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We could have Diana say outright that “Reynolds’ claims of ancestry are dubious at best”. Surely, you’d listen to Diana, right? :slight_smile:

And as an additional safety, and given IOI’s penchant for it, they could make Gerry Reynolds look like this guy:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/gal-celebs-depp-jpg.jpg

That would kind of help “send the message” about the character’s Native American lineage claims. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Title: The Koala
Map: Hokkaido (Day Time)

Client: Locksley

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate Matthew Cyrus
-Destroy the Body (Optional)
-Exit with No Trace of Foul Play (Optional)

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes
A year after the death of Erich Soders and Yuki Yamazaki, GAMA has reopened but with significant changes. It is now a Wellness Center catering to the world’s richest clientele.

KAI has been decomissioned, and much of GAMA’s original facilities, save for the Sushi Bar, Sauna, and Guest/Patient rooms, have been replaced by treatments for Dermatology, IV Hormone treatments, Massage facility, Body Wellness, and Body Fluid Balance Regulatory checks.

The Morgue has been replaced by an In-House Pharmacy and packaging line for custom Supplements, The training gym has been expanded. GAMA retains a Mini-Morgue, and a Treatment Room with an Electric Defribilator set, just in case

There is now an additional Herbal Bath in place of the area once used for Yoga classes (a sign there now warns of the Deadly Fall Risk).

Of particular interest is a Hyperbaric Chamber that replaces the Surgery Table that once held Erich Soders (who no longer exists).

Staff quarters, Staff Cafeteria, Garage, Helipad, and other utility areas remain the same.

Your target in what is now the GAMA Wellness Center is Australian tech magnate Matthew Cyrus. The mysterious Locksley has selected this man for assassination. Cyrus is an immensely popular and much-loved tech entrepreneur and is a recluse at a level that exceeds even Thomas Cross, so his visit to GAMA to sample their new anti-aging and life extending repertoire may present one of very few chances to fulfill this contract.

To the world at large, Matthew Cyrus is a modern day hero and considered one of the greatest living innovators of mobile technology. There is bound to be much attention if something terrible were to befall Mr. Cyrus, more so if it is believed to be an assassination.

The ICA, while uncertain of the motives behind a contract being drafted for Cyrus’ murder, would be at risk of being compromised in investigations that will surely follow any discovery of foul play. Therefore, it has been strongly advised that Cyrus’ death must be an Accident. Failing that, a “mysterious disappearance” will have to suffice and his body must never be discovered (ie: Body Destroyed, not just hidden in a box).

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
Only Default Starting Point as GAMA Customer (you can wear what you want) is allowed without any loadout or inventory to start.

Matthew Cyrus arrives via helicopter to be greeted by the GAMA Director. The pair plus two guards begin a tour of GAMA’s Wellness Programme. Due to the size of the map, this can last close to 25 - 30 minutes.

The pair also have lunch at the Sushi Bar in one of the cubicles. A random variable may have the lunch occurring before the Tour instead.

After this, the GAMA Director will leave Cyrus to enjoy the GAMA Center’s amenities. At this point Cyrus will sample the following in random order (although you can be clued in by listening to his dialogue as he always announces where he is going next):

-Cyrus will try out the Hyperbaric Chamber
-Cyrus will try out the Herbal Bath
-Cyrus will have his Body Fluid Balance Taken (always followed by IV Fluid Induction to “rebalance his hormones and fluids”)
-Cyrus will lift weights at the Gym.
-Cyrus will get a massage (from Konny Engstrom no less!)
-Cyrus will have a Skin and Face Treatment session
-Cyrus will try the Sauna
-Cyrus will pick up some Custom Supplements

After doing his rounds, Cyrus will relax in the guest room once used by Yuki Yamazaki. Once in a while he may go out again and try any one of the above treatments a second time (though the Body Fluid Balance check will now always give Cyrus a perfect score). Cyrus will also try his Custom Supplements at this time.

Of note is that there are other notable guests at the GAMA Wellness Center on this day who also get greetings from the GAMA Director among them are Helmut Kruger and his wife Jessica Highmoore-Kruger. The Krugers will use the room that belonged to Amos Dexter in the original Hokkaido mission.

Note that the GAMA Center no longer uses Patient Robes in this version so NPC’s are wearing their own costumes.

Gameplay Notes
-Any NPC must strip down in a Changing Room for some of the amenities (Herbal Bath, Hyperbaric Chamber, Massage) this gives 47 the opportunity to snag a disguise without having to subdue some NPC’s.

-The Hyperbaric Chamber is meant only for Gold Card Members (Kruger and Cyrus for example). 47 can pick them up from others, but when the cards are swiped 47 will be caught.

-Alternatively, 47 can have a Gold Card made for his cover identity of Tobias Rieper. The Server which holds Gold Card Members is where the KAI Mainframe used to be. A special machine near the main entrance can be accessed by Gold Card Registrants to receive their issued cards. You will see Helmut Kruger acquire his Gold Card in this way as an example. If you try using it without having manipulated the Server, you will be told that you are not a Gold Card Registrant. It is only after the Server has been tampered that the Gold Card dispenser will recognize Tobias Rieper and issue his card.

-If 47 is disguised as Helmut Kruger, Kruger’s card being swiped does not cause 47 to get caught since no one can detect that 47 is not Helmut Kruger. Jessica Highmoore-Kruger though will see through the deception

Assassinating Target
The lunch provides a specific opportunity to use the Fugu Fish poison, or other poison offerings both for food and drink. But be warned the cubicle is a closed environment so moving away during the Searching phase can prove somewhat risky.

-The Hyperbaric chamber can be sabotaged to increase O2 pressure causing Oxygen Poisoning and death.

