Create a Hitman 2 Challenge Pack!

Had this idea to make a Hitman 2 Challenge Pack, hope you all like it.

Create your own Hitman 2 Challenge Pack.

Name: challenge-pack-name
Location" challenge-pack-location
challenge objective
challenge objective
challenge objective
challenge objective
challenge objective
challenge objective
challenge objective
Reward: challenge-pack-reward
Lastly add if it must/can be completed in the Main, Side, Contracts, or all missions.
Maximum of 7 challenges, minimum of 5. Must include objective explanation.

Last challenge must have objective of completing previous challenges.

My one is:

Name: Got the Stuff
Location: Santa Fortuna
An Ounce Away from Death : Pacify a Target with a Cocaine Brick
Numb Throat : Lethally poison the Cocaine strips and have someone die from it.
Gimme Some : Put a cocaine brick in El Mojo’s Pool.
Smuggler : Get frisked with a cocaine brick in your inventory.
He Deserved It Drown someone and leave smashed up cocaine within 15 feet of their body.
Crack-Head : Pacify someone with a cocaine brick, procede to dump their body from a height from which they will die.
Drug-Lord 47 : Complete all Challenges in the “Got the Stuff” challenge pack.

Reward: Cocaine Brick (x5)

Can be done in mission: All

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I have a few ideas.

Name: Banking Burgers
Location: New York
I’m Stuffed: Throw 2 cheeseburgers at the same NPC
Would You Like Fries With That?: Throw a cheeseburger at an NPC, then knock them out with the Small Gold Bar
The Cheeseburgler: Break into the vault and bring a Cheeseburger inside as the Bank Robber.
Traditional NY Dining: Throw a Cheeseburger at a pigeon.
The Cheeseburgler Strikes Again!: Hit Athena Savalas over the head with a cheeseburger during her speech as the Bank Robber.
Hungry?: Knock out Frank with a Cheeseburger.
Reward: Cheeseburger x3

God I want the cheeseburger to be an unlock so damn bad. Make it happen IO.

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Here’s my second idea.

Name: The Sheriff Is In
Location: Whittleton Creek
Promotion: Find Sheriff Masterson and take his disguise
Search Warrant: Knock out James Batty after he gets his package as Sheriff Masterson
Corruption: Kill Charles Blake III as Sheriff Masterson
This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us: Kill Gunther Miller and Spencer “The Hammer” Green as Sheriff Masterson

Reward: Baton

Here’s my third idea. This one is centered around everyone’s favourite hippo.

Name: Hippo Helper
Location: Santa Fortuna
Bone Broth: Feed a red cocaine brick to El Mijo
Resistance Is Futile: Kill Rico Delgado with lethal poison and feed his body to El Mijo
A Worthy Sacrifice: Feed the Shaman to piranhas as the Hippo Whisperer.
Choose Your Idols Carefully: Knock out Rico Delgado with the Gold Idol as the Hippo Whisperer
You’re Not You When You’re Hungry: Feed 5 bodies to El Mijo

Reward: Lil’ Mijo (A small hippo statue, filled with cocaine, similar to the drug souvenir from the Backpacker mission story)

Name: Ghost Sniper
Location: Ghost mode maps
Death from above : Gain 5 points in ghost mode using the sniper rifle and being atleast 1 level above the target
Sniper Assasin: Win a ghost mode match under the sniper assasin conditions
Sniper Adept: Gain 20 points with a sniper rifle in ghost mode
Sniper Rookie: Finish a ghost mode match with a sniper rifle on your back
Ghost Sniper Master: complete Death from above, Sniper assasin, Adept and Rookie

Reward Jaeger 7 Tuatara

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I mean dont u wanna leave some space for others?

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I have lots of ideas.


Here’s my take on sniper challenge packs.

Every location has 2 challenges, along with their respective Sniper Assassin challenges. All challenges must be done with a sniper rifle, obviously.

Sniper Assassin: World Tour (HITMAN Main Campaign):
Kill Victor Novikov from the attic while he’s on stage.
Kill Dalia Margolis from the second floor.
Launch 5 NPCs into the water from the apartments.
Destroy the virus.
Kill Reza Zaydan from a rooftop.
Kill the Protester from a rooftop.
Kill Jordan Cross as the Stalker
Kill Jordan Cross while he’s eating cake.
Kill Maya Parvati with the hay bale from the water tower.
Launch an NPC into the Slurry Pit
Kill Yuki Yamazaki and the Director with the same bullet.
Kill Yuki Yamazaki and Amos Dexter from your room.
Reward: Jaeger 7 Silenced

Sniper Assassin: World Tour (HITMAN Bonus Episodes):
Sapienza (Landslide):
Launch Marco Abiatti into the water.
Kill Marco Abiatti and the priest with the same bullet.
Sapienza (The Icon)
Kill Dino Bosco with a headshot from the clock tower.
Blow up Dino Bosco from a distance.
Marrakesh (A House Built on Sand):
Kill Kong Tuo-Kwang and Matthieu Mendola with the same bullet.
Launch an NPC off of a building.
Reward: None (yeah i know none of the new challenge packs have no reward but this is nothing compared to the main campaign ones)

Sniper Assassin: World Tour (HITMAN Patient Zero):
Launch Oybek Nabazov out of a window
Kill Sister Yulduz from the other side of the building
Kill Craig Black and Brother Akram with the same bullet.
Kill Craig Black from above during the reading.
Kill Owen Cage and Klaus Liebleid with the same bullet.
Launch an NPC out of the facility.
Reward: Sieger 300 Liberation

Sniper Assassin: World Tour (HITMAN 2 Main Campaign):
Hawke’s Bay:
Kill Alma Reynard
Kill Alma Reynard and Orson Mills with the same bullet while they are awake.
Kill Sierra Knox while she is celebrating on the podium.
Kill Moses Lee while he is celebrating on the podium.
Santa Fortuna:
Kill Rico Delgado during the statue unveiling.
Launch Jorge Franco into the river.
Kill Wazir Kale from Rangan Tower
Kill Dawood Rangan from above.
Whittleton Creek:
Kill Janus and Nolan Cassidy from the treehouse.
Scare the ducks by launching the nurse into the creek.
Isle of Sgail:
Launch the Constant into the water.
Kill Zoe Washington while she is in the bird effigy.

Reward: Tactical Sniper Gear

Sniper Assassin: World Tour (HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass):
New York:
Kill Athena Savalas through the window from the other side of the bank.
Kill all 3 drive holders.
It’s not out yet, silly.

Reward: Druzhina 34 Gold

This took a long time.