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Ah ok, looks top notch, these animations are really well done, my Sean Rose loving friend

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HITMAN™: World-Wide

Season One - Mission Four
Title: A Hidden Gift.
Targets: Dr. Ronin Oikawa (also known as “The Surgeon”)

Objective: Extract agent James Bookheart
Location: Ashibetsu, Hokkaido, Japan
Setting: Aldness Clinic, Black-market auction, 10:37am, June 12th 2023
Weather: Cloudy, 15°C.

Good morning, 47. The trail form New Zealand has let us to the Aldness Clinc in Hokkaido, Japan. A city, bustling with 15 thousand people named Ashibetsu.

On the edge of the city center is your precise destination, the Aldness Clinic. Rumors spread around, that people who are admitted there, are never seen or heard from again. Under the guidance of your target, doctor Ronin Oikawa, operations are performed in which organs afterwards are stored. The organs such as kidneys, the heart, lungs but also eyes are kept in huge cold rooms. These are then sold to rich and powerful people, does who can afford it.

Bodies and people are “stored” just as well. And through Crawford Thompson’s hacked phone calls, we learned that agent James Bookheart is at the clinic. We have no idea in what condition he will be, but your goal is to extract Bookheart. Dead or alive. We provide an invitation for the black-market auction. So an infiltration at that time is simple as a breeze.

The real challenge lies in exfiltration of agent Bookheart and the elimination of doctor Ronin Oikawa. Doctor Oikawa is a brilliant brain surgeon of origin. His documents indicate that he opted for the big money. Because since 2017 he is active as the Aldness clinic chief surgeon. Operations on homeless or forgotten people through his horrific actions is now his job. That’s why he is our target.

This is a tough assignment. With a weird clinic, deranged doctor and black-market organ auction during your presence, the security detail will be high. It’s nothing you can’t handle.

I will leave you to prepare.


I decided in honour of Freelancer that I would update Sinful Septuple’s trophy list to reflect the new mode.

Rolling Bones: Assassinate 50 Syndicate targets in Macau
Solomillion Dollars: Assassinate 50 Syndicate Members in Monte Carlo
Sun’s Out, Guns Out: Assassinate 50 Syndicate Members in Lake Delton
I Love My Job: Assassinate 50 Syndicate Members in Cabo
Carrion Feeder: Assassinate 50 Syndicate Members in Vienna
Sweeps Week: Assassinate 50 Syndicate Members in Micronesia
Territorial Animal: Assassinate 50 Syndicate Members in Bourke’s Creek
True Colour: Assassinate 50 Syndicate Members in Taitama County
Satanic Panic: Complete a Relic Smuggling campaign in Freelancer


Opening Cutscene: Desert Storm

Tied up and bruised, Salman al-Ghazali kneels on a private jet as two burly men beside him pull a black bag over his head. The room slowly fades to focus.

A middle-aged blonde woman sits in a plush leather chair in front of him, dressed in a tailored white suit similar to his. She holds an ornate Quran in her hands and reads it.

“You know,” she purrs, her posh English accent cutting through the air, “I’ve always been fascinated by the mystique of Islam. The call to prayer echoing through ancient cities, the intricate beauty of Arabic calligraphy, and the unwavering faith of its followers. The rich history, the poetic verses of the Quran—it’s all so exquisitely divine. The magnificent architecture, the mosques, and the minarets that stretch towards the heavens. It’s beautiful.”

Al-Ghazali remains silent and stares at her. The Englishwoman chuckles darkly, her green eyes meeting his. She shuts the Quran.

“What hurts me is that a beautiful religion like Islam is overshadowed by a regime like Saudi Arabia.” she continues. “Women are treated as second-class citizens, denied basic rights and freedoms, bound by the oppressive guardianship system with their every move controlled by male relatives. And those who dare to love differently are treated like criminals, public floggings, imprisonment, and even execution.”

