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Absolutely brilliant. I like some of the nods to the main trilogy in there, the obscurity of some of the locations (Micronesia? Fuckin’ awesome!), the whackiness of the targets and what they do and why they’re targeted. This could totally be its own game, and I’d sure as hell play it.

I covered that one, here:


Thanks, man!

Originally Tahiti but one of the kills I had in mind needed a naval base and the French never felt the need to build fortifications in the Pacific and the Japanese never got around to really holding the islands there.

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Alright, I have returned to Writing. And This time, we’re going around the world, starting in Europe.

Mission 1: God Save Us All
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Setting: Westminster Lane
No.1: Logan Lane
No.2: Connor Lane
No.3: Peter Schau

Good Morning, 47. Your destination for today is in London, England. Where you will have 3 Targets to Kill.
Your First Target is Logan Lane, who is A Local Delivery Boy by day, Criminal By Night. He is also the heir to The Lane Criminal Firm, Making him a Threat.
Secondly, The Next Target is Connor Lane, an Alling Crime Boss who is the leader of the Firm.
Lastly, The Final Target Is Peter Schau, A German Accountant for The Firm.
All Three are planning to kill A Private Investigator Named Olivier Thompson, His Uncle is our client as well, 47. If anything happens to him, the contract is a failure. Good Luck, 47.
Side Notes: (These Side Notes are facts that I make up on the fly. They could also give you clues on how to kill them.)

  1. The Private Investigator was hired by a Grieving family after their Son was found dead in his apartment. However, When The Private Investigator had his cover blown by Peter Schau, He was abducted. His whereabouts are currently unknown.
  2. Logan loved the theater as A child, and even wanted to become an actor at one point, but had to stop pursuing it after his father made him his heir.
  3. Peter Has A Secret Room hidden behind a Painting of Himself in his bedroom

Right, Here’s The Second One.
Mission 2: The Reaper Cometh
Location: On The Outskirts Of Paris, France
Setting: A Vacant Manor
No.1: Yvette Leroux
No.2: Isaac Quero
Good Evening, 47. Your destination for tonight is somewhere on the outskirts of Paris.
One of your targets is A Former ICA Agent Named Yvette Leroux. Codenamed “The Reaper”. And her Bodyguard, Isaac Quero, A Mercenary hailing from Spain.
These two are working together in A group called The Cobras. We don’t know much about them, 47. So it’s up to you to figure out what their goals are and kill both Targets. Good Luck, 47.
Side Notes:

  1. The Cobras just recently Built A Prototype Guillotine Nicknamed The “Snake-Cutter”
  2. Yvette Keeps her Orders in The Basement (Part Of The Objectives.)
  3. Issac protects Yvette and acts like A Super-Enforcer, making it difficult to get close to Yvette And Isaac without alerting the place. (The Only disguise that Isaac can’t see through is Yvette’s Assistant Because The Assistant is Bald.)

I am currently writing a short story that takes place just after the Dartmoor Garden Show and the cutscene at the end of H3, that shows how 47 and Diana meet up again at 47’s new safehouse, and she brings him all the dossiers that are in Freelancer, and they agree to begin this new endeavor together. It’s also going to have them talk about and settle the issue regarding Diana’s parents, once and for all. I’m expecting to have it finished some time this weekend, and would like to post it here. Anyone interested?


Oh, most definitely.

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HITMAN™: World-Wide

Season One - Mission One.
Title: A Faithful Hunt.
Targets: Ricardo de Soto (also known as “The Psychopath”) and Kordell Serafini (also known as “The Preacher”).
Objectives: Locate and retrieve de Soto’s bible.
Location: Salvadoran Slums, Brazil.
Setting: “Del Lagoz” Apartments and the Cathedral of Serafini. 8:57am, May 14th 2023.
Weather: Clear, 27°C

Good evening, 47. Your destination are the slums within the Brazilian city of Salvador, where the de Soto cartel has influence over everything and everyone.

As a Providence affiliate, the de Soto cartel has been granted immunity against other rising cartels such as the Moreno cartel and the Francisco cartel, they’ve also been on the ICA wanted list for quite some time.

Your targets are cartel leader Ricardo de Soto and chaplain Kordell Serafini, two main figures in political drama of Salvador’s government.

Nothing more than a manipulative psychopath, de Soto is apart of a wealthy generation of mass murderers and sociopolitical criminals, currently owning everything in the slums such as the “Del Lagoz” apartment block, the local tavern, the huts and the cathedral where his cartel’s chaplain, Kordell Serafini, preaches the gospel of his own biblical events.

