Create Your Own Bonus Level


Using existing levels from HITMAN, make your own bonus levels. There were quite a few ideas i had but i want to hear yours as well! :slight_smile:
Good Hunting Agents!


Location: Hokkaido
Season: Spring
Time: 8:47 p.m

Good evening, 47. Your target is Rinko Kobayashi, a senior geisha in her prime and queen of Kyoto’s criminal underworld.

She will be staying at the GAMA private medical facility with the intention of formulating a partnership with Yuki Yamazaki in order to consolidate her position in Japan’s black market. Our client was a former maiko under Rinko’s tutelage, now seeking to put an end to her mentor’s reign.

Given her notoriety, she will no doubt be employing a high level of security during her stay. The clock is ticking 47, oh, and do try to enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms. Good luck.


Suggested elsewhere by someone, but a bonus mission which sees the Himmapan without the band and instead on a normal day with all floors working as a hotel would be a good mission.

Totally User - unfriendly + no freedom of speech (PLEASE READ)

I posted one a couple of weeks ago on reddit.

Bangkok, Thailand. 12:01 PM.

TARGET: The Monk

BRIEFING: Good afternoon, 47. You are returning to the Himmapan. Following the death of Thomas Cross, legal ownership of the Himmapan went through a period of uncertainty. A rightful owner was eventually determined, and although the hotel itself remains closed for renovation, the restaurant has been reopened. In an attempt to reestablish the Himmapan’s reputation after the sordid events of last year, the new owner is staging a lavish public event on the hotel grounds. It is, after all, Songkran: Thai New Year. Songkran has in recent years become a water festival, full of blessings, celebratory dancing, joyous music, and playful water fights.

Your target is Phra Bunyaprasit, abbot of a major Buddhist temple in the nearby town of Bua Het. He and his monks will be offering blessings at the festival. At first glance, Bunyaprasit is a beneficent and meditative old man. In truth, he is a thoroughly corrupt monk, suspected by authorities of trafficking methamphetamines, laundering money, and receiving stolen assets in connection with a multi-billion-baht embezzlement case. He wields immense power over his district.

Our client is the mayor of Bua Het: a beleaguered man, regularly threatened and blackmailed by Bunyaprasit and his army of followers. He has told us that he is spiritual at heart, and he claims that this contract is a way to restore dignity to a holy order. This is almost certainly the rationalization of a man who simply wants to get rid of a political rival. But who are we to say?

I will leave you to prepare.

ENVIRONMENT OVERVIEW: The Himmapan at noon, with blue skies. The grounds have been done up for a festival: there are stages and tents and makeshift temples and fountains everywhere. People are splashing water and getting in water fights, the elephants are painted in various colors, flower petal waft in the winds, dancers and musicians entertain, Thai Buddhist monks in their traditional saffron robes offer blessings. Bunyaprasit, an older robed monk wearing glasses, strolls everywhere, accompanied by an enormously buff monk named Big Kob who doubles as a bodyguard. Unlike other monks, Big Kob a gun hidden on him and will shoot. (His disguise is not a unique disguise… it’s just normal monk robes.) If you dress up as a monk, you can offer blessings to many civilians, which will dismiss them from the area.

ACCESSIBLE: front stairs, docks, outdoor bar, gardens, kitchen, restaurant, lounge, floor of hotel containing 47’s old room, atrium roof.

NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE: hotel basement (except luggage room by dock), hotel atrium, backyard, Jordan’s whole wing, Ken Morgan’s suite.

Front Steps and Bar: Many of the tables and hedges and even some trees have been replaced: tents and arched corridors of flowers have been set up all over the front steps to make stealthy kills possible and to showcase the unrealized potential of this area. There are five large water jets on the roof, pointing straight up, that pulse out various patterns of water in a water show. Two water cannons by the elephants are shooting out tall arcs of water that terminate in the river on each side of the dock. There is a small prayer station set up at the end of the long dock, a tattoo station at the far end of the bar area, and the garden hut has been made into a blessing station filled with incense smoke. In front of the restaurant is a wading pool where people are splashing each other. Dancers, musicians, and monks interact with locals and tourists.

Restaurant: When you enter the restaurant, on the right side there is now a large stage. Musicians play Thai music (which booms out over much of the level) and dancers are dancing. A crowd enjoys the festivities. The lounge is now open to the public. The kitchen is largely unchanged.

Gardens: As you head around the side of the Himmapan, you find that much of this area has been renovated to become a more impressive Thai garden, with stone pathways and little streams. New ledges extend a little further out over the beach, widening the area. There are a lot of monks around. At the far corner, where a man sat meditating in the original level, a fairly significant temple has been constructed. Bunyaprasit occasionally sits here and offers blessings. The garden area in the back, between the temple and the (now inaccessible) door to the backyard, is not open to the public. The level’s lone gardener is back here, raking.