“Saudi Arabia is a complex society, ma’am.” Al-Ghazali says calmly, as calmly as someone can be in a situation like this. “It has made progress in recent years, allowing women to drive, for example. Change takes time, and we must respect the pace at which it occurs.”

“Respect?” the Englishwoman snorts. “How can one respect a system that denies basic human rights? Freedom of expression, freedom of choice-”

“Saudi Arabia is a sovereign nation,” Al-Ghazali retorted, “and they uphold our traditions and values, even if they not be perfect.”

The Englishwoman drops the Quran to the floor.

“Remember that poor man,” the Englishwoman asks. “who walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, believing he would leave with the marriage documents he needed? And never walked out?”


“My parents were at a business meeting in the North Tower when the towers fell.” the Englishwoman interrupts, glaring at him. “15 of the men were Saudi nationals. Bin Laden was Saudi. Are those the values and traditions you uphold?”

Al-Ghazali’s expression softens.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” he says. “Saudi Arabia unequivocally condemns Bin Laden’s actions and the loss of innocent lives, as have I. Those who carried out the 9/11 attacks were not only heinous but also entirely against the teachings of Islam. And I have nothing to do with that journalist’s unfortunate demise. My business affairs are entirely unrelated.”

The Englishwoman stands up and walks towards Al-Ghazali.

“Your Excellency, why do you think the United States, the bastion of freedom and liberty, continues to support Saudi Arabia?” she asks.

“Oil.” Al-Ghazali answers. The Englishwoman nods.

“Saudi Arabia gets away with its crimes and oppression because the world craves its oil. Oil fuels American industries, powers their cars, heats their homes, and lines the pockets of those in power. They need their oil to maintain their way of life, and they’ll continue to do so, regardless of the moral cost. They turn a blind eye to its transgressions, all in the name of that black gold. But I have a plan. A plan to weaken their influence on the world stage. To make them pay for their sins.”

“What is that?”

“My men and I will burn Saudi Arabia’s oil fields to the ground. Without their precious oil, their power and influence will crumble, and the world will finally see them for what they truly are.”

Al-Ghazali’s eyes widen.

“If you were to destroy their oil reserves, it would send shockwaves through the world’s economies.” Al-Ghazali pleads, his voice shaking but determined. “Oil prices would skyrocket, causing inflation, unemployment, and economic instability worldwide. It would hurt not just Saudi Arabia but countless innocent people around the globe. It will ignite a war in the Middle East, and the consequences will be catastrophic. The power vacuum created by the fall of Saudi Arabia would lead to conflicts and proxy wars. It’s a powder keg waiting to explode!”

The Englishwoman pauses, her expression one of calculated curiosity. For a fleeting moment, it looks as though she might reconsider.

Then her lips curl upward, forming a chilling smile.

“Have you ever heard of a little company called…” she asks slowly, “CICADA?”

“CICADA?” the Sheikh asks incredulously. “You’re working with mercenaries to fuel a war for profit?”

The Englishwoman’s eyes gleam with a cold determination. “I took over from the previous CEO. Williams was always was too soft and dovish for my liking. She resigned around the same time as Fanin and Quinn, leaving the company ripe for a change in leadership. With a war in the Middle East, CICADA will thrive. We’ll have contracts with multiple countries, supplying weapons, mercenaries, and technology. War is our business, Your Excellency, and business is about to boom.”

Al-Ghazali looks at the Englishwoman, his features contorting to rage.

“Is this what it’s about?” he thundered, his voice quivering with intensity. “Money? Power? What do you believe in?”

The Englishwoman’s expression darkened, and she leaned down to meet his gaze. “I have beliefs,” she hissed, her voice filled with fury. “I stand for destroying Saudi Arabia’s dictatorship. I stand against the corruption, the cruelty, and the suffering they’ve inflicted on their own people and others for decades. I stand for justice for all those who have suffered under its oppressive rule. I stand for a world where the powerful are held accountable, where no one is untouchable, no matter the cost. I want them to burn, to face the consequences of their actions, and yes, getting rich from the chaos is a bonus, but it is a benefit I fully intend to exploit.”

