Create Your Own Bonus Level


I think that would depend on how many years back it occurs. In my mind. I imagine 5 to 7 years. That’s far back enough to assume the characters were in different states to what they were in 2016/2017, and yet not so far back that you cannot use the same models.

Jordan cross is 27 years old at the time of Club 27. So he’d be around 21, or 22 years old in Shine a Light. The farthest I’d push it is Jordan/Heidi being 19 - 20 years old, but I think 21-ish is still young/old enough to be rebelling against over domineering parents.

The mission briefing for Club 27 also mentions that The Class was in Bangkok trying to come up with only their second album. So 5 to 7 years is probably as far as one can push things.

Reza Zaydan is believed to be around 50 - 55 years old in A Gilded Cage. So there’s not much difference going on there either. He’d most likely be a general even back then.

So the gaps in years are enough for guys on “Zaydan’s level” calling Jordan and The Class “a bunch of kids”.

But that’s just my own thoughts on it. :slight_smile:


How do they dress? Does Jordan still have that beard?


You seem really concerned about Jordan! :slight_smile:

Well it’s possible he wouldn’t have it. But you can find 21 year old guys who can grow full beards in 5 months (a number of whom actually end up resembling Jordan Cross as a result!).

Exhibit A: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at 21 years old (1976)

So again… Not too far fetched that he’d have it. What could change is his wardrobe to reflect “humbler beginnings”, not so much because he was poor. But more because he was spending money on the band rather than on himself.


Question about Shine a Light: wouldn’t Zaydan theoretically only be a lieutenant or similar rank at this point in time?

Edit: sorry, you answered that.


The other practical reason btw would be “audience experience”. There’s just more impact if you get a prequel episode like Shine A Light and you recognize the characters from an episode that was released earlier.

It’s kind of what makes a prequel supposedly special in that it’s not really supposed to be a preceding chapter. A proper prequel is always intended to be seen later by the audience. In film circles, a Prequel is actually defined as: “A Sequel that occurs at an earlier point in time.”

That is, a proper prequel is one that should always be seen in a later order to its preceding release. It’s a “later chapter” that occurs in an earlier chronology and sort of requires that you’ve seen the preceding release that occurred at a later point in the timeline. My way of using that concept is to try and sort of retain Jordan and Zaydan. The impact of events in this chapter relies a bit on audiences already having ironic knowledge of what happens in the future to characters they just about immediately recognize.

There are other reasons for this. But all are related to the viewing experience. For example, when Star Movies ran a marathon for what was the six Star Wars Films in the run up to Ep VII, they chose to run the marathon at the time as IV, V, VI followed by I, II, III. The reason? The twist in the end of Episode V is spoiled by the ending of Episode III, while the impact of seeing the child birth in Episode III is bolstered by your knowledge of Episode VI (“the son will grow to do battle against the father”). Likewise, the curiosity of what Darth Vader must have been like in his youth only occurs to you because you’ve seen him hidden behind a mask in most of IV, V, VI. No offense to Hayden Christiansen, but the “ramp” provided by I, II, and III is insufficient for that purpose.

So yeah…That’s how I’ve been told prequels are supposed to work! :slight_smile:

P.S.: I’m aware George Lucas is claiming the proper order is I, II, III, IV, V, VI… but let’s just say I have it in good standing that his artistic life is defined by going against the better knowledge of others around him. :stuck_out_tongue: (ex: Film Text Crawl argument with Brian De Palma - Note: De Palma won that argument. The text crawl that ended up on Ep. 4 was written by De Palma. :wink: I heard George was kicking and screaming the whole time, but if he had his way the opening crawl to Ep. 4 would have lasted a good 10 - 15 minutes. )

Sorry for Off-Topic! :stuck_out_tongue:


You should do a Swedish level, revolving around Claus Hugo Strandberg.


Oops… bonus missions only in this thread. If we have to set this in Sweden it would have to be a totally New Story Mission! :wink:

Not to mention I’d have to fire up A Gilded Cage and just follow him around listening to him… to glean more about his personality. :stuck_out_tongue:


Title: Hanging By A Thread
Location: Paris Day
Target: The Operator

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Welcome back to Paris. Your target is Kevin Baxter, also known as the operator. After your stay here, Sanguine has hired an operator to watch over the fine works and operations behind the scenes, away from the public. Unknown to the eye, Baxter has been scowling and been firing tech crew and staff for false reasons. Baxter was recently caught by photographer Devin Kale, sabotaging microphones and speakers. He has reserved a private room for Kale to talk about deleting the evidence.