Hotel Floor and Roof: These areas are not open to the public. Guards will turn you away if you try coming up the stairs from the lounge. The hotel floor is mostly deserted and empty, though a few security guards make occasional patrols. Bunyaprasit and his bodyguard come to the rooftop from time to time to make phone calls about criminal dealings. Also on the roof is a pump technician in charge of maintaining the fountains. (Pacifying him gets him to drop a remote that can turn the fountains off and on.) Temporary walls that say ‘Under Renovation’ prevent access to the atrium and Ken Morgan’s suite; the rooftop doors to the other wing are blocked by boxes; the pipes leading from the roof to the backyard are no longer accessible. There is a new route, however: a pipe camoflagued with ivy connects the rooftop fountains to the ground. You can climb it from the staff area behind the outdoor bar, then upon reaching the top you can hop on top of it and walk along it to reach the roof.


I’d Like To Check Out, Please: On the roof, there is a pump technician who carries a remote that can turn the jets off and on. If you turn them off, have a wrench, and are wearing the technician outfit, you can reorient the jets at the top of the front steps without suspicion. Every so often, Bunyaprasit will stand in front of the main Himmapan doors and look inside through the window. Turning on the jets when they are facing him at this point will blast him through the glass doors and into the Himmapan front desk, breaking his neck.

Shaved Head: With a screwdriver, you can open the top of a boat motor at the end of the dock and place a bomb inside. (Witnesses can be dismissed by dressing as a monk and offering them blessings.) If detonated when Bunyaprasit is standing at the dock end, the propeller will be blown toward him and slice off the top half of his head.

Bhikkhus, All Is Burning: Two younger monks are having fun soaking passersby with a water gun (everyone takes it in good humor, including Bunyaprasit). When their backs are turned, you can take the gun and fill it with gasoline. If the next person they squirt is Bunyaprasit, he’ll be standing in a puddle of gas and will go up in flames from any nearby spark… such as the nearby generator that can be shot.

Abbot on the Run: At the outdoor bar, you can overhear an undercover police officer on the phone. He has a warrant for Bunyaprasit’s arrest, but he is terrified and thinks that confronting him is a bad idea. Approach him as a monk, and you can say, “Sir. Would you care for a Sak Yant tattoo? It’s a mystical rune that grants warriors protection and strength in battle.” Relieved, he’ll accept, and you can escort him to the tattoo station at far end of the outdoor bar (above the luggage room). 47 tattoos him, saying “I am inscribing upon you the Gao Yord, or 9 Spire. This is a powerful and sacred symbol that protects the wearer from violent physical attacks and magic assaults. Harm cannot befall you. Knives cannot pierce your flesh.” If you poison the tattoo ink, he’ll get woozy and retire to the luggage room by the docks under the tattoo station, where he’ll vomit, pass out, or die, depending on the poison. If you then reclaim the badge and warrant from his body and show them to Bunyaprasit, telling him you found them in the luggage room, he panics. He heads to the railing by the side of the hotel and tells Big Kob to stay there and not let anyone pass. Bunyaprasit then climbs over the railing and makes a break for it, running down the beach. The target escape timer pops up. At this point, you can kill him by sniping him or detonating a duckie that he picked up earlier. It will be an unnoticed kill.

The Lost Prince: In the lounge, you can find an actor in costume who is scheduled to go on stage as Prince Mahajanaka, the Lost Prince. If you are wearing his disguise and if you glance at the script, you can take the stage in the restaurant in his place. 47 and his co-actor will play out a scene from the Buddhist tale of Mahajanaka, the prince who was shipwrecked by a giant crab and swam for seven days before being saved by Mani Mekhala, goddess of the seas. Bunyapraist will be in the audience. When the play is done, Bunyaprasit will flirt with you, and invite you to follow him. He’ll take you up to Jackie Carrington’s old room; Big Kob frisks you and then waits outside. Bunyaprasit will stroke your cheek and threateningly seduce you, at which point, ‘Kill with prop sword’ appears as a prompt. 47 holds up the flimsy sword, snaps off the blade, and thrusts the nub of jagged plastic on the hilt up into Bunyaprasit’s throat.

OTHER ASSASSINATION CHALLENGES: pushed off roof (in the same place you can push Jordan as Abel de Silva. The glass that Jordan lands on is now broken and gone, but the kill plays out similarly… Bunyaprasit snags his robe on a screw still in the frame of broken glass, dangles upside-down briefly, then after a beat falls on his head); coconut drop; incense stick coated in gunpowder; drowned in water festival fountain; gored with contraband elephant tusk (two-handed weapon found in one of the hotel rooms, suspicious in all disguises).

