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Here’s a bit of a story I made back on the old site. I don’t know if it’s any good, but…


A woman’s hands are calmly but firmly placed on the steering wheel of her car. She glances out of her rearview mirror and her chest heaves a sigh. Of relief?

The camera slowly zooms out, showing the city of Berlin, Germany.

The woman’s car comes to a stop in front of what appears to be a fancy hotel. The doorman greets her in German, and while the woman sends him a kind smile, she doesn’t say anything. Slowly, she reaches the front desk, and before the person at the front can even begin to speak, the woman cuts him off with a notable English accent.

“Tobias Rieper’s room. I’m expected.”

The man’s lip curls in what could be distaste. He quickly recovers, typing into his computer. “Room number?” he asks.

“He didn’t tell me,” the woman replies smoothly. “Tell him it’s Diana.”

He eyes her and slowly picks up the phone on the desk. Punching in a few numbers, the phone rings once, twice, thrice, and finally the receiver is picked up. “Herr Rieper, a Frau Diana is here to meet with you. She claims to have a meeting,” the man was saying, his German accent dripping in a way to show the woman named Diana just how much he believed her.

The man suddenly flushes. “Of course, Herr Rieper. Right away.” He quickly puts the phone down and gestures to the nearest elevator. “Room 324, third floor. My apologies.”

Diana nods politely at the man and enters the elevator. When she reaches the third floor, she wastes no time searching for room 324, and when she finds it, her hand knocks quickly.

Within moments, the door is opened, and a man wearing a black suit and red tie appears in the doorway. He is holding one of his signature Silverballers in one hand. He lowers it a moment later.

“Diana,” he acknowledges, no emotion in his words. He turns around and his former handler takes that as her sign to come in. She shuts the door behind her.

“I have a contract.”

“I don’t do that anymore. You know that,” Agent 47 replies simply.

“I do.” Diana hesitates. “It’s personal. This is coming directly from me.”

47 turns away from her, sitting down on a leather chair across from a television that, while on, nobody was paying any attention to. “Then get someone else.” The agent locks eyes with her, “It was your idea to find an out.”

Diana ignores the last part of his statement, “No one would go for it. The target is Benjamin Travis.”

“The ICA division chief,” 47 muses. “What makes him so unlucky?”

“He has someone. A girl. He’s been training her to become an assassin, like you. I know somewhere in you, you don’t want someone to be turned into you.”

Diana could see the words sticking to 47, one way or another. “One last contract, 47.”

47 leans back with a sigh, finger tapping the side of his Silverballer. “One last contract,” he concedes at last.

The scene cuts to black.

Mission 1
Title: Back in the Game
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Benjamin Travis
Do not harm Victoria
Location: New York, United States

"Welcome to New York, 47.
"Your primary objective is rescuing Victoria, however, it is best done so in eliminating Benjamin Travis, the current ICA division chief. Travis’s mansion holds up to fifty guards and twenty members of staff, and while a percentage will have eyes on Travis himself, most will be on Victoria. According to my intel, Travis roams the upper part of the mansion while Victoria visits only the downstairs portions, including her bedroom.
“Be mindful, 47. If we are to get Victoria to trust you, no harm must befall her. Please, be careful, 47. Good luck.”

Post-Mission Cutscene:
Lockdown has been engaged, 47 realized, and what was he doing? Hiding in a girl’s closet. Of course, Travis was dead, so these things were bound to happen.

The door opens, and in steps a teenaged girl, no less than seventeen. She curls up as a ball on her bed, looking out her window.

47 quickly stepped out of the closet, his Silverballer pointed at Victoria’s chest. The moment he did, she looked like a deer caught in headlights.

There’s a pause before any of them start speaking, and when they do, it’s Victoria.

“You’re the assassin. The one Travis wants me to be like so bad.” When 47 says nothing, she takes that as a sign to continue, “Are you here to kill me, too?”

Instead of responding, 47 tilts his pistol a little to the right, and fires a bullet through Victoria’s window. The girl squeaks in surprise at the sudden sound of shattering glass. She’s even more taken aback when 47 grabs her by the forearm.

“Come on, we’re leaving.”

47 forces Victoria to climb out the window first, then he follows her. Together, with all of the guards wandering around inside the mansion thanks to the lockdown, the two easily sneak away to a car parked out on the street. They both climb inside, and as soon as Victoria shuts her door, 47 takes off.

“Why does Diana care so much about you?” 47 questions not a second later.

“W-what?” the teenaged girl stutters, buckling her seat belt. “Diana’s…still alive?” 47 could hear a fraction of hope enter her voice.

“Yes.” the agent answers, partly in order to gain more answers.

Victoria let out a breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding. “She was my only friend, and Travis just…shot her.” She looks out the window, her face reflecting in the glass. “She took me away from the doctors.”

That earned 47’s attention. “Tell me about the doctors.”

Victoria shuddered. “It’s really blurry, like…a really bad dream,” she turned back to him, “Why?”

47 didn’t answer.

Jade Nguyen smiled gleefully. A dream come true for her, really. Benjamin Travis has been found dead. The guy was an asshole, and with no one better than her, the higher-ups had no choice but to promote her to division chief.

Jade tapped her finger on a rail, overlooking the command area. Travis may be dead, but she had a job to do. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who killed Travis. And while the rest of the ICA didn’t know about Victoria, Jade and only the people she trusted most did.

Contract out on 47, done. The Saints en route? Done. The Praetorians en route? Done. They may not find 47 or the asset right away, but they will eventually.

And when they do, one of them will kill the myth. Her money is on the Saints.


  • Benjamin Travis is an enforcer to 47 is nearly every disguise. Travis also, despite what some might be thinking, does actually die here.
  • Both Travis and Victoria walk around the mansion, although Victoria has two bodyguards with her. This is also the only mission in the game Victoria can compromise 47.
  • Victoria, as per every map she appears as an NPC on, is the only character the player can’t mark as a target in contracts mode. They can, however, subdue her, in contacts mode.
  • Like the tornado shelter in Freedom Fighters, 47 can only escape to Victoria’s bedroom closet here in Story Mode.

Mission 2
Title: Sky’s the Limit
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Agnija Radoncic
Eliminate Louisa Cain
Escape with Victoria
Location: New York, United States

Briefing: Their car comes to a stop in front of the JFK International Airport. Opening the glove compartment, 47 shoves his Silverballer inside and gets out. Victoria is quick to follow.

“What do we do?”

“I have a contact in Goias Velho. We can’t get to Berlin as Tobias Rieper or,” 47 spares Victoria a glance, “Victoria Travis.”

Victoria says nothing as she and 47 check in under their assumed names in the JFK International Airport. Slowly, both of them enter the airport, and it’s as Victoria is picking up her things off the belt that 47 spots them.

“The Saints.”

“What?” Victoria cocks her head to the side.

“The Saints are here. Keep out of sight.” is all 47 says. Yet, there were only two of them? Where’s the rest? Well, suppose they don’t matter as long as only two remain here.

Post Mission Cutscene:
47 and Victoria step aboard their plane and, without much fuss, they both find their seats.

“A-are they dead?” Victoria whispers to 47. He glanced at her from the corner from his eye.


She sighs. “Why are they doing this?”

47 remains silent.

A red haired man sits down at a table. He’s reading through a file supplied to him when a British woman enters and sits across from him.

“Sorry I’m late. Held up,” she offers her hand, “Penelope Graves.”

The man shakes her hand. “Carlton Smith.”

“So, mind going over the details for me?” Graves asks, steepling her hands on the table.

Smith opens the file. “Subject is known for faking his death. Previously working for MI5, he’s currently working as a freelance assassin.” Smith glances up to see if Graves if following him, finding her deep in thought. "Subject is big on theatrics, if his gig on Bryon Washington III was anything to say about it. He apparently goes to great lengths to assassinate his targets as loudly as possible.

“Subject has been confirmed killed by the ICA over a dozen times.”

“ICA?” Graves cuts in, the end of her own poking her mouth’s bottom lip.

“International Contract Agency. You’ve never heard of them?”

Graves shakes her head.

Smith clears his throat, looking back down at his file. “Subject’s name is Mark Faba, currently 60 years old.” He shuts the file.

Graves drops her pen back in front of her. While she began talking about her thoughts on her most recent case, Smith couldn’t help the creeping thought in the back of his mind.

Was 47 one of those agents who failed to assassinate Faba?


  • The player can prompt Victoria to follow 47 around the airport. In which, regardless of if Victoria sees 47 trespass, change disguises, subdue, or even kill a target, she never compromises 47. For the rest of the game, if the player subdues or kills Victoria, the mission immediately fails.
  • Like the previous mission, only one exit is available in Story Mode, 47 and Victoria’s plane gateway.
  • This is the only mission in the game that 47 is empty-handed and can’t carry any weapons unless the player gains enough mastery.

Mission 3
Title: Two-Headed Serpent
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Hèctor Delgado
Eliminate Andrea Martinez
Escape with Victoria
Location: São Thiagó, Brazil

Briefing: 47 and Victoria pull up to what looks like a reinforced abandoned bus. Stepping out of the car, 47 makes his way to what could be a bouncer of sorts, sitting in a chair outside the bus. Victoria hastily follows him.

Watching the agent, the guy in the chair motions with his head to step into the bus.

The man at the other end stops feeding his birds, and speaks with a Hispanic accent. “So what brings your mean ass to my home?”

“I need a favor,” 47 answers, face neutral.

“A favor?” the man spreads his arms out. “I don’t do favors, homes. I do information,” he points to himself.

“Maybe. But you’re the best in your business.”

“Damn right.”

“I need passports. Two of them.”

The man leans back in his seat. “Alright, what’re they worth to you?”

“Name your price,” 47 answers calmly.

The man hums and haws before he lets his finger land in Victoria’s direction, who’d been quiet up until this point. “Her. For insurance.” Victoria’s eyes go wide in alarm.

“Birdie,” 47 warns.

The man called Birdie chuckles lightly. "Relax. I’m fuckin’ with ya, homes. Uh, there’s something I want you to do for me. Two guys of the Delgado cartel are headin’ over to São Thiagó. Hèctor Delgado and Andrea Martinez, and I’d really like it if they’d hand in their resignation, if you catch my drift.

“Makes things bad for business since, well, I’ve been slipping the Moreno’s some information, and I’m thinkin’ they’ll come after me if they figure it out. Oh! And by the way, rumor has it that Delgado and Martinez are lovers, so I’d be careful if I were you. Of course, you already knew that, didn’t you, homes?”

Birdie leans back, and 47 exits the bus, Victoria in tow. When they get back into their car, the words explode from her mouth before she can stop them.

“Why did you stop him?”

“I promised Diana to keep you safe,” is 47’s automatic reply.

“But you don’t have to. Still, why are you helping me?” absentmindedly amidst her talk, Victoria placed her hand on 47’s arm. Glancing at her, he pries it off and lets it drop.

Victoria cracks a humorless smile.

Post Mission Cutscene:

Jade swings her head in the direction of Dijana Radoncic’s outburst. They had just wheeled in the bodies of two dead members of the Saints.

So, 47 managed to kill two members of the Saints? From the sound of it, Dijana’s sister was one of them.

Really, that part shouldn’t come as a surprise. Tobias Rieper’s flight landed in Brazil a few hours ago, which means…

A small smile crept up Jade’s face.

“Get Hernandez on the line,” she told her personal assistant. Typing into his tablet, he stopped momentarily when Jade continued, “And send the Praetorians to Goias Velho.”

Jade’s assistant glimpsed. “Not the Saints?”

“They’re not exactly operational, are they?” Jade retorted.