Sanguine has gave Baxter a bodyguard in case of an attack on Sanguine occurs. He will never go to the front unless something urgent happens. You must be quick 47, our client, tech crew Jette Alfour, believes that Kale will be found dead this very moment.

Eliminate Kevin Baxter

Envionment: It is day. There are crowds and crowds of people everywhere. Models are walking down the catwalk. It is more lighter than before. Nothing hasn’t changed much, besides the extra security.

No Longer Accessible: Third Floor, Attic

Security - Baxter and his guard is an enforcer
CICADA Bodyguard - Baxter’s guard is an enforcer
Tech Crew
Palace Staff
Forger - Total of four forgers. Wears what Sergei Larin wore. If subdued, the other forgers will be an enforcer.

Unique Costumes:
Devin Kale
Baxter’s Guard - Baxter is an enforcer.
Vampire Magician - Putting on the disguise will place you in a hostile area. Located in art room.
Lion Tamer - There’s a lion for the next walk cycle. If early enough, can be taken and will meet Baxter.


An Eye For An Eye: Opportunity revealed by two palace staff talking about Kale. Kale is located in the Sheikh’s room, all three doors surrounded by a guard in case Kale escapes. You can get through any way you want.
Kale is not an enforcer, he will never mind you if trespassing. Kale will fret over the conversation with Baxter. He will call palace staff to his room. You could be that palace staff. Once sent to his room, you will be required to be frisked to enter. Once in, you can subdue Kale and take his disguise. Use Kale’s phone to call Baxter and say he is ready. He will come over and bring you to the balcony. He will stand and look over the cars, where you can push him.

If you do not subdue Kale, he will call Baxter. He will then get pushed out the balcony (just like the priest and Abiatti), he will then ask his guard to clean up the evidence, and he will sit down and take a smoke.

Launch Set: A tech crew will be escorted out by Baxter’s guard. He holds a detonator to the fireworks. If subdued, 47 must sneak in and inform Baxter to meet outside near the helicopter. Once Baxter goes outside, 47 can detonate the fireworks and it will hit Baxter.

Attention to Detail: A stylist and a tech crew will talk about two shady men near the museum area. Placed by Baxter, the guard requires any person to enter to be frisked. Once in, 47 can take a forger disguise and call Baxter to come to the museum and talk about how the forgery is finished. Once Baxter sees, he looks and sees the beautiful work. You can drop the easel on him and it will snap his neck in a magical way, giving you a challenge unlock.

Drainer: Faustin Valencia will be waiting to meet Baxter as he is due for a report. You can subdue Valencia’s guard, which will radio in Baxter if you take too long. Valencia isn’t an enforcer. Valencia and Baxter will be escorted to the palace grounds, giving you time to stall and set up assassinations.

Fierce Fury: Sato is crazy. He brought a lion to this next cycle. It is calm unless it is shown a picture of a guy and is told to kill. The lion tamer will be in the basement, feeding him and talking to others. If subdued, 47 will be required to find a picture of Baxter and will show it to the lion. The lion will roar, and Baxter will come down and ask what’s wrong. He will ask the lion what is wrong, and 47 can push him into the lion’s den. You know what happens next.

Exits: Same as default mission.

Assassination Challenges:

Anger Management: Kill Baxter with the lion.
A Forging Mist: Kill Baxter with the easel dressed as the vampire magician.
Evidence Deleted: Push Baxter out of Kale’s balcony disguised as Devin Kale.
It Was An Honor: Shoot Baxter with a pistol as Baxter’s guard.
Five, Four: Kill Baxter with the fireworks.
A Deadly Kiss: Kill Baxter with the gas heater at the palace grounds.

Other Challenges:

Save The Messenger: Kill Baxter during the meeting with Kale. (He will thank you and not tell a guard.)
A Private Spot: Put Kale and Baxter in the same wardrobe.
Forging An Identity: Disguise yourself as the forger.
Take The Messenger Down: Disguise yourself as Devin Kale.
Come Here, Sparky: Disguise yourself as the lion tamer.
A Well Deserved Meal: Push all three chefs in the lion’s den.
Paris Day Mastery: Do all five opportunities and do five different assassinations. (REWARD: Forged Pass - Use this like an invite.)


If placed into lockdown, Baxter will be escorted to the back of the dressing room. If placed in lockdown a second time, he will be escorted to escape through helicopter, where you can explode the chopper or snipe him in the chopper.

I might make another one, I just would like feedback for this.


Here’s another one.