-47 can use the Preparation Set in the Pharmacy and a Formula from the Skin Treatment area to create a deadly Skin-absorbed poison that can be used with the Herbal Bath or the Face/Skin Treatment machine.

-When disguised as GAMA staff, 47 can easily use his Fibre Wire on Cyrus while he’s getting his Skin and Face Treatment (Cyrus’ face will be covered).

-47 can drown Cyrus at the Herbal Bath (tribute: Traditions of the Trade)

-47 can choke Cyrus to death while spotting him with the Barbell (tribute: Flatline)

-47 can use the Skin Absorbed Poison with the Skin and Face Treatment if he chooses not to pour it into the Herbal Bath.

-47 can do the Sauna Kill with Cyrus.

-47 can do neck snap massage kill as Konny Engstrom.

-47 can inject poison syringe to contaminate the IV Fluid Infusion system.

-47 can poison the Custom Supplements.

-47 can lure Cyrus into the Treatment room and kill him with the Defribilators either as Melee Weapons or while Cyrus is knocked out. Either will count as an Accident Kill with no further issues.

-Due to all the amenities available, GAMA Staff disguises are quite powerful on this mission, although the Helmut Kruger disguise allows for a lot of accessibility also (as long as one stays clear of Jessica Highmoore-Kruger)

"Destroy the Body"
This objective is only optional, but if 47 exits without this objective fulfilled, Diana will remark that the ICA’s troubles are about to begin and that while the mission is a success, 47 will have to be made to pay a penalty for the ICA’s inconvenience (deduction means loss of any SA Rating).

You can leave the mission before the body is discovered, but depending on the variables set in motion, the optional objective may be revealed in the Scorecard as Completed or Failed. Therefore, it can be useful to allow the body of Cyrus to be found to know for sure.

Placing Cyrus’ body in a Box or Wardrobe leads to failure of the Optional Objective

In reality, in the event of an Accident, once GAMA staff have done their own autopsy of the body in what is a smaller version of the Morgue, they will call the GAMA Director and explain that they can “find no signs of a crime.” The GAMA Director curses his luck about how this location must be cursed following the death of notable clients.

The GAMA Director then reluctantly gives the order to dissolve Cyrus’ body in a vat of chemicals (identical to the green fluid containers in the Ether Lab of Sapienza), thus the “Destroy the Body” Special Objective is always fulfilled in the event of an Accident Kill with no suspicious findings.

Any other kind of death however will pique the suspicion of the GAMA Director in the Mini-Morgue during the Autopsy and will lead to orders to preserve the body for local law enforcement. The Morgue Doctors will therefore refrigerate the body in a chamber similar to where Agent Smith is found. The GAMA Director holds the keycard for this containment unit, making the fulfillment of this objective more complicated.

Throwing Cyrus’ body after a regular Unnoticed Kill so that it falls down the mountain and out of the resort also counts for the “Destroy the Body” special objective.

The Incinerators are still at the same location and can also be used to fulfill the “Destroy the Body” Special Objective.

When guards leave Cyrus’ body in the Mini-Morgue, 47 can also use the box with Green Acid to destroy the body clandestinely.

An industrious player can subdue all the Morgue Doctors and the GAMA Director, preventing an Autopsy from ever taking place. If this condition is met, and the body of Cyrus is destroyed then this Optional Objective is completed and the “No Foul Play” objective is preserved regardless of what method was used for the kill as long as it was an Unnoticed Kill.

"Exit with No Trace of Foul Play"
This objective is only optional, but if 47 exits without this objective fulfilled, Diana will remark that the ICA’s troubles are about to begin and that while the mission is a success, 47 will have to be made to pay a penalty for the ICA’s inconvenience (deduction means loss of any SA Rating).

You can leave the mission before the body is discovered, but depending on the variables set in motion, the optional objective may be revealed in the Scorecard as Completed or Failed. Therefore, it can be useful to allow the body of Cyrus to be found to know for sure.

Requires that the player exits the Mission without Cyrus’ Body Autopsied after a Non-Accident Kill or the player exiting the Mission after an Autopsy shows no signs of Foul Play.

If Cyrus is bodybagged and then opened up in the Mini-Morgue by the GAMA Director and the Morgue Doctors and Cyrus died in an Accident, this Optional Objective remains safe. Any other kind of death however will pique the suspicion of the GAMA Director in the Mini-Morgue and will lead to failure of the Optional Objective at this point.

A special case occurs for ICA poisons. These will be found during an Autopsy if an ICA Poison was used specifically, but the GAMA Director and Morgue doctors will dispute each other’s findings as the compound found is unusual, or can be one of two kinds of substances. The “No Foul Play” Special Objective therefore, does not fail at this time, but doubts lead to the GAMA Director ordering that Cyrus’ body will be kept in refrigerated storage with him holding the keycard.

The special Poison that can be created at the Pharmacy is untraceable, leading the GAMA Director to order the destruction of Cyrus’ body.

An industrious player can subdue all the Morgue Doctors and the GAMA Director, preventing an Autopsy from ever taking place.

Other Notes
-47 learns that Matthew Cyrus has been selling end-user profiles, and using his company’s products to spy on people, functioning as a kind of information broker. He has performed this function for IAGO, as well as for other groups.

-47 learns that “Koala” is Cyrus’ codename in the criminal underworld.

-In a conversation Cyrus has with Kruger, it is heavily implied that Cyrus knows of Kruger’s past association with IAGO. However, Cyrus also reveals that he suspects Kruger killed Dalia Margolis and warns that Kruger should watch his back. Kruger is clearly afraid, but manages to retort: “Yeah? Well you’re not so safe yourself, Mr. Cyrus. You may call yourself the Koala, but you’re no protected species.”

-47 can learn that after the events in Paris, Kruger continued his meeting with Jessica Highmoore and that she is now his wife. It is not clear if Kruger has somehow separated himself from IAGO. 47 also learns that Kruger is preparing for a role in a big budget film where he plays a bald assassin with a mysterious past.