  • While Victoria is still an NPC on the map, she walks around and has a pattern of her own. Still, the player can get Victoria to follow 47 around, minus the restricted areas, if they so choose.
  • Hèctor and Andrea call each other every time one of them completes their pattern. If one of them does not answer the other may either go looking for them or enter lockdown mode temporarily.
  • If Andrea is killed in an accident and Hèctor finds out, he will either commit suicide or kill one of the Moreno guys around the map.
  • 47 can trigger a shootout between high ranking Moreno cartel members and most of the Delgado cartel members that appear on the map. Of course, while both targets are killed, so are a handful of non-targets.

Mission 4
Title: Hunter and Hunted
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate John Hoplon
Eliminate Carey Scutum
Retrieve the passports
Escape with Victoria
Location: Goias Velho, Brazil

Briefing: Three days have passed since Birdie last called him, and with the ICA closing in on them, those were two days too many.

At last, though, Birdie called, waiting until 47 to say the first words before Bridie answered with, “They’re ready.” And that was that.

Now, 47 and Victoria come to a slow stop on the sidewalk they occupied.

There they were. The three Praetorians standing about next to Birdie’s bus. The so-called bouncer was nowhere to be seen. They turned their gaze to the bus entrance where Birdie stepped down. An older woman on the attractive side followed behind, her hand on Birdie’s shoulder.

One of the Praetorians, Jack Aegis, followed close behind them, shouting something to his comrades. They nodded and took to further patrol around the area.

The woman pushed Birdie into a car despite his protests, with Aegis joining him moments later. She opened another door, and the car sped off, kicking up dirt in the process.

“ICA?” Victoria anxiously asked 47.

“Tuulia Hernandez and the Praetorians,” 47 observed. “Some of the Agency’s more calculating operatives.” Victoria is about to say something when 47 cuts her off. “We need those passports.” He turns his cool and sharp gaze to Victoria. She meets it. “You stay out of sight until I return.”

“Are you going to kill them?” Victoria asks, a small quiver in her voice. In spite of it, she pointed her stare to the two remaining Praetorians.

John Hoplon and Carey Scutum.


The teenaged girl tries her best to steel her nerves. “Fuck them.”

47 gives a rare, wry smile. “Fuck them.”

Post-Mission Cutscene:
Victoria watched 47, his stride never faltering. How does someone like him kill without a second thought? To him, it’s become second nature. First nature? Whatever.

Travis wanted to train her into becoming a killing machine, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t dissolve her empathy. Now 47 is here and she can’t help but like him. What were they, anyway? Friends? No. More like he was her reluctant guardian.

Victoria’s stomach churned. If only that one word wasn’t involved in their newfound relationship. Reluctance.

“Where are we going?” she asked. 47 hadn’t said much of anything to her since handing her her passport. He’s been a couple paces ahead of her since.

Victoria Chambers was her new name, and she was going to have to get used to it. This was the third name she’d taken up in her lifetime. Actually, that wasn’t entirely true. Her name has always been Victoria, but when Diana helped her she remembered her supposed birth certificate reading ‘Victoria Burnwood’. Then Travis found them, and she’d been forced into having his surname. Not like it really mattered, it’s just a name, after all.

“Birdie won’t stay quiet for long. As long as the Agency gives him some incentive, he’ll be more than willing to switch sides. It wouldn’t be the first time.”

47 turned down an alley and Victoria followed. She could feel her heart racing. Why? For the excitement? The thrill? Or for anxiousness and apprehension?

“Stay close to me. Come on.” Victoria sped her walk, spotting a man playing with a knife, staring at the back of 47’s head.

“I hate them.”

47’s speed wavers.

“Travis and…and all of them. The doctors…they hurt me, and they treat me like I’m their property,” Victoria spits. Yes, she may have empathy, but she doesn’t hold it for those people. If they could even be called that. “I know it’s wrong to say I’m glad that Travis is dead but, I am.” Her eyes soften. “Does that make me a bad person?”

“No,” 47 answers, surprising both of them. He doesn’t elaborate further, and he knows he doesn’t need to.

Victoria cracks a small smile at him.


  • Unless in certain disguises, neither of the Praetorians are enforcers to 47 in his suit.
  • Both Scutum and Hoplon meet when one of them are distracted, investigating together. Additionally, both act overly suspicious when they find a gun lying on the ground, questioning most people in a ten-foot radius.
  • If Birdie’s bouncer is found and riled up enough through certain means, his anger issues will come out and, depending on if he’s found the bus keys, he can run over both Hoplon and Scutum while driving the bus.

Mission 5
Title: Término
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Birdie
Eliminate Tuulia Hernandez
Escape with Victoria
Location: Posadas, Argentina

Briefing: 47 and Victoria sit in a cafe, the teenaged girl eating food while her new guardian watched both her and the motel across the street.

“I hope Diana still likes me,” Victoria says at some point, breaking their comfortable silence. 47 rips his gaze off a stoic Jack Aegis, ignoring how he speeds out of the motel parking lot. “I’ve changed a lot.” The double meaning in her words are left unmentioned.

“You’ll be fine,” 47 replies. He looks back at Tuulia Hernandez, now on the phone with someone. Likely the ICA.

Victoria’s fork clatters to her plate and she leans forward. “Can’t you at least pretend to care?”

47 can’t stop his eyebrow from rising and, seeing it, Victoria goes on. “Diana, she just…she told me so much about you and…and I wanted to meet you.” 47’s other eyebrow goes up. “But you’re so cold to me-”

“I don’t get close. Anyone is a potential target.”

“Not everyone,” Victoria retaliates. “Not Diana,” she pauses, “Me?”

Something crosses 47’s usually emotionless face, but it’s gone quickly. “I don’t eliminate minors.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

The assassin scans Victoria and the girl lets out a breath she hadn’t known she’d been holding when he finally tells her, “No. Not you.”

The girl blinks, sitting back in her chair. “Are we friends?” she eventually asks with something akin to hope.

“My friendships don’t work out.”

“That’s not true. Diana told me you were friends with a priest once.”

“That was a long time ago.”


47 glances out the window in time to see Hernandez entering one of the motel rooms. “I suppose we’re friends.”

Victoria’s lips twitch upward, and she follows 47’s gaze. “Término Motel,” she read off the big neon sign.

“One of the ICA’s safehouses. Also the most prominent in South America.”

“That’s why you knew where to go,” Victoria deduced. 47 cracks the smallest of smiles.

“Problem is that it’s meant to be a neutral house for most agencies. The Franchise and the Puissance Treize before they disbanded, and Yakuza and Delgado assassins.”

“What if that neutrality is broken?”

“Then the Término sells its assets to the highest bidder.”

Victoria pokes at her food with her fork, letting everything sink in. How could the world be so cruel? “Who are you… you’re targets?”

“Birdie and Hernandez. I can’t risk the ICA knowing about Jason and Victoria Chambers.”

Victoria felt her heart leap to her throat. He was doing so much for her. Did he really care that for her, or was it his promise to Diana? What if it was both?

Despite her watery eyes, she smiled warmly.

Post-Mission Cutscene:
Jade Nguyen finds herself frowning when she doesn’t receive an update from Tuulia Hernandez on Birdie’s cooperation. She’s vaguely aware of her newly acquired assistant on the phone with someone else.

She hears him drops his phone from his ear. “The Praetorian just found Hernandez,” he pauses, wincing and preparing himself for the worst, “She’s dead.”

Jade’s head goes spinning. This wasn’t supposed to be this difficult. A minor inconvenience at the most, but this wasn’t turning at all how she wanted it to go. “And Birdie?”

“Also dead,” his voice is a near whisper.

Jade curses under her breath. Victoria was the thing she needed, and 47 was deflecting her every move. What was she supposed to do when one of her own couldn’t get the job done? She has to find 47 and Victoria before they disappear for good.

There was a solution for that. It’d be frowned upon, but she can deal with the mess after Victoria was back in their custody.

“Make the contract open.”


“Five million dollars for 47’s head on a platter and delivering the girl to me. Put a bounty on his head.”

Her assistant’s jaw clenches twice in vexation and panic before his hand begins tapping away at his tablet.

She runs a hand over her hair, taking out her hair sticks, letting her long hair flow around her shoulders. They’d been on 47’s tail for over a month now, and they still hadn’t found him.

She can’t risk losing any more ICA agents. If assassins were eliminated hunting 47’s bounty, however…

Of course, there was a downside. The ICA’s existence will be a lot more public than it used to be. But, that wasn’t exactly her problem.

Her problem was locating the thing named Victoria.


  • Victoria sits in the cafe across the street from the motel for most of the mission. The only time she moves is when the player requests for her to.
  • If given enough time where Hernandez can gather enough money, Birdie will tell her the names of 47 and Victoria’s names according to the new passports.
  • Birdie is an enforcer to 47’s every disguise while Hernandez can only see through a security disguise, due to the security members being personally appointed by her and Jack Aegis.
  • The only buildings the player may enter on this map is the Término Motel and the cafe across the street. Although there are other locations outside of those two elsewhere, simply no other large establishments.

Mission 6
Title: The Showstopper
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Diana Burnwood
Location: Berlin, Germany

Briefing: A British man on the older side, dressed in a grey suit, stepped out of the Berlin airport doors. He was holding a briefcase in his gloved hands.

Stepping up to the curb of the street, he waves down a coming cab and sets himself inside. “Rosenholz Hotel,” he says to the driver. She nods, and they pull away.

The man dials a number into his phone and be places it up to his ear. “Alice, I’ve just landed. Are the instruments in place?” A pause. “Good.” Another pause. “We’re going big on this one. I want alternatives, the spectacle needs to be quintessential.”

Yet another pause, and this time the cab driver finds herself looking at him in her rear-view mirror.

“Of course, that’s the whole point. It’s an invitation. They still haven’t sent their best. I’d very much like to meet him.”

A shorter one this time.

“Then we’ve had a good run. If I go by anyone’s hand, I want it to belong to the best in the business. Simple as that.”

The driver raises an eyebrow, turning at the next intersection. What does that mean?

“Good…Good, I’ll see you later, Alice,” with that, the man hangs up his call and puts his phone in his pocket. Alice had been very helpful. It didn’t take long to learn Diana Burnwood’s connection to the ICA, and even less from there her connection to a mystery. A shadow.

“Girl troubles?” the driver can’t help but pry, flashing her occupant an unsure smile.

“On the contrary, we’re at a consensus,” the man replies, steepling his fingers.

The driver nervously nods, pulling in to the man’s stop. She’s about to say something else when her passenger opens the car door and hands her money for the fare.

The man ignores her as she drives off, watching the hotel Diana Burnwood currently resides in.

Post-Mission Cutscene:
“No…” Victoria stops dead in her tracks, watching as Diana’s body is wheeled right past her and 47 on a stretcher. “No.”

47’s face remains impassive, and before Victoria can begin moving in Diana’s direction, his hand wraps around her shoulder. “We have to get off the street.”

He wheels her around, ignoring as Victoria begins to sob. Neither of them look at the officers and medics around the Rosenholz’s entrance.

Approaching the front desk, a German blond begins speaking quickly, clearly stressed from the amount of police questioning. “Herr Rieper, your brother has come in.”

Victoria freezes in place, but 47 remains neutral. It’s only when they are just outside 47’s hotel room that his face cracks through an emotionless mask.

“Stay behind me,” he murmurs to Victoria, drawing a lockpick and his a silenced Silverballer he took off Birdie.

Victoria nods, taking a quick step back, and a moment later, the door flies open with 47 stepping inside, pistol raised.

Carlton Smith and Penelope Graves raise their hands, her apparently searching through the room, and him pacing back and forth.

“You,” is all 47 says, leveling his pistol at Smith. “You killed Diana?” he asks, his normally calm and collected voice with a form of…sadness? Anger?

