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Did you know this guy from LOST also did the voice for Skip Muldoon in Hitman Blood Money?

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Lol yup that is him…

And if I’m not mistaken I believe he did voices for various NPC’s in BM as well.

Eleminating the owners of the Island wasn’t 47’s first visit on this island.
In the year 2016 47 eliminated the infamous photographer before he went out for the owners.

In this case 47 is an infiltrator (like Colorado) and no regualar guest on the island,
means that the island is a hostile area if 47 will not change his clothe.

Title: My Diorama Is A Red Carpet
Location: Heaven Island
Target: The Photographer (missing target from the revial trailer of Hitman 2016)
Time: midday, sunny

Even he’s about to get himself a new identity, Novac Eddinhights’ still walking around the Island to find people and beautiful places to take some pictures.

Mission-Story 1:

There are six places of interest where Novac would take out his camera.
Three places in public areas, and three in restricted areas.
For every place, you have to fullfil an easy or more difficult tasks to “lure” Novac to every specific place.

  1. Place: The Beach
    Give Novac a hint that there is a beautiful woman laying at the beach.
    He will probably doing everything to take a few shots about the woman that totally fits his taste.

Outcome: +1 step of 3 to get him tired, sandcastle kill

  1. Place: The Restaurant
    Seeing something beautiful in everything, he will just shot a few photos about the beautiful food.

Outcome +1 step of 3 to get him tired, Foodkill, accident kill or hold my hair

  1. Place: The Gym
    With the idea in mind to take a few shots here, Novac decides to do something for his own health. Instead of shooting some photos, Novac decides to push some weights.

Outcome: +1 step of 3 to get him tired, weights kill

  1. Place: The Tower -
    Luring Novac around this area makes him wild.
    Not allowed to climb up the tower or entering the arena to take some shots from up there,
    he will ramain in this area for a minute. There is a way to get him inside this area.
    Getting rid of the two guards on the roof and in front of the door,
    Novac will now traspass around this area.
    Getting cought by a guard, Novac will have a hot debate with the guard, after a few unfriendly words the guard will shot him.
    If there are no guards in this area Novac will ask 47 to climb up the tower to take a few shots.

Outcome: Dead or +1 step of 3 to get him tired, if there is no guard

  1. Place: The Private Island
    Let Novac giving Steven Bradley his boat keys granting Novac a few minutes on this special area.
    After roaming around for a few minutes, there is a way to make Novac stay longer as allowed in this area. The result is a hot debate between Novac and Steve.
    A near guard will shot Novac after he tries to attack Steven.

Outcome: Dead or +1 step of 3 get him tired, explosion kill, coconut kill

  1. Place: The Mansion
    Heard about how ill Tyson is, Novac wanted to meet Tyson from the beginning,
    This is a dangerous place, even for such a special guest like Novac.
    Covered in a mixture of fear and hauteur, Novac is about to explore the mansion by itself.
    This loop of Novac is a small puzzle (kinda like the the presentation of Ken Morgan’s suite),
    because 47 have to change a few things in this area, if 47 doesn’t want to get Novac killed early by a guard.

Outcome: Dead or +1 step of 3 get him tired. pool kill, random kill by any guard

Mission-Story 2:

Being happy to hear that there is a professional photograph on the island,
Ljudmila Vetrova will using her dinner-skills to get him for a private photo season in his hut.
Skipping the dinner and meeting both Novac and Ljudmila in his hut, Novac can’t get his eyes of this beauty. Serving both a drink will let Novac fall back into his old patterns. Trying to molesting her will call out the cops who will shot him.

Outcome: dead or +1 step of 3 get tired, trapdoor kill.

Getting Novac tired from three steps, he will go to the spa area to have a peaceful massage.

Easter Egg: Letting fullfil Novac every six steps he will went to a place where he’s all alone,
thinking about what he have done in his life, wrong memories overtaken his mind.
He will take out a gun and will commit suicide.

Unlocks: New suit, a new item and a new weapon.

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