-Jessica Highmoore-Kruger is an enforcer against the Helmut Kruger disguise.

-It seems Helmut Kruger genuinely cares for Jessica, and the pair are obviously in love. However, it is not clear if Kruger is still working for IAGO or may have tried to leave IAGO in his pursuit of Jessica.

-If you take away Helmut Kruger’s clothes while he is in any of the treatments that require him to change clothes, upon discovering his clothes have vanished, Kruger will cry out: “Not again!” then eventually get a new set of his clothes.

-When the real Helmut Kruger takes the Body Balance exam. He will get scores that indicate warnings to his hormone levels and other fluids. If 47 as Tobias Rieper or as Helmut Kruger takes the same exam, he is given a perfect score. The attending GAMA Staffer adds: “Everything in your body is in perfect balance! You, sir, are a perfect diamond!”

-If 47 is disguised as Helmut Kruger and goes to the gym with Matthew Cyrus, 47-as-Kruger can spot Cyrus with the Barbells while Cyrus is on the bench. Cyrus will then say: “Kill me with the barbell will you? With all this security around? Just try it you bald little chicken sh*t!” (In truth the security is outside the gym. This will be an Accident Kill).

-If 47 is disguised as Helmut Kruger and sabotages the Hyperbaric Chamber and stands near it while Cyrus is dying of Oxygen poisoning, a cutscene plays out where Cyrus yells accusations at 47-as-Kruger: “You psycho! You’re trying to clean all of us out aren’t you?!? You can’t keep running from us forever, Helmut! Dalia’s friends will find you! My friends will find you! It is inevitable! Death…comes…for…us…all…”

-Celebrity Suit with Gloves (the Helmut Kruger disguise for this level but with gloves and a pair of RayBan Aviators) - does not count as a free Helmut Kruger disguise.


Mission: The Koala

Additional gag: Matthew Cyrus meets Real Helmut Kruger

Matthew: “Helmut Kruger! How long has it been since you last posed for us?”

Helmut: “…uh… Not too long… as you clearly still remember me.”

Matthew: “And this is…?”

Jessica: “Jessica.”

Matthew Cyrus attempts to kiss Jessica’s hand.

Matthew: “Charmed.”

Helmut: (interrupting the action) “My wife.”

Matthew: (veiled threat) “My how things have changed. I was certain for the longest time you would be single to your dying day, Helmut! You seemed… untouchable in Paris.”

Jessica: “Love, I’m going to walk around for a bit.”

Helmut: “Don’t be long. I’ll just be here.”

Jessica leaves the pair

Helmut: “Let’s not talk about Paris.”

Matthew: “I know what really happened at the fashion show. You sniveling rat.”

Helmut: (evasive) “…What are you talking about? Dalia and Viktor died in accidents. We’ve all moved on. Why can’t you?”

Matthew: “Is that what you think, Helmut? WE have not moved on. I can understand that Dalia’s preparation details can give agents a lot of stress. But that wasn’t a reason to bite the hands that feed you.”

Helmut: (disturbed) “I think you’ve got it wrong… Now… please…”

Matthew: “No Helmut. It is you who has done wrong. You took all Dalia’s intel, and her life along with Viktor’s, and used everything so you can build this little happy life with Jessica. You’re living a lie. Can you imagine the day when Jessica knows the truth? About you? About IAGO?”

Helmut: (getting angry) “You’re the one who’s lying. She’ll never listen to you!”

Matthew: “Is that how you’re going to beg with her, pleading with her to keep holding on to your sweet falsehood when she’s tearfully bound and broken, helplessly watching some thug rap your balls with a knotted rope? You’ll never be safe, Helmut. You’re going to die.”

Helmut: (determined) “Listen, Mr. Cyrus. I may not know much, and maybe I’m not as smart as you or Dalia, or Viktor ever was. But I know whenever I see the news and it’s about something terrible happening that there’s more than half a chance you sold someone something to make it happen. You’re the one who will never be safe. They may call you the Koala. But you’re no protected species.”

Jessica comes back

Jessica: “Darling! I’m back! Am I interrupting?”

Matthew: “Oh… oh no…No! Why Helmut and I were just talking about meeting up at the Hyperbaric Chamber later. Nothing like filling your body with clean air.”

Helmut: (veiled sarcasm) “I’m sure it will be a heavenly experience.”

Matthew: “Ciao, you lovebirds. I’ll see you around, Helmut.”

Note: Health Drinks are used during this gag.


You should include the Class in one of your missions, with or without Jordan.

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Requests! Things are definitely looking up around here! :slight_smile:

As an appetizer, I did write out a new Opportunity/Challenge intended for Bangkok when people were asking for suggestions. I called it “The Honky Tonk Man”:

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Title: Shine A Light
Map: Marrakesh (Night Time/Winter)

Client: By Brokerage Only (implied: International Children’s Fund(ICF))

Targets And Objectives:
-Eliminate Omar Karim Al-Fasiq
-Retrieve his Ledger
-Locate an Exit

Context/Mechanics/Map Changes
The target is Omar Karim Al-Fasiq, the entertainment agent and studio financier son of an oil sheik from Saudi Arabia, now currently based in Morocco. The Client, to protect its identity, has chosen to transact business through an accredited broker who has elected to be the guarantor of both the Client and the ICA.

While by day, Al-Fasiq seems to be little more than a glamorous star-maker, our brief includes data and evidence linking much of Al-Fasiq’s wealth and finances to human trafficking and sex slavery, the victims of which include some of the very youth to whom Al-Fasiq sells dreams of fame, fortune, and glamour.