“What? No!”

47 stares at him…then drops his pistol to his side. “What’re you doing here?”

Graves is about to say something when Smith cuts in, “We tracked someone here, to this room. Does the name ‘Mark Faba’ ring a bell?”

47 says nothing and Smith coughs awkwardly. “Yes, well, uh, he assassinated an American senator, a good one. He-” Smith catches a look and he resumes, getting himself back on track, “We’ve been tasked with incapacitating him and bringing him to justice.”

The gears in 47’s head were turning. If Mark Faba was here, then he was most definitely the person behind Diana’s…

That in itself was hard to comprehend.


Victoria’s sobbing started to slow, and her eyes grew narrow. Finding her guardian’s eyes with her own, she spoke quietly and confidently.

“Teach me.”

47’s eyebrow rose.

“Teach me to be like you.”

47’s other eyebrow went up. This was exactly what Diana was afraid of. The one thing she was trying to stop. And now, she was gone.

But he isn’t going to let his last promise to her mean nothing. Victoria can’t be like what he’s become.


And for a second, both of them forget they are in the presence of Smith and Graves.

Victoria glares, and 47 meets it.

“I promised Diana to keep you safe.”

The teenage girl pressed her lips together. Then, before anyone realizes what’s happening, she’s swiped 47’s gun from his hand and placed the barrel up to her temple.

“I want this,” she sobs, her finger hovering over the trigger. “I want you to teach me,” her voice cracks, “Please.”

Graves is reaching out with one hand. “Hey. Hey, put the-”

“You promised Diana to keep me safe, that’s what you said,” Victoria ignores her, double-checking the gun is cocked, “I’ll do it,” her face, despite the tears, is serious. The most serious 47 has ever seen it. “Please, please, teach me.”

A long silence stretches over the room. When no sound emits from 47’s lips, Victoria shuts her reddish eyes and begins to squeeze the trigger…


He’s no longer the calm and collected hitman she’s grown to know. His face, it looks confused, urgent, even. It matches his tone of voice. He clearly doesn’t like to say this, but it’s all he can to keep at least one part of Diana’s promise.

“I’ll teach you.”


  • Faba cannot disguise himself, unlike 47.
  • Unlike every other mission in the game, in this one, the more elaborate/spectacular the kill, the higher the player’s score.
  • This is the first mission in the game to not be available to play during contracts mode.
  • Diana walks around the hotel, and even attempts to contact 47 at several points.
  • Even if Diana is held at gunpoint, she remains calm and doesn’t flee, unlike most other NPCs in the game.
  • There are seven total opportunities to set up an elaborate kill, with fifteen total assassination challenges.
  • Faba’s loadout included a silenced pistol, coins, and a robot flash grenade.

Mission 7
Title: A Helping Hand
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Adeze Oijofor
Eliminate Richard Ekwensi
Help Victoria assassinate the targets
Location: Katowice, Poland

Briefing: A sniper rifle is lifted by calm and steady hands. The barrel of the gun pointed off the tall building Victoria and 47 lay on. Penelope Graves and Carlton Smith watch with shared nervous glances from behind them.

“So, who’s my target?” Victoria asks, looking down through the scope. Her voice is calm, but 47 can see the nervousness in her eyes.

He didn’t what to do with Smith and Graves. He couldn’t let them go but he couldn’t kill them, either. So, he decided, that they would come along with them. Graves tried to stay out of it as much as possible, but Smith was calm about it. So, eventually, Graves had to concede.

Speaking of, Graves dropped a file of internet provided pictures and information of the two targets she’d be…eliminating. “Subject names are Adeze Oijofor, or known by her war name as Nne Obara,” Graves recited like she was reading from a slip of paper. “The subject controls militia and bandits reigning West Africa, as well as a large chunk of the worlds earth trade.” Graves nods to Smith.

“Right now, she is securing her legacy with the help of an alliance with your second sub-er, target, former dictator of Central Africa, Richard Ekwensi.” Smith rubs his hands together after dropping a second file beside Oijofor’s. "The mark is living off of looted cash from his reign, and I think has been working to an agreement with Oijofor to reclaim his throne.

“From what we can tell, both of your targets have been living in Katowice for some time now, and both of them are heavily guarded,” he glances in Victoria’s direction.

Graves starts talking, “Both of the subjects have met publicly at the center of Katowice for the past month and a half, presumably putting together a plan of their own.” Her eyes narrow in focus, “Interpol has been tracking her for months now, but they haven’t even come close. How did you find her?” she directs her question to 47.

47, as per usual, doesn’t answer. Instead, he picks up his Silverballer and starts to turn around.

“Where are you doing?” Victoria asks, looking back over her shoulder. She felt her heart speed up. Was he leaving her, too? Because she wanted to learn to do this? Because she wanted to find the person who killed Diana?

“To the ground,” 47 responds, stopping to face her briefly. “These are high-profile targets. You’ll need a guide on your first hit.”

Victoria’s face heats up and she turns away, looking back down the rifle, finding Richard Ekwensi step out of his car, bodyguards beginning to flank him on either side.

47 stops by Smith. “I better find you here when I get back.”

Smith just smiles like a good friend of his is joking. He ignores the agent’s stoic face. “Hey, I owe you, remember?”

47 continues on his way, pushing past Smith on his way, and the roof door shuts with a bang.

Post-Mission Cutscene:
Another hotel. It was amazing how they kept finding themselves here, 47 mused.

Graves and Smith were locked behind one of the bedroom doors. Victoria should be asleep in the other bedroom. 47 had the couch for obvious reasons. He couldn’t have the ICA sneak up on him and Victoria while they rested.

He heard footsteps creeping along the floor and he took back his initial assumption that Victoria was asleep. From the corner of his eye he saw the teenaged girl in a gray nightgown, one supplied by the hotel.

“How did it feel to take your first life?” 47 asked, and Victoria startled. Clearly she thought she’d been quiet. She circled the couch and sat down beside him.

“That should depend on the type of person,” Victoria answered.

A beat of silence.

47 turned to her, “And did they deserve to be eliminated?”

She hesitates, he can see it. That’s good. She doesn’t have to do this. She can still be what Diana wants her to be. Not like him. Not a killer.

“They did. Some people deserve to die.” She’s leaning closer to him now and her close proximity causes a wave of discomfort to come over him. “What was it like for you?”

“Random. Disordered,” he muttered, echoing the same words he once told Diana over twenty years ago.

“Do you…regret killing anyone?”

“My canary.”

“Animals don’t count.”

Victoria watches 47’s lip quirk in one of the smallest smiles she’d ever seen. It’s gone a moment later, though.

“I eliminate whoever I’m contracted to. A contract is a contract.”

Victoria draws up her knees, hugging them to her chest. Her voice is small and uncertain, “Even me?”

47’s gaze finds her once more, “No,” he says quickly. No hesitation of she’ll think he’s lying. It isn’t a lie, anyway. He’d grown…fond of her.

Victoria smiles and, before he can move, she’s pressing her lips to his.

That got him to move. His hands found her shoulders and he pushed her back. His usually neutral face had broke, and all that was visible was clear and obvious uncomfortableness and tension.

Victoria’s face, on the other hand, was complete heartbreak. “I-I’m sorry, I just- this is the first I’ve ever felt this way before…”

47 just watched her. For an assassin that kept his cool under every circumstance, he found himself unable to make sense of a teenager’s advances.

“I…I just thought…w-wasn’t this what love is?” the teenager tucked her head in her knees. “I think I’m i-in love with you.” She wanted to curl into a ball and sink into the world. “Travis told me you’re just like me and…and I’m not an idiot, I know what I am!” she finally looks up at him, and she crawls to the other end of the couch.

Ah, and therein lies the problem.

“You’re not in love, Victoria,” 47 tells her with his cool and calculated voice, fixing the tie he always wears, just so that he’s doing something with his hands.

Changing subjects, he says, “Pack your things, we’re leaving tomorrow.”


  • This map is mostly a block or two of a city. Most NPCs walk around from store to store. Going with this, Richard Ekwensi is the only target in the game that takes his car from one part of the map to the other.
  • Victoria must eliminate at least one of the two targets. The player can do this by pressing a button on an NPC, and Victoria will take the shot. Note, however, that the player only receives Silent Assassin this way when the body is not found or seen being eliminated.
  • Richard Ekwensi and Adeze Oijofor never actually meet unless prompted by the player.
  • Inez Ekwensi, Richard’s wife, appears on the map and is involved in an opportunity wherein the player can give her forged documents of Oijofor aligning with Crystal Dawn.
  • Penelope Graves and Carlton Smith have turns announcing the opportunities, depending on who stated the last one, either Smith or Graves could say the same opportunity if the player restarts the mission.

Mission 8
Title: Closed Curtains
Targets & Objectives:
Identify and Eliminate Mark Faba
Retrieve Mark Faba’s phone
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Briefing: 47’s eyes scan robotically across the front entrance of the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Taking his first step further into the building, Smith’s voice chimes in his ear.

“Alright, according to Penelope, Faba’s broadcast ended just over an hour ago but your opening remains. Your target is Mark Faba, disgraced MI5 agent turned freelance assassin. He’s been confirmed killed by your guys over a dozen times.”

Graves cuts in swiftly, “If his invite is anything to go by, he’s extremely cocky over his ability to cheat death, narcissistic, even. You can try to use this to your advantage, possibly by stroking his ego in some form.”

Smith resumes, “We don’t know what Faba is doing at this theatre, but if he’s there we can assume he’s preparing an assassination in his usual overly loud modus operandi. That might be able to get you cover. As far as on ground intel, you’ll have to discover that on your own. Oh, and be careful. We don’t know if the ICA sent out someone else to deal with the notorious Mark Faba.”

47 turns his gaze over the large opening hall of the theatre, watching as people chatted away with their family and friends. Some of them were entering some of the smaller theatres, employees walking up and down the stairs.

Where are you, Mark Faba?

Post-Mission Cutscene:
Victoria is biting her nails, leg bouncing , her eyes trained on the diner door. 47 has been gone for a few hours now, which meant she’d had to keep a close eye on Graves and Smith. Or rather, just Graves.

When 47 does finally come through the door Victoria relaxes significantly. She notices Graves stiffen.

“Oh my God,” someone loudly whispered, and everyone is drawn towards a television showing that of a burning building, crumbling beneath the flames.

The Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Victoria didn’t know she had been standing until she was running out onto the street to vomit. This wasn’t anything like she expected. She could stomach the deaths of horrible people, the ones she herself took as long as they deserved it…but those people in the theatre? What did they do wrong?

“How could you do that?” she stared at 47’s feet. She could feel his piercing blue eyes burning into her head. “You…” she trailed off. What was she supposed to say?

A long silence stretches over them, one that she’d become quite accustomed to whenever she was in his presence.

“Faba had a target of his own.”

She met his contemplative eye, “Meaning what?” she asked, hoping it meant what she thought it did.

“Those deaths are on Faba.”

Victoria huffed, stretching her back up straight, dark hair cascading down her shoulders. That was good. Because Faba was dead. Faba was dead, and he…

He killed Diana.

Rage flashed in Victoria’s eyes. “I wanted to kill him.”

47 turned back to her, ignoring the cars driving past them.

“That’s why I want you to train me. So I could-”

“Avenging Diana won’t bring her back,” 47 interrupts.

“I-I know that,” Victoria sighs, putting her hands on her hips. “And I don’t like killing.” A lone tear trickles down her cheek. “But you can’t protect me forever.”

The door opens again and she knows it’s Smith and Graves.

“No,” 47 says with a softness she hadn’t heard before from him, “Only for as long as I have to.” He spins on his heel, off in the direction of their parked car. Where were they going next? Something he told her a few nights ago was that they kept moving so that the ICA couldn’t catch up, but there must only be so many places to go before they reach a dead end.