DISGUISES: monk, Himmapan security, waiter, chef, musician

UNIQUE DISGUISES: Prince Mahajanaka, pump technician, gardener


Love the detail for this one. I like the focus on the culture and i think it would make for a fun level. Sounds like something IOI would make.


Here’s a level I thought of that takes inspiration from The Meat King’s Party.

#The Harvest
8:00 PM
Welcome to Colorado 47.
Your target today is local small time apricot farmer, Bobby Hewitt. While beloved and known by many in his town, our client believes he is harboring a dark secret. He believes the target may have had something to do with the grizzly murder of his son and has asked that you eliminate the target and find any proof behind the murder.
Hewitt has organised a small festival for family and friends to attend as well as a few city officials. He has hired a small security firm to keep an eye on things so i wouldn’t expect to much restistance. Unfortunately we couldn’t provide you with an invitation so you’ll either have to steal one or find another way in the farm grounds.
Good Hunting 47.
Environment Overview: The Apricot Farm is restored to it’s former glory as this takes place before the militia took over. Security are the same as ‘The Icon’ and you can walk around the map more freely as most guests and security don’t know you’re not supposed to be there. However The House is heavily secured, especially the basement. There is a small stage with a folk band playing where the shooting range was. Guests watching will disband everytime the band takes a break.

Non Accessible: The Barn, Demolition Range, and Southern areas are no longer accessible.
Starting point: You start on the outer skirts and must either find an invite or sneak your way into the festival.

Costumes Available
Chef, Security, Mayor, Band Member, and Scarecrow
You notice that Hewitt takes multiple trips to the Basement. Once he steps out into the festival again, break into the basement where you will find a new victim, sitting in the torture room. long dead. Pictures and videos sit on the table that will provide evidence. One of the things you notice in the pictures and videos is a man in the scarecrow outfit doing torturing the helpless victim.
You will find the scarecrow outfit in a closet upstairs along with a rusted sickle.Go back into the basement and move the body out of the chair and sit in the chair and play dead. Hewitt will return to the basement and see his alter ego in the chair. Frightened he walks up to scarecrow. If you have the sickle equiped, 47 will spring from the chair and force the sickle into his neck and sticking out the top of his head, and make Hewitt’s body sit in the chair, with the Sickle still in his head.

Will Update With More Info Later
Feel free to give any input. Also I would like to hear some suggestions on what you would like to see in this level and I might even add it!


I’m currently Planning this:
Location: Hokkaido

Acessible Areas: Hospital, Basement, Morgue, Helicopter zone

Non-acessible areas: Rooms, Garden, Spa, Restaurant, Kitchen

Briefing: Good Morning, 47.
Your target is (haven’t think in a name yet) a renowed doctor and criminal. Over the past decade, he killed more than 40
of his patients, including our client’s daughter. He is currently in the GAMA private Hostital in Hokkaido performing a
surgery on Thomas Cross. You will also need to recover the files that include the names of every single person that he
already killed. Our client wants to put it online to make sure that he is remembered for bad things.
Good Luck, 47.

Kill the Doctor
Recover the files

Location details: The hospital and the helicopter aren’t trespassing areas anymore, hovewer, the basement and the
Morgue still are.

Starting Location: Hospital entrance (not sure which one of them yet)

Agency pickup: Morgue Storage

Location specific outfit: VIP pacient

Resort Security
Resort Staff
Hospital Director
Morgue Doctor
Chief Surgeon
Unique Pacient (in development)

Please give me your feedback and tell me what I should change :wink:


Here’s a name for your doctor: Haruyama Kumanosuke.

Like the idea, couple points I’d make however: 1. The hospital is very small, you might want to include the garden, restaurant and staff quarters (could be used for opportunities) 2. If you don’t want to add the areas I just specified, Resort Staff and Handyman disguises wouldn’t really work 3. The entrance point should be the helicopter, that would be pretty awesome


@Silverballer Thanks for the feedback, the staff quarters are included, they are part of the basement. I might include the garden as well tho :wink:


Good morning, 47. Your destination is the Blackford Penitentiary in Colorado. Your targets are Linus B. Kerrigan, leader of drug trafficking prison gang The Blue Hogs, and his second in command Marc Hale. Kerrigan is planning a prison break but Hale, the brains of the plan, is serving time in solitary for assault. Our client, a rival gang who doesn’t want the Blue Hogs out, hired us to stop the prison break. The targets should have a backup plan, so be careful. I will leave you to prepare.

Prison guard.
Prison nurse.
Prison cook.
Health inspector.
Warden Henry Samson.
Blue Hogs member.
Marc Hale.

Starting Locations:
Visiting Blackford (reading newspaper), default location.
Undercover in Blackford cafetaria.
Undercover as Prisoner.
Undercover as Prison Security.
Infiltrating Blackford (hiding in the main cellblock area)
Undercover as Blue Hogs Member.