Contract Title: Sowed in a Satchel
Location: Marrakesh Sunset
Target: The Student

Eliminate Kassidy Bashar
Retrieve the satchel

Briefing: Good evening, 47. Your target is Kassidy Bashar, codename the student. Bashar is currently a scholar at a medical school. After the events of the riots and the havoc, they have decided to reconstruct the school. They have finished about three-quarters of the wing, and one-fourth is under construction. To celebrate the rebuilding at the school, the headmaster is throwing a reunion party for students who attended the school before its abandoning. Bashar is attending this reunion, but like in primary school, she is doing things on the side. Stealing, selling drugs, and starting fights with others. She recently is planning to harm everyone at the reunion, and must do things on the side. This is your chance to kill them.

Our client also requests you retrieve a satchel of old drawings stolen by Bashar. The satchel contains drawings of people’s drawing at this reunion, and the client would like old memories.

Non-Accessible Areas: Consulate, Consulate parking garage, Shoe store.

Accessible Areas: School, Old headmaster’s Building, Cafe

Environment Overview: The place where the headmaster was is now the only agency pick-up. The school has been changed. The boards are off and now there are actual windows. The side area are now holding construction workers and equipment. Zaydan’s office is now the headmaster’s office. There are actual classrooms, and now waiters and the public everywhere. To enter the wing being built, you must be wearing the appropriate disguise… or sneak in. There is a cafeteria in the outside middle area, where everyone is hanging out.

The reunion is invite only, and every person who attended the school got one. You can find one on the ground where the handyman enters or retrieve from one of the visitors.

Disguises (Non-Unique):
Soldier (looks like soldiers outside of school and consulate in default level)
Construction Worker
Bodyguard (Guarding fronts of school)

Disguises (Unique)

Architect - Renee Foliero. Some construction workers and headmaster are enforcers.
Headmaster - From default Marrakesh mission. Wanders around school.
Client - Desheek Ammar. Meets Bashar if triggered. Sits around.
Plague Doctor - Collected disguise. In headmaster’s office.

Vena Crusoto - Has drama with Kassidy. Opportunity about her.

There are a total of six opportunities. Two ways of getting in the school, and four ways of killing Kassidy Bashar.


A Lost Lamb - There is a tourist named Gordon Jasha’a. Touring from India to go to the reunion, he is completely lost. He visits the cafe and asks around for directions. 47 can poison a water bottle and he will go throw up in the bathroom, where 47 can subdue him and take his invitation.

Civilized Manner - There is a store being held up at gunpoint if 47 triggers the opportunity. Simply subdue the robber that is robbing the store. The shopkeeper will gladly thank 47 and he will hand 47 a card, which he was going to go but has work that day so he can’t.

Mixed Emotions - Architect Renee Foliero was in Bashar’s class, and wants to finish some business. After a few of Bashar’s cycles, Bashar will search for Renee or 47 disguised as Renee. She would like to talk to Renee or 47 about her crimes after primary school. The construction workers will clear the area, giving 47 a window of opportunity to kill Bashar or push her into the cement mixer near the place they will converse.

Hunter Over Hunted - Bashar is meeting with someone named Desheek Ammar, who will be buying the satchel. This will never happen unless triggered by 47, which he can trigger by giving Ammar his phone found somewhere in the school. If 47 finds the phone and takes Ammar’s disguise, he will call Bashar and they will meet in the room outside the prisoner’s old room. This is a chance that 47 can kill Bashar.

Sow You To Shreds - Bashar is a sower. If she loses her sewing needles, she will panic. She left it in the wing being built while sneaking in there. 47 can dress up as the construction worker, retrieve the needles and give it to Bashar. Bashar will lead 47 to a random room and will pay him, but she must look through her purse, giving 47 a window to kill her with the needles.

Primary School Drama - Vena Crusoto is someone who is visiting the reunion. 47 can go to a phone booth located outside of the school and call both Crusoto and Bashar and tell them to meet you in the bathroom. They will go there where they will talk about their hatred toward each other. Crusoto will storm off and Bashar will look out the window and smoke. 47 can push her out the window.

Satchel Locations:

Kassidy Bashar - Kassidy Bashar will always start with the satchel.

Desheek Ammar - If 47 triggers the opportunity and not subdue Ammar, he will be given the satchel by Bashar. He will then walk around the school, and talk to others.

Headmaster - If Bashar is caught either fighting with Crusoto, or arguing with Foliero by the headmaster, he will confiscate the satchel and put it in his office. Bashar will sneak in and retrieve it. If 47 retrieves it, she will sob at the side of the school, as she needed that satchel for fuel for her fire.