The Target is currently holding the Grand Finals of the Marrakesh Music Melee, which will award the winners with the privilege of being signed up under Al-Fasiq’s management agency. In facilitating this event the south side of the West Bazaar (area in front of Shisha Cafe and near the Repairman Starting Point building) has been converted into a concert stage (Swedish Embassy section is inaccessible), while stage crews, technical staff, and a TV crew Control Center occupy the nearest building.

The markets on the West Side of the Bazaar have also been cleared, and instead you will find a boundary and backstage preparation area.

Crowds of cheering fans fill the area in front of the Shisha Cafe and the West Bazaar area. TV crews dot the entire location, and at multiple levels. Note the presence of TV crews on rooftops and other areas.

Al-Fasiq and his entourage have reserved the entire Shisha Cafe, as well as the building joined to it via rooftops as their personal quarters for this event. Among his entourage is his Accountant holding a Ledger that the Client wants us to steal before leaving the area.

The Client is aware that just killing Al-Fasiq may not suffice to end his operations, so retrieving the Ledger is vital to “ending Al-Fasiq for good”.

The Shisha Cafe’s VIP area is changed to a large extent such that much of the individual Shisha Pipe cubicles have been collapsed. Instead the entire area has been turned into a harem-like lounge with Shisha Pipes and other entertainment strewn in front of the bar.

Another lounge has been created on the Rooftop of the building adjoining the Shisha Cafe. Al-Fasiq will watch the Music Melee Grand Finals from this location with his Accountant.

The two bands contesting the Grand Finals start in what was the Shisha Cafe’s public area which is reserved for them (making it two restricted area levels at the Shisha Cafe floor this time). This area contains food and drinks for the band and their guests.

One of these bands is called “The Flying Windmills”: a Leather, Wigs, Masks, and Face-paint themed medieval thrash metal band.

The other finalist is an up-and-coming band from America called “The Class” led by their frontman Jordan Cross (this is before the band became famous and before they were represented by Dexy Barat - story dialogue reveals that Cross himself paid for the money to get the band all the way to Morroco for this competition). Other members of “The Class” include Heidi Santoro on lead guitar, and drummer Quentin Moriarty. A bass guitarist for “The Class” is conspicuously missing.

Al-Fasiq has a limousine stationed near the School in place of the Military Truck that was an exit point in the original story mission.

The map is closed off to the south at the end of the bazaar, meaning that section of the map that includes the Swedish embassy is not accessible.

Be warned, there are numerous TV Cameras active at various points of the venue as the Grand Finals are being aired live on television. So 47 must be mindful of what he does and where. If the TV Director sees suspicious activity, he may call the police or security. If there is escalated Combat, the TV Director may trigger “Target Lockdown” - which will cause the Target and his Accountant to attempt an escape via Limousine or Helicopter.

CICADA guard the Shisha Cafe and the building adjoining it (similar to A House Built On Sand). Marrakesh Military Police guard the rest of the venue and the building housing the TV Crew Control Station.

The School is completely deserted but still accessible.

The Fortune Teller is present and works exactly as he and his station does in A House Built On Sand.

Main Map/Normal Mission Script Sequence
Only the West Bazaar Gate starting point with any Non-disguise Suit is available.

At the start, an emcee is working up the crowd to get them ready for the Music Melee Grand Finals while The Flying Windmills and The Class prepare in the area allocated for them at the Shisha Cafe.

Floor Director discusses the sequence of the show with TV Director on the floor. The Flying Windmills are up next in 10 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break, after which The Class will take the stage. The Floor Director and TV Director go to their stations.

The lead guitarist of The Flying Windmills is an Executioner Mask wearing man nicknamed “The Axe-Kicker”. He wields a Battleaxe shaped electric guitar across his back like a deadly weapon (note to 47: It is!). He seems to have worked up quite an appetite and will eat repeatedly before and after The Flying Windmills perform.

The Class meanwhile, are in a stressful meeting. Jordan Cross has spent a lot of his personal wealth to “get the band this far”, but frets that at the “last hurdle” they may stumble because their bass guitarist has left the band prior to them traveling to Marrakesh. Cross is a little less assertive at this point in his life. Heidi just a little more understanding. Quentin is more like a stoned guy and seems to be relying entirely on Jordan to solve the problem.

Incidentally a bass guitarist nicknamed “Thrash” (think: G&R Slash) happens to be prowling the grounds of the bazaar at the back of the Shisha Cafe - guitar at the ready, with flowing long hair, Lennon shades, top hat, and always wearing leather - in case he can “catch his lucky break”. Thrash has been cited in the past for Trespassing at other musical shows while attempting to chase this “lucky break” so he is not allowed anywhere within the Shisha Cafe, much less on stage by default.

You will find Thrash lurking at the back near where the Fortune Teller is. In fact, Thrash will consult the Fortune Teller repeatedly asking if this is his “big day”.

Omar Karim Al-Fasiq, accompanied by armed guards, will emerge from his VIP area at the Shisha Cafe to mingle with the performers before the finals begin and wish them luck. Al-Fasiq heaps particular praise on Heidi Santoro, predicting a great future for her even if she chooses not to pursue music.

Al-Fasiq claims: “I can make you a model, an actress, even a princess. With your beauty and what I can do with it, you will have no shortage of money and eager lovers from every part of the world!” Young Heidi is obviously flattered.

While downstairs, Al-Fasiq will have a tendency to text the Accountant and then leave his phone behind on ledges, tables, and other places, only to remember he has to go back for it to retrieve it.

Al-Fasiq will then go to the Rooftop of the Cafe-Adjoining Building to watch the show with his Accountant.

Privately Jordan Cross will be insecure, and asks Heidi to confirm her loyalty to the band which she readily gives. Quentin quips that they’re not much of a band without a bass guitarist, at which point Jordan Cross seeks help from the Floor Director who in turn commands a Crew member to “Find anyone who can play bass guitar. Anyone!”