You’ll also have to take care of Kordell Serafini, he has caused many people who reside in the slums to believe the word of de Soto and our client believes that this is a violation of people’s dedication to their own religions and holiness, but because local police are bribed, our client has asked us we fulfil the contract.

Although this doesn’t seem within our sort of jurisdiction, the board has asked us to go through with it and investigate further.

And as always, 47, I will leave you to prepare.

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HITMAN™: World-Wide

Season One - Mission Two.
Title: Keeping the Rhythm.
Targets: Roderick “Ricky” Prince (also known as “The Percussionist”), Sid Cross (also known as “The Lawyer”) and Frida Oundral (also known as “The Curator”).
Objective: Retrieve the audio files
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland.
Setting: The National Theatre. 9:17pm, May 21st 2023.
Weather: Rain, -1°C

Good afternoon, 47. Your destination is the world famous National Theatre in Reykjavik, Iceland.

While in Brazil last week, we missed something, it was de Soto’s bible. You see, the bible contained information relating to Providence stakes towards the de Soto cartel, as well as business ledgers and associations tucked away in the book’s coat with main industry companies funding the cartel: CICADA, Tangus Biotech Corporation and Lungear Industries to name a few.

After studying the ledger, it all makes sense. Your targets are musician Ricky Prince, his lawyer, Sid Cross, and National Theatre owner Frida Oundral.

The famous percussion artist, Roderick “Ricky” Prince, is a revolutionary artist, with fans spread out across the globe, his concert tonight will be no different. His world tour has finished through South America, Australia and most of Europe, with lawyer, Sid Cross, at his side and disposal, if need be.

During his world tour, Prince eventually stopped off at Brazil for his concert in São Paulo, he then took a five day break to experience Brazil, including Salvador, where he discussed the diplomacy between the de Soto Cartel and Providence, such as their future involvement. Cross then laid out the fundamentals and a few waivers, this led to Soto referencing the National Theatre as a potential Providence establishment, a few phone calls with higher-ups and the owner or his “aunt”, a new business opportunity was established.

Before his world tour, his brother, Leroy Prince, had made recordings of Ricky’s allegiance to Providence and threatened him to keep his mouth shut, this made high publicity, yet the anonymous Providence is nothing more than a capitalist company to the eyes of the public. The recordings have not yet been reviewed and all the public knows is riding on how well Leroy can remember. The recordings were given to Frida Oundral, owner and curator of the Rekyjavik National Theatre; little does anyone know, Oundral has been bought off to dispose of the recordings for Prince, whose father was good friends with her and is the godmother of both the Prince brothers.

These are the basics, but they’re all we got, eliminate all three and retrieve the audio files with swiftness and then we can continue our war.

Good luck, 47.

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HITMAN™: World-Wide

Season One - Mission Three
Title: Lay the Foundation.
Targets: Crawford Thompson (also known as “The Merchant”) and Kendra Thompson (also known as “The Operator”).
Location: Foxton, New Zealand.
Setting: Thompson’s Reptile Protection shelters and offices. 4:07pm, June 3rd 2023.
Weather: Clear, 18°C.

Good afternoon, 47. Your destination is in the outskirts of Foxton, a small town located in the north island of New Zealand.

After eliminating Prince, something caught my eye, his brother, Leroy Prince, coincidentally was killed the following day. I shared it with the board and they grew suspicious and investigated further, though they were hacked in their efforts. After all the damage the hack had done was made, we traced it back to Thompson’s Reptile Protection, a local company in the Manawatu-Wanganui region town with the supposed intention of doing what they’re named.

Your targets are owner Crawford Thompson and his go-getter daughter Kendra Thompson.

A charitable citizen and a strong businessman, Crawford has, as of recently, been sending out strange phone calls while talking to his clientele, if they really are, you’ll have to search the head office for a clue of some sort to decipher them, in order to prove his guiltiness. His methods are unorthodox of storing notes, but I trust you’ll be able to handle it.

Next, his much more intelligent daughter, Kendra, who is the company’s main caretaker and financial advisor. As her father spends his time responding to calls, she has fundamentally run the establishment all by herself in the three years she has worked here, but she has been known to have a hand in with the development of the company and to which the strange calls arise.

First, search the head office for clues; and if anything even mentions Prince in context, you are licensed to eliminate both Crawford and Kendra Thompson.

I will leave you to prepare.

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I got bored and made another series of missions.
Hitman Basic Level Structure


Broken Spring

Location: Tampa, Florida, USA

Premise: 47 heads to the Gulf Coast in order to put an end to a highly skilled yet numerically small drug-running outfit operating out of the Tampa Bay area. The area is deep in the throes of Spring Break and everybody in the outfit has come out to celebrate in their own special way. Packed streets, armed guards and a target located just out into the distance. Means 47 has his work cut out for him.


