Create a WOA Hitman Targets Tier List

My good friend LaffyTaffy from the All Things Hitman Discord server has a made a tier list for most (it’s missing a small few, but it will get updated with more) WOA targets. It includes main missions, bonus missions, special assignments, Patient Zero, Elusive Targets, Sarajevo Six and Sniper Assassin.

So go on, share your tier lists and discuss your thoughts on each target. Either from a story or gameplay perspective, maybe a mixture of both.


Thanks for the shout out!


Updating the tier list a bit:

The guru and his friend gets a C.
Jimmy Chen gets a C.
Black hat gets an A.
The Twin gets a C.
Mr Giggles gets a B.
The food critic deserves to be burnt to ashes. I hope he gets a popcorn kernel stuck in between his teeth.

And of course, Marcus Stuyvesant and Carl Ingram deserves to get S. I have not seen Dubai the way I do now back then.


The color code seems to indicate D is best and A/S is worst, but the lettering seems to indicate the opposite, or am I wrong?

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S is best, F (In the case of this tier list, D) is worst. Color code is awkward, I know.