Victoria doesn’t notice Graves’s trembling hand gripping the phone 47 picked off of Faba, and her other curled around her coffee cup. She won’t notice it later when she comes to a decision and begins to broadcast 47’s location through the GPS.

“You know, your guardian saved me a few times in the past. He’d make a great American,” Smith was saying, as if he and 47 were the best of pals. Victoria’s stomach churned.

Guardian, she mused, bittersweet.


  • Faba, until being identified, is not seen in instinct.
  • Valerie St. Clair is Faba’s target, and it is highly insinuated the person who hired him is Darius Wirkus, the theatre’s corrupt owner, and the man St. Clair is investigating.
  • Until his inevitable reappearance, this is the only mission in the game that Faba isn’t an enforcer to 47 unless dressed in a particular disguise.
  • Again, Graves and Smith cycle through the opportunity dialogue every time the mission is played or restarted.
  • This is one of the only missions in the game that Victoria doesn’t have any dialogue in, other than the cutscene.
  • Dialogue says that the sprinkler system has been filled with gasoline, hence one of the reasons how the theatre burned down.
  • A new recruit ICA agent has been assigned into eliminating Faba during the mission, though it is clear upon finding him that he has little idea of what he is doing. He cannot see through any of 47’s disguises, and can be arrested if the player sneaks a weapon into his briefcase.

Mission 9
Title: Things Not Foreseen
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Maya Parvati
Eliminate Patrick Morgan
Eliminate Penelope Graves
Protect Victoria
Protect Carlton Smith
Escape with Victoria
Location: Suzdal, Russia

Briefing: A car pulls up beside a gas pump and the four occupants step out. As they do, 47 makes sure not to let Penelope Graves or Carlton Smith step out of his peripheral vision. He knew the relationship they now had was difficult. They were practically hostages, and both of them know not to make a run for it because he will find them one way or another.

“Keep an eye on them,” are the only words he voices to Victoria as he begins to pump gas into the car.

Victoria gives a small nod. It felt good to step out of the car. Neither she, Graves, or Smith had stretched their legs for about thirty hours now.

Smith leaned back against the car, bending himself at the knees, while Graves began across the street.

Victoria frowned, wringing her hands together nervously, and then followed her slowly, speeding quickly when a car stopped for her to pass.

She followed her every step of the way, and into the wax museum parallel to the gas station. What was she doing? Leaving her partner behind? Or was this supposed to be a part of some plan they out together in case they got caught?

“What’re you doing?” Victoria asked before she could stop herself, and Graves momentarily stopped.

Both of them became less aware of the people around them reading plaques next to wax statues.

At last, Graves turns around to look at her, a phone in her hand, and resolve in her face. Those are some of the first things Victoria notices.

“W-what’re you doing?” she repeats, taking a step closer.

“I’m doing this for a very good reason,” Graves answers with a step toward Victoria.

The pieces are quick to fall into place. Graves is going to have 47 killed…and then… Victoria will be vulnerable to the ICA all over again. Another of her friends will be gone. Dead.

She can feel Travis’s training instincts emerge from the back of her mind.

“You bastard!” she shouts at Graves, who recoiled, “Get away from me!”

The sound of her blood rushing to her ears was almost deafening compared to the sound of a shotgun piercing the air and the resulting screams.

“Alright pussies! Time to line up!”

Post-Mission Cutscene:
Penelope Graves had betrayed them and she paid the price. She was lying dead somewhere in Suzdal. 47 had a bounty on his head and she broadcasted their location every step of the way from Vilnius to Suzdal.

Sad part was that she didn’t fully know what was going on. That the ICA was after Victoria more than they were after 47. She thought she was helping Victoria by doing what she did.

It was a wonder, though. How many more people were after 47’s bounty? Today there was two. How many others were on the trail?

The new trio sped away from Suzdal as soon as they could, and it took only hours for Smith to fall asleep. He didn’t say all too much since they left. He knew Graves the most, after all. Maybe not well, but they still worked together.

Where were they going, anyway? They’d been driving for over a day without much of a plan. Night had fallen, too.

47 seemed to read her mind, “We’re going to Hong Kong.”

“Hong Kong,” Victoria echoed, “That’s so far.”

“I need to know what’s going on. How much the ICA knows,” 47 glances at her, “and I need to set a trap.”

Victoria crossed her legs. She hated how she felt butterflies in her stomach whenever she and 47 talked. They hadn’t talked about that night at the hotel since it happened. All this was new to her. All these emotions. So many things she wanted to say.

But instead she says, “I felt it again.” She drops her gaze to her lap. “Travis’s training. When Penelope told me she was getting you killed for a good reason I thought I would lose control.” It’s weird. She knows that even though he isn’t looking at her, he’s hanging onto her every word. “But you…you came back and I was so…so scared.” She smiles softly to herself. He came back for her.

47 opens his mouth to speak, getting out only a few words before Victoria interrupts him from saying the words she knew he was going to say. “You aren’t a machine, 47,” she whispers, cocking her head towards him, “You’re still human at the end of the day, just like me.” She hesitates, letting them come to a stop at a red light before she places her soft hand on his cheek and turns him towards her. “You’re just like me.”

Her eyes find his piercing blue ones, her heart thumping in her chest. How bad she wanted to press her lips against his. To feel like she was loved. 47 and Diana were the only people to show any form of care for her.

And now here she was. A schoolgirl crush on…no, she was in love with 47.

Victoria took her hand off 47, and it felt like one of the most difficult things to do. Her lips stretched into a small smile. How nice it felt to be in love.


  • Penelope Graves becomes a target only when either Morgan or Parvati are eliminated or if the player finds Victoria hiding somewhere within the museum.
  • Although Parvati and Morgan are holding the wax museum hostage, they are the only two people holding the museum hostage.
  • All points of entry to the wax museum are guarded by police officers, making this one of the most difficult locations to enter on the map. Furthermore, upon being inside the museum, the player will be in a hostile area.
  • The player can blend in with wax statues once they are inside, making moving around slightly more easy.
  • Carlton Smith is the only person announcing opportunities to 47.
  • It is possible in certain scenarios where Parvati and/or Morgan eliminate Victoria, thereby resulting in a mission fail.
  • Like every mission Smith and Graves appear as an NPC in, they may both be marked as targets in contracts mode. Victoria, as per usual, can not be marked in contracts mode.
  • The map is about the size of Sapienza, although really only the wax museum part is used in story mode.
  • Neither Parvati or Morgan are enforcers to 47 unless in the hostile area. Graves, on the other hand, only becomes an enforcer when she becomes a target.
  • Parvati can open fire on 47, and when she does she doesn’t have good aim due to her metal hand.
  • Future targets are frequently mentioned by Morgan in conversation.

Mission 10
Title: In Plain Sight
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Scott Sarno
Eliminate Gary Lunn
Eliminate Walter Menard
Retrieve three clues
Location: Hong Kong, China

Briefing: Jade Nguyen took the center of the room, her eyes on the large monitors at the other end. They were receiving satellite images of Hong Kong. They were getting closer. Three people may have died because of this bounty, but there was a mole in 47’s circle. They knew his location and they couldn’t waste the opportunity.

“Scott Sarno,” her assistant said from beside her, reading off his tablet, “Director of the CICADA PMC, he was brought in to oversee Kong Tuo-Kwang’s safety,” he pauses, glancing at Jade, “after the leaked contract Hamilton-Lowe placed on him.”

Jade nods. They may have lost a client, and the board will have a field day with her, but it was worth it. Scott Sarno will coordinate 47’s assassination and extract Victoria. It’s all very simple, and it should be. Nothing about this should be too complicated, and yet so far, it has been. Jade had to get her hands dirty and hire CICADA in order to get the job done.

And Scott Sarno was one of the best. She’s heard great things about him.

He’s ruthless, merciless. She’s seen old files of him and his team back during the Siege of Sarajevo and he was just what she needed. The ICA may not deal in collateral damage, but CICADA will.

“Gary Lunn,” her assistant continues, “a high-threat CICADA enforcer, he was brought in to aid Director Sarno in eliminating 47, a task his skills as a previous unit marksman will compliment.”

Gary Lunn. Jade had learned quite a bit about him when his name was first brought up. A Canadian born in the hardest parts of England, and later joined the military, to which he would get an dishonorable discharge from. Apparently, he and Scott Sarno worked together in Sarajevo.

The man has a reputation for his brutality and it is exactly what Jade needs in this hunt. From what she gathered, it’s looking like he’ll stop at nothing until 47 is eliminated, and hopefully that assumption will prove right.

“Walter Menard,” Jade’s assistant goes on, “is a veteran problem solver, and is favored by CICADA to perform in extraction operations. Director Sarno requested for him personally in order to retrieve the package.” Victoria.

Sarno asked for Menard? That’s certainly interesting. In Jade’s opinion, he was the one she worried about the most. She read his file and he’s clearly the wild card of the three. Putting up a facade to hide his PTSD, and is easy to crack under pressure.

Perhaps Menard worked with Sarno and Lunn? Patrick Morgan, too? It was with Morgan’s demise that Jade contacted Sarno. She knew that him, Morgan, and Lunn were in the same unit together, but what she didn’t know was if Menard was part of it as well? Or maybe Sarno just trusted the man enough to bring him along. Perhaps he is the best extractor in CICADA.

She was playing with fire, getting another organization into ICA business, but they didn’t know anything. All they know is that a former CICADA mercenary was killed, that Jade Nguyen will pay a lot of money for a man calling himself Tobias Rieper dead, and a teenaged girl named Victoria extracted. They didn’t know anything about the ICA. The most they had was the division chief’s name, Jade Nguyen.

But, in case something were to go wrong…

“Aegis!” Jade did half a turn, looking both at the images of the three CICADA operatives as well as the final member of the Praetorians, one of ICA’s team of assassins. She would’ve sent the Saints, but, Dijana Radoncic was becoming more and more unstable by the day. Besides, she had an easier job for them.

The plan worked.

There was an increase in security surrounding the China Corp. building, and 47 knew instantly that the ICA took the bait. The job was simple. Eliminate the heads of the operation, that part was easy. 47 and Smith had scoured out the building and found who they were looking for. Scott Sarno, Gary Lunn, and Walter Menard. Regardless, he had to eliminate the targets and find any and all additional intel involving the ICA.

They needed to get ahead of them, learn what they knew. And to do that, they had to decipher the small clues left behind by the ICA. These were CICADA mercenaries, not ICA assassins.

47 opened his car door, one foot on the ground when Victoria grabbed his arm, stopping him. Her touch froze him.

“Be careful,” Victoria smiled weakly, instantly feeling foolish.

47 nodded slowly, and then stepped out of the car. Crossing the street, he opened the doors to China Corp.

Post-Mission Cutscene:
47 slams the car door open, his eyes roving over both car seats. Smith lay in the back, computer open on his lap, a bruise on his forehead.

Taking his water bottle, 47 dumps the contents over Smith, who shoots up instantly from his tranquilized state.

“Where’s Victoria?” 47 asks, voice commanding, yet also with a hint of something else. Worry?

Smith wearily rubs his head, groaning. He’d been punched and shot with a dart. “He took her. Some guy with white hair. Square jaw.”

“Aegis,” 47 deduces. Victoria…she was gone. He’d failed her. He failed Diana. He should’ve been smarter.

“Hey!” Smith clambers out of the car. He stands tall in spite of his soaking clothes. “We’ll find her.” A pause. “Menard was gonna take her somewhere, remember? Uh, Blackwater Cemetery.”

47 inhales. Then he exhales. Blackwater Cemetery, Switzerland. Miles and miles away, but only a few hours by plane. Whoever Menard was going to hand Victoria off to was there, which meant that they would know where Victoria would be now.