Esteban Montoya (The Cubano): Montoya is one of the people that runs the drug syndicate and is also the owner of The Mothership strip club located across from the beach party ad across from the motel. Montoya will divide his time between the club and the drug storage under the apartment block next door.

Pedro Legarda (The Heir Apparent): Heir to the syndicate, Legarda was once a small-time boat tour guide and a smuggler for the Sinistra Cartel before their collapse. Legarda has taken advantage of the festivities to “christen” his new party boat. A yacht that sits out over the gulf waters and thus presents a challenge. Like Sierra, Legarda spends a lot of his time out of bounds but unlike Knox there is no way Legarda comes ashore instead you have to assassinate him from a specialized sniper point (a high powered rifle is in 47’s suite in the motel). The party boat itself is more like a Sniper Assassin level and still provides multiple opportunities for kills

Jackson Greene (The Varsity): Smart enough to organize the various smaller dealers around Tampa but not smart enough to run a whole syndicate or even think about taking it over couple that with all the makings of a varsity athlete and you get Greene. Greene can be found on the beach in his old varsity clothes trying to fit in as he meets with the various beachside dealers.

Thomas Gruberman (The Gubernatorial): Better known as “The Grub” for his remarkably low character, his inability to do anything but cower to whoever holds more power than him and for his meekness in the face of challenge The Grub helps run The Mothership’s side racket in blackmail. He can be found trapsing between the club and the El Tigre Rey Motel.


Awaiting An Ascent

Location : Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Premise : The Church of the Ascendent is gathering for an annual pilgrimage of its celebrity clients on their decennial “Tour of the Spirits” trip and they have reached the Mount Teide arc of the tour. The tour has brought out two otherwise hard to access members. First being highly guarded Hollywood actor and scumbag Julian Wakefield and the other being the highly secretive cult leader Michael Savage. Savage has paid an extortionate amount of money to have access to one of the island’s many observatories in order to “better contact the ancient alien Earth spirits that lie here” in order to “properly reassert their dominance so as to receive their tithes”.


Julian Wakefield (The Paragon): Julian Wakefield has had an extremely long career, some would say that every minute Wakefield lives would be as twenty five to a human. A mixed bag of genres but with a focus on action Wakefield first turned to the Church after his career had a downturn. He became a fully fledged member claiming the church gave him the focus ad drive his career needed. Nowadays he is undergoing a libel trial after an ex wrote an article on how The Church and Julian perpetrated abuse. Wakefield will spend most of his time either at a little campsite erected for the cultists, wandering the planetarium or hiking in the parklands around the observatory.

Michael Savage (The Prelate): Savage by name and Savage by nature, Michael was born into a Hollywood family. His father was an executive producer and his mother was a costume designer with both of them having high expectations for their kid. Savage was in every club ad yet drama, when he left arts school he had started the road to become an actor. It hit a serious roadblock but it was then that he found the perfect career path, becoming friends with The Dear Leader of The Church he had himself groomed until he was top of the succession list. Since TDL’s death in 1998 he has lead the church from their secluded and highly guarded Rhodium Station compound in Southern California and rarely leaving for regular society. If he isn’t on Church property I is because there is money to be made, people to fleece or escapees to detain. He can be found wandering the observatory as he prepares for his little con job alien visitation.



Location : European Rocketry Centre, French Guiana

Premise : A private shuttle launch for space company Geneva Orbital and the colonization project being run by private environmental tech company Biosphere is underway in the heart of the Guiana jungle at European Space Council’s main launch site, the project is nearing its final stages as the Ariel 6 rocket is being tested ad built ahead of launch. Two very exclusive contracts put out on two very exclusive people by one very elusive and mysterious client with a vested interest in the Project’s failure.


Georgina La Grande (The Aviatrix): Former child prodigy, former champion ice skater and current CEO of Geneva Orbital and loaded heiress Georgina has never been one to let other people tell her what she can and can’t do in point of fact Georgina spends most of her time telling other people what they can and can’t do. She has recently branched out her aeronautics empire to include aerospace ventures, her end game still seems to be shrouded in mystery. Which is why she spends most of her time in the mission control sections of the base making sure the planned launch will go off just right.

Elan Deveraux (The Futurist): The son of Biosphere CEO Simon Deveraux and currently their CFO and the one running the corporation since Simon is still undergoing a landmark conspiracy case. Deveraux himself has had a hand in “founding” several tech ventures and “developing” near-future technologies as well as managing exploitative rare earth mineral extraction in Central Africa. He is actually volunteering for the test flight of the Ariel 6 rocket and can be found wandering the test platforms, training center and launch site.