“You’re a monster.” Al-Ghazali growls. “You’re nothing but a deranged terrorist.”

“Cut the sanctimony, Your Excellency, please. Crystal Dawn has received substantial funding from your accounts, channeled through shell corporations and intermediaries. You have supported a group responsible for countless acts of terror across Africa.”

Al-Ghazali turns pale.

“I never heard of this organisation in my life.”

“I’ve got financial transactions, bank statements, and documents. I-”

“That’s preposterous!” Al-Ghazali shouts. “I have never supported terrorism in any form!”

“Surah An-Nahl, Verse 105,” she recites, “states: ‘Only they invent falsehood who do not believe in Allah’s verses, and it is they who are the liars.’ So tell me the truth, Your Excellency. Swear on your religion.”

Al-Ghazali goes silent and glares at her. Finally, he speaks:

“What do I have to do with any of this?” he deflects. “I am Emirati, not Saudi.”

“You’re not a Saudi government official, no.” the Englishwoman admits. “But the construction company, the one you inherited from your dear cousin Omar? You’re brokering a deal with the Saudi government for extra security measures on the oil fields. My soldiers would rather do without them. You should have left the company to your brother.”

The Englishwoman turns to her men.

“Gentlemen, give our guest the Palmyra treatment.” she orders before turning back to the Sheikh. “Ma’a salama, Your Excellency.”

“Wait, you don’t have to do this! My family’s fortune-”

One of the men opens the hatch, interrupting the Al-Ghazali’s plea. A gust of frigid air fills the jet and Al-Ghazali is momentarily blinded by the howling wind and the blinding lights of the night sky.
The Englishwoman turns around and walks to her chair.

The men grip Al-Ghazali’s arms and drag him to the hatch. The Englishwoman sits herself down in her plush leather chair. She grips the armrests tightly as Al-Ghazali pleads to the guards.

“Gentlemen, please!” Al-Ghazali shouts desperately. “I-my family, we have hundreds of billions, whatever this madwoman is paying you, I’ll quadruple that! I-I have a pregnant wife waiting for me at home. She’s due any day now. I need-”

The two men throw Al-Ghazali out of the hatch into the dark abyss below. His screams are cut short as they shut the hatch.

The Englishwoman sits quietly. After a few seconds, she pulls a photo from her pocket and looks at it.

Cut to black.

“Oh, Diana.” she sighs.

Hitman: Goldenscar


Interesting start. Looking forward to see where it goes


Prototype for a fan made mini game.For a school project
Please first play the prototype and if you wish share your experience on the survey.(Sharing your experience whoud help me massively)

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HITMAN: Deadly Assassin

Mission 1: Overboard
Location: Pacific Ocean
Targets: The Mystery

Good Morning 47, and our target is The Mystery. The most mysterious man we’ve ever been hired to kill. We could not find a single thing about him. We don’t know know his appearance and history. We only know where he is going and his name. Our client is also mysterious as he preferred not to tell us who he is. Our target is going to board a cruise tomorrow. 47 you’ll have to find out who he is and what he looks like. 47 this will be a hard mission but you can always do the impossible. I’ll leave you to prepare.

The map is a party cruise. You start in the garage area, exiting one of the cars. You’re on the machinery area. You can fin stairs and You’ll go to the public area. There’s an eating area and a pool bar. Your target will have be like the Maelstrom and have multiple appearances. You can go up another flight of stairs which has the rooms. Then one more stairs where You’ll find the captain’s deck and a little private eating area. The mission is named Overboard because that’s code for someone falling of the ship. Of course depending on how you eliminated The Mystery. They won’t actually go overboard


  • You can break into his room and turn on the TV. The cruise website will alert him and he’ll go to his room. He looks out the window and you can push him.

  • We only know his Initals, which are R.S. If you find a table with R.S, you can cook the order and poison it. Then call out R.S, You find out R.S stands for Richard Salard. He’ll then get poisoned.