The Flying Windmills take to the stage and perform a thrash metal number. Concurrently, on the rooftop lounge, Al-Fasiq will dismiss their music as “incomprehensible noise” and wonder why the show’s producers have allowed this group to make the finals. The Accountant reveals that the Flying Windmills made a powerful impression in a previous episode when their “passion” for their music led them to destroy the stage.

This promptly happens at the end of their performance, destroying the TV Camera closest to the stage front. This will prompt calls to replace that TV Camera on tripod with a shoulder mounted one which will be the TV Camera for this area till the end of the show.

The planned 5 minute break is now another 10 minute break as the crews need to repair the stage. The TV director decides to go to commercial and will power down TV Cameras for the duration. Al-Fasiq, whom we learn is also one of the executive producers for the show, discusses the delay with the Floor Director, and then makes a momentary stop at the Shisha Cafe to flatter The Flying Windmills for their “memorable performance”.

While downstairs, Al-Fasiq will have a tendency to text the Accountant and then leave his phone behind on ledges, tables, and other places, only to remember he has to go back for it to retrieve it.

The Class continue preparations, and pressure is mounting on the band.

At around this time, the Crew member searching for a Bass Guitarist eventually finds Thrash who is escorted to the Shisha Cafe. Thrash is given the sheet music and plays “good enough” by Jordan’s standards.

The concert stage repairs are completed the TV Director comes down to make a check on the lights as the “colors have changed”, Al-Fasiq returns to his Rooftop Lounge, the TV Cameras come back on and the show continues.

The Class then take to the stage and perform “Shine A Light” to uproarious applause. Meanwhile, Al-Fasiq will say that he likes the band, but already has many rock bands on his slate. He does, however, take a fancy to Heidi Santoro saying: “Such a rare flower! And so good with her hands! I cannot leave Marrakesh without her!”

Al-Fasiq tells the Accountant: “We must procure her. Today. Tell our man in the Cafe.” The Accountant replies: “It will be done!” and makes a phone call via his own mobile phone.

Al-Fasiq will instruct another Assistant to inform the Emcee: “Tell him The Class has won the contest.”

The Emcee will receive the instruction from the Assistant and take the stage to announce The Class has won!

The Class can’t believe their luck! Jordan Cross falls on his knees and Heidi embraces him. They talk about what a bright future must lie ahead. Cross talks about how his father didn’t believe in his dream, but Heidi tells him she believes in him. Quentin embraces the pair and they form a group hug.

Omar Karim Al-Fasiq will join The Class on stage where he will welcome them under his wing. The crowd applauds. Jordan Cross gives a tearful and emotional victory speech on behalf of his band.

Fireworks and Confetti are triggered to signal the show’s closing.

Meanwhile the Flying Windmills, upon hearing of their defeat, will trash the buffet and the Shisha Cafe public area and are restrained, arrested, and escorted off by much of the Marrakesh Military Police, who take them to a secluded corner of the map.

General Reza Zaydan makes a cameo, exiting from a military truck near the store which served as the entrance of the tunnel in the story mission near the School. Zaydan scolds The Flying Windmills ad infinitum and threatens to keep them in an underground prison for life.

The TV Director calls it a wrap and TV Cameras power down and TV crews start packing up. The crowds disperse and eventually leave the map.

The Accountant will remain on the Rooftop along with two guards. Al-Fasiq will then invite The Class for a celebration at the Shisha VIP Area.

Meanwhile, in the Shisha Cafe Kitchen, a waiter is preparing final touches to 4 regular Fruit Punches and one Tall Glassed Fruit Punch. The waiter, as if to help himself avoid mistakes mutters to himself: “OK… drugs in the four regular glasses, none in the tall glass.” the waiter will then produce 4 vials of Recreational Drugs and pour them into each of the 4 regular Fruit Punches.

After a brief conversation between Al-Fasiq and Jordan Cross, the drinks are brought out.

Omar Karim Al-Fasiq will clap his hands three times. At that point all the guards within the VIP Area (including any personal bodyguards) go outside. All waiters and staff working the VIP Area go to the Shisha Cafe Kitchen and will stay there.

Al-Fasiq will take the tall glass for himself (of course!) and offer The Class the other drinks. When the toast is made, The Class will be drugged with what appears to be a strong dose of a Recreational Drug. Jordan will say that he is “seeing stars”, while Quentin seems perfectly aware, both men, however, will fall to the ground, unable to move.

Heidi will be in a daze and also unable to move. She will keep weakly calling for Jordan and Quentin to help her.

Al-Fasiq, in an obviously poorly acted way, will say: “Oh no! There’s been an accident! Quick! Help me take this woman to my awaiting limousine!”

The bodyguards then come. Two of them to carry Heidi, a third asks: “What about these other guys?” To which Al-Fasiq will respond: “Eh… the police can take care of them!”

Quentin and Jordan weakly protest but are unable to do anything about it.
A.I. Thrash does nothing and says nothing. He’s just one of the victims by default.

Al-Fasiq will then text the Accountant that “We’re leaving” and they will go to the limousine some time while Heidi is en route to the Limousine.

Guards will also go to both of the stairways leading to the School area to ward off any intruders.

Al-Fasiq, the Accountant, and Heidi, with armed guards will be at the Limousine where a Target Escape timer counts down to end the mission.

Gameplay Notes
There is an electrocution accident available to get rid of the TV Director for when he makes the final check on the stage lights after it was trashed by The Flying Windmills. Due to all the repair and work going on in the area, 47 can complete the sabotage as a Crew member without any suspicion. However, this will result in a Non-Target Kill.

There is a Waiter frequently leaving the Shisha Cafe and having to do rounds in the bazaar to shop for food and ingredients to be prepared in the kitchen due to the Axe-Kicker’s voracious appetite.