Predatory Instincts

Location : Livingstone Deluxe Lodge, Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

Premise : 47 heads to an exclusive safari lodge in the heart of the Botswana’s wild and untamed safari lands on his own little hunt as an arms dealer is going on a private hunting retreat ahead of a lengthy hunting expedition.


Sir Humphrey Titus Rutherford (The Procurer): The owner of Rutherford Armaments, Rutherford is one of Europe’s premier arms manufacturers and trusted by paramilitaries, armed forces and security forces the world over. The reputation is in part due to RA’s longstanding contracts with British nationals and African anti-terror operations. That comes at a cost, however, as legal and even illegal sales of Rutherford branded weapons have been linked to states such as former Rhodesia, the old Boer Republic, anti-communist movements in Angola and Burkina Faso, Liberian nationalists and more. That is on top of the longstanding rumours of corporate espionage.


Diplomacy By Other Means…

Location : Kartlipol, South Ossetia, Georgia

Premise : 47 heads to a small village in the heavily disputed territory of South Ossetia to help a major client deal with a rouge Russian occupier and a smuggler who is using the region as a smuggling corridor. They have fortified their position in a small village where they terrorize locals and move weapons to and from Russia. 47 also has to recover a small little book that contains details on their dealings with the wider syndicate.


Konstantin Sergeyev (The Tin Pot Tyrant): Like so many Cold War relics Sergeyev is a bitter, angry and profoundly petty man who pines for a time that only ever existed in state-sponsored text books and Brutalist memorials, the son of one of the first generals to occupy Georgia for the Union Sergeyev wants the same level of respect. To that end despite ceasefires he still occupies territory in disputed South Ossetia where he brutalizes the local Georgian population, politically inconvenient for the East and a potential threat to the west. Sergeyev spends most of his time in the councilor’s palace, in the high town and will occasionally head to the lower village to prepare for an execution.

IIoseph Lukashvilli (The Blackguard): Born in abject poverty and exiled to the streets of Batumi at a young age Joseph fell into organized crime working as a driver. Soon he had heard war had come to South Ossetia he knew he had a prime opportunity after all things disappear during war, soldiers need goods a quartermaster might not be able to get and then there are all the weapons lying around. So far the continued conflict and bureaucratic overlooking of the region has meant Lukashvilli has made a fortune. Lukashvilli can be found in the lower regions of the village shaking down vendors and checking up on the black market.

Brown Bear

…And Peace At Any Cost

Location : Vladivostok, Primorski Krai Oblast, Russia

Premise : Having found the ringleader 47 heads to the free port of Vladivostok to take care of the ringleaders and their special contact from China as they oversee a large weapons deal in the port including parts of an American missile launch system.


Fyodor Artamontov (The Oligarch): One of Russia’s many over-diversified oligarchical business leaders Artamontov’s father was the leader of one of the Far East’s biggest state run shipping concerns as well as one of Russia’s biggest arms manufacturers, after the collapse of the union Artamontov, like many other oligarchs, had no trouble adapting to capitalism quickly establishing a monopoly on steel, arms and logistics in the Russian Far East. Artamontov can be found in the company warehouse inspecting the goods or in the main logistics terminal going over other trades in the works.

Anatoli Serov (The Ghost of Okhotsk): An ancient mariner from the Kamchatkan city of Petropavlovsk before his family relocated to Vladivostok for work in the 50s. For nearly 40 years Serov has been the captain of the Bering’s Grace for nearly 30 years, a legend amongst many of the Bratva as the Ghost of Okhotsk due to his uncanny ability to avoid Japanese, US and Russian patrols as well as even the harshest of inspection. Serov is Fyodor’s most trusted employee and central to the syndicate’s operation. He can be found on his ship making sure everything is in order before it embarks on another smuggling run.

Sima Jun (The Everlasting Frost): Coming from a long line of officials and businessmen Jun has spent most of her life being trained to take her father’s place as leader of a state run shipping concern in northern China, born and raised in Harbin, Jun is one of the most trusted allies of the Red Snow Crane Tong. Her blunt demeanor, lack of empathy and location in the Ice City has given her a nickname amongst China’s underworld figures, The Everlasting Frost. Jun can be found o the actual docks over seeing the unloading of a shipment of high quality armaments and weapons systems destined to go to an R&D lab in China


Great Southern Land

Location : Grand Gum Estates, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Premise : 47 heads to a new subdivision being built in Melbourne as a part of a tit-for-tat war between rivalling real estate developers in Victoria. The target himself is on an inspection of a subdevelopment he is responsible for and he has spared no expense in providing 47 with ample opportunities.