“Get in the car,” 47 tells Smith.

First Graves betrayed them, now Victoria was gone. Things were deteriorating fast.

Victoria’s eyes opened little by little. What happened? Did she fall asleep?

“Ah, you’re awake,” somebody said. A voice she didn’t recognized.

In a second Victoria was wide awake, memories flooding back to her. A man shot her with a tranquilizer gun. She tried raising her arms only to find them stuck, handcuffed to her seat in this…jet…

No. No.

47…she was leaving his side…

He’ll never find her. He’ll never be able to find her.

No…No! No!

A sense of hopelessness flooded her entire being. She was never going to see him again. The ICA had her again and she wasn’t ever going to be able to get away.

“I love you, 47…” she whispered.


  • After the third target is eliminated, neither Victoria or Smith say anything, hinting that Aegis had already gotten to them by that point. The same rules apply if the player kills the three targets all at the same time.
  • The three clues the player has to find are usually all related to one of the three targets, such as their roles in the operation. Menard’s clue is the only one that reveals the location of a future mission.
  • Scott Sarno has a pistol on his person but will not hunt the player unlike Gary Lunn, who carries an assault rifle.
  • The three targets all have their own section of the China Corp. tower, with Menard having the smallest location with the parking garage, Lunn having the largest with the entire middle section of the tower, and Sarno staying at the top of the tower with Kong Tuo-Kwang and the security room.
  • The three targets are all mentioned previously by Patrick Morgan in the previous mission.
  • Carlton Smith announces the opportunities for this mission, but Victoria chimes in every once in a while.
  • Smith is visibly haunted by both Graves’s betrayal and death from the previous mission, and frequently mentions her name during announcing opportunities.
  • Matthieu Mendola calls Kong Tuo-Kwang a few times over the mission, very clearly distressed over the leakage of the Hamilton-Lowe contract on Kong Tuo-Kwang, and worries if he should hire security.
  • None of the targets are actually enforcers to 47 unless the player is wearing a specific disguise.
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Mission 11
Title: Attack of the Saints
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate LaSandra Dixon
Eliminate Dijana Radoncic
Eliminate Heather McCarthy
Eliminate Jacqueline Moorhead
Find Victoria’s location
Location: Bern, Switzerland

Briefing: “The Saints,” 47 said, lowering his binoculars.

“Friends of yours?” Smith asked from beside him, reading off what looked like a brochure.

“The Agency’s team of assassins. I’ve dealt with two of them before,” is 47’s monotonous reply.

Smith takes a look through the binoculars, “Looks like they don’t know Victoria’s been taken,” he says, his voice a mix of sadness and relief. “Who’s your mark?”

“All of them. One of them knows where to take Victoria.”

“And if they don’t say anything?”

“Then I’ll take a look around.” 47 glances at Smith. “What do you know.”

Smith holds up the brochure he’d been reading. “There’s a party going on in the cemetery’s mansion. Invite only,” he makes a gesture towards the front gate, “but, it’s also hostile. If you’re seen in there, who knows what’ll happen to you.” He opens the brochure again. “There’s a map of the cemetery here. It might help you move around.”

Taking the map, 47 steps out of the car. Smith is saying something else but he shuts the door on him. He knew little about the Saints other than their basic background.

LaSandra Dixon may be the leader of the Saints, but she answers only to the board of directors or whoever the division chief is. From the limited intel he has on her, he knows she was a former officer of the Oakland Police Department. When she became the leader of the Saints she also became the woman who searches for new recruits members for the team.

Heather McCarthy served time in the Folsom’s women prison after a dishonorable discharge in a military operation that cost her her squadron and left eye. Of the four members of the Saints, she was one of the two that posed the largest threat. She has faster reactions and is much more agile than the entire team, hence why her time in training took the shortest amount of time.

Jacqueline Moorhead, by far the most privileged member of the team. She was recruited by the ICA after winning silver in the Olympics skeet shooting event, and has thus become one of the youngest of the Agency’s assets. Of the four of them, however, she’s the least to be worried about.

Dijana Radoncic, on the other hand, won’t go down so easy. Having lived in a inter-ethnic Serbia her entire early life with her twin sister, she became knowledgeable of life’s cruelty. She and her sister joined in guerilla warfare and, eventually, the ICA. Now, though, her sister was dead. Dijana wasn’t going to rest until she killed him.

47 vaulted over the side of the cemetery wall. He wasn’t going to lose Victoria. He’d made a promise.

Post-Mission Cutscene:
Victoria lolled her head to one side, her eyes scanning the people that walked about in front of her. The man who took her was talking with a woman she didn’t pay any attention to. She felt so numb.

They wanted to weaponize her. That’s all she’s ever been to them and now they’re finally doing it. Her greatest fear was becoming a reality.

“Where is he?” she heard the woman in charge ask, and she realized that it was directed at her. It didn’t take a genius to know what she was asking. Still, she didn’t answer.

Jade Nguyen drew in a sigh. So that’s is how it’s going to be. She grabbed Victoria’s face toward her, moving the black bag she was holding to the other hand. “Where is he?” she repeated.

Victoria scowled. Tearing her face from Jade’s grip, she only noticed her arms cuffed to her seat. This was exactly like how it was training with Travis. She again said nothing.

Jade backhanded Victoria hard and the teenager grunted in pain, swinging her head to the side. Fuck, that hurt.

“Again, where is he?” Nguyen asked, tapping her foot patiently. As if she had all the time in the world.

Victoria glanced at Jade through her strands of hair. She could withstand this. She’s sure she could. Maybe? Travis put her through a few things in training. Waterboarding was the only one, and even then, she couldn’t hold out long. But this was about 47, and she couldn’t just…sell him out, even if she did know where he was.

She felt tears run down her cheeks. How long had she been crying?

“Okay,” Jade shakes her head. She pulls her hand back and backhands Victoria a second time, pain exploding through the teenager’s body. “Aegis, you caught her, you get the information out,” she says, handing him the black bag.

The man nods obediently, pausing as Jade and her assistant leave the bright white room. He opens the black bag, reaching one hand inside. “So, Victoria,” he crouches down in front of the girl, pulling a cat o’ nine out, “tell me something.”


  • Dijana Radoncic is the most difficult target to eliminate, becoming suspicious easily and using the stalker mechanic every time she finishes her pattern.
  • After thirty minutes, LaSandra Dixon receives a call from Jade Nguyen telling her that they have retrieved Victoria. This initiates the last of the Saints to start to escape the map. This will never come up if Dixon is killed beforehand.
  • Each of the targets have different mechanics. Dixon is the only target in the mission that can interact with 47 directly. Radoncic utilities the stalker mechanic and becomes suspicious if 47 bumps into her twice in the same disguise. McCarthy is the only target in the mission the player needs to use quicktime events in hand-to-hand combat. Moorhead can pull off better shots than all of the regular NPCs in the game, dealing immense damage.
  • In contracts mode, both the escape feature and the stalker mechanic are removed.
  • The player can learn Victoria’s location in three ways. The first is by luring Dixon into a trap similar to how 47 confronts Jordan Cross, where with 47 keeping Dixon at gunpoint and asking one of two question prompts that appear every short while, Dixon can reveal Victoria’s location. The second is in McCarthy’s notebook located somewhere in the mansion, but is being passed down from party guest to party guest. The third is by simply listening in on Dixon and Nguyen’s phone call.
  • None of the targets are actually enforcers to 47, and have no idea what he looks like.
  • The mission, like Colorado, starts off in a hostile area. Unlike Colorado, however, if the player sneaks into the large mansion at the center of the map, it is a public area and no one can spot 47.
  • Carlton Smith is the only person announcing opportunities to 47.
  • The Saints hint at through their dialogue that the board of directors don’t actually know about Travis’s and Nguyen’s cloning project with Victoria.

Mission 12
Title: Cog in the Machine
Targets & Objectives:
Eliminate Jade Nguyen
Eliminate Jack Aegis
Rescue Victoria
Location: Stauning Alps, Greenland

Briefing: “What did it say?” Jade asks the one remaining Praetorian as he approaches the control center. She’d become impatient. She had Victoria, yes, but it wasn’t safe to do anything until 47 was dead. That and combined with the Saints’s sudden silence, it had become nerve-wracking.

“Nothing yet,” Aegis replies, taking a stance and folding his hands behind his back, “Travis trained her well.”

Jade blows out a breath. That provided both good and bad news. Good in that Victoria wouldn’t easily give away information should it be caught while out in the field, yet bad in the situation they reside in now.

“Everyone has a weakness,” Jade steps closer to Aegis, “Find it’s.”

The man bows his head. “Of course.” Spinning on his heel, his marches back down the hall towards the interrogation room.

Yes, Victoria will make for a fine asset to the ICA.

“Jade?” her assistant asks, and she turns her head in his direction. “She isn’t just for the ICA, is she?”

Nguyen rocks back on her heels, letting a smirk cross her features. “And what gives you that idea?”

The man shrugs. “You wouldn’t go through all this effort to finish Travis’s pet project. You have ambitions of your own.”

“You’ve been observant.”

“Nobody notices the invisible.”

Jade lets out a small laugh, only loud enough for him to hear. She takes a step back, then two, until she’s standing right beside him.

“You’re right. It will be useful to the ICA after some time of reeducation. But it’s obedience I need the most.” Jade glances at her assistant. “How loyal are you?”

The man blinks. Silence stretches between them before the man says, “Only to the division chief.”

Jade’s lips curl. “Good answer.” She tilts her head in the direction of where Victoria is being kept, “That thing will change everything about the ICA.” Management dead, and her in the top position. In charge of everything.

The only blockade she had left was killing 47.

47’s eyes scanned the possible entry points. There weren’t many he could see from this angle, but he had two primary options. The first, using the gondola up to the mountain facility’s literal and figurative front. The other, using the newly bought mountain equipment to scale to the other side of the facility.

“So, you’ve got a plan?” Smith asked. He sipped the hot chocolate held in hand.

“I’ve been here once. They’ve modernized it,” 47 observed, ignoring his ally’s question.

“Sure this is a good idea? Wouldn’t the ICA hunt you harder if two of their guys died at their base?” Smith asked another question, clearly unsure.

“The board of directors don’t know about Victoria. Nguyen will be replaced and supervised. Nobody will miss Aegis.”

“Sucks. A strategic mind like Nguyen could’ve been great as the president’s aide,” Smith was saying.

47 gazed at the top of the mountain.

“I’ll find you, Victoria,” he murmured.

Post-Mission Cutscene:
Victoria winced, pulling her head away at the contact she felt on her hands. Was it happening again? Aegis and his torture? She’d tried to be so strong, and now…now all she felt was agony. Why would 47 save her? Did he really owe her anything anymore? Maybe he really did just abandon her like Aegis was telling her he would…

“Victoria,” a voice said, soft and caring. The softest she’d ever heard that voice before, even softer than that day on a street’s curb.

Her head shot up and she found her eyes meet 47’s own. She went to say his name but all that came out was a hoarse whisper.

Gently, 47 undid the binds on her legs, and then on her hands. Without giving him time to move, the teenaged girl wrapped her hands around him and threw her head into his chest, and began to sob.

“It’s okay,” 47 tried his best to reassure her, speaking into her hair. “You’re safe now.” Almost unsure of himself, he out his own arms around the girl as well, faintly feeling the marks under her shirt, lining her back. Thankfully, they didn’t feel to go too deep, and Victoria didn’t seem to mind too much at his hand placement.

It felt like hours they stood in that white room, Victoria’s sobs slowing little by little until eventually, they were gone altogether.

Gently, the man pulled her away from him, letting his hand wrap around her’s in solace. “Come on, we need to go.” She nods, following as he leads her to the door’s entrance.