There is a free Waiter costume in the Shisha Cafe main kitchen, but the kitchen is busier than usual so be warned.

The Repairman from A House Built On Sand is still there trying to fix the phone and his Maintenance Room key is still on the table beside him. The Maintenance Room has a free Repairman disguise. The Repairman disguise has access to the TV Control Station.

During Major Repair works on the stage, 47 can also rig the Fireworks to explode without causing suspicion while the area is full of crew members who are all busy and cannot notice any tampering.

The Axe-Kicker
47 can disguise himself as The Axe-Kicker who, prior to the events post-show, can gain access to the VIP Area by pleading to use the VIP area bathroom claiming a bout of indigestion. When the guards try to protest and direct him to the other bathroom at the Shisha Cafe, 47-as-The-Axe-Kicker will claim that the door is locked and adding that he is in great pain and can “go anytime”. The bodyguards then relent, but one of them will accompany 47 to the VIP area bathroom.

As the Axe-Kicker, 47 can also desert The Flying Windmills, which leads to this band throwing a tantrum on stage and destroying it without performing a song.

The Axe-Kicker disguise is also the only one where 47 can carry the Axe-Guitar without triggering suspicion. In spite appearances, the Axe-Guitar functions exactly like the Marrakesh Battleaxe and can be thrown or swiped as a melee weapon.

There is a special cinematic/opportunity/challenge to rescue The Class from Al-Fasiq after they are drugged while dressed as The Axe-Kicker and killing Al-Fasiq with the Axe-Guitar.

47 can also perform with The Flying Windmills as the Axe Kicker but this does not change the contest result.

Thrash/The Hired Gun
47 can disguise himself as Thrash, at which point the player will discover that Thrash is actually bald and his long flowing hair is a wig. 47 can then pick up the Guitar Case and either talk to the Crew member looking for Thrash to gain access to the Shisha Cafe exterior area, or the player can choose to vault over the low wall nearest to Jordan Cross and immediately start the conversation before he is caught.

Jordan Cross will say: "Who are you?!?"
47 then lifts the guitar case and answers: "What does it look like?"
Heidi yelps: “Jordan! We’re saved!”

Jordan then rushes to give 47 the sheet music who reads through it and samples playing it on the bass guitar of Thrash - which completely blows Jordan away (in contrast to what happens with the real Thrash which is just a so-so reaction).

As The Class is introduced, the emcee goes through the members one by one, lastly going to 47 asking “And what is your name, sir?” to which 47 answers: “I’m just The Hired Gun.” (in the normal version of this sequence, Thrash will give the name “Thrash”).

47-as-Thrash can perform “Shine A Light” with The Class. This is also the disguise that allows the player to hear almost all of Jordan Cross’ dialogue.

During Al-Fasiq’s kidnapping attempt, 47-as-Thrash can hold “G” at the right time to pretend he is drugged (47 will not drink the Fruit Punch), so as to maneuvere around the area via crawling and then stop Blending In with Victims to finish off Al-Fasiq. Due to the state of Heidi, Jordan, and Quentin, there is no suspicion or other form of detection. This means a frontal attack is OK at this point.

However, 47 cannot leave the VIP Area normally as Thrash since the bodyguards are already expecting the kidnapping.

Target Lockdown and Map Escape
Al-Fasiq and his Accountant will attempt to exit the Map via their Limousine if a “Target Lockdown” is triggered or if Al-Fasiq is able to complete the kidnapping of Heidi Santoro.

If their Limousine is destroyed, they will instead travel to the Rooftop where Al-Fasiq was watching the Music Melee Grand Finals where a Helicopter will eventually arrive overhead for their extraction. This will be also where Heidi Santoro is taken during her kidnapping.

TV Director and TV Cameras
All TV Cameras act as extensions of the TV Director stationed at the TV Crew Control Center at the rooftop of the building closest to the Concert Stage (this is where the Rooftop Repairman start point is in the normal version of this map).

The TV Cameras are all yellow in Instinct Mode while the Music Melee Grand Finals is ongoing, that is, they are active witnesses to suspicious activity as the TV Director will see it if he is awake at his Control Station.

However, the TV Cameras do not count as Security Cameras so if you are “seen” by one in normal circumstances there is no warning (ie: TV Cameras do not count against “No Evidence” and does not trigger “Recorded by Security Cameras” status)

The destruction of any TV Cameras will cause the TV Director to send a Repairman who will repair the camera, allowing you only a short respite. However, if the TV Director is incapacitated, the TV Cameras can be ignored by 47.

If all Crews and Repairmen are somehow all incapacitated (an incredible labor on the part of 47), the TV Director will leave his station and do the repairs himself.

Crimes witnessed by the TV Director result in him alerting CICADA Guards and the Marrakesh Military Police via a landline phone at the TV Crew Control Station. If there is Combat, however, and things get particularly hairy, the TV Director’s next phone call may result in “Target Lockdown”.

After the winner of the Music Melee Grand Finals is announced and the show ends, the TV Director will say:“That’s a wrap!” and all the TV Cameras power down and crews start taking them down. Players will recognize that the Cameras are no longer yellow in Instinct Mode. At that point, 47 can also ignore the TV Cameras.

The TV cameras are also powered down momentarily during the 10 minute break before The Class take the stage so as to avoid recording footage of the destroyed concert stage while it is repaired.

The Ledger
The Ledger is kept by Al-Fasiq’s Accountant who stays on the rooftop of the building beside the Shisha Cafe to which it is connected via the rooftops. This is the same building rooftop where the meeting takes place in A House Built On Sand.

Note that the Accountant is not a Target.

Al-Fasiq occasionally communicates via text messages to his Accountant throughout the event, but also makes a habit of leaving his phone on tables or on boxes at irregular intervals before remembering to retrieve it.