Anthony Stathopoulos (The Mountebank): There is nothing about Baker that is truly remarkable, he was born into an average family, was an average kid and wound up taking his average talents into the average field of real estate development. Baker then made the average career change into a criminal, helping run construction scams, evidence disposal and union racketeering. He can found with several guards and some housing inspectors looking over the under-construction houses or in the display centre making phone calls.

Arctic Fox

The End of The World

Location : Sanctum Excavation Site, Nunavut Territory, Canada

Premise : 47 heads to Canada’s Arctic region to locate the site of a massive underground construction site being built for a splinter sect of The Ark Society. 47 goes on an intense mission where one mistimed saunter down a corridor can mean an all-out firefight. It is large antechambers, big old holes in the earth and tight hallways as 47 stalks three members.


Dane Eventide (The Antediluvian): Eventide has spent most of his life caring for one thing and one thing only and that has been himself. Driven into a low-level job at chemical and agricultural giant Mondonato he spent half of his life clawing to the top and is spending the rest of it making sure it stays that way come Hell or high water and he thinks both are imminent. He can be found inspecting the main entrance excavation site and going through the service routes to inspect the further underground excavations.

Avyaan Basheer (The Lifestyle Coach): A former disciple of Liberation and left completely directionless after the death of Nabazov Basheer tried to reconcile a lot of his false idols teachings with hints of Hindu and Buddhist values into a very marketable lifestyle brand. Basheer met his longest running client of his lifestyle coach services at a spiritual retreat in California. Basheer is Eventide’s chosen, someone to accompany him and his family into a new future. Basheer can be found wandering the main temple chamber and the rest of the other more public areas of the facility.

Dr Susan Golightly (The Bioengineer): A former member of Blue Seed’s bioscience division until she was secretly fired for illicit genetic engineering as well as causing undue harm in test subjects but The Ark Society saw use for her research into immortality and gave her a position in a fake university research facility along with a blank check. Not even the Society’s collapse could stop her as the ever-fearful Eventide recruited her.


Mind’s Eye

Location : A surrealist mish-mash of several previous mission levels albeit some levels like the Asylum have been overhauled to fit a stealth level instead of the all out confrontations that some of the levels originally were.

Premise : A resting 47 finds himself trapped in throes of a very bad REM sleep cycle, a vicious nightmare where he has to take on some of the most prominent figures from his past in a bizarre dreamscape of his own imagination. I also thought it could be that each game section had rules that operated like each respective game (i.e St Petersburg would prohibit running, Absolution has no cameras ect)


Lee Hong (The Red Dragon): Lee Hong became a Father after he joined the French foreign Legion to escape a bloody succession crisis after his attempt to scale the criminal ladder went wrong. He had returned to Hong Kong and promptly set himself up as Hong Kong’s undisputed Tong leader. Headstrong and confrontational, he died in a direct confrontation with 47 at Wang Fou, a restaurant and criminal front.

You will find him at the recreation of Wang Fou of course, which also incorporates a park area influenced by Kowloon Triads in Gang War. Hong has a route where he is inspecting his businesses in preparation for a meeting with the Blue Lotus gang as well as trying to root out 47, also Tzun isn’t here right now which means that you can finally give Hong a taste of his own medicine (literally if you find the vial of poison he uses)

Agent 17 (The Prototype): An earlier model of the clone line that 47 would later be derived from that was locked and hidden away. Lacking a lot of the genetic enhancements and any sese of freewill he rotted down there until he was recovered by people sweeping the asylum and placed in the care of Sergei Zavorotko. History tells us 17 died setting up an ambush for 47 in St Petersburg on the bidding of his master at the site of a previous mission.

St Petersburg is one large town square area with several small buildings but only two of real importance, a recreation of the Pushkin building and a recreation of the German Embassy from Invitation To A Party. 17 can be found in the apartment block setting his little trap for 47, so be sure not to fall for it again or do if you are a stickler for canon.

Sergei Zavorotko (The Only Uncle): Half-brother to Arkadij Jegorov and an arms dealer himself Sergei had grand designs after learning of 47’s existence through a mysterious proxy. Luring 47 out of retirement by kidnapping Father Vittorio, Zavorotko manipulated the ICA into eliminating anyone closely tied to Sergei’s sale of US nuclear missile system components. However when news leaked of a broken arrow situation Sergei tried to have 47 eliminated, this was his undoing and he died in direct confrontation with 47 on ecclesial property in Noto, Sicily.