  • You can find out that the captain is planning to meet someone called Richard Salard. You can disguise as him and meet Richard in the captain’s deck. You can find out he killed someone and faked his own death and changed his name! The captain helped him too! He’ll then smoke near the bbq and if you leaked the propane tank, he blows himself up.

After Cutscene:
2 hours later. 47 boards off the cruise and sees a man with a briefcase. He walks past him and calls somebody on the phone. The person he’s calling is ICA and he’s requesting flight from the ICA. (In cases where he kills someone while travelling. He calls the ICA for a flight.) Then while he’s talking to Diana. An explosion happens on the cruise. Diana asks if 47 is still there. He is but 47 is a bit suspicious that after he killed Richard. An explosion happened. He just brushes it off and ends the call.

Another one but with a new format

Mission 2: Life at Stake
Location: South Korea, Gyeonggi
Targets: Setakabu Hishi, Joang Kuroto

Good Morning 47, and out targets are Setakabu Iroshi and Jolang Kuroto. The two most richest people in Gyeonggi. Jolang is a stock trader. He’s also a gambler on illegal sites. Whether its horse races or basketball games. He will be betting all of his money on it. However since they got this money from illegal gambling. They had to cover for it. That’s where Setakabu came in. She bought a cheap saloon and uses it as their front. Our client, a gambler who lost millions to Jolang wants us to elimnate him. 47 expect some security since their richest people is Gyeonggi. I’ll leave you to preapre.

You spawn on the park bench. If you go right, You’ll find the saloon with two floors which is celbrating it’s 5 year anniversy. One is the saloon of course and the other is actually a motel area. You’ll find Setakabu at tending the bar while the barman is throwing up. You’ll find Jolang in their condo room all the way at the top of the condo. Fit with a huge room. He’ll be on the pc for 10 seconds where he wins the pony race. Then He’ll go down and chat. He’ll never go to the PC to gamble unless you do a certain opprutunity. After Setakabu’s done tending to the bar. She’ll chat and go into motel rooms. The mission is named Life At Stake because in gambling, if you bet a lot of money. People might say you’re Life’s at Stake. Althought this time, they’re life did end.


  • You can disguise as Joang’s friend who’s a rich stock trader. and meet him. You can taunting Joang by saying that you traded stocks and got a few millions. He’ll then go to a pony race where he obviously wins. Then he goes to the balcony so he can celebrate. He will then kick out the guard on the balcony. He starts smoking on the rocking chair. You can then strangle him with his necklace.
  • The casino is closed due to the spinning wheel being loose and a few slottery machines can electrocute people. Including Joang’s favorite manchine which if you match 3 fruits, you get a million. If you fix the wheel and a few machines. The casino opens and Joang goes to his machine and get electrocuted as soon as he pulls the lever (don’t ask how).
  • Joang has a nut allergy and the roof pool serves drinks and foods including nuts. You can open the roof pool where only people who own rooms at the roof can go in. Joang and 3 people go in. If you get one of the npcs sick. The others will come with him the check on him. Steal the epipen in his bag and the medic room. Then you can squeeze nut juice in Joang’s martini. He’ll drink it and die before they can find another epipen.
  • If you stress out Setakabu by loosening a board on the bottle holder. It will all fall down. She will then smoke nearby a gas can. If you stab it, she’ll drop the cigar and burn before getting blown up.
  • Setakabu bought a new phone but one of the deliver workers crashed into a park tree. If you disguise as one of the delivery workers in the condo’s medic room. You can deliver it to her. Then if earlier. You loosened a wire plug. She’ll end up electrocuting herself when turns on the switch.
  • Setakabu wanted to see a magician show at the park but the magician is missing. If you disguise as the magician and start your show. Setakabu will see it out of her window and go there. Pick her as volunteer for a coffin and sword trick. The trick is that a mechanisim will lower her slightly. If you sabotage it, she’ll end up getting stabbed.
  • You can find a detective that Setakabu hired for some reason. If you disguise as the detective, You can find out that Joang has been using Setakabu’s money for gambling. You can tell her then she’ll meet Joang in the condo. They’ll meet in the private hot tub. They’ll argue then Setakabu will drown Joang in the hot tub. She’ll be a bit regretful but she in the end doesn’t care. Then you can drown her afterwards.

