the call by bringing up something about the Consulate in Marrakesh, before angrily hanging up and sitting down in his chair with his head in his hands.

Mission 2: The Weak Point

Eva Strandberg (The Supplier)

Siberia, Russia


Good Morning, 47.

Shortly after our previous contract in Scotland, we managed to receive some particularly interesting files from Lewis’ computer. It appears that Lewis wasn’t specifically going to use his stolen money for himself. In fact, he is merely a pawn in a much bigger operation we uncovered. We haven’t much to work with at the moment, be from what we have found out, the money was meant to be gathered to fund resources for an international crime syndicate known as “The High Kingdom.” Unfortunately, stopping Lewis’ plan isn’t going to do much to stop their growth, but we thought of a way we could slow it down. Eva Strandberg, Claus Strandberg’s daughter and munitions expert, has been identified as running several of The High Kingdom’s weapon manufacturing depots. However, it seems that there is no real way to render them inoperable by conventional means, so we need to stop the person running them all. Eva is rumored to be doing an annual inspection on one of her factories in Siberia and will most likely be surrounded by armed guards at all times. This could be our only chance to strike.
Once you’re done with the mission, we will take it from there.
Good luck, 47.

End Cutscene: We Can See You The day after. Diana, 47 and several more ICA employees are at the now empty weapon factory, however, the camera doesn’t move at all and no noise can be heard but faint static. The camera zooms out to reveal they are being watched on a CCTV camera by two people, covered by darkness. They both talk to each other about Eva’s assassination and how the ICA is behind it. After a brief conversation, one of them hold up a walkie-talkie to their ear and says:

“We know who they are now. Find them and bring me the handler. Alive. The ICA will know our strength”

The two people get up and walk off screen.

Mission 3: The Plot Thickens

Renier De Waal (The Hidden)
Aziza Becker (The Escape Artist)
Zander Joubert (The Infiltrator)

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Good Morning, 47.

One of our clients has issued us a contract located in Port Elizabeth, where he requests you to dispatch three targets. Your main objective is to eliminate Renier De Waal, a former MI5 agent who has a notorious track record for unnecessary collateral damage, going as far as to slaughter entire families who get in the way of his objectives, one of these families belonging to our client. De Waal was eventually fired and jailed for his actions after 5 years, but recently escaped prison with the help of his two friends, Aziza Becker, master thief and “owner” of some of the worlds most priceless artifacts, and Zander Joubert, professional spy and a retired member of Sean Rose’s militia. However, there’s one catch. De Waal has went out of his way to have all personal data of his destroyed, including any pictures of him past or present. You may have to gather information from Becker and Joubert, as they have close personal ties to De Waal. This may be quite the challenge, but nothing you can’t handle.
Good Luck, 47.

During Gameplay:
Diana talks to 47 rarely during the mission. Not even description for mission stories show up. It’s heavily implied the Diana was taken by members of The High Kingdom.
As you are about to leave the mission, Lucas Grey (who was hired by the ICA after the events of HITMAN 2) contacts you. He tells you that Diana has been kidnapped by three High Kingdom mercenaries who escaped by boat. Where the are is unknown but he tells you that he has people tracking their location.

End Cutscene:
Lucas Grey and 47 are talking to each other in an office about Diana’s kidnap. Strangely however, 47 is visibly worried, which is unlike him as he was created with no emotion. In the middle of the conversation, Lucas gets a call and says that it’s from one of the hackers that has been tracing the location of the boat. He leaves, leaving 47 alone in the office. After thinking to himself for a while (flashbacks or something idk), he gets up, and follows Lucas.

Mission 4: Subterranean Shackles

Zachary Doyle (The Brawn)
Naomi Guerrero (The Brains)

Naval Prison Base, The Chilean Sea

Alright, 47.

Our elite group of white hat hackers has managed to pinpoint the location where the kidnappers have docked. The three High Kingdom mercenaries have taken Diana to an underwater prison camp, designed to be undetected by any aerial means, making it relatively unheard of until now. Further research shows that members of The High Kingdom have abducted members of several other high ranking corporations, ranging from Kronstadt, to CICADA, and even some of the few remaining operatives of Providence. But that’s enough of that, our mission now is to rescue Diana. Intel shows that she is currently being interrogated by two of the three kidnappers we had a run-in with earlier; Zachary Doyle, and Naomi Guerrero. We need to eliminate the two of them before any severe physical or mental damage is to be inflicted on Ms. Burnwood. However, the high levels of security and their strict rules against trespassers could pose a challenge. Given your track record of successful hits, I suspect this won’t be an issue. Just get in and out as quick as possible.
Good Luck, Agent.

During Gameplay:
You’ll have 20 minutes to complete the mission. If the time expires, Diana will be killed and you will fail the mission.

End Cutscene:
I’ll work on it later.

Mission 5: She Will Not Die

Prometheus (The Shadow) [Real Name Unknown]
Lucia West (The Blademaster)
Dex Vega (The Gunner)
1 Random Guard

Montana, U.S.A

Mission 6: The Gift of Fire

Ruth Ort-Meyer (The Watcher)

Antarctic Reasearch Facility, Antarctica


Pretty good! Formatting advice, you should put your End Cutscene at the end of the passage.


New series: this is a prequel set right after Absolution. And by right after, I mean in 2014.

Hitman: Resurgence

Opening Cutscene: Poor Girl
Chicago, Illinois, USA. 9:00AM
21st July 2014
In the mansion garden, Diana and her bodyguards, Theodora “Dora” Hillingham and Felix Winthrop, are seen walking to Victoria’s grave. Diana kneels down in front of it and asks them for a minute alone. As Hillingham and Winthrop walk away, they talk about Victoria, who died of a genetic defect in her sleep, and 47, who is now taking his first contract since taking out Travis.

Mission 1
Mission Title: The Return
Targets: Tech tycoon Kaemon Morihei and Yakuza prince Hachigoro Chino
Location: Hiroshima, Japan

30th June, 3:00PM
Good evening, 47. Glad to see you back in action again. Your destination is the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Your main target is Kaemon Morihei, tech magnate and CEO of Morihei Industries. The company has hit hard times recently, and Morihei has started a sideline in arms trafficking, selling weapons to the Yakuza. A lucrative business, but a dangerous one.

Our client is Mitsuhide Yokono, the vice president of Morihei Industries. Worried that Morihei Industries is taking too big a risk by associating with the Yakuza, he has hired us to eliminate Morihei so he could take over the company himself and back away from his criminal dealings.

To mask his motive, however, Mr Yokono also hired us to eliminate Hachigoro Chino, the son of Yakuza warlord Sumitomo Chino. By eliminating Hachigoro along with Morihei, the assassinations would look like a rival hit, clearing Mr Yokono of suspicion.

The duo are meeting at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park to finalise Morihei’s deal. Both targets will be incredibly well-protected, so take caution.

This is quite a challenging contract to start with, but I am sure you’re more than capable of handling it. Good luck, my friend.

End Cutscene: Freeform Training
South China Sea, 8:00PM
1st August 2014
On a beach of a remote island in the South China Sea, Maya Parvati is seen sparring with fellow Maelstrom crew member Gunadhya Panikkar. While Panikkar manages to dominate the fight due to his large size, Parvati wins thanks to her quick reflexes. Panikkar angrily spits at her and storms off.

Alright, that’s it for tonight. A couple of side characters might become important later on, so keep your eyes on them.

Until then, see you in 2019!