Unlike in Silent Assassin Zav appears in St Petersburg in the recreation of the ambassadorial function from Silent Assassin mostly milling around trying to find a customer for his illicit goods or trying to break into the embassy to recover his merchandise.

Albert Fournier (The Inspector General): The Inspector General for the Paris Metropolitan Police and deeply involved with a child trafficking ring, Fournier has the honour being the only man to come remotely close to killing The Hitman. After being tipped off by a shadow agent, Fournuer jumped 47 in the streets of Paris, 47 had survived by no small miracle. Fournier retaliated by leading a GIGN led raid on the hotel 47 was in awaiting extraction. Unfortunately not even a squad of elite anti-terror/urban crime agents could stop 47.

Fournier can be found in a recreation of the safehouse hotel from the last mission of Contracts doing exactly what he did in that game going around barking orders at the various police forces or down in the street blockade cowering and trying to delete his paper trail.

Mark Pariah III: A clone from a cloning experiment run by a secretive cabal known as Alpha Xerox in an attempt to recreat the Ort-Meyer clones. The results were less than stellar leaving a series of melanin deficient clones that lived months at a time. Pariah was one of the agents responsible for a plot against the POTUS in an attempt to give AX monopolistic control over commercialized human cloning. Pariah died after a confrontation in the Oval Office and a subsequent firefight on the White House roof.

Benjamin Travis (The Sledgehammer): A Gulf War veteran and ICA recruiter, Travis was made an ICA director where he began to go at great lengths to systematically abuse his power including research into genetic research which produced Victoria. This lead to a series of events that ended with Travis dying in a Cornish cemetery searching for confirmation that Diana had died at 47’s hands (She was not).

Travis roams the Waikiki Holiday Motel taking the place of Lashawnda Dixon only without the farmland area, he can instead be found in the main reception area at a mobile tactical command centre he has set up for himself.

Arthur Edwards (The Constant): A former middle manager for a British investment firm Edwards was eventually tapped to replace legendary Cold War spy Janus as The Constant, a figure of great power, entrusted to run the day-to-day affairs and special operations for Providence, a shadow cabal of elite and powerful people. However Edwards had grander designs and the more and more The Partners stifled his control the bolder it grew. His machinations had almost allowed him to control a supra-national corporate entity had Diana not given 47 specialized access to Edwards mobile base in Eastern Europe. Edwards is was found dead in the executive train car after it was found in the Romanian Carpathians.

The only target to be in a level that isn’t from his own game (in this case Edwards represents the World of Assassination as a whole) he can instead be found in a recreation of the solitary confinement and general holding cell blocks of the asylum with a team of Providence researchers, analysts and security forces.

Bonus List



Boys on the Promenade: Complete Broken Spring for the first time

Dance Commander: Complete Broken Spring on Master Difficulty

On De Leon’s Trail: Discover all locations in Tampa

Rocked The Boat: Complete all mission stories in Broken Spring

Partied Hard: Reach Mastery Level 20 in Tampa

Down to Earth: Assassinate Montoya with the disco light rig, Legarda with the boom mast, Grubb with the motel sign and Greene with the hanging barrel of water

All the Makings of a Varsity Athlete: Assassinate all targets while disguised as a dealer


Extreme De-Programming: Complete Awaiting An Ascent for the first time

A Token of Your Extreme: Complete Awaiting An Ascent on Master Difficulty

Stargazer: Discover all locations in Tenerife

Stress Tested: Complete all mission stories in Awaiting An Ascent

Cult Classic: Reach Mastery Level 20 in Tenerife

Battlefield Tenerife: Assassinate Wakefield by pushing him into a sinkhole, Savage with the satellite dish and both of them with the planetarium projector.

In The Closet: Store Wakefield and Savage’s body in the same container

French Guiana

Reach For The Stars: Complete Moonshot for the first time

To Infinity and Beyond: Complete Moonshot on Master Difficulty

Space Exploration: Discover all locations in French Guiana

No Problem: Complete all mission stories in Moonshot

The Right Stuff: Reach Mastery Level 20 for French Guiana

Volare: Assassinate Deveraux while he is modelling the space suit, Georgina while she is going over the launch parameters and both with the rocket engine

I Am Not Saying It Is Aliens: Find the secret subsection of the space port


Big Game Hunter: Complete Predatory Instinct for the first time

Trophy Hunter: Complete Predatory Instinct on Master Difficulty

Doctor Livingstone, I Presume? – Discover all locations in Botswana

Thrill of the Hunt – Complete all mission stories in Predatory Instinct

Top of the Food Chain – Reach Mastery Level 20 in Botswana

The Deadliest Game – Blow up Rutherford with his arms stash, drown him in the watering hole and feed him to the caged lion