After Cutscene:
1 day ago. Setakabu’s at the bar readying it for the party. She’ll then sit on the bar stool and pour herself some whisky. Then a hooded figure sits down right next to her. She’ll ask what he’s doing here and he’ll say that Joang’s been using her money for gambling. She asks how he knows about the gambling. He says from sources and tells her about a detective she can hire for it. The hooded figure then leaves before getting on his phone and sending in a contract to ICA.

Mission 3: Doctor 47
Location: USA, Detroit
Targets: Richard Felder, Dani Front

Good Evening 47, and welcome to Michigan. Our targets our Terrorist leader, Richard Felder. And their best soldier, Dani Front. Richard Felder leads the terrorist group, The Fireguns. They have attacked multiple places in Asia, Africa and North America. Their most notable attack is when they eliminated Canadian Politician, John Poritis. That attacked made them famous in the criminal world. Richard has a bunch of soldiers but Dani Front is their strongest one. During a terrorist attack against a museum opening. Almost everyone died except Dani. Who gunned down every SWAT officer who showed up. A leader of a SWAT Team has hired us to kill them. Because their next attack is in their state and the leader doesn’t want to risk any officers. They currently reside in an abandoned amusement park. Planning to attack a park that’s being opened. 47 this will be one of the hardest missions you’ll be sent on but I have my trust in you. I leave you to prepare.

47 spawns in a gas station, sleeping in there. There are guards infront of the amusement park entrance. Like Colorado, the entire area is hostile in your suit. There is a secret entrance at the east wall. A tree that fell down and brought down the wall a bit.Unlike Colorado, there are only two handfuls of guards. There a re 3 sections. The rides which is the training area. The stands and outdoor cafeteria which is now a gun manufacturing site. Then we have the town hall building, which is now a planning area and one of the target’s main area. Richard stays in the town hall while Dani walks all around the amusement park. The mission is called Doctor 47 because 47 is saving lives by killing Dani and Richard. Like how a doctor saves lives.


  • You can disguise as a high ranking soldier. Then once you find the meeting room. You can find out the plan. You can suggest a different entrance point and they all agree about it. They tell Richard and he calls everyone. He’ll stand under a small hanging eagle statue. Simply shoot the supports and he gets crushed.

  • If you listen to a few conversations, you can find out Richard is looking for a cigarette box. You can find it in the outdoor eating area. Simply give him it and he will smoke infront of a river log ride. Simply push him in and he dies from instant drowning.

  • If you disguise yourself as the lead gun manufacturer, you can talk to Richard for a raise. You will walk to the Town Hall basement and threaten you. After that you can kill him any you want.

  • Dani is training her sniper skills at the top of the ferris wheel. They were able to fix it but the best sniper on their team is missing and he’s the one training Dani. You can find him dead behind the town hall drunk out of his mind. Wale him up and he will go train Dani. If you plant a explosive in the ferris wheel box. Dani gets blown up. (The coach won’t die since it’s the final test and he’s only going to order what to shoot through earpiece.)

  • Dani is bullying one of the new recruits. If you steal her watter bottle, she’ll assume it was the new recruit and will confront him infront of a rollercoaster. Soon enough, the new recruit pushes Dani onto the tracks and if you’re in the control booth. You can turn the rollercoaster into max setting and run her over.

  • You can find a paper in Dani’s locker that says she wants to become second in command. If you give it to Richard, he’ll talk to Dani inside the firework shed. If you found the fireworks remote and interacted with the firework barrel and cover it. They’ll be He’ll actually put her as second in command if you don’t kill them!