Prison truck.

Linus Benjamin Kerrigan:

Backstory: Linus B. Kerrigan is not your everyday criminal. Born to two oil magnates, he had a steady education and got a Bachelor’s Degree in criminology. Since the police didn’t accept him due to his thuggish nature, young Kerrigan took a job as an underground cage fighter. As he got deeper into his work, he cut off ties to his family, raised up the ranks and became the leader of a rather large gang. Kerrigan tried robbing a bank in an attempt to get rich quick but was arrested when the escape car broke down. He is currently serving a 25-year sentence in Blackford Penitentiary. Kerrigan, despite being rude, violent and impatient, is a very honourable man. Though Hale already crafted his plan for him, he refuses to escape without his partner.

Behaviour: Kerrigan would spend his time wandering around the main cellblock, picking fights and being a jerk. As a guard, you can send him to do menial work in the bathroom. He is armed with an unsilenced pistol.

Appearance: Kerrigan wears an orange jumpsuit, standard prisoner attire. He is African-American, has unkempt hair and a muscular frame. He has multiple blue tattoos on his arms and legs.

His codename is “The Boss”.

Marcus “Marc” Hale:

Backstory: Despite being described as a thug, Marc Hale has an IQ of 150 and got a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering. Despite his great mind, Hale was never one for social skills. A bully, a misfit and codescending as hell, Hale was fired from 7 jobs (which included being a university professor). Falling back on his college friend, he joined him in a failed bank robbery, leading to their arrest. Hale believes in 47’s existence, and even included a barcode tattoo at the back of his head. Despite being far more competent than Kerrigan, he lacks the loyalty and kindness to his crew, and would likely abandon them to save his own skin.

Behaviour: Hale spends the entire time inside a solitary cell the size of a queen size bed. Though he is helpless, the area is monitored by security who will strike if they see you enter (unless you are a guard or the health inspector). If you leave an opening for him as a guard, he will dash out and try to escape, which would usually end in failure unless you knock out the guards for him. As the warden, you can free Hale and send him to the cellblock, but he would hang around the prisoners and be hard to kill except for the pipe bomb opportunity.

Appearance: Hale wears a straightjacket and a light grey jumpsuit. His appearance resembles 47’s. He has a Blue Hog tattoo on his chest.

His codename is “The Prisoner.”


The Boxing Match: Kerrigan runs a boxing match every afternoon. How thrilling.

According to the prisoner, Kerrigan loves revisiting his days as a boxer and showing off his might. He has an duel every now and then His opponent is David Bruiser, who broke his leg when he slipped in the shower. Kerrigan is anxious to fight but nobly lets Bruiser to take as much time to recover as he likes. Let’s not keep the man waiting, 47.

Working is a Privilege: The jail forces inmates to do menial chores. May turn out more interesting than expected.

Blackford Penitentiary makes their prisoners do menial work to save money on cleaners and give the guards a break. Kerrigan has not done his share of cleaning the bathroom. Maybe we should remind him.

A Soldier’s Regrets: A death row inmate whose execution is today. Could turn out interesting.

Vietnam veteran George Kane is scheduled for execution for a multiple-homicide. His head will be covered in a mask during the execution. You won’t mind helping a veteran, won’t you, 47?

Escape Equipment: Kerrigan made a makeshift bomb to blow their way to freedom. Pretty impressive, I must say.

Kerrigan is crafting a pipe bomb to blow a hole to freedom in their escape plan. He left his work in the cell. How convenient.

Kill Kerrigan with poisoned cafeteria food.
Kill Kerrigan by drowning him in a toilet he is cleaning.
Kill Kerrigan by pushing him off the cellblock.
Kill Kerrigan by crushing him with a light.
Kill Kerrigan by blowing him up with his own explosive.
Kill Kerrigan by suffocating him with a pillow in the sick bay.
Kill Kerrigan by swapping him for a death row prisoner (electric chair).
Kill Hale with poisoned water.
Kill Hale by blowing up the solitary confinement room.
Drive Hale to suicide (banging his head against the floor) by tinkering with the lights and intercom.
Kill Hale by sicking the guards on him.
Kill Hale by blowing him up in the escape tunnel.


Wrong thread, this one is only for bonus ideas for existing missions :laughing:


This is a bonus mission for Colorado.


Where are the similarities? The remote farm shares no similarities with Blackford Penintary?


It’s a different area in the same state.


That’s not how the bonus missions work though. Bonus missions are the same place at a different place in time.


The idea is to make a new bonus level while reusing the levels in the game, like the actual bonus missions that were released.
For instance @Quinn reused the Himmapan Hotel and turned it into a festival on Hotel grounds.
Your idea would be a new level entirely so you might wanna post it over at level ideas for season 2 thread or something. Can someone leave a link for Markie?