Tribal Warfare – Kill Rutherford and his personal guard with a Tswana spear

South Ossetia

Those Who Miss The Old Union Are Fools… - Complete Diplomacy By Other Means for the first time

…And Those Who Wish For A New Union Are Mad – Complete Diplomacy By Other Means n Master difficulty

Georgia On My Mind – Discover every location in South Ossetia

An Intent of Conduct – Complete all mission stories for Diplomacy By Other Means

To Russia With NLAW – Reach Mastery Level 20 in South Ossetia

Truth, Justice and the Trans-Caucasian Way – Pick up the trading manifest as the dealer, assassinate Sergeyev while he is staging the execution and both by drawing them into the partisan’s line of fire

Manifested: Pick up all three copies of the manifest


We Must End War – Complete And Peace At Any Cost for the first time

Before War Ends Us – And Peace At Any Cost on Master Difficulty

End of the Line – Discover every location in Vladivostok

The Art of War – Complete all mission stories for And Peace At Any Cost.

A Farewell To Arms – Reach Mastery Level 20 in Vladivostok

Ushanka-Hattrick – Assassinate Artomontov with the arms dump, Serov with a life raft and Sima with the icicles.

It Is Way Easier This Time – And kill all three with the overhanging container


Measure Twice, Cut Once – Complete Great Southern Land for the first time

Straight To The Pool Room – Complete Great Southern Land on Master Difficulty

Urban Ranger – Discover every location in Melbourne

Bloody Oath – Complete every mission story for Great Southern Land

Told ‘Em They’re Dreamin’ – Reach Mastery Level 20 in Melbourne

Nine Out Of Ten… – Assassinate Stathopoulos with a barbie explosion, with a collapsing house frame and dropping him through three floors

…And Out For A Six – Find the explosive cricket ball and assassinate your target with it


To The Bitter End – Complete The End of The World for the first time

Going Gently – Complete The End of The World on Master Difficulty

Spelunker - Discover all locations in Nunavut

A Brighter Future Underground – Complete every mission story for The End of The World

The Bell Tolls For Thee – Reach Mastery Level 20 in Nunavut

In Corpore Santo, In Mens Sana – Assassinate Eventide with the faulty gene therapy, Basheer while you are auditioning as the chef and Golightly with the cryogenic chamber.

Hell-ter Shelter – Take out all three targets with a geothermal power substation overload.


A Brief Nap – Complete Mind’s Eye for the first time

A Deep Sleep – Complete Mind’s Eye on Master Difficulty

Theatre of the Mind – Discover all locations in The Dreamscape

Mindfulness – Complete every mission story for Mind’s Eye

Oneiromancer – Reach Mastery Level 20 in Theatre of the Mind

Lucid Dreamer – Assassinate Lee Hong with poison, Agent 17 with fibre-wire, Zevorotko with a sniper shot, Fornier by pushing him into the sewers, Pariah by dropping the chandelier on him, Travis by drowning him and Edwards with the electric pacification flooring.

This Room, This Bullet – Snipe Fournier all the way from the pagoda in Hong Kong

C47 Remaster When? – Say hello to a little friend in the cellblock


Haven’t read the rest just yet, I’ll get to them later, looks good so far, but come on, admit it: you based Julian Wakefield on Tom Cruise, didn’t you?

I mean IO clearly did and John Travolta wasn’t as creepy as Tom Cruise so as to be a Hitman target so…

HITMAN [Gta Sa Modification]
I use a modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that allows you to create your own missions to release my fan-made story in Hitman Universe :smile:
3 of 6 episodes currently available, unfortunately only on Russian, but if I will improve my translation skills, I will do that episodes on English too! But for now, I want to share with you what done on this moment!

Mission One
Title: “Devils Of Amsterdam”

  • Eliminate Jasper Van Dijk
  • Eliminate Evan Hennessy

Location: Amsterdam “ghetto”, Netherlands
Synopsis: Mission takes place a month after Hokkaido mission (alternative universe where HITMAN 2 plot is never happened). Agent 47 need to eliminate a professional stuntman Jasper Van Dijk and his right-hand man - Evan Hennessy. Both in fact are the leaders of criminal organization called “Devils Of Amsterdam”. To the public they are club of fast cars and bikes owners, but also Van Dijk secretly organizes car thefts and sellings on black market. Besides, “Devils Of Amsterdam” sells guns to criminals - that the reasons why we need to shut down this organization once and for all. Van Dijk organizes a stunt show and fire show right in the poor neighboorhood of Amsterdam: while he will perform a tricks on his car for a public, Hennessy will negotiate with wanted criminals about gun supplies. A good apportunity to kill them both.
P.S: This mission has a large open area which included: 1) Stunt show area; 2) VIP-area; 3) Area for public; 4) Dump area (place where Hennessy is located).
Title screen:

Mission Two
Title: The Source

  • Eliminate Paul Beiner
  • Eliminate Adam Houpt

Location: “Wells” cargo ship, Detroit, USA
Synopsis: Mission takes place a day after Amsterdam mission. ICA receives a emergency contract that contains information about biological hazard on “Wells” cargo ship in Detroit, USA. Crew of the ship has get unknown virus infection, so now the government employees was sent on this ship to analyze the situation. They are discovered that strange container with virus samples was transported on “Wells”. Client suspects that government can use new virus for own reasons in future, so Agent 47 need to eliminate a FBI agent Paul Beiner and CDC virologist Adam Houpt. According to safety protocols, ship will be sunk and extraction of the virus will be stopped if that two dies. So, the objectives is pretty clear.
P.S: This mission can be called “Colorado on water” because of all territory is hostage and very well guarded :sweat_smile: But you can blow up the whole ship as one of the opportunities.
Title screen:

Mission Three
Title: Hunt for the Baskervilles

  • Eliminate Erigan Schmurtz
  • Eliminate Ted Greystone

Location: Abigail Springs Manor, Northamptonshire, England
Synopsis: Mission takes place a week after Detroit mission. ICA Board of directors initiated a independent investigation of “Wells” ship virus origin which lead to unexpected results. It became known that container with virus samples was “Devils Of Amsterdam” property, so it’s obviously that ICA was compromised. Board of directors immediately sent Agent 47 to Northamptonshire to eliminate a 97-years old Erigan Schmurtz - the leader of AESIR company that owns “Wells” cargo ship, and his lover Ted Greystone - captain of AESIR Sports Team and professional pilot. Greystone not just a right-hand man to Schmurtz, but it is he who steal a virus sample from sinking “Wells” ship. That mission not only the retaliation for compromising, but a important step to the closing virus tragedy.
P.S: This mission highly inspired by “Death in the Family” mission from Hitman 3. Also, here is briefing to this mission (Eng. subtitles available): BRIEFING
“Hunt for the Baskervilles” ends with plot twist that ICA begun a try to eliminate all persons who was related to this story, including Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood…
Title screen:

That’s not a whole story and I will share a new missions when I do a continuation :smile:
Also, here is all locations image:



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So I’m posting this here in response to the Sean Bean/Mark Faba x Gary Busey ETs being gone forever. Enjoy the… trip.

:mushroom: :fork_and_knife:
Elusive Target Margary Fabusey

You enter an M.C. Escher like level. Are you going down into the virus lab? Or going up into the Kronstadt building? Upon approaching the target Diana announces THAT!!! is (the guys) as he’s a multi-limbed, 2 headed abomination that looks like a failed teleporter experiment where the 2 targets are fused together in a freakish amalgamation. It asks you to kill it and end its suffering before strangling on its own slobber and dies anyway.

Its body then crumbles into a wriggling mass of flesh colored caterpillars that crawl over to you and start to cover your body. They then begin to weave a suit with their silk. You’ve just unlocked the undying look suit.

The Krondstadt cyborg is being… stimulated… by the Ether virus lab robot arm. It grows orb-like lactose dispensers and is apparently pregnant. Then it gives birth to a Li’l flashy and hands it to you. You’ve unlocked Li’l Flashy.

To exit the mission you grab a fish sniper rifle. You have to walk over these fountain like bells… You’re shooting them with the fish gun but with your feet. Really hard to describe since you’re tripping :basketball: :baseball: at the moment!

You then get them in the right order and are picked up by giant tentacles and placed on a pair of Dolphins as you speed away at light speed into a tunnel of light before you wake up in a cold, panicky sweat, hyperventilating.


What were you smoking when you wrote this?


Smoking? I’m pretty sure a high like that can only be attained when the substance in question is absorbed rectally!

(so says the meth maker)


Considering creating a mission that takes place in an IKEA because the GMTK video mentioned it and now it won’t get out of my head.

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Watch out. Someone might complain and be like, “Where are the airport levels!?”

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Berlin: Emilia Cross’ Birthday Party

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Tonight it’s Emilia Cross’ 25th birthday, and we got reports that she is one of the remaining Providence Members alive, and she tries to get Providence standing up again, we must stop her from doing so and give Providence it’s resting.
As she is a Cross, the party is fully guarded with security guards all around the club.
I must say, she has a very different taste than her brother.
Good luck 47, get this party over with.