“Carlton!” Victoria seemed to light up just a tad bit more when she saw Smith standing alone by the car. She sprinted to him and hugged him, though notably not as desperate or as hard as to when she held onto 47.

“I missed you, too, Victoria,” Smith pat the girl on the head, taken aback by the hug. The look on his face would’ve been humorous to most people who walked by if they hadn’t had context as to what had been happening recently.

Victoria pulls back and seems to suddenly become aware of 47’s jacket around her shoulders. Removing the jacket, she hands it back to him. She felt so touched. Maybe he really did care about her, after all.


  • This mission has two starting locations. The first is at the top of the mountain after exiting the gondola, in a public area that is somewhat difficult to infiltrate. The second is the back of the mountain at the helipad, while is a hostile area but slightly easier to infiltrate.
  • Despite that both targets have been hunting 47, neither of them know what he looks like.
  • No one working at the ICA know what 47 looks like.
  • The exit for this mission in story mode has only one exit, the interrogation room directly in front of Victoria.
  • Even though Aegis does enter the interrogation room, he doesn’t harm Victoria physically.
  • If the player pays attention in the Post-Mission Cutscene or walks behind Victoria during the mission, they’ll find light blood stains under her shirt.
  • Once again, Smith is the only person announcing opportunities in the mission.
  • Of the two targets, only Aegis holds a weapon.
  • One opportunity is to reveal Victoria to the ICA board of directors, resulting in Jade being questioned before going to the helipad to question how the board could’ve known about Victoria.
  • If the player enters combat with Aegis, he will say things about how he admires him and how he aspires to be like him one day.
  • If Jade’s lockdown spot is comprised, she will try to escape on one of the gondolas. Like in Hokkaido, it is possible to shoot the gondola down.
  • Just like every other mission in the game, Victoria cannot be killed or harmed or the mission fails.

That’s all, so far. I don’t know if it’s any good at all. I might redo it one day, but… Yeah!


@Zevoros, could you retitle this thread to “Create a Fan Made Season”? That was the original title in the old forum and it sounds much better in my opinion.

@MSMPlayz, while I can’t fit all of @Client_Locksley’s images here, I can post the Reddit links. By clicking on them, you will be directed to their slides where you can go in-depth into the briefings, kills, storyline, etc.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

Hitman 3 Fan Campaign

Magnum Opus

A Private Enterprise

The Sunset Years


Dead Man’s Hand

Trials and Tribulations


DLC: The Providence Papers

Persona Non Grata

Bottle Shock

Force Majeure

Age Before Beauty

The Long Game

One-Way Trip


Which level of the Hitman 3 Fan Campaign is your favourite?
  • Magnum Opus
  • A Private Enterprise
  • The Sunset Years
  • Kingmakers
  • Dead Man’s Hand
  • Trials And Tribulations
  • Untouchable

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Which level of the Providence Papers is your favourite?
  • Persona Non Grata
  • Bottle Shock
  • Force Majeure
  • Age Before Beauty
  • The Long Game
  • One-Way Trip

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HITMAN™: Worldwide

Season One – Mission One
Title: When the curtain closes forever
Targets: Vasil Kobalia (also known as “The Showman”)

Objective: Retrieve Kobalia’s client list
Location: City Centre, Vertex Square, Tbilisi, Georgia
Setting: Kobalia’s Circus, 7:47pm, February 3rd 2021.
Weather: Cloudy, 6°C


Good evening, 47. Your destination is Tbilisi, Georgia. You arrive at "last show” of Kobalia’s Circus in the city’s centre.

The circus tours around the Europe to entertain people whit there illusionist, acrobats, fire breathers, clowns and even a lion tamer. But something else caught our eye. You aware of the missing of our agent, James Bookheart?

Anyway, the circus director Vasil Kobalia is grew suspicion upon this case. Let me explain. The ICA was able to tracks some of his phone calls. And as it turns out, he meets differences associates around Europe. Nor he or his associates mention Bookheart, but Kobalia mentions to someone named Harfield our agent’s last known location.

Vasil Kobalia is a famous illusionist aka showman. But that’s not all, because I also searched more of his background. In his “previous live” he was a member of a gang called The Reptile Criminals. He and the gang are wanted for an armed robbery of Fisher-Walsh Bank in Luxembourg. However, Kobalia separated from the group due to a unknown fact.

For now, I need you to investigate the circus grounds and look for Kobalia’s client list. Retrieve it and eliminate Vasil Kobalia. By the elimination of Vasil Kobalia we can assume his contact Harfield nor his associates grew suspicions about the fact there client list is missing. I know it sounds unusual, but it’s safe to say Kobalia had it coming.

I will leave you to prepare…

Mission notes:

  • The mission has five starting locations, when you play for the first time you start at the street next to the Tbilisi Police Station. The other four are, one at you’re rent apartment, one disguised as a police officer at the police station, the third as a guest at the cotton candy stall and the least is also on the circus grounds disguised as a illusionist.
  • If you get the police chief disguise you can lure the target Vasil Kobalia out of his circus grounds and bring him for an interrogation to the police station. Two guards will be at the interrogation at all time. But it depends on the questions you ask (you can choose) whether the target hands over a key which you can unlock the safe to his client list.
  • Kobalia is an enforcer for all his crewmembers disguises, except for the lion tamer because it’s a mission story where he having a new employee which he has never seen before.
  • If you’re ten minutes in the mission the show starts with Vasil Kobalia introducing the first act. Kobalia will also be the last act as illusionist.
  • Diana is the person who’s announcing opportunities to 47.
  • If there is a target lockdown, Vasil will be in his fancy caravan. This is also the location for the safe with his client list.
  • 47 can get on stage during the shows. The artist will stop and the audience start to applause for no reason. Circus guards are send and escort 47 form the stage.

reminds me of the first splinter cell with the georgian police station

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HITMAN™: Worldwide

Season One – Mission Two
Title: Hunter or Hunted?
Targets: Desmond Harfield (also known as “The Landlord”) and Orrin Harfield (also known as “The Huntsman”)
Location: Harfields mansion and grounds, Wicklow, Ireland.
Setting: Crown Hunt Contest, 2:07pm, February 27th 2021
Weather: Clear, 9°C


Good afternoon, 47. You’re next destination is Wicklow, Ireland, where the final rounds of the Crown Hunt Contest are about to begin.

Thanks to Kobaila’s client list we were able to track some rich people, world companies and more information from, it seems, something like a secret organization. For now our interest is in locate and recuse agent Bookheart.

Therefore, you’re task with the elimination of Desmond Harfield. Desmond is held responsible for the capture and sale of agent Bookheart. Mister Desmond is namely an international businessman who trades people, better known as slaves, around the world. With his contacts everywhere, the Harfield family collects money every second of the day.

And that’s where you’re secondary target comes in, Desmond his son, Orrin Harfield. Orrin is his sporty baby boy who while likely take his father’s job when he retired. Rumors say Orrin also lead different “man’s hunt”, as they like to call it. This takes place in Third World countries in search for poor homeless people who the Harfield family can trade in exchange for thousands of euros. Cruelty, is light expressed.

Desmond is known as chairmen of the Crown Hunt Contest which takes place every two years. This year, mister chairmen himself has the organization with his son and therefore the event takes place at Harfields mansion and its grounds in the outskirts of Wicklow. It’s a high society party where rich people of the east coast form Ireland shoot at a fake bird to be crowned as “archers king” for the next two years.

Perhaps this goes without saying, but you are not invited 47. But I trust you will find your way in.

I will leave you to prepare…

Mission notes:

  • This mission has five starting locations, the first one is some feet before the entrains of the mansions grounds. One disguised as a challenger for the contest. Another disguised as event cock just outside the mansion. A fourth will be at the secret exit in the cellar’s mansion. And the last starting location will be as housekeeper in the mansion
  • 47 can win the contest by disguising himself as Orrin’s rival, Rolf O’Neill. Afterwards Orrin will offer him to come onboard with one of his man’s hunt. (If not choosing this mission story path, Orrin will win the contest.)
  • Desmond can be found at the upstairs of his mansion trying to call Vasil Kobalia (47’s previous target).
  • Diana anounce/guide oppertunities for 47.

Yeah you’re right. I didn’t think of it while I was writing the mission…

By u/Quinez on Reddit:



Location: International Waters

Opening: As the season opens, Constant, the head Herald who handed Diana the photograph of 47 as a child, approaches the ICA to affirm a truce. Providence and the ICA have both been manipulated by the Shadow Client, drawn into a stupid and needless war. Now that the ICA knows about Providence, there is no reason that they cannot forge a business arrangement. And if all goes well, Providence will eventually share the information that they know about 47’s past. This convinces Diana to make a case to the Board for giving Providence a shot.

Constant’s contract is located on the open seas. Shipping lines controlled by Providence have been attacked by a pirate known as The Maelstrom. Providence would like the ICA to take care of her. They have already covertly disseminated, through underground channels, the route of a lavish cruise ship which is to host the families of a number of titans of industry. Providence expects The Maelstrom to take the ship hostage. You are to be on board when she attacks. As an additional target, you are to eliminate a land developer on board whose development plans have gotten in Providence’s way.

Mission: A party liner with all sorts of games and amenities, including a pool with a waterslide. 20 minutes into the mission, The Maelstrom and her band of pirates will attack the ship on small boats (think Captain Phillips) and take the civilian NPCs hostage, drastically changing the structure of the level. You can trigger the attack to happen earlier by setting off a signal flare, cutting the ship’s motors, blasting the horn three times, using the radio of an undercover pirate already on board to signal that the time is right, or killing the land developer. The developer can be eliminated before or after the attack.

End cutscene: Constant meets with Diana and is enthusiastic about their new working relationship. He’s imposing, and he makes the power structure clear: he considers the ICA a tool of Providence. The cutscene ends with Constant ominously telling Diana, “We’ll make a Herald of you yet.”


Location: Lower Manhattan, New York

Opening: Constant appears at the ICA and provides the details of a new contract: three targets on Wall Street who have been embezzling from Providence.

Mission: The financial district of New York City. You are to infiltrate the New York Stock Exchange as well as the New York State Supreme Court Building in order to eliminate three targets: the president of a trading company, a hotshot stock market analyst, and a New York State Supreme Court judge. Locations include the NYSE stock trading floor, the New York County Courthouse, a bank, and a fancy residential apartment. An anti-Wall Street protest is taking place at a nearby analogue of Zucotti Park.

End cutscene: 47 strides away from the scene and Diana congratulates you over your earpiece. As she starts complaining about being treating like Providence’s lapdog, her voice cuts out. There is a burst of static, and you hear Olivia Hall’s voice saying, “You’re connected. He can hear you. Go ahead.” It’s the Shadow Client, speaking directly to 47 for the first time. He tells you that Providence lied to you: the targets that you eliminated were not embezzlers, but the Shadow Client’s operatives: agents in the fight against Providence (you can hear NPC dialogue in the mission that confirms this).

He tells you that this is the second time that you have eliminated good men fighting a valiant fight against evil. 47 does not respond. The Shadow Client claims not to blame you, as he knows that you are a mere weapon, and you cannot help but do the bidding of whoever wields you. 47 does not respond. The Shadow Client is clearly trying to provoke a reaction, and 47 will not fall for it. The Shadow Client then says, “But you’re not always a mere weapon. I have seen you make choices before, Ian. You do not do it often, but you are capable of it.” After a long pause, 47 says, “Why did you call me Ian?”

But the line has been disconnected.