Small update for The Harvest. Tell me what you guys think. :yum::grin::smile:


Hokkaido as a military compound:

So with this one, I’ll spare you target details, but just imagine it as a revised layout:

Before it was an exclusive hospital, Hokkaido hosted a shadowy military compound. More or less the whole interior is a trespass zone, populated mainly by military and scientists. The scientists do research mostly where the doctors and surgery area is, and where Soders was is some kind of research station. Everywhere else is soldiers.

47 starts either by the snowmobile, by the upper mountains, on the roof of the compound (having parachuted there) or by the cable-car. The cable-car area isn’t a trespass zone, but there is a guard by the slide doors who turns you around if you try and enter the facility, so you can’t go very far without subduing or distracting him.

The area where the snowmobile and the snowplough are is not a trespass zone, but there are cameras and guards preventing you from entering the garage, and guards preventing you from entering the helipad or the lower level. So minor changes basically to where the guards are currently placed. The spa area is redesigned, and the pool deck area becomes something else - perhaps a turret site or something.

So, taking elements from ICA Facility and Colorado, I think Hokkaido could be quite easily revamped as a military compound. The objective would be to disable or retrieve a piece of military equipment, and murder one or two high value targets, likely 1 scientist and 1 high ranking military.

TBH, the level design seems better suited to a military compound than a clinic!



Map: Himmapan Hotel (Night)

Client: International Bank of Credit (IBoC)

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate Maxwell Hausen, Vice President, IBoC International Operations
-Eliminate Margaux White, underworld Information Broker
-Complete the Data Transfer from White’s Server to IBoC Servers
-Optional: Prevent IAGO from stealing the Data

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes: Maxwell Hausen is meeting Margaux White during a performance of the opera “Swan Lake” on the waterfront area of the Himmapan Hotel. Hausen has brought much success to the IBoC, but has also given it an infamous reputation for funding extra-legal activities, black ops, and possible terrorist activity. The discovery of a Letter of Credit within IBoC linking it to the trade of VX Poison Rockets in Southeast Asia, a deal which Hausen brokered, has caused the IBoC to seek his assassination.

Hausen is meeting Margaux White to buy a cache of information from her. But the trade has a twist. Margaux is not carrying the data cache on her person and the data cache is not anywhere on the map. Instead, she has arranged for the cache to be transferred via secure FTP between a server her people have setup, and another server the IBoC has setup. Hausen is to do a 50% downpayment upon certifying Margaux’s credentials, and once this downpayment is confirmed, White and Hausen will meet - for the first time. At this meeting, White will utter the FTP password verbally. Hausen will then transfer the 50% balance payment and a Data Transfer taking 3 minutes will be executed by an IBoC IT Team and Station on site at one of the Hotel Rooms.

The IBoC, already fearing an impending audit of Hausen’s VX rocket transaction, would also like White to be eliminated. However, the IBoC would still like to acquire the data White was trading. Someone wants to bake their cake and eat it too.

An additional complication is that knowledge of the trade has reached IAGO, who have deployed a team of three agents to sabotage the FTP transfer so that the data goes to a IAGO server. The ICA has no knowledge of exact details, only that it is aware that IAGO has assets at the venue. 47 is told it would be best that IAGO do not acquire this information.

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
Only the Waterfront starting point with a Suit (non-disguise) is available.

At the start of the mission, a large portion of the Waterfront on the Queen’s Suite wing side of the hotel (where Ken Morgan used to take his phone calls) will be covered by a large curtain/scaffolding apparatus as final preparations take place for the performance of Swan Lake. There are temporary walkways over the water effectively expanding the walkable areas beyond the original wooden boat port, some boats will be removed.

Ground Floor Area once used by the Exterminator has been converted to Crew and Dressing Rooms for Swan Lake who use an extended temporary walkway over water to reach the backstage area of Swan Lake.

Margaux White starts at the table used by the Food Critic, she is meeting with an assistant of Maxwell Hausen. Hausen himself is at the bar by the Waterfront (where Kalu Oidofor started) enjoying a drink and flirting with a lady half his age.

The Studio has been converted into a mobile center by the IBoC. They will be executing the bank transfer from this area through a laptop manned by an IBoC clerk.

IBoC’s FTP Transfer station, however, is not located here, but is instead located in what was the Birthday Party room. There is a computer in here that can initiate the FTP transfer to the IBoC Server when the Password is used.

Hotel Security guard the Emperor Suite. CICADA Bodyguards guard the Queen’s Suite.

Both indoor floors of the Hotel Restaurant and bar will be used for the Swan Lake Afterparty. The area used by Abel Da Silva will be a VIP area and Cast Meet-and-Greet for the Afterparty. An Invitation is required to enter the Afterparty VIP Area, you can find these Invitations on any of the VIP guests. There is also a machine that electronically prints out Invitations that can be manipulated by 47 (Suspicious Act).