Assassination Challenges -

Cemented - Assassinate Kassidy Bashar with the cement mixer.
A Sophisticated Client - Assassinate Kassidy Bashar with the fiber wire during the meeting disguised as Desheek Ammar.
Crusoto Called Wolf - Assassinate Kassidy Bashar by pushing her out the window after the fight with Vena Crusoto.
I Need A Thimble - Assassinate Kassidy Bashar with her own sewing needles.
You Are A Doctor! - Assassinate Kassidy Bashar by poisoning her wine.
Tresspassers Will Be Shot - Assassinate Kassidy Bashar with a pistol disguised as security as she is trespassing to retrieve her satchel.
Back Up - During a lockdown, assassinate Kassidy Bashar by pulling her out the window while Vena Crusoto’s argument.
Cover Blown - Assassinate Kassidy Bashar with the gas lamp.
Sent To The Office - Assassinate Kassidy Bashar in your suit in the headmaster’s office.

Other Challenges -

Drop In Popularity - Kill Kassidy Bashar, and subdue Vena Crusoto, Renee Foliero, and Desheek Ammar.
Sew Me A Story - While Bashar is reading a book, recover the sewing needles as the plague doctor and return it to Bashar.
Doctor Play Dead - Kill Kassidy Bashar with a syringe’s lethal dose.
Peace, Love, Death - Retrieve the satchel, listen to the conversation between Bashar and Foliero, and kill Bashar.
Served Cold - Pacify 5 people in the school with the ice pack as the waiter.
Old Times - Kill Bashar, Crusoto, Foliero, the headmaster, and Ammar with the pencil in a custom contract.
Recovery Management - Disguise as the headmaster, and place bubblegum, the sewing needles, and three pencils in the headmaster’s office.
Accidental Cremation - Push 3 bodies in the cement mixer.

Unique Items -

Saber - found in headmaster’s office
Plague Doctor Disguise - found in headmaster’s office
Sewing Needles - found in in-construction wing
Ice Pack - non-lethal melee. found behind waiter’s table
Sedative Syringe - found on Bashar
Bubblegum - can be used as a non-lethal melee. found on Crusoto.
Saw - lethal melee that can be heled by architect and construction wokers. found on Foliero.
Pencil - lethal melee. can be found in various classrooms.
Yardstick - large non-lethal melee. found in a classroom.


In “Hanging By a Thread”, where is the Lion’s Den? Also not sure what is the position of Baxter (IAGO?) or what his Cover Position is (Sanguine Operator?). Not sure fashion companies have such a position. Also not certain why Baxter would check on the Lion when the Lion belongs to Sato.

Sato’s motivation to have Sanguine bring in a Lion would be odd unless there is a new fashion show with a Jungle Theme.

In “Sowed in a Satchel”, the backstory for the mission is missing a Client element. If this is meant to allude to things like Battle Royale, Carrie, or Pearl Jam’s Jeremy (lone student means to inflict harm on numerous people) then it’s kind of hard to insert a Professional Hitman in there unless you work in a proper Client.

Also consider the stakes. How logical is it to send in a Hitman who probably costs at least 300,000 - 500,000 USD per hit to get rid of a drug peddler or an over-sadistic Operator/Supervisor?

Some of the challenges though look interesting. :slight_smile:


I wrote hanging by the thread at 3AM. Cut me some slack! Just kidding, haha.

I honestly will take these into consideration. I will think about an actual target next time I make a bonus level.

Thanks for the feedback!


Of Highest Society - Community Created Bonus Level

Level Name: Of Highest Society
Location: Paris Morning
Target(s): “The Curator”


  • Eliminate Albrecht Volger

  • Destory the Jewel of the Serpentine

Briefing: "Good morning, 47. Your destination is the Palais de Walewska, a national treasure that hosts balls and gatherings for only the highest of societies. Your target, Albrecht Volger, curator of the Munich Ancient History Museum, is a prominent member of the Enlightened Few, who have funded Volger’s newest exhibition, a prestigious order of intellectuals and scholars from around the world. The organisation is frequently put under suspicion due to the horror stories that come out of their chambers; stories of psychological torture and brainwashing are plentiful, and are not helped by the subtle social elitism and lower class hatred exhibited by Volger. It seems the rumours are true, for a recent escapee, the famed banker Julian Gardeter, posted a sizeable dossier on the group to the internet containing enough evidence of criminal activity and human rights violations to bring them to their knees.