After Cutscene:
1 day later. We see two people on the couch watching the news. The news is currently talking about Richard and Dani’s death. One of them will talk about how smart the other one is by using 47 to eliminate competitors. He’ll say it wasn’t that smart, before getting on his phone. The person will ask what he’s doing and his says he’s sending another contract. The other person says why and the guy says you’ll see soon. The mysteroius person says he’s leaving and says goodbye Percy before going out through the door.

HITMAN™: World-Wide

Season One - Mission Five
Title: Sacred Pursuit.
Frederique Durpee (also known as “The Argeologist”) and Mabel Goodwin (also known as “The Gallows”)
Objective: Locate & steal the piece of Eden’s Compass
Location: Winchester, England
Setting: Winchester Cathedral, 10:07 pm, July 7th, 2023
Weather: Dark and misty, 11°C


Good evening, 47. Your next assignment immerses you in the rich history of Winchester, a city where the echoes of the past resonate within the stone walls of the ancient Winchester Cathedral.

Agent James Bookheart’s disclosures have led us deeper into the enigmatic tale surrounding the Pieces of Eden. Captured by an organization obsessed with these ancient artifacts, Bookheart identified his abductors as Crawford Thompson and Frederique Durpee, both driven by a relentless quest for these elusive relics.

While Crawford Thompson has been neutralized, our attention now shifts to Frederique Durpee and a surprising accomplice, sister Mabel Goodwin, the influential right hand of the Archbishop of England. Durpee, an archeologist, seeks a specific fragment of Eden’s Compass concealed within the cathedral’s crypt. Sister Goodwin holds a position of considerable authority, affording Durpee and her team unrestricted access to the hallowed halls.

The dark and misty weather provides concealment but also hinders visibility. Use it judiciously. Remember, 47, in this sacred pursuit, you unravel not only the secrets of artifacts but also the tangled threads of James Bookheart’s past and the organization’s clandestine motives.

Good luck. I’ll leave you to prepare.

Mission 4: Judge, Jury, Executioner
Location: Ontario, Canada
Targets: Jacob Oswald Rujier

Good Afternoon 47, and our target today is Jacob Oswald Rujier. The most brutal serial killer in Greenland. Rujier is a killer who takes an organ from one of their victims. It could be an eye or a lung, if he can carve it out, he’ll get it. However earlier this year, on June 29. He was caught taking a heart from a young woman. He was taken to court but the lawyer was able to convince the judge to only give him 10 years. The woman who’s heart was taken out had a boyfriend and the boyfriend couldn’t get over it and has hired us to kill Rujier. 47, why don’t we teach Rujier a lesson on how to get away with killing. I shall leave you to prepare.

We spawn at a bus stop next to a convenience store. You can’t of course get in unless you visiting and have proof of that. So you’ll have to sneak in. One way is to simply knock out both guards or you can get shovel next to the convenience store and dig your way in. There’s only 3 levels, 1st level contains the gym, yard and visitation area. 2nd level has the cells and an eating area. Finally, the 3rd floor contains some storage and the police HQ. Only one exit, the motorcycle next to the convenience store.


  • A few cops are talking about Jacob being a racist and he most of his victims were black. If you steal a recorder and get Jacob to admit his racist. You can show it to a gang and they’ll plan to kill Jacob while he’s sleeping. Jacob the goes to the bed and the gang members grab their shivs and stab him.

  • One of the cops is supplying Jacob a cellphone and some snacks from the police area. If you disguise as him (he’s the only bald cop there so it’s easy to spot him) you can meet with Jacob in the storage and give him the butter knife. While Jacob takes a look at it, you can slam his head into the butter knife.

  • Rujier is planning with his cellmate on an escape. Perhaps we can aid him in his escape. You have to get the shovel and dig a tunnel for Rujier (if you didn’t use it as you enterance. Then you can lead Rujier and his partner to the tunnel . THEN quickly tell a guard about this and he’ll tell a sniper to eliminate Rujier and his cellmate. (If you knocked out the cellmate, then you can get SA.)