Location: Berlin, Germany

Opening: Constant calls upon Diana with a time-sensitive emergency contract. Providence has learned that the Shadow Client is planning to assassinate Simon Devereaux, the CEO of Biosphere and an important Providence asset. The assassination attempt will take place during Devereaux’s product launch talk at a German tech fair. Devereaux, unaware of the full extent of the shady goings-on of Providence, refuses to believe that he is in danger; he insists on giving the presentation, which he claims is crucial for his company. Thus, Constant wants you to serve as protection, locating and eliminating the Shadow Client’s assassins. Diana demands that Constant finally give them information about 47’s past; Constant promises that it will be forthcoming with the completion of this contract.

Mission: A conference center in Berlin, host to a futurist tech fair and a series of TED talks. On the showroom floor are self-driving cars, autonomous drones, demonstrations of bulletproof polymers, a biodome full of GMO crops in a fake Mars landscape, etc. Simon Devereaux, an Elon Musk parody, will be giving the keynote speech about the need to habitate other planets in order to save the human race. It will culminate in a reveal that Biosphere plans to terraform Mars. Lurking somewhere in the map are your targets, an assassin and his or her handler, who is also on location and feeding information to the assassin through an earpiece. At some point, they will attempt to kill Devereaux in a very Hitmanny way (e.g. by sabotaging a self-driving car so that it hits him). You can sabotage their plan so that it backfires. If Devereaux dies, you lose the mission. Your targets do not show up in instinct, and if you replay the level, your targets might be totally different people in totally different locations, trying to kill Deveraux in a totally different way. There are six different targets/routines/scripts/assassinations… once you reach twenty mastery, you can choose which one of these routines you want to play (and the targets will show up in instinct). Until then, it’s random, and part of the challenge is watching for suspicious activity in order to determine your targets and their plan.

End cutscene: 47 meets with Constant at a flower shop. 47 asks for payment, and Constant says that the money has been wired to his account. 47 says that this is not what he meant. Constant sighs and unlocks the briefcase he is handcuffed to.

He pulls out an old photograph of about twenty young boys facing the camera and hands it to 47. The boys are standing in tiers in front of a brick wall; it looks like a class picture. A hairless boy is is circled. “That’s you,” Constant says.

A long pause. 47 looks up from the photo. “This can’t be all you have. I need more.”

“Of course you do,” Constant says. He snaps the briefcase shut. “We look forward to doing further business with you.” He turns and walks away.

47 stares at the photograph. A beat. He moves to leave, but then stops. He looks back over his shoulder. He turns around and strides after Constant.

“What are you doing, 47?” Diana asks in his earpiece.

“Making a choice,” he replies.

We see Constant enter a car on the U-Bahn – the Berlin subway system. On the train, he looks around: some teenagers, some chatting women. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then: a syringe enters the side of his neck. As his body drops, 47 catches him and pulls him to a nearby seat. The others on the traincar haven’t noticed. Sitting next to Constant’s slumped body, 47 picks the suitcase lock. He and Diana discuss the contents. There are a few more pictures of young 47 with other boys, but nothing identifying. Also in the suitcase is a memo to Constant, saying that the ICA must not be told the whole truth about 47’s past, and that they should be strung along as long as possible.

Diana has had enough. She says, “That’s it. We’re done working for Providence. It’s time to find out what they really know.” 47 returns the papers to the briefcase and injects a shot of adrenaline into Constant’s neck. Constant wakes with a start and looks around. The same teenagers and the same chatting women are there – no one else. He hugs the suitcase to his chest.

(The adrenaline syringe, which can reawaken unconscious NPCs, is a mastery unlock on this level.)


Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Opening: Diana has been scouring open contracts in ICA’s system, looking for anything that might help you learn more about Providence. She thinks has found something. The Mexican government has put out a hit on their previous Secretary of the Interior, Gustavo Torres, who has fled the country with five million pesos of government funds and a head full of state secrets. Surveillance has revealed photos of him in Rio de Janeiro, being chummy with Julio Delgado, drug lord and operator of the Brazilian chapter of the Delgado drug cartel. This is intriguing. 47’s incursion into the farm at Colorado revealed that Torres was a Providence member, and the Shadow Client had planned to kidnap him with the help of the Delgados. And now Torres and the Delgados are apparently friends? Either Torres has defected to the Shadow Client, or the Delgados have defected to Providence. Either way, this merits investigation.

Mission: The streets and favelas of Rio de Janeiro at night during Carnivale. One side of the level contains relatively nice apartments and bars where festivites take place, but you can very quickly move into an abutting favela, where residents are armed and suspicious of trespassers. Deep in the favela, the ramshackle tin houses cover a hidden network of drug labs and a cocaine-packing operation. Julio Delgado, the first target, is in the midst of this operation. Torres is housed in a guarded apartment complex on the nicer side of the level. You can kill both of them and exit the level without suspecting anything. However, it is possible to find clues that something is wrong: the “Torres” who shows up in your instinct is an imposter. For instance, if you draw your gun on him, he’ll say, “Don’t shoot! I’m just an actor!”, and he’ll reveal that someone has paid him to be a body double. You can even wear his Torres costume if you incapacitate him, complete with fake mustache. If any evidence of the deception is found, Torres is removed from your list of required targets, as you have no reason to believe him to be in the area.

End cutscene: When you exit the mission, you are captured by a group of spec ops soldiers. It was a trap! As you are restrained, Constant looms over you. “Did you really think that we wouldn’t find out about that stunt you pulled in Berlin? We became suspicious when you stopped returning our calls, you know.” He tells you that Torres had proved himself a liability long ago; Providence killed him and staged the defection because they knew that you would come sniffing. He looks into 47’s eyes – past 47’s eyes, into the lens of his contract lens camera – and addresses Diana directly. “Thank you for eliminating Julio Delgado for us, Ms. Burnwood. If you would like for your man here to continue living, you will make sure the ICA accepts our contracts. Say nothing to anyone else in the ICA, or he will die. Make no mistake, Ms. Burnwood. He is ours. And you too are now ours.”


Location: Siberia, Russia.

Opening: A radio crackles on. “Are you receiving me?” asks Olivia Hall. “I receive you,” a voice says. Olivia provides the briefing. Since 47’s capture, Diana Burnwood has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to find a way to rescue 47. Having officially classified 47 as Killed In Action, Burnwood operated entirely in the dark, trusting no one in the ICA. Each time she submitted data for analysis, she would smuggle in additional information that she thought might lead to 47’s whereabouts. The tactic paid off. Satellite data, flight data, and Russian spy reports have revealed that 47 is being held in solitary confinement in a Siberian prison labor camp under the guise of a political dissident. The warden of the internment compound is a Providence member. Enemies of Providence who are more valuable alive than dead are held here. Additionally, Burnwood has discovered that the leader of the Heralds, Constant, makes regular visits to the facility. An attack at the appropriate time would not only take out two important Providence higher-ups, it would also free a large number of Providence prisoners… including Agent 47.

Of course, Ms. Burnwood cannot trust any ICA operatives. She had to reach out to another group who would be motivated to take on this mission. In this mission, you do not play as 47. You are rescuing 47. You play as the Shadow Client.

Mission: Inflitrate a Siberian prison camp, eliminate Constant and the Warden, and free 47, all as the Shadow Client! Olivia Hall takes on the handler role instead of Diana, informing you about opportunities. Gameplay is largely the same, except the Shadow Client speaks a lot more than 47. He’s dour, and in interactions with others he is inclined to makes grim and portentous and nihilistic comments, as he is wont to do in the cutscenes we’ve seen. The biggest gameplay difference is that he does not have instinct. (At level 20 mastery, you can choose to play as 47 rescuing the Shadow Client, which turns instinct back on.) The compound itself has a forced-labor quarry and cement factory; 47 is held in the solitary confinement zone. (See my previous prison camp level for more details about what the level would be like.)

End cutscene: 47 and the Shadow Client hike along the outskirts of a wintery forest at night. They do not speak, but 47 does not take his eyes off the Shadow Client. The Shadow Client seems not to notice, or care. Eventually, they arrive at a dirt road. The Shadow Client stops and says, “We part ways now. You’ll find a train station at the village up the road.”

47 stares and repeats his question from earlier. “Why did you call me Ian?”

He and the Shadow Client square off. The Shadow Client says, “Let me give you what Providence was hiding from you. Your past.”

“I knew you as a child. I knew you as Ian. That wasn’t your name – just a role you adopted – but it is what I called you. Your… father… knew that if you were to become what you must, you could not stay confined in an asylum. You must have suspected that you could not have spent your whole childhood there. You needed to learn about the world, learn to blend in. You were to understand the world without ever becoming a part of it.”

“Every few months, your father would uproot you, create a false identity for you, and place you in a new locale. A boarding school in Eton. An inner city of America. The streets of Mumbai. A monastery in Indonesia. You would become a piece of environmental texture, performing tasks that your father set. Steal a Yakuza’s pistol. Break a headmaster’s nose without him knowing who did it. That sort of thing.”

“Your longest assignments were military in nature. It was on these assignments that you perfected your martial and assassination skills. We met on one of them. A training camp in Ukraine, run by Providence. Providence would find orphans – or create orphans, in my case – and train them in surveillance and assassination techniques, creating a stable of perfect soldiers, warriors, and spies. Some of these they would keep for their own uses; others they would sell to foreign governments and corporations. It was the perfect place for you to learn your trade.”

“You were there for a full year. We became what I considered friends. Without ever talking about it, we both knew that neither of us was happy with our lot in life. We decided to escape. We went on the run. It was the first choice you ever made. But in the end, it was a foolish choice. We were pursued by a whole camp of people trained for such events. Our warden reclaimed us.”

“When your father found out, he was furious. He commanded you to kill me. It would be your first real assassination. And yet… you could not go through with it. You killed another boy instead, and staged the body to look like me. The second choice you ever made. That night, you told me everything about your past, and bade me to go on the run. I did, and this time, I escaped.” The Shadow Client smiles. “Your first contract, and the contract remains incomplete.”

“And now,” the Shadow Client says, “I’ve saved you, just as you once saved me. Our debts are paid, perhaps. However. I trust you will indulge me one last favor. It is in your interest. With you, I have everything I need to crush Providence. Take this. It will tell you where you need to be, and when. I shall see you shortly.” The Shadow Client hands 47 a small box and disappears into the night.

47 opens the box. It contains money, a passport, a plane ticket, a small earpiece, and a contact lens case. 47 slips in the contact lenses and the earpiece. Diana’s voice is heard. “47! Is that you?”

“It’s me,” 47 says, looking at the plane ticket. It is for Shenzhen, China. The screen cuts to black as 47 says, “Thank you, Diana. I’m back.”


Location: Shenzhen, China.

Opening: This is the day that you deal a crippling blow to Providence. The Shadow Client has provided you with the details; Diana goes over them in her briefing. Providence is led by a consortium of five powerful individuals. Thomas Cross was one. The remaining four are struggling to replace him with someone who can be trusted. They are very rarely in the same place at the same time, but the Shadow Client has learned that two of them are scheduled to have a secret meeting in China, undercover at the Shenzhen International Airport. If they are eliminated, Providence will be left without three of its heads (and their resources), and without its lead Herald. It will not be able to sustain itself and it will collapse. This is the only opportunity that exists to exact such a terrible injury. The Shadow Client cannot do it on his own and he lacks the resources to stage an assault on an airport. He requires your mastery, 47.