Coincidentally, he was found dead the next day in his New York apartment, and the EF were immediately suspected. The dossier has recently disappeared without a trace, and, naturally, they immediately denied the claims, being let off on the grounds of a lack of evidence. But, they do say that justice is blind.

Our client, Locksley, has managed to gather enough evidence of the incident and has traced the kill order back to one of the leading authorities: Albrecht Volger. They have hired us to take out the schemer, in any way you deem fit, and retrieve the exhibit’s prized piece: The Jewel of the Serpentine. Stolen from Arabia and smuggled around the world during an archaeological dig, it has been priced at around £1.2 million, and the client has requested we destroy the stone, as the one being displayed is, in fact, a fake. It is to be sold at an auction in Zurich, and Locksley doesn’t want the deceitful transaction to profit the EF in any way. Security will be tight, especially as you close on the Jewel, but you always were one for a challenge.

I will leave you to prepare, 47."

Map Description: The palace looks just as it did in “The Showstopper”, but the various posters are replaced with images of exhibits, and the Helmut Kruger poster is replaced with a picture of Albrecht standing empirically behind the JotS. The lights have changed to a light green and gold shade, and the fountain is much more active than in Paris, occasionally shooting water in arcs and waves. The level is highly hedged, and the pavilion is replaced by a hedge maze with a large well that has a grate and water pump (we’ll come to that later). Classical music plays quietly over the speakers, with occasional interludes that mention the different available exhibits. There are 4 exhibits, excluding the Jewel of the Serpentine : The Ancient Asia exhibit, the Precious Stones exhibit, the Wars And Weapons exhibit, and the Pirates And Plunder exhibit. The JotS is in the area where the stage would usually have been. It is surrounded by large, glass walls (bulletproof), and is accessible from a small security booth behind the box. The ceiling above it is open, as before it was just a cover, and the light is shining on the emerald.

Unavailable Areas:

  • Attic + Third floor

  • Fireworks timing plans and Kruger call area

  • The area outside the dressing rooms

  • The area occupied by all of the trucks

Unique Disguises:

  • Vincent Chertoff, Chief Exhibitions Officer

  • Dr. Lorie Meron, the precious stones evaluator and expert

  • Professor Mallory, a member of the EF and VIP supervisor

  • Samuel Mellor, an archaeologist with a bone to pick

  • John Carmel, Sound Organisations Officer

  • Terence Yordle, the engineer contracted to fix the pipes

  • Lenny Porchan, Chief Security Consultant

Minor Disguises:

  • Security Guard

  • Exhibition Technician

  • Maze Guide

  • Waiter

  • Sound Technician

Opportunities - Albrecht Volger:

  • A Skeptical Soul -

    • "47, the man in the tweed is one Samuel Mellor, a professor of archaeology at the American Archaeological Society and a staunch critic of Volger’s exhibition acquisition methods, calling him a “fraudulent thug”. He has come to the showing to take a look around and have a talk with the curator, a meeting we are almost sure won’t end well for Mellor, considering that Volger is expecting his appearance. Let’s give him a little hand, shall we?

    • If you get Mellor’s outfit, you are able to meet with Volger in private in the Sheik’s room, and you have the opportunity to drop a whale skeleton down on him, or eliminate him in some other way.

  • Simply A-Maze-Ing -

    • “I have intel, 47. The maze schedule reads that Volger is to be meeting with a formerly unknown of member of the Enlightened Few, Professor Orwell Mallory. One of the founders, to be granted an audience with him is a privilege of the highest order, and we believe he will be discussing further membership and benefactor services, after the Gardeter incident landed them in the biggest trouble they’ve seen in a while. He is set to meet in private in the centre of the maze, mostly due to the intimidation factor, if anything. Maybe we should be more than a fly-on-the-wall this conversation.”

    • If you are able to get a Maze Guide outfit, you can lead Volger through the maze for however long you want, to any part of the maze, or you can get Mallory’s disguise and set up the meeting with Volger. This will allow you to push him down the well, lock the gate and, while he shouts and swears, you can turn the water pump on and drown him.

  • His Final Performance -

  • “According to this pamphlet, it appears that Volger himself will be giving a presentation on the Serpentine, and is waiting for the all-clear by his Chief Exhibitons Officer, Vincent Chertoff, to enter. Apparently, to keep the stone in pristine condition, the room is pumped with a special gas that is highly toxic to humans. If Volger is to present, the pump will have to be turned off, but a small leak in the piping is making it difficult to stick to the schedule. A local engineer has been called in to fix the pipe, but he has not reported to the proper station for registering. Maybe we should pay the rouge repairman a visit, 47, and make Volger’s most important presentation his last.”