  • You can find out a cop hates Jacob because he killed his son. If you find a newspaper that contains the killing of his son. He gets enraged and kills Jacob point blank with a gun.

After Cutscene 1:
5 minutes later. 47 tells diana that Jacob is dead. Diana then tells 47 something very interesting. She says that all of the contracts they’ve been receiving has been coming from Antartica. The all the sudden a van hits 47’s car!

After Cutscene 2:
2 hours later. 47 wakes up in the van. They’re right now at a stop infront of a motel. When the driver goes back in, 47 strangles him with the cuffs on his wrists! After he killes the driver, he then hears an earpiece saying to send 5 agents to his location. He then takes the earpiece and says challenge accepted before the cutscene ends.

Mission 5: 6 Hitmen, 1 Survivor
Location: Minnesota, USA
Targets: Agent Snake, Agent Hunt, Agent Breath, Agent Tick, Agent Gold

47 is talking to Diana on a burner phone. He is telling her what happened to him earlier. 47 tells Diana about something called CAU, he says that he found a note with that written on it in the glove box. Diana has heard stories about CAU and their best agents. They all wear the same thing. A blue jacket with a blue bow tie on it. Diana then wishes 47 good luck and the line is disconnected.

You start in the motel room from the cutscene. This is still in the winter but the map is Sapienza except the city. There are 5 agents and they’re all in their respective area. There’s an easy one to spot when you start and that Agent is Agent Snake, The Fiber Wire Agent. He hangs out in the park which is having a bake sale. Then in the grocery, you can find Agent Tick, the explosives expert. He doesn’t do much and there’s a lot isolated areas you can kill him in. Once you encounter Agent Tick, someone on the earpiece will tell him about Agent Zoom. Who’s on the chruch tower, you can find a sniper inside one of the motel rooms so you can eliminate him with that. Or you can just go to the chruch tower. Roaming around in the streets and alleyways is Agent Breath. Since he frequently goes into alleyways and stores. You can easily take him out there. Finally we have Agent Gold, he’s everywhere. He checks the bake sale, the motel, the stores, the grocery, the church and the movie theather. He has a silenced pistol and can one shot you. So watch out, There’s 3 exits, the van, a bus stop and the streets.

Snake: You can crush him with a big loose tree branch. You can eliminate him with poisoned muffins. You can disguise as the bake sale manager (who wears a wig) and tell snake about a suspicious bald man. Then you can kill him.

Tick: You can lock him in the meat freezer. You can make him try some poisoned samples. You can slam his face into a pineapple.

Hunt: You can eliminate him with a sniper from the motel rooms. You can go up the chruch tower and push him. You can also make him paranoid by shooting near him which makes him go down the tower where you can then crush him with the chruch bell.

Breath: You can push him into an open manhole. You can disguise as a barber and slice his throat. You can put a banana in his path and make him slip into a cement pit.

Gold: You can beat Gold to death by using the whack a mole hammer in the theater arcade. You can poison some popcorn when giving Gold a movie ticket. If you successfully hit the target and dunk the guy in the dunk tank in the park. Everyone will go up to it including Snake. Gold will see it from afar and get closer by the fountain. Then you can drown him.

All: In the van you can find a lethal poison vial and a gas mask. Make sure you poison the ventilation system, then make sure you get seen by Golds and he’ll inform the team you found him. Then you go into to the motel room and Golda will inform everyone where he is right now. Make sure you grab the Ventilation remote and put on the gas mask. Then simply sit at the desk and wait untill everyone gets in
Then turn on the Ventilation and everybody gets poisoned.

After Cutscene:
1 day later. We see Percy and the what seems like a board member arguing. They’re talking about the situation that happened in Minnesota yesterday. Percy says that he thought it would work since he’s still human so he thought that he can be kidnapped. The board member says to Percy that it didn’t work at all. Percy the calls the board member Steve and says that he has a new idea and he just needs atleast 1 year. Steve agrees but says that Percy will be fired if he fails. They then walk in seperate directions.