Sometime during this Pre-Show period, Margaux White will meet with an assistant of Maxwell Hausen at the table used by the Food Critic to receive her credentials and references for accreditation by IBoC’s IT team. At this point the Assistant will give Hausen the signal that White’s references “check out” and that the trade can proceed.

Hausen will then say that he’s ready to transfer the money. The Assistant informs White of the update and advises that due to processing and approvals it can take “a few minutes” for her to get her downpayment. She will go and wait at the Queen’s Suite for this to resolve.

At some point during this event, Swan Lake will open on the Waterfront. Part of the opera happens on the water with performers swimming, and other areas are performed on a section of the Restaurant exterior area. People will gather around here and on windows facing this section of the waterfront to watch the performance.

Hausen and White have reserved seats at tables in the outdoor area of the restaurant, giving them a beautiful view of the opera. Hausen goes down immediately from the Emperor Suite to take his seat. When Margaux White is called by Hausen’s Assistant and is informed that the Downpayment has completed, she will go down to take her seat beside Hausen and their meeting will take place.

This is where White will whisper the Password to Hausen. Hausen will then leave the opera and head back to the IBoC FTP Station to personally give the password to the IT Team and do the FTP Transfer. This time, Hausen says the password out loud.

When the IT FTP Team confirms the Password has worked, Hausen will leave this room and head up to the Emperor Suite/Studio Area to inform the IBoC Clerk to begin the Wire payment for White’s Balance.

Swan Lake will end at some point during this event and Margaux will proceed to the Queen’s Suite where she will await confirmation from the IBoC Assistant that her full payment has completed.

Margaux White, who throughout the opera will admire the performances (revealing in dialogue that she catches this particular rendition of Swan Lake wherever it occurs), will engage the Swan Lake cast at the Afterparty.

The Afterparty is a persistent state and the map will stay in this state forever if the Mission lasts up to this point.

Both Targets will then eventually check out from the Hotel at different times and exit the map in New Boats on the Waterfront.

IAGO Interference
IAGO’s command center is at one of the rooms on 47’s floor that is unoccupied in the normal story mission (Room 206). IAGO have setup a laptop on the table beside the Mini-Bar that can initiate the FTP operation to the IAGO Server when the Password is used. Two IAGO Guards disguised as Hotel Staff pretend to be cleaning the main Hotel room area but will shoot anyone (another NPC or 47 regardless of disguise) that enters this room and is spotted.

IAGO have three operatives deployed.

One IAGO operative is actually playing Odile (the Black Swan) and is part of the Swan Lake performance. Her job is to obtain the Password from the Swan Lake Afterparty and do the FTP Transfer at the IAGO Station.

One is disguised as a CICADA Bodyguard. His job is also to obtain the Password at the Queen’s Suite and then go to the Laptop at the IAGO station to do the transfer.

One is disguised as a Repairman. He will go to what was the Birthday Party room and wait for when Hausen inevitably gives the password. This guy will wait for Hausen to leave, then sabotage the IBoC file transfer to divert it to IAGO Servers.

At the very start of the Mission, all three will be at the IAGO temporary command center going through final preparations and stating their goals. This will take only a few seconds then all three will exit and go to their stations.

Also during their little Pow-Wow, the IAGO team notes that they are using a new and experimental Truth Serum that will allow them to extract data from a Target and leave them passed out with memory loss of preceding events once they awaken. It is noted that for this mission IAGO will explicitly not attempt to hurt either Margaux White or Maxwell Hausen as neither are of interest to them.

IAGO Odile (carrying Truth Serum vial and a Suppressed Pistol) will go to the dressing room area and change into her Black Swan costume and prepare for the play. The IAGO Repairman (carrying a Server Redirector and Suppressed Pistol) will go to what was the Birthday Party Room, now converted into the IBoC FTP Station and hang around there. The IAGO CICADA Guard (carrying Truth Serum syringe and Suppressed Pistol) will go up to the Queen’s Suite.

While Margaux White is waiting at the Queen’s Suite for Downpayment confirmation and before Swan Lake opens IAGO will put their plan into motion. The IAGO Cicada guard will Truth Serum syringe Margaux White while she is in her bedroom with her bodyguards outside the bedroom. The IAGO Bodyguard will extract the Password from her and leave her lying down on the ground in her room, walking towards the IAGO Station and doing the FTP Transfer. You will know this has occurred because Diana will warn you and a Red IAGO FTP Timer counting down 3 minutes will show up.

Eventually one of White’s bodyguards will wake her but as she has no recollection of events, she will just continue as if nothing happened.