  • For this one, you can either: A) Get the CEO’s outfit and send Volger in prematurely, and the leaking gases will lead him to start feeling dizzy, stumble around, and fall into the small pit surrounding the jewel (used to help filter the gases away) or B) Find the technician, take his disguise, “repair” the pipe so that when Volger is in there, you can turn the gas all the way up, bursting the pipe and obscuring Volger in a cloud of smoke. When it dissipates, he is seen lying on the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood.

  • A Medieval Malfunction -

  • “The “War And Weapons” exhibit supposedly contains an authentic medieval battering ram, being stored in a room to the side of the exhibit. The ram is attached to a wheeling system and is supposedly fully function; proposed for a part of the show, but deemed too unsafe for use, it is now under protection in case of vandalism. The Chief Security Consultant is due to check on it, from time to time, and will be given full access to the area containing it. With Volger giving several speeches throughout the different wings, this would be the perfect opportunity to send him off with a bang.”

  • If you get the Chief Security Consultant’s outfit, you can pull a lever to position it directly behind the mini-stage upon which he will give a talk, and, when he does give the talk, you can cut the rope holding the ram up with a saber (required item) and it will show a cinematic kill from the side, half of the screen on the ram, half of Volger, of him being thrown across the room and dying due to the ram smashing the wall.

  • Priceless, Spineless -

  • “It appears the famous geologist and gem expert, Dr. Lorie Meron, has made one of his fabled appearances at the exhibition. In a statement he made, he claimed to be able to prove completely the falseness of the Jewel on show. According to the planner, he intends to make a dramatic entrance during his final talk, and Volger would no doubt like to have words with him afterwards. I’d suggest you try out a bit of method acting, 47.”

  • Getting the gem expert disguise will lead to 47 taking his place and proclaiming how fake the gem is. Volger will look on in anger and signal the sound technicians to cut off the sound, telling you to follow him. He will lead you to an area behind a screen in the Ancient Asia exhibit. There will be an ancient Japanese nodachi (big katana) and, during the conversation, the prompt to “Kill With Nodachi” will appear. It will them cut to the other side of the screen and show the shadow of 47 lifting the sword behind his head and stabbing the sword down viciously into the chest of Volger’s shadow, blood spattering against the screen. He will be left kneeling with the sword propping him up.

  • Opportunities - Jewel of the Serpentine:

  • Structural Damage -

    • “Interesting, 47. The schematics show the use of a decompression facility inside the cube, due to the fragility of the Jewel. It seems Volger is going all out to convince everyone that this is the real piece. The company that created this type of funnel went into liquidation 5 months ago, and it was found that entering the right code would overload the air compression filter, potentially crushing anything inside…”
    • If you can get the CEO’s outfit, you can manually enter the code leading to high decompression, and the crushing of the stone. Or, you can get the engineer’s outfit and stab a hole in the pump, meaning that it will take about 2 minute for the decompression to fully take place. It will cause the glass of the cube to shatter, also, making the glass splinter and shatter inwards.
  • A Crushing Moment -

  • “The sound system, as told by the two technicians, has a certain support bar loose. And that support bar is supporting the entire sound system that, coincidentally, is above the Jewel. The sound technicians are supposed to be doing a sound assessment on the command of the John Carmel, the Sound Organisations Officer. If the assessment and the beam were to be tampered with, it could be potentially disastrous for both the stone and anyone inside of the chamber…”

  • If you can get a the SOO’s outfit, you can initiate the sound test, and it will only drop a bar down onto the Jewel, not killing anyone inside the cube. But, if you have already loosened the bar, the test will cause the whole rig to crush the whole of the glass cube, with anyone inside.


I’ve finished “Of Highest Society” now, so some feedback would be great. And don’t butter it up; if you think something is bad or weak, tell me. Can’t improve without mistakes.


I really like this one, I think having a maze is a fun idea (I think the only time it’s been done before was in contracts and it wasn’t really used that much,) I really like the medival malfunction and priceless spinless kill. I’m pretty surprised that they never did a bonus mission in Paris (if you exclude the christmas one,) as it’s defiantly one of the better locations.


Yeah, agreed. A proper Paris bonus mission would be great, but they’ll probably do another 3 for the season 2 locations. The maze kill is my favourite, just because mazes make great settings in horror movies and the like.