47 can either steal the phone outright, or just perform a “G” action to send a message to the Accountant instructing him that “We’re leaving”. This message sends the Accountant, by his lonesome, to the Limousine. If the Map Exit has not been triggered, the Accountant will wonder what is going on before walking back to his post.

As the School is deserted, it should be easy to subdue and hide the Accountant once this deception has been pulled off. Otherwise, other methods can be done to get hold of the Ledger.

The Accountant also attempts to leave the Map when he learns that Al-Fasiq is dead. A “Target Lockdown” sequence also causes the Accountant and Al-Fasiq (if still alive) to make a break for the Limousine.

Al-Fasiq will drop his mobile phone if subdued or killed if it was on his person at the time.

The Ledger’s inventory description states that it is a very disturbing document, revealing that Omar Karim Al-Fasiq trafficks any of his young recruits towards any of the “business concerns” he controls whether above board or illicit, solely on the basis of the recruit’s physical characteristics and where the most profit can be earned. The Ledger reveals an ‘inventory’ of failed models, actors, and musicians that Al-Fasiq has used for fresh meat in upper scale prostitution rings and others he has pressed into being drug mules for his other associates.

Assassinating Target
-Al-Fasiq spends the first few moments of the mission within the VIP Area and smoking a Shisha Pipe.

-47 can assassinate Al-Fasiq using the Gas Heater on the Rooftop as well as various Gas Heaters in the Shisha Cafe.

-Marrakesh is particularly friendly to the use of Sniper Rifles. Dropping the “f”, as well as dropping other signage with sniper rifle, for example still works.

-47 can either subdue the waiter with the four Recreational Drug vials and does the Tall Fruit Punch four times (unique for this map), or if 47 got there later, he can “fix the drinks” - emptying the Tall Fruit Punch glass into the sink and pouring the contents of the four drugged drinks into the Tall Fruit Punch Glass, while replacing the four regular glasses with clean Fruit Punch drinks. Having four doses in one tall glass will kill Al-Fasiq with an overdose.

-47 can hide an explosive inside the Mobile TV Camera that replaces the fixed one in front of the stage destroyed due to the actions of The Flying Windmills. At one point, before Al-Fasiq personally approaches Jordan Cross to congratulate him, he will be the closest man to the position allocated for the shoulder mounted Camera man. If 47 is disguised as this person he can drop the camera at this time and blow it up after walking away.

-A fireworks display rigged near the front of the stage and meant to go off at the end of the show presents another method for killing Al-Fasiq, though the timing has to be precise to avoid harming Non-Targets.

"Al-Fasiq’s Deception"
Al-Fasiq sets his sights early on to abduct Heidi Santoro for his own designs while leaving the other male members of The Class waylaid in Marrakesh, confident in his ability to keep the ordeal covered up.

The scheme involves a set of five drinks that will be readied after The Class is announced as the winner. Otherwise, if the player goes to the Shisha Cafe kitchen earlier, the glasses stand inert and empty.

At any earlier time, a waiter disguise will allow the player to pour the glasses earlier, but gaining the 4 x Recreational Drug vials from the one waiter who is in on Al-Fasiq’s plans requires subduing the waiter carrying them.

“Fixing the drinks” (a single scripted action) after the waiter has applied the poison guarantees the Tall Glass contains a fatal overdose of recreational drugs. If instead 47 nabbed the waiter earlier and has the four vials unused on any drinks, he must apply all four vials to the Tall Glass for an overdose to take place (47 cannot apply poison to the other four regular glasses).

If there are less than 4 vials of poison in the Tall Glass, the scene plays out the same as when there is an actual overdose, except Al-Fasiq will recover.

Yet another option is available if players bring their own Emetic or Lethal Poisons, leaving an option where The Class is still drugged, but Al-Fasiq will either die, or be forced to go to the nearest bathroom.

While the band are incapacitated, alluding to Jordan’s victory speech where he mentions his father’s objection to his dreams. Al-Fasiq will taunt Jordan by saying: “You should have listened to your father. You were safer at home.”

Otherwise, most other variants of this scene are comical, especially when Al-Fasiq is the one drugged and blabbers nonsense, or how Quentin exclaims: “Holy sh*t! It’s the Axe Kicker!!!” when 47 shows up to rescue the band as the Axe-Kicker.

Note that when Al-Fasiq claps his hands three times to kick off the scheme, most of the guards in the adjoining building where the Accountant is will also vacate and relocate closer to the limousine. This makes it easier to access the Accountant in a valid disguise, and also makes it easier to infiltrate the area as the Axe-Kicker, provided 47 is able to evade Marrakesh police as The Flying Windmills are Hunted following their trashing of the buffet (for the player this just means all Marrakesh police are enforcers for the Axe-Kicker after The Class have won the Grand Finals).

Other Notes

-The Marrakesh Music Melee Grand Finals were held during Winter time.

-Jordan Cross receives a phone call from someone while waiting for the call to go into the VIP Area. Jordan asks “And who is this?” at which point the caller can be heard yelling: “I’m Dexy!” to which Jordan says: “I don’t know a Dexy, sorry.” Dexy then says she fumbled her own introduction and goes on to explain that she’s a talent agent based in America. Cross says he’ll look her up later, and after hanging up notes that “She sounds like a crazy hyena. I bet she’s one of those types with weird colored carrot hair.”

-Information in dialogue between Al-Fasiq and the Accountant reveals that he’s facing yet another lawsuit in international courts filed by the International Children’s Fund in relation to his connections to child and sex slavery. Al-Fasiq retorts: “These fools again! Haven’t they gotten tired of how many times I can buy an acquittal? At this rate, the only way they can be rid of me is to hire someone to have me killed!”