If Swan Lake has started and IAGO has not been able to steal the data they go to plan B.

After Maxwell Hausen meets Margaux White at the Swan Lake opera Hausen will go to the IBoC FTP Station and state the Password out loud (because he’s an idiot). When the IBoC Technician confirms that the Password is legitimate, Hausen will gloat and then leave the FTP Station room and head back up to the Emperor’s Suite to do the balance payment routine. At this time, the IAGO Repairman will get up and place the Server Redirector behind a Server Rack and guard it.

Normally a white fonted 3 minute timer appears to tell you how much time is left for IBoC’s data transfer. This timer will freeze and a new Red Timer representing IAGO’s FTP transfer in Red will start if the Server Redirector is active and Diana will tell you something’s wrong.

If you destroy the Server Redirector, the IAGO FTP Timer in Red freezes and the white-fonted IBoC data transfer continues and Diana will confirm things are OK. If you are spotted by the IAGO Repairman, you will end up in a gun fight.

IAGO’s final ace in the hole is the IAGO Odile. During the Afterparty, the IAGO Odile will poison Margaux White’s drink with the Truth Serum which makes Margaux nauseous, Odile will help Margaux into the Restaurant comfort rooms where Margaux will give Odile the password and Odile will go to the IAGO FTP Station and do the data transfer.

Eventually a Hotel Staff or Margaux’s Bodyguard will find her here and wake her up, and again, she has no recollection of the attack and just continues on.

Note that the IAGO operatives are enforcers against 47 in any suit or disguise and will engage you if you are spotted.

Gameplay Notes

Getting the Password:
-Margaux White has never met Maxwell Hausen in person. Therefore you have an opportunity to meet White at Swan Lake as Hausen and receive the Password when she whispers it to you. You will also learn of her backstory with the IAGO Odile whom she thinks is her friend.

-Whenever Margaux White is drugged and left alone by an IAGO operative, there is a short amount of time where she will stay drugged and dazed, but not KO-ed. You can approach Margaux in this state and simply ask her for the Password and she will whisper it to you. Note however, that to avoid long delays with the mission’s script and events, the discovery time for finding Margaux White whenever she is drugged by an IAGO operative is somewhat accelerated and forced compared to if 47 does it himself at a better location.

-You can also acquire the Truth Serum vial or syringe from the appropriate IAGO Operative and use them on Margaux White yourself.

-You can use the Truth Serum syringe on any IAGO Operative who has knowledge of the Password and acquire the Password in this way. You can also use this method to get the Password from Maxwell Hausen if you missed the opportunity in the IBoC FTP Room.

-When you find evidence that Hausen plans to betray IBoC and resell the data (see: Other Notes at very bottom of this post) you can blackmail Hausen into giving you the Password at gunpoint.

-If you are in the IBoC FTP Transfer Room when Hausen says the Password out loud, you gain knowledge of the Password automatically.

The Data Transfer:
-While IBoC getting the data is a required objective, preventing IAGO from getting their own copy of the data is only an Optional Objective and will not cause a mission failure.

-Progress of either FTP transfer is denoted by a countdown timer similar to the one that appears when Silvio Caruso is escaping by seaplane in Sapienza.

-IAGO’s Server Rack and Laptop in their temporary command center can be destroyed. Leaving IAGO only the option of using the Server Redirector to do the actual transfer.

-If IAGO’s FTP Transfer timer completely counts down to 0 then the Optional Objective fails.

-If any IAGO Operative has knowledge of the Password and is Alive or Unconscious when you exit the mission, the Optional Objective also fails as soon as you exit the Mission.

-If you pick up, rather than destroy the Server Redirector, the inventory description says that 47 has “reconfigured the device to transfer the data to IBoC servers instead”. You can then use this at the IAGO FTP Station by mounting on one of IAGO’s server racks, and either do the data transfer there yourself (if 47 knows the Password), or allow one of the IAGO operatives to do it for you, resulting in them transferring the data to IBoC unawares.

-Planting a Proximity Explosive under the Laptop table in Room 206 can ensure that any attempt by a IAGO operative to operate the Laptop will have fatal consequences.

Assassinating Targets
-Hausen will be having drinks at the bar at the start. He also drinks later at the Emperor’s Suite in celebration after the deal is done.

-Margaux White will drink during the Afterparty. But note she will be with IAGO Odile throughout the Afterparty.

-There is an opportunity for 47 to disguise himself as a waiter and serve finger food and drinks to Margaux White and Maxwell Hausen while they are seated together at the Swan Lake performance.

-Both Targets’ Motorboats can be used to hide a Remote Explosive.

-When either Target reaches their Motorboat the standard Target Escaping Timer also appears as crews prepare their Motorboat for departure.