Straight Flush - Community Created Bonus Level

Level Name: Straight Flush
Location: Bangkok Night
Target(s): "The Crime Lord, “The Sheikh”


  • Eliminate Henry Viceroy
  • Eliminate Sheikh Afzal El-Hashem

Briefing: "Good evening, 47. Your targets are one Henry Viceroy, millionaire British crime lord, and Sheikh Afzal El-Hashem, an Arabian casino tycoon who uses his wealth to fund criminal and terrorist enterprises all over the globe. After the death of Thomas Cross, the hotel was put up for property auction and ended up being sold to El-Hashem, who quickly set to work transforming it into a luxury casino, while still retaining the general look the previous owner had set. Naming it the Golden Lotus, he called in some workers from one of Viceroy’s secondary businessess, to whom he was already on good terms with, for a much lower price. However, during the construction, a government inspector and a group of 17 of Viceroy’s employees suddenly vanished during a scheduled health and safety check and suspicion was immediately placed upon both men.

However, the criminals used their respective wealth and intimidation to blackmail, coerce and kill their way to innocence, destroying any evidence of criminal intent. This did, however, cause a rift between the two men, and ICA sources indicate that their relationship has been getting worse and worse, and the Sheikh’s funding less and less.

Our client, the Royal Thai Government, has been gathering information on both the men, with the help of the British M16, and has finally collected enough to warrant a contract. They have told us that the casino is to be holding a gala for all, with some of Thailand’s social elite; a night of gambling and drinking for the benefit of the El-Hashem, and for the further endorsement of Viceroy.

I will leave you to prepare, 47, good hunting."

Map Description: The hotel has been converted into a casino, and so has had a few changes. The trees and plants are now much straighter and uniform, the butterflies are gone and the main colour palette contains dark reds, dark greys, whites and greens. At the front door, there is a large rotating poker chip sign that reads, “The Golden Lotus - Casino And Hotel”. The restaurant has had all the screens removed, and there are poker, blackjack and slots machines riddled around the room. The food stand now has party food instead of full meals: cocktail sausages, sandwiches, steaks, etc. The kitchen is basically the same, just with more boxes and crates around. The main lobby has basically the same layout, just with a disco ball and slot machines lining the walls. The hotel rooms have been done up in a more modern style, and are occupied by some very rich folk. Upstairs, above the old restaurant, the two Abel de Silva rooms are the restaurant and private smoking libraries respectively.

Unavailable Areas:

  • Jordan Cross’ whole side
  • Morgan’s Queen Suite
  • The tuk-tuk’s garden area

Unique Disguises:

  • Bonchay Sampatoree, Senior Casino Administrator
  • Mark Donovel, Head Chef
  • Harvey Barnham, slots engineer
  • Walter Tulley, senior accountant
  • Sakchai Thaksin, undercover government official
  • Janwa Hokchey, VIP oil baron
  • Steve Olivers, Head Of Security for Viceroy

Minor Disguises:

  • Casino Security (Sheikh)
  • Card Dealer (Sheikh)
  • Waiter (Sheikh)
  • Chef (Sheikh)
  • Bodyguard (Sheikh)
  • Casino Doorman (Sheikh)
  • Technician (Sheikh)
  • Gangster (Viceroy)

Opportunities - Sheikh Afzal El-Hasem:

  • A Drop Of Oil -

  • “That man is Janwa Hokchey, the millionaire owner of the Thai Oil Corporation, one of the most successful oil companies in the world. Intel suggests he is here for business as well as pleasure, to present the Sheikh a sample of his finest oil, a mutual business agreement for both sides. Money for oil, oil for money, etc. Perhaps we should try and get an ear in on that conversation, maybe more.”

  • By getting Janwa’s outfit, 47 can approach the Sheikh, you can take him to the oil and you will be left alone to talk. At some point during this talk, the prompt to “Push Into Vat” will appear and 47 will push him into the oil barrel and lock the lid, drowning him in oil.

  • Justice Is Served -

  • “According to this kitchen schedule, El-Hasem is to be enjoying a dinner with his more distinguished guests and Viceroy, and is waiting for the Head Chef to notify him of his dinner’s completion. The Sheikh is partial to a special type of stew his mother used to make, and would no doubt be fully interested if it were to be served as quickly as possible. Maybe we can add a bit of flavour to the dish…”

  • If you acquire any type of chef/waiter outfit, you may poison his stew. But, if you have the Head Chef’s disguise, you are able to bring the plate to the Sheikh yourself, and he will be very excited just before he starts spluttering and choking and falls face first into his food.