-Modern Recreational Drug Syringe
-Recreational Drug Vial
-The Axe-Guitar Melee Weapon


Love it. It’s quite ironic how Jordan and Heidi are on such good terms in your mission when he tried to murder her in your opportunity.

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“Shine A Light” depicts The Class in a very early stage of their career, Jordan Cross had yet to meet Dexy Barat, the dream of success in the recording industry was just that. I figured no matter what his anger management issues, Jordan Cross had to be every bit as determined as his father most likely was to attain his own success. In my story, The Class had a bass guitarist also who left the band, but at the time, much younger and more idealistic, Heidi and Quentin stick it out with Jordan.

“Club 27” depicts The Class many years down the road. Quentin has also left the band, success may have gotten a bit into Jordan’s head, and the aggressiveness, fury, and determination that brought them so much success has now resulted in isolation, arrogance, and a murder that threatens all their futures. I thought it would be a nice bit of irony that “Shine A Light” features dialogue where Jordan tries to secure the loyalty of Heidi, and yet years later… in “Club 27” Jordan reveals secret plans to break up the band.

In “The Honky Tonk Man” opportunity (part of “Club 27” in my suggestion), I wanted to explore how Jordan simply is no longer the Jordan of maybe 5 - 7 years ago (when “Shine A Light” happened). But there is a glimpse there, when he talks about how successful “Are We Stars?” is going to be, that I can imagine Heidi feels like “That’s the Jordan I remember”… until 47 reveals “Jordan’s breaking up the band”…I wanted to explore the tragedy and irony of how the once charismatic band leader had turned his energy against those who dearly loved him.

I also thought it would be poignant that 47 (ageless as he is) somehow was a part of that life, though I suspect 47 neither cares nor remembers The Class in either encounter.

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Sorry to make this off topic but when IO said that 47 is ageless what exactly do they mean by that. I found it a little odd that a younger looking 47 (he looks like he’s in his early 30s) was sitting next to a more matured Diana in the Bangkok outro. They don’t mean it literally do they?

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To the possible chagrin of “hardcore hitman fans”… I took it to mean that they now treat 47 like James Bond.

“Always the same character, but never the same portrayal”.

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Ahh that makes sense. Can’t say i really agree with that decision.
Anyway thanks for clearing that up.

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Great mission - but isn’t Jessica Highmore dead? (Killed by Jordan Cross.)

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That’s Hannah Highmoore.

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oh okay, my bad. Guess I need a better memory haha

Title Shine A Light
Gag Al-Fasiq’s Bodyguard discover him dead in the VIP Area with The Class

Three Bodyguards enter and draw weapons when they see Al-Fasiq’s dead body.

Bodyguard 1: “What… the? Did you kids have anything to do with this?”

The Class do not answer. If they are drugged, they are just lying down on the floor mumbling. If they are not drugged, they make surrender poses and seem confused, unable to say anything.

Bodyguard 1: “Take them!”

Gen. Reza Zaydan enters with 4 Marrakesh soldiers.

Gen. Reza Zaydan: “No one’s taking anybody… Unless I say so.”

Bodyguard 1: (to Zaydan) “Back off. This is none of your business.”

Gen. Reza Zaydan: “Oh? Let me tell you something Mr. Bodyguard. Anything and everything that happens in Marrakesh is my business.”

Bodyguard 1: “Listen…These kids…”

Gen. Reza Zaydan: “Are under custody. Yes. My protective custody. Don’t pretend I haven’t done my homework. I know who Al-Fasiq really was.”

Bodyguard 1: “… Well if you’re so smart…”

Gen. Reza Zaydan: (interrupting) “Is that a gun? Where is your permit? I don’t remember signing one for you. You better put that away before I notice it some more.”

Bodyguard 1: “Oh screw it. This gig went south a long time ago anyway. Guys, we’re leaving this joint. Never liked this place anyway.”

Gen. Reza Zaydan: “Then you won’t mind if I ask you not to show your faces here again. Oh, and take those leather wearing clowns with you. We don’t like seeing our jails littered with your garbage.”

Zaydan and the Marrakesh soldiers stay with The Class while CICADA Bodyguards leave.

Quick question, Soupienza. In Shine A Light, do Jordan, Heidi and Zaydan look the same as they were in Club 27 and A Glided Cage?

I think that would depend on how many years back it occurs. In my mind. I imagine 5 to 7 years. That’s far back enough to assume the characters were in different states to what they were in 2016/2017, and yet not so far back that you cannot use the same models.

Jordan cross is 27 years old at the time of Club 27. So he’d be around 21, or 22 years old in Shine a Light. The farthest I’d push it is Jordan/Heidi being 19 - 20 years old, but I think 21-ish is still young/old enough to be rebelling against over domineering parents.

The mission briefing for Club 27 also mentions that The Class was in Bangkok trying to come up with only their second album. So 5 to 7 years is probably as far as one can push things.

Reza Zaydan is believed to be around 50 - 55 years old in A Gilded Cage. So there’s not much difference going on there either. He’d most likely be a general even back then.

So the gaps in years are enough for guys on “Zaydan’s level” calling Jordan and The Class “a bunch of kids”.

But that’s just my own thoughts on it. :slight_smile:

How do they dress? Does Jordan still have that beard?

You seem really concerned about Jordan! :slight_smile:

Well it’s possible he wouldn’t have it. But you can find 21 year old guys who can grow full beards in 5 months (a number of whom actually end up resembling Jordan Cross as a result!).

Exhibit A: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at 21 years old (1976)

So again… Not too far fetched that he’d have it. What could change is his wardrobe to reflect “humbler beginnings”, not so much because he was poor. But more because he was spending money on the band rather than on himself.

Question about Shine a Light: wouldn’t Zaydan theoretically only be a lieutenant or similar rank at this point in time?

Edit: sorry, you answered that.

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