Mission: The first target is Park Sung-Soo, a Korean industrialist with almost total control of robotics and microprocesser manufacturing in Shenzhen. He has a robotic arm and a sabotageable pacemaker. The second target is Idna Colot, an older Belgian woman. She acts like a befuddled old grandmother in public, but in private or when cornered, she reveals herself to have an alert mind and acidic tongue. She secretly controls a vast number of European and Asian banks. Park is arriving on a private plane as the misison begins; Colot is at the ticketing booths. The two meet in a locked-down boardroom in a First-Class lounge (past security), then Colot boards a departing plane and Park heads to a limo and waits for his luggage. (Neither actually leaves the level.) The two are here to discuss Cross’s replacement without the other Providence board members knowing. Because Idna is undercover, she takes a normal path through the airport like a commoner, and she has no guards. Park is hustled through VIP areas and he has a bodyguard (who surprisingly cannot be choked out, who deflects bullets, even headshots, with a metallic ‘ding!’, and who bleeds pure white fluid. Secret robot!). The Shadow Client is on site and offers sniper support. You can tag NPCs while in instinct (just as you tag targets in contact creation mode). If the tagged NPC is by a window or if the Shadow Client otherwise has a shot from afar, he will snipe them. You lose this ability if guards are ever alerted, as the Shadow Client will be forced to escape. Because airport security is tight, security cameras work like they do in Professional mode.

End cutscene: A news report of the Shenzhen tragedy plays on TV. We zoom out and see 47 and the Shadow Client watching. They are in Shenzhen’s Huaqiangbei electronics market. “Congratulations, Agent,” the Shadow Client says. “You’ve done what I have tried to do for almost forty years.” 47 looks at him, then back at the TV. We see that he no longer feels that he needs to keep his eyes on the Shadow Client. “I’d like to know more about my past,” he says. “What else can you tell me?” The Shadow Client slips him a piece of paper. “This is the location of the Ukrainian military camp where we met. Perhaps you’ll find something there. Ms. Burnwood knows how to contact me if you need to speak again.” 47 takes the paper and nods, then walks away.

The Shadow Client touches his earpiece. “Olivia?” he says. “It’s done.”

“I saw,” she responds. “Park and Codot are dead. That’s incredible. But… God, that man scares me. I can’t read him at all. You’re sure that he trusts you? You’re sure that he is on our side?”

As she speaks, we see flashback images in black-and-white. It’s the Shadow Client in a hotel room, tinkering with an earpiece. We then see him giving the earpiece to 47 after breaking him out of prison. Snapping back to the present, in color, we see 47 walking away in profile as the camera slightly zooms in on his ear. The Shadow Client pulls out a tracking device with a screen, and watches as a dot representing 47 moves away on a map.

“Oh yes,” he says to Olivia. “He trusts me completely. As far as he knows, we’re friends.”


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HITMAN™: Worldwide

Season One – Mission Three
Title: Above the Law
Targets: Phoebe Bashir (also known as “The Warden”) and Louie Taibonn (also known as “The Commander”)

Objective: Extract agent James Bookheart
Location: Doveport Security Prison, outskirts of Foxton, New Zealand
Setting: a “normal” day where someone tried to breakout, 9:37am, March 11th 2021
Weather: Dry/Clear, 18°C


Good morning 47, all investigation form Ireland and Georgia leads to the Doveport Security Prison in south Manawatu, New Zealand. Nearby the historic village of Foxton. Before the earthquake in eighteen fifty-five the village was an important trading place with a long railway line and large harbor. But we aren’t here for a tour.

Along the Manawatu River some feet from the village there lies a heavily guarded prison. Named, Doveport Security Prison. You’re tasked with helping escape agent James Bookheart. You have to do it your way, I have little information on how to escape. I think opportunities will pop up while you investigate strict prison rules. But if we succeed, we can help Bookheart on his investigation.

To make this mission a success you also need to eliminate Phoebe Bashir, warden of Doveport. Diligent and consistent in her work. Early release of prisoners is non-negotiable for every inmate Phoebe says. But it’s thanks to the second commander, Louie Taibonn, that our agent Bookheart is in this prison.

Louie functions as a second commander, but is actually a fallen prisoner under Phoebe her watch. He holds this position to get among the prisoners. This way possible outbreaks can be resolved. A big sum of money make up for a great deal so Louie can release on an early scheme. This money comes form our agent’s kidnappers I assume. Bookheart is not known among the other inmates and the security cameras show only a handful of guards, Phoebe and Louie know the way to his cell. So breaking out becomes a difficult task.

Now 47, today is Louie his release. But you need to eliminate both of the prisons heads and extract agent James Bookheart afterwards. This way, nobody knows of his outbreak.

I will leave you to prepare…

Mission notes:

  • This mission has six start locations. The start location is on the way to the prison. Second is in the prison disguised as inmate. Third starting point is in the canteen disguised as a cook. Fourth will be at the roof of the prison. Fifth is disguised as a regular guard in the staff changing room. And the sixth is in an isolation cell in the prison’s underground.
  • You will find Louie Taibonn at the gym, prison cells, canteen and prisoners outside enclosure. Sometime he will small talk to inmate and guards. He has no personal bodyguards because there are always witnesses around his routine.
  • 47 can arrange the escape of Louie earlier, before that a guard escorted Louie to Phoebe’s office. They talk and maybe gives 47 an opportunity to eliminate both targets in one go.
  • Agent James Bookheart can escape in different ways thanks to 47’s actions in and around the prison.
  • Phoebe can be overheard talking on the phone to someone named “mister Min” about the release of Louie Taibonn and residence of James Bookheart.
  • There is one disguise allowed in the underground where agent Bookheart is captured.
  • When Louie is released and disappeared in his new car the mission is failed.
  • Diana announce opportunities to 47.

HITMAN™: Worldwide

Season One – Mission Four
Title: The Iron Fist
Targets: Lau T’sen (also known as “The Boss”), Yamai Rojas (also known as “The Connoisseur”) and Gem Gonzalés (also known as “The Blackmailer”)

Objective: Retrieve the intel case.
Location: The Coconut Falls Casino, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Setting: Exclusive poker night, 7:17pm, March 20th 2021
Weather: Sunset, 22°C


47, we can’t use Diana here, so I, James Bookheart, will be you’re handler on this assignment. I need to give Diana credit for saving me, I’m grateful. But how many people know, how more dangerous the consequences.

I need you to take a plane to Buenos Aires in Argentina, more specific, the coast district alongside the Coconut Falls Casino. You’re targets, Lau T’sen, this mad Chinese mafia boss is an excellent poker player and the coordinator around my kidnapping. I saw him on my “journey” to Doveport. So agent 47, give him a payback he never forget. He will be a special guest at the poker night in de Coconut Falls Casino. Staying for this weekend.

Then you’re also need to eliminate the casino manager, Yamai Rojas. Señor Rojas invited Lau T’sen personally, but what is interest is he is also an informant for an organization T’sen is working for. The organization is me not yet clear. But he knows everything in Buenos Aires and nothing in the casino goes unnoticed while he is in the building. So if we eliminate him, they lose important information around the coast district of Argentina.

With this secret organization, our third targets comes around the corner. Gem Gonzalés, adopted daughter of winemaker and drug lord, Don de Soto. Gonzalés is here for the private meeting with Lau T’sen, Offering diamonds in change for some intel I presume. I suggest you steal the briefcase so we can find out what’s so important about that case.

So agent 47. This task is not simple. The event in the game hall is an invite only festive for top poker players around South America. And by the presents of Lau T’sen and supervise of Señor Rojas, the casino’s guard will be at top notch. I find out Gem Gonzalés will arrive shortly and the intel case will be around the casino. I’m assure you find your way around.

What does Diana always say? I will leave you to prepare…

Mission notes:

  • This mission has seven start locations. The first will be at driveway before the casino. The second inside the main hall of the casino. The third one is at 47’s apartment on the 3rd floor. Fourth locations will be disguised as a staff cleaner in the casino’s employee canteen. The fifth is disguised as a casino security guard on the 2nd floor, inside Gem Gonzalés here suite. As sixth location, 47 will be disguised as a poker dealer in the game hall. The last starting location is at Lau T’sen suite’s balcony.
  • The meeting between Gem Gonzalés and Lau T’sen will be directly when Gonzalés arrives. This takes place Lau T’sen private suite while Yamai Rojas is looking at the security camera’s observing the meeting.
  • Yamai Rojas knows his personal personally, so he will be an enforcer to the follow disguises. cleaners – casino security members – poker dealers – janitors - general employees.
  • Lau T’sen brought his own security detail. They are al enforcers to each other, no exception to Lau T’sen.
  • Yamai Rojas can be heard talking to someone on the phone of an organization called “Sculp”.
  • Gem Gonzalés arrives after 7 minutes in the mission and will stay at here own suite on the 2nd floor.
  • Lau T’sen plays poker and 47 can blend in as an rival player to trigger a meeting with him if 47 wins.
  • The intel case will be at Lau T’sen his suite (secured by two of his security members). After the meeting Gem Gonzalés gives the case to one of the casino’s security members to hide it “somewhere safe”.
  • Yamai Rojas is also after the case. A few of his employees around the casino can be heard overtalking that they search for it.
  • James Bookheart will announce opportunities for 47.

Great idea. Get the Erich Soders dossier in there: Roman Laurent and Edith Van Orten, both 1978, and the real Jasper Knight, 1979.

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Is the font changing to the new hitman font from left to right?

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Alright, Here’s mine.
Mission 1:
Name: The Dragon Screams
Target(s): Noriyuki Kurihara
Objectives: N/A
Location: A Japanese-Style Castle Located in Saitama, Japan
Good Evening, 47. You’re heading to Japan for your assignment. And you’re target is Noriyuki Kurihara, A Ruthless Yakuza Boss. And the leader of The Watarano-Gumi.
They say that Noriyuki is A genius mastermind, and is possibly responsible for the death of A journalist, who was found dead last year.
He’s usually holed up in some kind of castle that Noriyuki ordered built himself.
From what we’ve heard, 47, He takes an interest in The Sengoku Period Of Japan and is sometimes dressed in Samurai Armor.
Also, Be careful,47. The Castle is well guarded against intruders.
I will leave you to prepare,47. Good luck.

Some Possible Kills:

  1. 47 can disguise himself as a Sword instructor, and kill Noriyuki when his back is turned.
  2. 47 can poison Noriyuki’s Sake.
  3. 47 can challenge Noriyuki to A Samurai Duel, while disguised as Noriyuki’s Opponent.
  4. 47 can hurl Noriyuki out the window to his death.
  5. 47 can poison Noriyuki’s Sushi Dinner.

If you want to suggest some kills or questions, feel free.


Nice one, I like it

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It took me so long to make A Mission for my New Season: Yakuza Crisis. (Sorry)
Mission 2:
Name Rise Of The Tiger
Target(s): Toshiro Akiyama
Objectives: Prevent Norishige Ozawa’s Death ( you would have 5 Minutes.)
Location: Somewhere In Yonago, Japan
Good Evening once again,47.
Recently, The Watarano-Gumi have declared war on their rivals, The Furusaki-Gumi, Thinking they ordered the Hit On Kurihara.
The Furusaki-Gumi have sent one of their best Hitmen,Toshiro Akiyama to kill Norishige Ozawa, A Prominent Member Of The Watarano-Gumi.
And here’s the catch, The ICA has connections with Norishige, So Protecting him is vital. So if He Dies, The mission’s an automatic Failure.
Good Luck, 47.
Possible Kills:

  1. 47 can sabotage the High-rise Railing that Toshiro leans on when he goes for a smoke.
  2. 47 can Trick one of Toshiro’s Thugs (Located on the Roof near Toshiro’s Apartment.) into accidentally killing Toshiro himself.
  3. 47 can prove to A Man (Who lost his Son at the Hands of Toshiro.) that Toshiro killed him, causing the Father to take revenge.
  4. 47 can give away the position of Toshiro to The Watarano-Gumi, while disguised as Norishige’s Advisor.
  5. 47 can trick Toshiro into coming out of his apartment, Right into Watarano-Gumi’s Ambush. (Warning: Very Risky.)
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