  • British Civility -

  • “It appears that Viceroy is set to meet with the Sheikh in a very private meeting, concerning future benefactor and funding ideas, due to the incident that led to our contracting. Viceroy has, apparently, been harbouring some very negative opinions towards the Sheikh, and is intending to blackmail him into paying more and more money into his endeavours, something I’m sure the Sheikh won’t take lightly. According to this, El-Hasem will make his way up to the meeting spot as soon as one of Viceroy’s gangsters makes the call, and Viceroy isn’t noted for his calm demeanour. I imagine you can find this information useful, 47.”

  • If you get the Head Of Security’s outfit, you can make the call to the Sheikh to send him up to the meeting room. This will allow you to take him out privately, without Viceroy being there, or you can tell Viceroy that the Sheikh called and said he’s making his way up to the meeting place, whereupon Viceroy will march to the meeting place. The conversation between them shall begin, with Viceroy getting ever angrier as the Sheikh mocks him, until he finally pulls out his switch blade and stabs the Sheikh repeatedly in the gut. There will be no bodyguards in the room, and Viceroy then stamps on the Sheikh’s head and walks to the window, pulling out a cigarette and smoking on the balcony. If you don’t push him over, he will walk out, motion to his bodyguards, and they will then shoot the Sheikh’s bodyguard with silenced pistols, dragging him into the room along with the Sheikh. Viceroy will then just return to his route.

Opportunities - Henry Viceroy:

  • The Lucky Number -

  • “Henry Viceroy is noted to be a gambling man, always up for the challenge of chance, and he is particularly partial to the slots machines. However, the slot machines have been acting up, lately, and the engineer called in to help hasn’t showed up to work, yet. He has been called for multiple times, but he keeps not appearing, and the certain model has been noted to dispense more coins than needed, so the problem is a high priority. Maybe we should pay the man a visit, 47.”

  • If you take the engineer’s outfit, you can “fix”, the slot machine, overpowering it so it’ll shoot hundreds of coins out at once and be an instant win on the next play. As long as you are in the animation, no NPC will try and play it, so you can stop as soon as you see Viceroy coming. Of course, he will play and win and the coins will shoot up into his face, killing him instantly.

  • A Cracking Deal -

  • “Playing cards is noted as one of Viceroy’s specialities, and a place at the centre table has been booked by the Senior Casino Administrator, who is to deal in the game. If someone were to win, they’d be escorted back to the money counter for a while why they hand over the money; notably one of the more private parts of the casino floor. Maybe we should get a look on that game, 47.”

  • 47 can do one of two things with this opportunity: A) 47 can get the SCA’s outfit and work out the table himself, cheating and swaying the cards into Viceroy’s favour, eventually having him win and get really excited. You can then walk him to the cash desk, ask the guards for some privacy and, as he is inspecting the money case, press the button on the shutter (if you have already broken it with a screwdriver) which will fall down and snap his neck, leaving him trapped between the desk, or you can just kill him any other way you want. B) Take one of the places at the gambling table, obviously cheat so that Viceroy notices you and follows you to the cash counting desk, shouting at everyone to get out. You can then grab the case and smash him around the face, or just kill him some other way.

  • Undercover, Under Fire -

  • “Well, this is interesting. That man is an undercover policeman working for the TPD, and it seems he is here to spy on Viceroy, in the event that he does anything illegal, but ICA sources indicate that Viceroy has already been alerted to his presence by a mole in the police, and intends to out him in front of everybody. Sounds like trouble, we could relieve the poor rookie of his duties.”

  • If you get the undercover officer’s outfit, you can approach Viceroy who will laugh and guide you up onto stage. He will then start proclaiming that you are an undercover cop, thank you for your/
    service, and to come up to his room for a drink and a “chat”. You can either A) follow him up to the room, whereupon he will sit down and offer you a drink. He gets a phone call, will walk to the window, and the prompt to “Switch Glasses” will come up. After the phone call, Viceroy will invite you to drink, saying cheers (47 will stand and stare at him as they both have a drink), and keel over in agony and die, seizuring on the floor. It turns out her poisoned your drink, but you did a bit of the old switcheroo (kill as credited to DruidJ, seriously he’s a genius). Or B) rig the disco ball so it falls down when he slams the mic stand down on the stage.


Second idea’s up, feedback greatly appreciated.


Love it!



Thanks! What did you specifically like, and what do you think could use some improvement?


I loved the opportunities, especially for the Sheik, just an idea, but maybe in the little “chat” the cop (47) has with Viceroy, Viceroy could have poisoned your glass, and you sit together. He turns around, goes to the window and you can switch the cups. He’ll come back and you can drink your drink, when he drinks his, he dies. :smiley: Just thought that could be a pretty cool way to kill him.