-If you manage to pick up the mobile phone of the IBoC Technician who confirms the FTP Password given by Maxwell Hausen you learn that this same IBoC Technician also took money to inform a third party (probably IAGO) about this deal. If you leave the IBoC Technician’s phone at the temporary office in the Emperor’s Suite used by Hausen, Hausen will discover the treachery and come storming down to the FTP Transfer Room and argue with the IBoC Technician. This results in the IBoC Technician pushing Hausen into a large rack of wiring and equipment in anger which you can rig beforehand to cause an Electrocution Accident. (During their argument you will learn the pair had earlier colluded to make sure the FTP transfer was away from prying eyes of their own employer to facilitate Hausen’s own scheme to re-sell the data later by making a secret copy for himself).

-The IBoC Assistant is actually very important for maintaining the cadence of the Mission’s events since the Assistant has to electronically transmit the Credentials to the IBoC Clerk upstairs at the Emperor’s Suite, and since this Assistant also informs Margaux White that the Downpayment is complete. The mission can therefore be frozen if the Assistant is eliminated.

Dealing with IAGO Operatives
-The IAGO Operatives are enforcers against 47 and will pull out suppressed pistols when they themselves compromise 47. They ignore alarms and battles caused by other NPC’s.

-The IAGO Operatives ignore coins and distractions when performing particular animations (eg: IAGO Odile poisoning a drink, IAGO CICADA guard syringing Margaux White, IAGO Repairman planting the Server Redirector). You can use this to get them caught by another NPC, if an alarm is successfully raised, this will lead to a scripted sequence where the IAGO operative tries to pull out their gun but is killed by Security/Bodyguards.

-You can sabotage the Swan Lake performance to electrocute IAGO Odile. This also causes Margaux White to rush to IAGO Odile’s body and mourn her death. Other Accidents/Opportunities can happen here to eliminate Margaux White as well.

-If disguised as a Swan Lake performer 47 can also drown IAGO Odile during a part of the play and it will be undiscovered with the addition that the body will be hidden immediately.

-47 can also poison IAGO Odile’s drink at the Swan Lake Afterparty VIP area. Her poison death routine places IAGO Odile near a tall Swan Lake themed display. Margaux White will rush to her side to mourn her, at which point the Swan Lake display can be tipped over by explosion or physical push to kill Margaux White in an accident.

-You can “spill a drink” and rig a wire near the Server Rack used by the IAGO Repairman to electrocute him when he makes the approach towards the Server Rack. This area, however, is checked from time to time by Hotel Security (the IAGO Repairman timing is rigged so that he always attempts his approach when no one is looking).

-You can use coins to upset the timing of IAGO agents so that their timing for critical approaches is upset, increasing the chances they will get caught. This can be risky since it may also affect other NPC’s including the guards you hoped to catch the IAGO agents.

-Even if you do not try to pursue the IAGO operatives, their involvement will eventually be known to you when the Red IAGO FTP Timer appears or when you discover Margaux White drugged at the Queen’s Suite or at the Restaurant Bathroom.

Other Notes
-Maxwell Hausen has always planned to keep a copy of the Data for himself and you learn later this is the reason he has setup the FTP Station separate from the other IBoC staff in the Emperor’s Suite as he is colluding with one of the IBoC Technicians to do this.

-You can find the body of a CICADA Bodyguard and a Repairman at the Hotel Basement. Intel entry will suggest that these are signs IAGO has infiltrated the hotel.

-Sebastian Sato makes a cameo as the Costume Designer of Swan Lake. He fusses and makes complaints and makes comments every now and then.

-During the Pre-Show, Dalia Margolis and Viktor Novikov arrive in a motorboat and will watch Swan Lake at their own reserved seats. Dialogue between the two will reveal that Novikov wonders who designed the costumes and reveals that he will make an effort to find out at the Afterparty.

-Novikov recruits Sebastian Sato into Sanguine during the Afterparty.

-If you approach Dalia Margolis at the Afterparty when Novikov has excused himself to meet Sato, Dalia will strike a conversation with 47 (if 47 came in using a default Suit with an Invitation). She starts off by greeting 47 like a friend (“Ah! You’re here too! Funny!”). She then goes on ridiculing Viktor Novikov adding that she can almost believe Novikov is really a fashion maven and not the “flacid white-haired rug I use from time to time”. When she finally tries to address 47 as Helmut Kruger, 47 will say: “I’m sorry. I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else.”. Dalia will excuse herself.

-Jackie Carrington plays Odette (the White Swan).

-Carrington’s boyfriend from “The Class” is at Room 207, wearing his “The Class” crew costume. This disguise is regarded as suspicious everywhere and is this mission’s equivalent of the Vampire Magician/Stalker/Hippie disguise.

-The Hotel Manager has both the Hotel Master Keycard and an Afterparty VIP Invitation.

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